Pirivom Sandhipom 7th - 11th Jan

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Continues with Reva saying thank you is not enough for what Jo did. Reva knows Jo hates her but Reva needs to know something. She had saved Prabu life. Why did she do that? Has she forgive Reva or has she finally understood Reva?? Jo reaction changes.. confused. She finally says please leave me alone softly for now nu. Reva cries and leaves. She stands outside the room and looks sad.. Jo on her bed also has some look ..Confused VD comes to Reva and ask how come Jo saved Praba? Reva says she don't know also. She did not answer. VD says everyone is in confusion. Jo always wanted Praba to get death sentence and now how come suddenly this changes? Reva says from small she knows Jo but yet she too can't understand the reason behind Jo act. VD says many be Jo has realised about Praba va nu. Reva says only Jo can understand this and they will not know the reason until Jo says out. VD says the changes on Jo is good and his very sure Jo is sincere on this nu. Reva says she is not going to believe anything for now. Lots of changes are happening and she cannot predict what is going to happen tomorrow nu.

Both abi an reva comes and sit beside Prabu who is shock and amaze to see both of them together. He ask what happen.. he cannot remember anything. Abi tells him he had hurt his kidney and right now the person who saved his life is Jo. Prabu more shock and ask where is Jo now and how she is. Praba is touched that Jo has helped him but he wants to know the reason why she has helped him nu. Reva cuts him short that no one knows what is the reason and Jo has not said anything nu.

Karthik  comes to hospital to visit Jo. He goes in and ask nurse where is Jo room. Reva who is standing there wonders who this guy is. Karthik goes to see Jo who is fast asleep. He sits beside jo and nurse comes in asking who is he nu. Jo opens her eyes and she tells the nurse he is a friend nu. Karthik says thanks to Jo for calling him as a friend. Jo smiles and ask if he smoke vaa nu ..(jo asking this Shocked) Karthik tries to malapuran.. Jo ask him to stop smoking (urm so fast she is ivalava friendly vaa Ermm)

Karthik then ask how can she surprise him like this nu .. she ask why. Karthik says about her donating kidney. He ask her why she did like this nu. Jo ask him to talk something else. Karthik then starts talking and laughing with her about something else. Karthik leaves and outside reva stops and introduce herself and that its her husband Jo has saved nu. Reva says both of them have some misunderstanding and till now they are not talking to each other nu. She ask if Jo had told him the reason for this donating. Karthik says he asked but she did not response anything nu. Karthik further says pavam Jo .. couple days ago she was so happy and now she looks so disturb nu.

Abi, uma and her hubby comes to see Jo but jo tells nurse she does not want to see anyone now nu. Jo has flashback on her and Kathik and their marriage .. till his death Broken Heart


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Jo in the room. Reva comes and makes juice for her.  Reva gives her but but Jo never even look at Reva.. just looks at the other side and does not response. Reva puts the glass and ask Jo what is happening. Reva thought she knew jo so well nu but now responses now is more confusing. Reva can't seem to understand what is going on Jo mind nu She begs Jo to talk something. Jo remains silent. Reva questions Jo for what she has done and has she forgive them? Kasturi comes same time. She ask Reva how she is and reva says going good. Reva goes out. Kasturi goes and pats Jo face and ask why did she do this and for who she did nu. Jo says she is doing fine and will be out in 2 days. She ask Kasturi not to worry as her job and hubby will be all taken care by jo nu. Kasturi scolds her asking if that is very important now when she is concern about Jo so much nu. Kasturi then ask Rombha valikudha? Enga da kidney eduthanga? Romba eduthangala nu? (Shocked rombha vaa .. ROFL) Jo ask Kasturi if she came to see her or to comedy her ..LOL Kasturi says she is confused as Jo wanted Prabu to be punish but here she help to donate kidney to him. Jo says she herself unable to understand what is going on nu. She does not know what had happen and how this happen nu. Kasturi says she too does not understand nu.

Karthik comes to shop and buys cigarette..  As soon he about to light it .. he remembers about Jo asking him to quit smoking. Karthik thinks a while and does not smoke Embarrassed

Jo in room.  Reva comes and tells her soon she can go back nu. Reva begs Jo to talk at least now. Soon they both will go back to different house. How long is this silent going to be? Jo continues to be silent and does not look at Reva at all. Reva gives up and goes out. 

Nurse gives Jo everything she needs.. medicine and instruction on to take care of herself nu.  Outside abi is discussing on taking Jo back but Reva says Jo is not even wanting to see abi nu. There comes Karthik and ask Jo why she called him. Jo says she does not want to go back with any of them that is why she called him. Karthik takes her back  abi VD and Reva just watch.. Jo turns looks at Reva and walks away.

VD lawyer friend .. ask VD if they all are going back to abi house va nu .. VD says no. Reva does not want and he respects her wishes. VD says its important for Praba to go back to that house .. VD says he will try. Reva is hearing all this... and she says no. She don't want them to be force to get back to that house. Lawyer tells Reva that Prabu case is coming on  hearing 2 days time nu. Everyone is shocked ... (sorry this part video not clear Confused did not hear what they were talking.. someone fill in please...)
Next day...court scene. The defence lawyer Sezhiyan presents his final statement ...followed by the Procecuter. Now everyone is waiting for the judgement...The judge starts his statements telling that all the evidence show that Prabu is the mnurderer hence he is given the highest punishment as per the ...Indian Penal code...Even before he ends his statement Jo gets up and shouts," please stop...I need to talk now" She goes and takes the stand and the judge lets her talk..Jo tells," This murder was not done by Prabu but by Krishnamurthi"...all are shocked hearing this...

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Thursday update 10 JAN 2013  ,Episode 40 
only brief 

Episode starts  with reva,jo ,prabhu,VD,abi all are in reva-prabhu house and she starts says that why she said KM who did the murder nu and she tell that she listened that when KM was talking to some one!! who has killed karthi and then she was very sad that with out knowing she made prabhu to go to jail nu nad then she tells reva that sorry for what all she did and she asks if she forgives her naa pls u treat me us a friend, then reva says that the help you did was not equal to any thing nu  and
VD meeting KM at jail and asks why he did like this nu KM says that since they made his son to go to jail so he wanted to palivangifie him and he says that at your position i have to be and you should be at my position and then he says that he is his brother bt KM says that he is his fathers second wife's son and his fathere wrote all his property in his and his mom name that why i have been like this and not only that you treated me and my son as a labor and you and your wife are in AC room and car we must work,then thought of killing karthi nu then he says even if i die i will come as aavi and disturbe u nu !!! the jo thinking of some thing 

Here is the missing part: By atina
Episode starts with the court scene. After Jo's statement that Krishnamurthy is the real murderer..KM was called to the stand. He comes there and he keeps telling that he did not do this. But Jo firmly tells once again," I know he only killede karthik...I request to the court to find the details" Judge orders that MK should be kept under custody for a week for questioning.
Prabu, Reva, Abi and VD are back home...looking sad and confused...Here comes Jo to their door steps. Everypone is surprised to see Jo there.. Jo comes and hugs Reva and both of them cry. Jo asks sorry repepatedly and tells that she did a great mistake by pointing her fingers at Prabu and insulted everyone. Jo continues," I never uinderstood your love for me...and I did all this against you...But the otherday when I was at home I happened to hear KM talking over phone to someone about Prabu and Velayutham ..and also about Karthik's killing...that is how I came to know that the real muderer is KM nu...please ennai mannichudunga"
Jo is still in Reva's house. Reva asks Jo to go their house with athai and mama nbut Jo refuses and tells," No I can not go there...the connection I had to that house was Karthik but now he is no should go there and are the marumagal for that house..." But Reva refuses and  tells that the small house is ok for her she is used to this life already. Jo reples," I want to be with you...I dont need all that sothu...all I nedd is love...which you have a let me be here Revathy with you" Reva smiles at her and goes in while Jo sits there and thinks...

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Friday, January 11th, Episode 41 - by atina 
Reva is backside of the house...walking up and some deep thoughts...VD comes out and notices this and asks Reva what is happening. Reva replies," Just thinking of Jothee...she regrets for everything...she refuses to go to that house too...and she also wishes that all the properties should come to be and not to her...we need to make her life better,,,she loved Karthik so deeply and got married to but she could not live with him we need to get her married again" Vd asks," did you talk about this abi?" reva replies," yes maama first I talked to her only but she said that she is not in a position to take any decisions like this...she asked me to go ahead with whatever it is and she will be behind me supporting  nu..."
Vd says," she deserves a good life maa..but who will be ready to marry Jothee not only the boy but his family members also should be very understanding and broad minded...right? if you find someone then we can go forward with that maa" Reva smiles and tells," then we can start the wedding prep right away maamaa...she did so much for us...if at all she did not come to the court and tell the truth we would have lost our Prabu by now...I want you and athai to be with me in this matter maamaa" Vd replies," we can give all the properties to Jothee and get her married and see that she lives happily too maa..." Reva is happy to hear this and tells that she will talk to Jo about this soon.
Jo is praying and Reva waits for her to finish. Jo asks Reva what is the matter why is she smiling like that...and Reva replies," you trust me Jothee...if so please promise me that you will listen to me...aI am going to take a big decision about your life" Jo asks," is it about the properties etc...?" Reva says no but insists Jo to give her promise and Jo too happily says," ofcourse I trust you...ok whatever you decide for me I will listen to you sairyaa?"
Next day morning..Reva is waiting for someone in the comes Karthik. He wishes her and tells," Jothee's PA told me to meet you here to talk about some important matter...what is it sollunga" Reva starts," in Fact this matter should be handled by veettu periyavanga...ok...what is your opinion about Jothee?" Karthik  tells,"she is a very nice person and a good administrator too" Reva tells that she did not ask his opinino about Jothee as his company's MD. " I just want to talk about Jothee's marriage with someone else...who undersatnds her better and be supportive to her"
Karthik replies," You are fact Jothee deserves this..I wanted to tell her about this as a friend but are correct..teh person marrying her sshould be very understanding and should be able to make her feel nice with just a touch by him...he should be like a friend to her and give comfort when she is frustrated wthout getting angry with her" Revathy asks," why cannt you be that friend?" Karthik is shocked...Reva continues," sollunga...will you marry Jothee?"  Karthik replies," I do not know what to tell..I have no objection to this but did you get Jothee's approval?" Reva assures," That I can get..what about your answer? sammathamaa? and  what about your parents?" Karthik immediately answers," not worry about my folks they will be with me in this matter" Revathy is happy to hear this and tells," Ok...then you go and talk to your parents and maamaa and others will come to your house to talk about this officially" Karthik leaves and Reva thanks God.
Karthik comes home...and starts talking ...beating the bush around. Mom asks whether he is in love and his dad forces him to tell the truth. Karthik tells," appa...I have decided to marry a girl appa...ayo leave me alone appa...let me think" Mom is forcing him to talk and Karthik tells the facts," ok maa...I am in  ,ove with my office MD maa...and I want to marry her...she is a nice girl maa..." Mom screams at him," she is already married and are you going to give her a life...are you going behind her for her properties? can a woman lives with a man carrying in her hearet another man? how can she agree to marry again in the first place?"
Karthik pleads," amma...Jothee is a nice girl maa..." Mom tells," Dei...she is going to live with we only have to decide in this matter" Karthik again insists that Jothee is a very nice person and he tells about her donating her kidney to Prabu and other stuff about this court case and about KArthik's murder. Hearing this dad gets shocked and asks," what?...she is with one kidney now? I have read somewhere that it is difficult for a lady with one kidney to have a baby?"
Karthik replies," so will take two or three years ..I will problem"
om gets angry with both of them and screams at them and asks," dei did you talk to her? after marrying her you will go and live there...then what about us? I will not agree for this.." His dad also tell the same abd both of them go inside. Karthik sits and starts thinking about him and Jo ..about their Hydrabad trip and smiles. His parents watch him from inside and wonders how come he is so happy. They both come to him again...and Karthik tells," all these days you were  asking me to marry and I was making fuss now...I am ready but you are not...dojt worry..if you do not agree to this...I will wait until you say ok...what to do.,...naanga rendu perum romba vayasaana pinnalathaan will unite together in life pola irukku"
Dad tells mom," look here...let say ok to this..." FInally both agree and Karthik is so happy...Mom tells," tell them that we will go to their place to pon paarka nu" Dad quickly tells," what? pon paarkkavaa? he has seen already thanneh...inimel nera muhoortham thaan" Next scene we a pooja room a wedding invitation with Karthik and Jo's pictures...on it!!!

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Thanks for the update akka! I guess our questions were not answered today. I think that maybe Jyothi herself doesnt know why she did it, perhaps it was her "soft corner" for Revathy? The flashbacks with Karthik were sad, and seemed to both disturb and confuse Jyothi. I guess we must wait a little longer! I felt bad for Revathy as well, all of this is further upsetting her and she seemed to be a bit irritated today, even towards Prabhu.

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Could be arthika... Jo seem to be very much confuse and i wonder why the flashback was for.. Seem like Jo does not have a clue on her own action. But today she has walk away alone.. i wonder where she is going? To her parents house??

somehow i feel abi is so selfish .. Jo is walking away, she could have stop Jo and ask or talk to her right?? Abi is just standing there watching Jo leaving... Confused

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Yes akka, Jyothi even told Kasturi she is confused about what is happening around her and what the future holds. I think she is silent because she is hurt, i mean Abi did betray her and perhaps she doesn't know how she feels about Revathy yet. But there is definitely a change in her, which can be seen through her expressions. I feel for her and Revathy. This silence is probably hurting her more than the yelling and insults because at least she knew wher Jyothi stood and her reasons for behaving that way.
I agree with you, Abirahmi was being selfish. At least Revathy trys to talk with her even if Jyothi doesnt want to. But Abirahmi hasnt.
I am glad Kasturi is back, her comedy is just too much!

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