Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

~:Nautanki Times#28: Zor ka PHATKA:~

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Anchal walks into the NL office n finds Dimpu standing in front of the mirror..

Dimple - *in Deepika Padukone OSO style* *turns suddenly seeing Anchal* Ek thappad..

Anchal - Eh? U want me to slap u? 

Dimple - *still in her chracter* Ek thappad.. ki keemat.. tum kya jano .. Anchal babu 

Anchal - Thappad.. Keemat? Whad da .. Whad da.. Dimple?

Dimple - *continues her act* RK ke stubbled galon par padi ..Sasuma Paddo ke dil ki bhadas hai ye... Make up ki jaga.. RK ke chehre par laga tatoo hai ye... Ek thappad.. *and continues blabbering*

Anchal - *smirks* n u better shut right up n put up the NL..or .. RK ke sath sath... tumhare galo par lagega .. ye THAPPAD-brand ka make up Confused

Dimple - I DONT like it... AHAN!!! Cry

Introduction: Armu4eva
Sub-Headers: -Stutz-
NL Heads: -Dimple- , SilentPromises and --Shivu--

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aliaz_786Armu4evasubiamanhave-a-dreamMFarah13-Aswathy-gennyMOtakuGirl-DeboFallen Angel.FairyDust.Mystic_nights_.Mohabbatein.CrazyGirl.21-Selcouth-kirti_fijisnowflake.-Deepali-malec.

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(By M.Hurr  )


Bed Romance:

EmbarrassedEmbarrassedRK says to Madhu that film can be a superhit only if the story and stars are good and both sasu maa and sasur ji are superstars who have a beautiful story he assures madhu that their film will also be a superhitEmbarrassed and madhu says to rk that their way of proving their point was wrong and RK says(one of his best and deep dialogues)that a person can be forgiven for his mistakes but there is no forgiveness for not doing efforts,he says that their love story too had an awkward start,seeing a thoughtful madhu he asks if she's complaining(how sweet of RKDay Dreaming)Madhu smiles and nods her head in no,RK removes the pillows(only two)and offers his hand to madhu and madhu grabs his hand and rests her head on his handBlushingDay Dreaming and offers her hand too which RK takes,and they share a beautiful and sweet eyelock Embarrassedomg(too sweet for rishabalaD'oh)

The scene continues and RK says lagi 100 ki shart he says it be his biggest victoryEmbarrassedand Madhu says if she will lose it will be the sweetest defeatEmbarrassed of her life both sleep holding each others hands.Day Dreaming



Morning Bed Romance:

Its morning and both RK and madhu wake up and RK asks madhu not to open her eyes he holds her hand in his Day Dreamingand tells her to say the prayer which she says always and also when he used to trouble her she says the prayers and RK repeats it with Madhu says Apni maa kay saharay RK repeats but stopped when says Maa,he says naa and asks her to say"is baarApne RK kay saharayBlushingDay Dreaming'Madhu repeats smiling apne RK kay saharayHeartDay Dreaming yunhi balveer rahon,he assures her that today something very good will happen and madhu too agrees.He gets up and Madhu says I love you RKEmbarrassed,RK says me too biwi I love me tooLOLMadhu throws pillow on himLOLand RK(he was looking sooo adorable omgDay Dreaming)sweetly puts it back madhu smiles at him and he smiles backEmbarrassed


Chawl Romance

Paddo,shammo and the family unites,Madhu in tears(yawwwnnn)Rk wipes her tears he says I told you and madhu  completes, to trust him,he says always ,RK says"uppar walay nay cheez hi kuch aisi banayi hai"(no doubtDay DreamingRK babu is one of his kindHeart)he again says now everything will be fine,madhu says and when it will we should take the remaining three rounds,RK says after taking 4 rounds he's going through this all,he will die if he take the remaining three,(RK:meri jaan chali jayegi)madhu says putting her arms around his neck that I am your jaan and I am not going anywhere now but if he will not take  7 rounds than there will be a little problem,she reminds RK of his promise that they will they will proceed their relationship further after getting married with all rituals,RK recalls and Madhu says until and unless they will not get married taking 7 rounds till than'RK says till than she pushes him away and leaves RK says"there was no love at all and now looks in the direction in which madhu left and says  uppar wala jab bhi deta hai chappar phaar kay hi deta hai."LOLCool

(By  Armu4eva )

Well .. well ... this week.. has had quite a few of its high points... n hence quite a few seem to qualify for this title.. Embarrassed

But the two scenes...that absolutely stand out... is...

>> Sasuma .. ka CHATA on Damad ka mukhda... 

Shocked oh teriii ...chata pada.. .hai pada ShockedLOL n oh maa... Sasuma is still live n kicking?? Ermm ee kaisan ho gaya? ConfusedLOL  Awesome moment when the audience n the Maleeks held their breath waiting for RK to explode after Sasu maa slapped him for pranking her..about Shammos safety..! But then .. alls well that ends well.. ! 

>> RK asking Madhu to.. Trust him.. 

Aww.. now...what do u say for this.. moment.. Day Dreaming absolutely ..amazing. .n mindblowingly perfect... Embarrassed! Sensing the hesitation ..fear. .n sadness in his Biwis heart.. RK .. reached out to her. .n assured her.. that.. the coming morning will bring.. good news for sure..! 

(by -Dimple- )

Thapad se dar nahi lagta saasuma, BIWI se lagta haiROFL

For me the bachao scene for this week was Pado slapping RKAngryAngry. Why pado whyyy??OuchAngry Madhu slapped RK coz we all wanted it. Tabhi to we got so many intense scenes between them. Its all coz of that slap what we are seeing these days. But saasuma ka thapadDeadDeadShocked You slapped RK the superstar just like that.

Yeh to BIWI ke pyar ne hamare Hero ko chup kar diya, warna to you know who RK, the superstar isLOLWink

(By   -Dimple-  )

Ok this week Superstar of the week is non other then Shamsher Malik. Yup you heard it right. Its Shamo. Totally loved how he expressed his feelings about Pado to her. The confidence in him saying all this was so strong. He never thought for once whether he should say all this to her or not. He just kept on saying about his feelings towards her. He was full in full mood to talk about what he feels. And that was making him relax to. The smile which he had throught that scene was something to watch

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(By  --Shivu--  )

This was difficult to choose... the Bakraa of the Week... Everyone was surprisingly normalShocked... Be it Paddy...who was on her 1000 Volt ka Drama...or Shammo... who was head on trying to be a good Pati-To-Be

But...I am gonna give this week's Bakraa title to dear Padmini ex-chaudhary! That is because... she had the GUTS to slap the SUPERSTAR... and plus... her DAMAAD! infront of everyone.Dead

Secondly... there's a tie... I will give the title to RK also...Shocked *stoops to save myself from juttis* I know... chill...but why did he tolerate a THAPPAD on his face?? And then he even helped Paddo to re-unite with Shammo...
I am disappointed with you RK!!Cry

(By  --Shivu-- )

This is what happens when you try to fill up the sections...!
God save me from chappals...! I have never written a section for NL!!
Golmaal Moment?? Welll...lemmme think!!!

Well... could it be... Lady Bheem?? Or... that Rajasthan Ke Desert waala RK dialogue...lemme see... there wasn't any GOLMAAL in it... This week was such a FILLERDead Let's wait until next week for something CRISPY... 

For me... the entire week was Golmaal... someone running...others solving problems like a CID! RK coming...and going... his Body DoubleDead

Whhooopss got a Golmaal Moment...Just have a loook on the BD of RK

Hayyo Rabba!! What a figure the BD of RK hasDeadDeadDead Tewtally reverse! As if... RK ka entire fat is situated in his back... That was sooo bad on the CVs side...and had me cracking upp...seeing my Hero become a ChampuWink

(By  Armu4eva   )

^^ Trish ..what da ..Miss Trash Angry D'oh  ... kabhi haan Ballu ...kabhi naa. .. n in the midst of it all .. not even informing Paddo n co.?? R u freaking insane??? Shocked  This is Ballu .. wont take him more than a day to figure who u are.. n then ...wonder...what trouble the Maleek Family have to face.. thanks to u Trish ..AngryOuch

(By --Shivu--  )

This title is Trishna darling's sole propertyLOLLOL What was the dress she wore...with a wrap up kind of something over her chestDead. That looked soo CHEAP!! Trishy... go for a WARDROBE CHANGE dude!!!

(By  Armu4eva   )

Tu hi hai.. maula. . tu hi hai Qazi ... Tere ishq pe dil kurbaan .. n this week.. Rishbala ke cute cute sweet sweet.. romance pe... PICS of the WEEK KURBAAN Heart

>> Mere hatho pe..tere gaal Embarrassed

For the Phirst time.. Tharkey decided to do away with the pillow ki dewar ..n stretch his hand across the LOC to his BIWIs gaal Embarrassed

>> Mere hatho mein tera haath Embarrassed

Second time... Tharkey n Biwi. .decided to repeat the sequence and boy ..did they looked comfy n cozy 

>> Aur phir lagi.. HUGs ki bahar Blushing

Uff .. aab.. kya kahen. .. kabhi ... comfort wala hug (at the studio).. kabhi naughty wala hug (at the chawl)..! RK-Madhu have opened their never ending hugs ki dukaan n making us lose ourselves in their passionate moments n all..! Day Dreaming


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(By Dimple  )

By M.Hurr




(By -Dimple-)

By Saher



Here is your prize

( By OnlyHope)

by M.Hurr
Page 57 (40 likes)

Here is your prize

(By bubblygal1711 )

(By -Dimple-)

1. RK: Iss baar apne RK ke sahare
 Madhu: Apne RK ke sahare bus yuhin balveer hoon

Ufff mardala in dono ne. What to do with these two. Just killer lines they are giving us day by day/episode by episode

Indirectly he is saying that bahut hua ma ka naam. Now MY BIWI has a hubby to now from this point you will say "Apne RK ke sahare"ROFLDay Dreaming

2. Madhu: I love youBlushing
RK: BIWI me too,Day Dreaming I love meROFL

Hayooo rabba, bada he naughty hai Biwi ka HusbaaandLOLApprove Biwi is saying I LOVE YOU and this tharkey abhi bhi getting naughty. LOLWink But lagta hai BIWI loves his Nautanki and saying "Yeh dil mange more"ROFLWink

(By Armu4eva)

'Uparwala jab deta hai.. to THAPPAD phad ke deta hai -RK' ROFL

Aww my poor RK boy Ouch sasu ma se zor ka chata pada... pada re.. LOL ! But instead of losing his cool n giving a tight one back to sasu ma.. RK boy ..stumped all .. n kept is calm n cool...!  Later..he told Lady Bheem aka Roma his dukh bhari kahani as if talking of chicken soup for the soul.. LOL

( By deboleena.manna)

but I am very sorry..this week I don't have any update..why don't any of you post anything?..ok fikar not.....I'll b back with new updt next week ...till then good byee n have a nice week...btw I forgot to wish all of you Happy New Year last so abhi kar deti hun...ok now byeee...


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(By Jyo_Ksg)

Padmini's Mehendi Ceremony In Madhubala

Source : Tellybuzz; Views : 21318+; Comments : 693+; Rating : (430+) Votes

Last week we witnessed alot of drama regarding Padmini and Shamsher's marriage.Smile RK and Madhu decided to make them realise their hidden feelings for each other and to let them know that its high time that they should accept it and give their relationship a name. Approve So finally the day is here when viewers will get to see Padmini's Mehendi ceremony, one of the rituals for her marriage with Shamsher Malik. Big smile Madhu and Trishna would be seen dancing on some peppy songs too. Party To know more keep watching MB-EIEJ..Wink

By : SilentPromises





New Year brings hope peace joy...
It has certainly brought in The sets of Madhubala...a wish of smashing New year... DVD has gained a momentum with a lots of fan supporting. DVD Have benchmarked there names in their fans heart gaining again a number #1position given by U ME N TV ,yes VD DD are u
me tv jodi no.# 1 ... Congratulations...

when they reporting team reached on the sets of MB..
they found Both are unwell espclly Drashti but they were working ...

Reporte says u have good offscreen chemistry...
DD says i hv better cooperation chem
with VAhbiz his would be
VD says yes

DD says drashti Vahbiz should get this award n they cut cake
reporter says kya manga
DD says that VD should get lot of dahej..hahaha...hw innocently adorable one can get while pulling someones leg...
VD says vahbiz is his best dahejWink
DD says for herself she asked that her family should not hv to give dahejEmbarrassedTongueTongue
reporter says are u going to ask dahej only...Ermm
VD says whoever marries Drashti will give dahej to ask her to come to their home n then give dahej so that she doesnt
step out of the house espclly to shop at a mallLOL *Tit for Tat* (Say No To Dahej...Smile)
They feed each other cake

VD said isnt this gift too small for DD opening the gifts they found it was a horse & a chariot sculpture they joked one is VD one is DD..

Dimple, Aanchal, Shivs

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Updated. Enjoy the NLEmbarrassed

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Dhinka Chika!
Its the 28th!!
Hope we reach 30th soon!
Lovely sections Team!!
Congrats to all the winners!!
Beautiful layout dimpy Hug
Keep up the good work Team!

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Lovely NL ... Dimpu n team. .

Great work by all reporters... n Congratulations to all the winners Party

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