Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2
Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2

~ 1st Anniversary Caption Contest-CloSED

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Yuhoo People guess what ...its 9th jan 2013 *rings a bell doesnt it Embarrassed* and Yes Yes we shall be celebrating the day in style and so we bring to you our plan for the day starting with a Party ...obviously ab celebrations hai to Party to banti hai boss check the party out right here right now at

And thats not all Party hai to game bhi hoga so here u go ..The NBTNMKK DT bring to you our very first

1. We have selected 1 pic and u must send caption for the pic.
2. U can submit up to 3 captions at max.
3. The caption must have funny content. Bad language / slang or explicit content are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. If we are seen for any such act it may lead to Direct DISQUALIFICATION n will be reported to higher DT.
4. Voting will be anonymous. So do not advertise ur entries. If we get to know about such act, then u will be DISQUALIFIED.
5. U can send the entries to me "-RD-" with the subject
"NBTNMKK Caption Contest".
6.Also its not compulsory to send a max of 3 captions u can send anything from 1-3 captions

7.Caption can be anything between   2-4 lines and can be in roman hindi as well
8. Last date for sending ur captions is 19th Jan 2013

Do Not post the captions here, PM me.

Here is the pic:-


For any questions PM me or just post them in here Smile

Hoping to see some fun captions and some solid participation from your end Embarrassedand yes Do Not Forget to  look at the Tribute Creations and the Newsletter belowEmbarrassed


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Tribute Creations






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Salam, Namaste, Adab, Sasriyakal.
On the first anniversary of NBTNMKK we present our Newsletter...

Let's relive the sweet memories once again. Though it's difficult to capture all the wonderful memories in few categories, an effort has been done to list them here.

Most Aww Moment  

by kunakshafan26

Everyone was happy at Vyas house except Megha, Nanhi and Jiji bua. Megha's mother in law Saroj increased her problems and sorrows by telling her to wear the same saari which Mohan gave her as gift. She loved Mohan but had to marry Manav for the sake of her family. Finally she was standing in front of everyone with Manav. and there was Mohan Bhatnagar seeing them ( Megha and Manav) trying to hide his tears. Then Megha saw Mohan while putting the ring in Manav's finger. Suddenly Nanhi started to act as if she wants to see the ring and then she bounced it up in the air. Mohan finding the way to his plans brought a smaller sized ring and gave it to Manav. Manav was not able to put the ring into megha's hand and mohan seeing the situation said that he would help Manav and slided the ring in megha's finger. Both stared at each other and on the other hand everyone started clapping thinking that Megha and Manav were engaged.

Most Tearful Moment
by SharmilaGupta

There are many moments in NBTNMKK SSN 1, where our eyes got filled with tears
Some were tears of Joy or Happiness some were of pain and sorrow

The Most Tearful Moment for me was when Megha asked for Euthanasia
Unable to bear her own helplessness, motionless Life, she asked Mohan to switch off the Life support system and to remove her mask.
She could not handle the fact that for her bed ridden stage, Mohan the Man whom she Loved the Most, is sacrificing his own wishes and also compromising with his Ideology
Mohan, on the other hand, is shocked to hear Megha's request.
Mohan can't even think of living without his own words"Meri Duniya bhi tumse hai aur Khushiya bhi". He can "Khushi Khushi" do anything and everything for her throughout his life
How can he give Death to his Love!!!! He can't even think of it

Tears rolled down my cheeks as I witnessed this heart wrenching scene between the couple, who lived for one another.who loved each other more than themselves.
who went against the whole world for their love.

The mental trauma that Mohan-Megha was going through in this very moment made me realize that Love means exposing yourself to the pain of being hurt...deeply hurt.

Kunal and Aakanksha transformed this reel sequence into a real one with their seamless, flawless acting.Kudos to the creative team

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Most hilarious Moment
by Balli73

The funny scene that I enjoy every time I watch it is, when Mohan in the course of saving Megha from Prateek, was sitting near the door of Prateek's office and trying to peek from under the door and Megha comes from behind. The scene didnt have dialogues but their actions were too good.

Megha(thru actions only): What are you doing sitting down?

Mohan(thru actions only): Where were you?

Megha showed him the toilet symbol and Mohan went back to his seat.


Most soulful Moments

by adoremevirgo

1. The holi scene of mohan-nanhi

Mohan realises the mistake he has done...not wanting to hurt anyone ends up hurting the very people he wants to hurt the Nanhi says god forgives who realises their mistakes makes him realise the status of his own self in the heart of an innocent Nanhi asks whether her Spiderman is hurt he finds no words to explain the pain he feels for breaking the trust of his Chavanni...the hug was at the same time endearing and a blessing for she puts color on his face he cannot lift his eyes to see the colors that he has with his own hands drained from her life...

2. The prayer scene in the final accident track...

Mohan going through the toughest time of his life...just when life seemed perfect...just when he was about to start his life of bliss and love with his family...his world he knelt down and tentatively folded his hands not knowing the language of reaching out to god's heart...Nanhi came up to remind him he is the strength of her mom and he needs to be strong for this darkest moment of his life it is his Chavanni and her unwavering trust on him that makes him stand up he hugs her he resolutely wipes his tears knowing it is his family that is everything to him now...crying and feeling pity over one's fate cannot make problems is only strength and the ability to live up to the people who look up to him can create ways to bring good times again...Nanhi's trust is his strength...

3. Mohan at home with kids...

One of the most poignant is now just an enclosed space within 4 walls...without Megha it cannot be called home for he tries to make roti and burning his hand in the process...what I absolutely loved in that scene that Mohan jerked his hand only as reflex action...nothing more reaction cud be found...his face did not react at all..I think that two second scene was the most poignant part of the just showed how Mohan is now used to pain and sorrow...that physical pain has no effect on him anymore...
and Mohan Nanhi feeding each was soulful in terms of the performances of Kunal and Ashnoor...simply brilliant...

4. Mohan lets Megha keep Amar's photo in his house

Mohan whose world begins and ends with Megha knows very well for Megha Amar will always hold a special place in her heart...he has no grudge since he is satisfied knowing that for Megha he has been her choice not out of obligation but out of love...
What I loved most is that Mohan sees Amar in Megha, Nanhi and Addu...yet he sees his world in them...but of course the best part was wen he removed his trophy to make place for Amar...I know how spl trophies can be for any person...loved how Megha lukd at him wen he removed the trophy and loved how Mohan with loads of love in his eyes gestured her to place Amar's photo there...and the hug...Megha hugging him more out of realisation how much love this man carries in his heart for her...for Mohan his hesitation to hug her back was more like he felt it was amar's megha crying...a little human feeling he felt at that time "kaash he were the first love of her life"...

by Resham

Mohan's Letter to Megha which was mistaken by the Vyas Family for Amar's Letter.

Adorable moment
by chathu

Megha and Mohan come to their honeymoon and Megha's bag gets lost. Megha was a bit angry with Mohan. She had to wear Mohans kurta. Megha got bit shy but she was still angry with mohan. So they kept teasing each other. Though Megha was having good time, she enjoyed when mohan tried to pacify her. Atlast mohan lost his temper. So he gives up and goes to bed. Megha does the same. They exchange angry looks for a minute and Mohan falls asleep. Megha looks at him & slowly lays her head on Mohan's shoulder and dozes off. After some time Mohan also unknowingly rests his head on Megha. Next morning Mohan finds Megha asleep and resting her head on his shoulder. So he was delighted to feel the moment...awww..then he slowly placed Megha & look at her.

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Best Guru Gyaan moment
by misty85

Guru keeps on giving his gyan (knowledge) and lives up to his name. The best moment was the one where he says to Mohan " kal maine baigan ka bharta banaya jal gaya, ab iska matlab yeh toh nahi ki kabhi baigan ka bharta banonga hi nahi... try karonga." The reference he gave might be simple but it had a larger meaning to it. He actually asked Mohan to move on and keep trying. A failed attempt is not the end rather it's part of our life. We should move on and never lose hope.

Best Family moment
by misty85 & Pakshi

Best family moment in the show during the farmhouse track. Rashmi's re-entry into Mohan's life made him week. His pain was visible on his face but constant support of Megha wiped off all the memories of heart-break. During farmhouse track Mohan enters into arm-wrestling with Rashmi's fianc Gautam. Rashmi supported Gautam due to which Mohan felt hurt. At the same time Nanhi, Addu, Jiji and Megha supported Mohan. It was one of the best family moments in the show. For the first time he learnt the bliss of having a perfect family. Mohan was a loner. He had differences with his father and living away from his parents. In the name of family he had only Guru with whom he can share anything. Though Megha came to the farmhouse to support Mohan, unknowingly both of them filled a gap in their life. It made them realize what they are missing in their lives. And both of them felt "kaash yeh sapna sach hota."

Most shocking moment
by Lekz

He staggered out of her house, mind numb, soul crushed. The pain threatened to tear him apart,he had done all that it took to confess his love. He knew Megha loved him too'but she wanted to move on in life with a well established Doctor. Head hanging low he walked aimlessly unaware of where his feet led him.
Khoya khoya in raahon mein ab mera kuch bhi nahin'..his heart pulled tight with pain''
The sudden tempest washed away his tears, as he slumped on the ground his world came crashing down - he remembered Megha shutting her ears to all his pleas'.She shook her head in dissent 'His mom was right for once he knew she was'crowded by thoughts he let out a cry'..telling the world he was not wrong'.he still loved her'
And then his phone rang and in came a call, a call that changed Mohan Bhatnagar forever.
Mohan landed up in the hospital unaware of what awaited him'.and the impetuous that followed was the most shocking moment for me.

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Anmol Moment

by Bidzie

Whenever I think of this moment, I feel that it was one moment of a lifetime, especially when the visions of Mohan's expressions, after he hears Megha announcing her love for him in front of the entire family, flashes in my mind...he felt as if he got his world...his expressions showed as if he got his ultimate reward for loving Megha so passionately and dedicatedly, literally worshiping his love, and sticking with her despite her refusals a several times...unexpectedly, Megha chose him over her family...he was dumbfounded, didn't know what to do, but it was surely a precious moment for him when the woman, he loved the most in the world, openly confessed how much she loves him and trusts him...coming to megha, she only knew one thing, that is, mohan truly loves her and can never betray her and at that time, this is what matters to her the most cause she knew that even though, her love, her husband was in a big problem cause of his own mistake, he's never wrong at this is indeed a precious, an 'anmol' moment for me as i had tears in my eyes while watching how my favourite jodi was emotionally bonded with each other even in this unwanted megha accepted mohan's mohan was bowled over, seeing the way megha supported him...*sigh*

Another anmol moment for me was when Mohan and Nanhi became friends again after the shivratri fiasco...such a feel-good moment it is...n precious too, esp when Mohan says to Nanhi, 'tu jitegi, toh main kaise haar sakta hoon?' awww...that one line is still tugged deep in my heart...their relationship wasn't an ordinary adult-child was special, unique n will always be, no matter what happens...nanhi trusting her Spiderman, Mohan's sole mission to convince his Chawanni to believe him just once...everything showed how the friendship mattered to both of Nanhi as well, despite the differences, she just loved her Spiderman...n to Mohan cuz the girl whom he met coincidentally in the lift was then so much special for him...he didn't even realize how the cutie kid, whom he started calling Chawanni from the first day of their meeting, came so close to his lonely heart that it will be damn difficult to pass a day without he just had to pacify her n he did...they became friends again...Nanhi got her Spiderman, n Mohan got his Chawanni..n thus, giving a really anmol scene to the viewers...kudos to Kunal n Ashnoor n their off screen rapport that showed clearly in this scene...

Sizzling moment

by Leesan

Mohan and Megha share quite a history with tea! Whether it be dividing one cup into two in those early days at PL , or as Megha's peace offering after their first post marriage quibble, a piping hot cup of tea has always been somewhat of an aphrodisiac for our MM, and this time it's no different! 

It's the start of the day, and Megha is fresh out of the bath, trying to get things organized. Mohan opens his eyes slowly, stretches and dreamily gazes upon the glistening drops of water on Megha's back. Lost in love and filled with longing, his burning gaze seems to almost steam the drops off her skin! 

Megha returns with a cup of tea and here the "aap...Tum" exchange begins. This back and forth banter soon leads to Mohan cornering Megha, and just as she seems ready to submit, another classic steamy MM moment occurs!  Megha's expression is one of teasing desire, as she reaches for a curly lock of Mohan's hair. 

( many times have we wanted to do exactly that?)Wink

She taps his nose and playfully escapes, as the chase continues Mohan finally grabs her wrist and they topple onto the bed. 


And here comes the scorcher! They look at each other as if there's no one else in the world, their eyes say it all. All questions and doubts disappear, just pure and unadulterated love and desire. Mohan twirls a lock of her hair around his fingers. Megha's slight smile plays around the corners of her lips.As Mohan's gaze travels from her eyes to her lips,his intentions are crystal clear, and she knows it !  He is now fixated on her slightly parted lips, moves in even closer, turns his head and...!!! ( and our collective hearts skipped a beat, sigh!) 


And that perfectly sizzling and exquisite moment all started ...with a cup of tea! Wink


Favourite Nok-Jhok Moment

by kunakshafan26

Renu bhabhi had to go to watch a film with Sanjay bhaiya. she was extremely delighted but her fortune, she was not able to get any autorickshaws. and then was the entry of her lafanga patrakar Mohan. she pleaded to mohan to take her to the cinema because she was getting late. mohan was not ready. she said she would do whatever he would tell her to. mohan to teach her a lesson told her many things and she did them. then was the main part mohan took her from a gali named majnu gali. there he told her that his bike wont move forward. she scolded him, pleaded to him but nothing happened. then seeing the chance he told her to say i love you to the bike. and then Renu bhabhi said no never but her fortune she had to do this because she did not want to miss the film. she said it and from behind police came to take all the couples to jail. Renu bhabhi and Mohan were also caught and renu bhabhi frustrated started to scold Mohan and cried to the inspector to leave her but it was of no use.

Favourite Track

by anonymous1111

NBT has been one show which has always touched ourselves with its sense of simplicity and all the tracks have somewhere or d other helped d story to move ahead leaving us all wanting for more. One such track which has always held a special place for all of us and is our favourite is farmhouse track. This track is one of those track where not only did we get to see lots of fun and entertainment but also a lot of heart touching and rememberable moments..whether it was d jealousy of Rashmi or d protective nature of Megha all of it had just been portrayed brilliantly. also it was this track where for the first time we got see the real feelings of Mohan which he had been trying to avoid. The way in which Mohan expressed his emotions indirectly was a treat to watch and i think dese scenes are such which we will never forget and yes it was this track after which we got d first confession and so it makes it all the more special.

Another track which though was not covered separately but was important for the story was PL track. Starting from hatred to jealousy to friendship to love, the PL track was a witness to all and it was one of dose track which helped both Mohan and Megha to change their view towards each other. I wish we had got to see more of these tracks after MM marriage working together and their cute nok jhok but since we didn't let's just enjoy those which we saw.

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Favourite Character

by nbtnmkk_lover

I selected favourite charater. . Mohan : first of all, my love passion needed no words ! The day he came into my life will be cherished always , a man who is carefree bachelor for whom "Yesterday is history , , tomorrow is mystery , , and today is gift " . . . Always ready to help others , , , he proved his Extreme Good nature by marrying Megha who was widow with two kids ! The pain from which he went through in getting Megha in his life , it shows his love and it was like 'i hide my tears when I say your name, but the pain in my heart is still the same, although I smiled and seem carefree , but there is nobody who loves u more than me " . . . . Serious Mohan Bhatnagar came and becomes part of my life, Mohan. Your eyes melt me with emotions so intense it is beyond beliefs. . . . . And i really want my dream man like u due to your sincerity, dedication towards a work and Love side love u always.

Kantaap moment

by adoremevirgo

What to say about this classic dream of Mohan...his over-protectiveness gets reflected in all the dangers that surround his Megha at that time...Prateek in office and Monkeyman in Mohalla...and his concern takes shape of a dream where hero rescues heroine...
the lines "heroine peeche"...and "tere ghar me bandariya oops ma behen nahi hai sundar sushil tikao"...were simply superb...
and then bichadna scene where mohan had to leave his Megha as he hears Chavanni's from the real world to remind him Megha is still miles away...

Most Bheja-fry momemt

by SwastikAshNi

Well it became Bheja-Fry moment whenever Rids and uski family came into picture doing useless nautankis. OK let's begin with the night Raddi ka Mom called Mohan. Piya Mohan ne tha aur jhatka Raddi ki dad ko lag gaya,to woh chala marne aur pauch gaya Hospital bed pe. I've never seen Hospital bed ek blank dimaag me itne super-natural ideas de sakta hai but it did happen, so Raddi ka Baap Mohan ko pakad liya aur kahene lage Mere Beti se shaadi kar lo.Baad me pata chala uski ladki paagal thi,us time lag raha tha pura khandaan paagal hai.Above of all,Raddi ke baap ko dekh kar hi lag raha tha kuch hua nahi,baas hospital me baat baat pad aake layet jaana uska aadat hai and it proved right!!Bol rahe they marnewala hu and do din me full fit ho kar ghar bhi laut aaya!Aur Raddi ki Maa ko dekh kar hi lag raha tha she is used to see such marnewala-hu-syndrome of her husband and was in competition with Husband kaun kitna nautanki kar sakta hai-to unhone bhi bhole Mohan ko kuch bekaar dialogue de kar phasa liya aur chale Midnight-Marriage arrange karne,ek din ki mulakaat ko rishtedaari me badalne aur uske baad ho gaya NBT ka sabse khatarnak haadsaOuch

Another Bheja-Fry moment-Raddi with Butter-Knife.Aare aakal ke dushman,Baap ko jhut bolna hi tha to aisehi jhoot bol deti,kahe shaadi kiya aur kaha tha pahele teri yeh butter-knife!!!!!!

Most Heart-breaking Moment

by Sunna_Deewani

The most heart breaking moment for me was when Mohan disappointed me badly and that was when he married Megha in a deceptive manner, lying to everyone.

Usually when Leads get married everyone wants it to happen without any hiccups. But here marriage proceedings started and each time, I expected Mohan to own up and stop the marriage himself. Indu came to stop the wedding and he just defied her with just one look and went ahead with the marriage. If this had happened in normal circumstances, I would have loved this. But now the very same thing became a more disappointing event than his marriage with Riddhima as it could have been a impulsive decision, taken in haste, in hopelessness.

But dishonesty is not only unpardonable, but also very uncharacteristic of Mohan. He was shown to face truth and handle the consequences too, as shown in Amar's case fiasco. It was no small error.  Because of his report( though done in good faith and belief on those proofs), destroyed a dead, innocent man's reputation. He confessed to it immediately, which atleast serials heroes never do so soon.

If Mohan had ever been shown indecisive about owning up to the truth / his mistakes or facing the consequences of it, then I may have given him the benefit of doubt that he feared losing Megha. Never was he shown that way, nor was this decision backed by proper reasoning or scripting. Character integrity of Mohan was lost here and I believe character assassination is more heart breaking than even death of a character.

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Hww Moment

by Resham

The most Haww moment for me was the first MOHAN-NANHI scene where Nanhi tells her problem to Mohan in a filmy style with very strong dialogues...

It goes like this...

Nanhi-----Papa ke death ke baad,Mummy bohat pareshaan rehti hai...Ek widhwa ka jeevan kya hota hai ye koi nahi samajta ,use aisa lagne lagta hai ke woh ek boj hai apne pariwaar pe saare samaaj pe Nahi woh jee sakti hai aur nahi mar sakti hai kyunki do bacche hai uske,unhe kiske sahare chodke jaaye...

Mohan-----Ae chavvanni tu ye sab keh rahi hai

Nanhi-----Nahi mera bhoot (pinches mohan)aur kaun hai yaha...
Iss sad story ki saari problem solve hojayengi unhe sahare ki zaroorat hai,Har mahine kharche ka tension nahi rahega aur Addu ko apne b'day pe bat ke liye tarasna nahi hoga,aur mujhe apne naye school dress aur school bag ke liye pareshaan nahi hona padega aur naahi hum dadaji,dadiji,taiji,tauji par boj banenge

Nanhi----Ek widhwa hona kya meri mummy ki galti hai ki uhne ye saza di jaye...maine sahi hi suna tha ...hamara samaaj ek widhwa ko keval ek dukhiyaari ke roop me hi dekhna chahta hai...Taaki woh bechari  besahara banke jeeti rahe...par aapko isse kya matlab,bade aaye the meri help karne...

This was the scene where I connected with this duo...and then slowly understood that age gap doesn't make any sense in friendship...

Cute Moment

by Adoremevirgo

Mohan hurt and disturbed...thinking all that Megha has accused him of...the more he wants to keep her out of trouble the more she misunderstands he decides not to help megha any more in future bell rings...just wen he was expecting was Nidhi who came with sweets to thank mohan for saving her from Monkeyman...and as Mohan was about to eat one she said how he helped her...then he remembered how megha treated him the prev day...and so he returned the sweet saying he does not help anyone...leaving that girl all bewildered...
that was a very sweet scene...bechara Mohan was hurt that Megha was misunderstanding him...he was actually expecting megha but nidhi turned up...

Aur Chalte-Chalte...

Have a peep in the Party thread and enjoy...


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