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I watched part of Sholay which was being aired on Zee TV on Sunday afternoon while having lunch.    When I put on the TV, it was at the famous "Kitne aadmi the?" scene.   I continued to watch past lunch because that is the magic of Sholay...and when it came to the Veeru suicide scene, I could not control my laughter!  LOL  Big smile

That scene reminded me of the story Tanu had written as a birthday gift for is one of most jhingalala LMLM-Yummy family scenes. Tongue LOL  I went on a nostalgia trip and hunted out the post on this forum and I am pasting the story below.  Smile I remember there were many more such stories...Big smile...and I am going to attempt to find all of them and put them in this thread for memory sake!     Embarrassed

Do read and comment  dear family...whenever you visit I-F!

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Jhingalala Penguins Ki Sholay
(An out-n-out comedy)

by Tanu LMLM nee Yummy (for Meera's birthday)

He looked at the huge water tanki and counted the steps. Pretty near to a hundred. Hmm.. he had come this far, he couldn't back out now. It was a do or die case. He thought of his darling, took a swig from the bottle in his hand for courage and started climbing the steps to get to the top of the tanki as people started gathering below...  Once at the top, he scanned the view below.Pretty impressive. A good number of Abherians and Ganesh Gunjites had gathered. Chal Mamu, ab shuru hojao... he thought to himself. He took another swig from the bottle, and started channeling Dharam paaji, his idol.
"Hat jaaao" he shouted to people below. A few crows sitting at the Tank flew away, screeching...
People thronged more closer and a murmur rose amongst themselves..
Neelu called out from the audiance "Mamo, what are you doing up there on the water tank?!"
Mamo shouted back, Dharam Paaji style "Hat jao Neelu, Mein wohi kar raha hoon jo Majnu ne Laila ke liye kiya tha, Ranjha ne Heer ke liye kiya tha, Romeo ne Juliet ke liye kiya tha aur Jack ne Rose ke liye...SUCIiiDE!!!!!!"  He took another swig from the bottle and wobbled dangerously at the edge of the tank.
A collective "Haaai" went up in the audiance..
Bachi Fatima turned to N & M and said "Sholay ka dialogue hai na"
N & M nodded and watched back at Mamo B eagerly..
Neelu called out again "Arre par whats the matter? Why do you want to commit Sucide??"
Mamo B shouted back, steadying himself - "Yeh mat poocho Neelu, tumhare aansoo nikal aayenge... yeh badi dukh bhari kahaaney hai!! Is story mein emmotion hai, ddrama hai, trragedy hai... yeh Basanti hai na basanti??"
Neelu looked at Fatima B, who watched all this with an unaffected expression and asked "Who's this Basanti ya??"
Fatima B sighed... "Kya pata?!! He calls everybody with different names like munchkin, Jigri poo... the other day he was calling me Lucy.. today its Basanti...god knows what he'll call me tomorrow!!" She shrugged.
Mamo B began to speak " Arre, mah basanti ij my Fatima Darling... the basanti of my life! My Gobi de phool, my sweater ke wool!! Isse meri Shaadi hone wali hain... today ij ma happy budday, so I wanted to take her on a romatic dinner date... Oye, maine itne plans banaye the, Jigri poo ki madat bhi lee...lekinnn..." He ocillated furiously, garnering more "Haaai haaai"s from the audiance..
"lekin Kya?" Neelu asked
"Lekin woh Shobs sasuma ne beech mein phaanji maar di!!!"  He sobbed...
Bachi Fatima turned to N &M "Whats a Phaanji?" She asked
"I dunno, we should ask Dharmendra... he's the one who originally used it" Naina said.
Mamo B continued the drama -  "Ab mein is duniya mein nahi reh sakta... Gaon Waalon, tumko mera aakhri salaam...goodbye...alvidaaa" He drank the whole content of the bottle...
Neelu asked Fatima B - "But why did Shobs mummyji refuse him to take you on date?"
Shobs came next to them and said "Arre, Neelu! Dont ask her when I am here... I'll tell you why I wont let him take her on a date... you know where he wanted to take her??to "Hotel Decent" in Ratlam!! And that too, without my Hinu beta to guard her...If I'd let her go alone with him, that too to that place, then samjho it'd be Satyaanaash!!!"  Her face contorted, just by imagining the horror of it.."hamrey izzat mitti me mil jaayegi" She croaked.

Suddenly, a female voice rang out  "Ruk jaao Mamo Bhaiyya!"
Everybody looked back... Tanu made way through the audience to the front.."Tum hame chodkar nahi jaasakthe..."
Mamo B was perplexed... "Tanusistah,tum???" he said. Oye, ei ki hora hai?!? Ye toh mere plan mein nahi tha... he thought...
Tanu Screeched  "Aaj tumhara Happy Birthday hai Mamo B, tum usse apna happy death day kaise bana sakthey ho?? Do you even know that Ratna Ma has made you Gajar-Ka-Halwa from the fresh Gajars from the sabji mandi for your Birthday??" She sobbed..
"Arre Tanusistah... jab kisi ko pasand nahi mera jalwa, to kya khak khaunga halwa" Mamo B rhymed.. "Gaon walo, mein jaa raha hoon... bhagwan, mein aa raha hoon"  He attempted to jump from the  railings of the Tank...the audience went "Nahiiin"...
"Theek hai... aap log kehte ho, toh mai thode der ruk jaata hoon..." Mamo B stepped back...and started his rambling again...
Tanu ran to Hina, who sat by the sabji mandi sipping coke with one hand and makki maaring with the other..
"Tum yaha ho? Kaise partner ho tum? Tumhare partner tanki se khud raha hai, aur tum yaha baith kar coke pee rahe ho?? Jao aur usse bachao!!!" Tanu screamed..
"Calm down woman... tum jhingalalas ki nautanki toh world phamous hai... woh koi sucide wucide nahi karne wala... jab woh local daaru utregi, toh yeh bhi utar aayega!!"
"Kya? Omygod! maine tumhare jaisa patthar dil dost nahi dekha kabhi..." She turned around in frustration.."Hai... mere bhai ki jaan bachane wala hero koi nahi kya is Ganesh gunj mein?" She ranted aloud...
Mamo B, meanwhile continued his rant " Mujhe mat roko Gaon Walon, aaj mein yahan se khood ke hi maroonga! Aur yeh sab Shobha saasuma ki wajah se... dekhna tum log, when I dead,... police coming!!! Police coming, Sasuma going jaill... in jaiil, Sasuma chakki piecing, and piecing and piecing and piecing..." He lost balance and fell over backwards as he enacted the "chakki piecing" scene...
Audience "haaai haaai"ed again, as N & M cheered "Wah wah!! tussi great ho Dharam paaji"
"Hai Raam" Shobs gasped.. Fatima B smiled wryly... Dramaebaaz...She thought... Ghadi ghadi drama karta hai...
That exact moment, a jeep rushed to the spot... People looked on, as a very handsome dude, wearing Rayban shades and a "Khaki Wardi" got out of the jeep, and walked towards the tank with a swagger.
Bachi Fatima turned towards N & M "Oh, this is Robinhood Pandey from Dabang na?"
N and M nodded and they all cheered loudly... there was a huge commotion...
"Sam?!?" Shobs crooned...Hina looked confused, while Tanu looked elated...
"Khamoshhh" One word by his loud and clear voice quitened the commotion... Sam took his shades off and looked at the crowd..
Tanu looked at him admiringly, and said "Wow! whata style!.. men in uniforms are such a turn on.." She sighed...
Hina, totally irritated,  said "Oye, tu police mein kab bharti ho gya re Sam?"
Sam said "Very recently, Bhaiyya" and gave a once over to Tanu.. Tanu blushed and giggled...
Sam proceeded towards the tank.. Shobs ran towards her son... "Thank god tum aagaye! Sam beta, what is he saying?!?!?"
Sam held her shoulders in both hands and assured her "Tum ghabrao nahi Maa, mein tumhe kuch hone nahi doonga.."
"Ay Mamo, tum kanoon ko is tarah apne haath mein nahi le sakhte!! Abhi issi waqt neeche aajao, warna tujhe toh pata hain na? Kanoon ke haath bahut lambe hote hain..."  Sam warned.
"Ruk jao inspector!" Shouted Mamo B..."Agar ek bhi kadam aage badaya, toh mein yahan se khood ke mar jaaonga!! Sunlo Gaon walon, jahan koi premi jaan deta hai, wahan kahi bhyankar kism ki museebatein aati hain... akaal, sookha, earthquakes aur...aur..tsunami..."
"Ay Mamo" Sam thundered.. "Stop all this drama right now, warna I'll come up there and arrest you..."
"Haaahahahahaha" Mamo B laughed arrogantly "Tawaif ki loot thi izzat bachana aur Mamo B ko khaid karna, dono bekaar hai"
Cheers and whistles rose again...there were cat calls of "once more"
Bachi Fatima turned towards M & N "Tees Maar Khan ka dialogue hai na?"
They nodded again and cheered "Kya dialogue hai Mamo!! Lage raho!!"
Mamo B acknowledged all the cheers by taking a bow... Sam looked exasperated...
Neelu couldn't stay quiet any longer..."Kitne insulting baat hai ke tum yahaa sucide kar rahe ho, aur tumhari mummy ko pata bhi nahi hai... woh ghar mein tumhari khushiyon ke liye mannat maang rahi hai..." She brought out the emotional atyachar, hoping that would coerce Mamo B.
"But I do know Neelu..." Came a voice from behind the crowd... the audience parted ways for Ratna Ma to come on her squeeking wheelchair...
"Ma, tum?!?!" Tanu exclaimed.."Pai lagoo saasuma" Hina said. "Jeete raho beta!" Ratna Ma said.
"Woh sab toh theek hai, par aap wheelchair mein kyun ho?" Tanu asked, puzzled
"Oh, dat? when I came to know about Mamo's harkat, I just wanted to add my dramatic flair to it... besides, I know my beta... yeh drama itni juldi khatam nahi hoga... so I got my own chair!"
Tanu rolled her eyes... Ratna Ma looked questioningly"What?!?! I also brought pop corns for everybody... now let me sit back and enjoy..."
Mamo B spoke up "Arre Gaon walon, yeh inspector mera kuch nahi bigad saktha... Is-spiderman ki mummy ko bhi pata nahi tha ki uska beta raat  ko crime fighting karta hai... usne kabhi is-spiderman ko rokne ki koshish nahi ki... ab mein rukne wala nahin...maine decide karli hain ke mein apna jaan de kar rahoonga..." He climbed up on the railings... "*looking around* ...char..panch..che..."
Suddenly another female voice rang out "yaadon ki baraat nikliii hai aaj... Dil ke dwaaare...dil ke dwaaare..."
Neel made an entrance! N and M cheered... everybody looked at her admiringly..
"Mamoustah... you know that you are the third wheel of our Jhingalala Penguin siblinghood rikshaw... we cant let you go alone... we're a team, remember?? So if you sucide, then we too, will join you..." She said emotionally... the audience cheered! Everybody looked at Mamo B expectantly...
Mamo B smacked his forehead... everytime it was his chance to shine, these two penguins stole his thunder...
"Neelsistah, please dont be stopping me... the only thing that can stop me is Shobs sasuma letting me take her daughter on a date!!" Mamo B said stubbornly...
All people looked at Shobs expectantly..."I wont let it happen if all the penguins in the world threatened suicide!!" Shobs ma exclaimed...
Then, a women wearing a black coat, black glasses and carrying a black walking stick and holding hands with a Big B look alike, started making her way to the front of the crowd...
Bachi Fatima turned towards N & M "This is Rani from Black na?"
N and M nodded and looked on...
The woman and Big B look alike stood in front of the crowd...
Big B look alike spoke out "Hi everyone... this is Michelle, and she has something to say..."
Eksie, who was silent till then, said "Excuse me, but why are you speaking on her behalf?"
Everybody looked at Big B challengingly... Big B answered "Coz she's a SILENT READER!" 
Everybody nodded and murmured "aah" as the understanding dawned...
Eksie asked again - "Thats ok, but who are YOU??" Everybody again looked at him challengingly...
Big B answered "Dikhne mein to hum Amitabh Bachchan lagte hain, naam hai Gabbar Singh"
Bachi Fatima turned towards N and M, totally confused. "Yeh kaunsi picture ka dialogue hai?!?!"
Naina said "Dialogue toh Shehenshah ka hai, per character hai Black sey.."
Maryam asked "But N, how can Big B be Gabbar???"  Naina answered "Pata nahin... Ram Gopal Verma ki Sholay se hoga shayad.."
All three of them nodded as the understanding downed upon them...
The woman began signalling rapidly, and Big B began to translate..
"I.. have been a... silent reader... for a very long time... and I'm a huge fan...of Mamo B...His like...a ray my...bleak life... I cannot let him jump...because that...will turn my...already bleak world...bleaker...I only live...for his comedy...if he dies...I find no living further... so I too...will die...along with him..."
Everybody, including Mamo B stood speechless, with their jaws hanging... this was monuMENTAL... Sam was the first one to speak... He said to Shobs.. "Ma, I think the situation is getting out of control... behtar yehi hoga agar aap is date ke liye maan jao... 4-5 logon ko marne se mein rok nahi saktha... Aur yahan ke audience bhi bohot impatient ho rahe hain..."
Shobs looked aghast... Eksie stepped in, and said to Shobs "Maan jao Maa... its for everybody's betterment"
All the niwasis of Ganesh Gunj, Bachi Fathima, Neelu, Noor,Mariyam, Neha, Jasmine, Aysha, Ferdous, Tanya, Arpit, Rahul, Veer, Kamal, just about everybody started pleading Shobs to please maan jao...
"Ok...Ok..but on 1 Condition" Shobs said "He wont take her to Hotel Decent, but to Hotel Ajanta"
"Yay!!!!" Everybody cheered... Tanu and Neel ran forward "Mamo B, Sasuma has agreed!!! ab toh neeche utro..."
Mamo B looked flabbergasted...and said" Err...Saasuma has agreed? I want Fatima to agree too..."
Everyone's attention now shifted to Fatima B... She sighed... "Yes, I agree too..." She said..
"Are, aise ni Darling, say it with a little love na?!?!" Mamo B persisted...
Fatima B rolled her eyes... "Fine... Jab tak rahega Samose mein Aloo, teri rahoongi O mere Mamu..."
"Yay!!!!" Everyone cheered again...
Mamo B channeled Dharam Paaji one last time -"Hehehehehe!! Arre Gaon Waalon, suna tumne?? bhaiyon aur BEHRON... Sasuma bhi agree hai, Fatima bhi agree hai, isliye marna cancel... mein abhi neeche utarta hoon..." He walked unsteadily towards the stairs...and stood there, afraid to get down...
Meanwhile Big B wrote on Rani's...err..Michelle's arm about what was happening, so she started cheering... everybody looked at her... She started singalling... Big B started translating...
"Mein...bohot...khush Mamo...nahi mar raha hain... He is... a super comedian...and a great...human being... I wish him...a very.. happy birthday... may god...bless him...Tanu ke Comedy se...Mamo ke comedy behtar hai..." 
Tanu gasped in shock, everyone looked uncomfortably at each other... 
Michelle signalled furiously, Big B translated "nahi nahi...mera matlab tha... Tan ke comedy(Physical humor) se... Mann ke comedy (Mental humor)...behtar hota hai...mai...comedy...kar nahi sakhti...magar...aap logon ki...comedy...bohot...enjoy...karti hoon... aap sab...bahot hi...crazy...loving...sweet...aur happy bunch ho...hamesha...aise...hi...rehna..."
She stopped signalling... And Big B held her hand, and they started to walk back to...wherever they came from...leaving everyone teary eyed...
Mamo B, still on top, Shouted"Arre, mera nasha utar gaya hai... mujhe heights ki phobia hai... koi mujhje neeche utaro..."
Everybody stood shaking their head, thinking "Unbelivable..." and started walking to their homes...
Mamo B,terribly petrified now, channeled Dilip Kumaar "Areee...Ae Bhaaai... Ae Bhaaai... koi mujhe yahan se neeche utarooo..."
His voice echoed in the distant horizon...
The End.

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Jab We Met Again!(A romantic comedy)

by Tanu LMLM nee Yummy (for Hina's birthday)
The platform was deserted, bar two human forms sleeping in the seating area, covered from head to toe with blankets. He glanced at his watch...11.25 pm. 5 more minutes till the train arrives, he thought. He walked to a nearby seat and lowered his backpack on it. looking around, he rubbed his hands together to ward off the chill in the air and sat down. Sigh... 5 more minutes and she'll be here, he thought. His special girl... He smiled when he thought of her. It had taken him days to convince his stubborn LMLM brothers that he'd take a train to Chandigarh, and not accompany them. His mom was the toughest to be convinced. She doted on him and wanted him to join them on the bus they were taking, for their brother's wedding. She had agreed healf heartedly, at last, and had warned him to reach Chandigarh before the baraat started towards
the bride's home. Things men do for love... he shook his head as he smiled.
He was lost in thoughts when he was interrupted by the sound of an approaching vehicle.. He looked at the entrance and saw a taxi pull up. A very female leg, wearing high heels and clad in stockings appeared out of the taxi's door... He raised his brows and peeked to get a better view... The female that emerged out of the taxi stunned him. To say she was gorgeous would be like saying ocean is big.. She looked like she came out of one of those Victoria's secret catalogues, only clad in a little more clothes, that fit her body like her skin... She looked on as the taxi driver left after unloading her luggage. Unable to lift her huge bags with her perfectly manicured nails, she looked around for help. He straightened himself, swung his backpack over his shoulders, and walked towards her...coz no matter what, he couldn't resist saving a damsel in distress, especially if she was hot.
"Excuse me, err.. do you need help?" He asked. The girl turned and looked at him assesingly.Sheila...Sheila ki Jawaani started playing in his head.
 "Yes I do, if you could please help me with the bags..." She said. 
"Why not?" he puffed his chest and replied.
"Thank you, thats very kind of you" She cooed and turned around and cat walked towards the station, her heels rythmically clicking as she walked. He took a moment to appriciate her walk, which co incidentally matched to Sheila ki jawaani playing in his head. Quickly gathering all her 
bags, he ran behind her, trying to catch up.
"There aren't any coolies aound at this time, normally. An inconvinience, if you're travelling with so much luggage... and not many people are here either, to ask for help. You are lucky, I'm here.. by the way, where are you going?No, dont answer that... I know for sure you're going to Chandigarh, because there aren't any other trains till tomorrow morning except for the one that's coming in a few lucky for you, I'm also catching the same train, dont worry, I'll help you out. I'll also help to unload at Chandigarh. I cant see women struggling at all. Although, uh, you look really, uh, brave.. coz you decided to travel alone, that too at this hour.. its a huge risk. you see, Akeli larki khuli hui tijori ki tarah hoti hai... who knows what'd happen, right?" He paused to catch his breath... and put her bagsdown on the bench he sat earlier.
"Thanks a lot.. its very sweet of you" She said, giving him a smokey look. 
"Please, no mention. I dont mind at all" he tried to say nonchalantly,trying hard to hide his pleasure. "By the way,miss...sorry I didnt catch your name?" he inquired.
"Thats because I haven't thrown it" She said. 
He flushed."'re funny... so, what is your name?" 
She smiled,extended her hand, and said in a husky voice"Hi, I'm Sakshi.. Sakshi Bakshi".
He held her hand, shook gently, and said "Sakshi..beautiful name for a beautiful girl.. "
"Um, Thanks... I dunno if its beautiful, but it rhymes with my last name" She said.
"Well, your parents have a great sense of humor" he said. She laughed. 
"You are funny too... whats your name?"She said
He said "All my friends call me LM."  
"LM? What does it stand for?" She asked him in her husky voice. He smiled and ran his thumb on his nosebridge.
 "Well, Ms Bakshi, it stands for a lot of things..cant tell them all here.. maybe I'll explain during our journey in detail..." 
 "OK," She said..."Sweet, funny and mysterious... I like the combination.." She purred. 
He looked very pleased with himself.."Well, there's a lot more to me than what you already see, Sakshi" He said.
 "I'm sure of that.. but first, uh... I need to find out where I can get abottle of mineral water...this place looks so deserted, and I'm parched..."
She said, and looked around. "Oh, dont worry Sakshi, wait here, I'll get it for you" He offered.
 "Oh, um... are you sure? I mean, hope its not too much of a trouble" She batted her eyelids again.
"Trouble? not at all... just stay here, I'll get it in a minute... main yoon gaya aur yoon aaya.."  "Oh, Thanks again, LM" She smiled sweetly as she said it. He grinned at her and then ran towards the entrance, to find any open shops selling water.
The train pulled into the station right on time. Tanu woke up from her sleep, and peered outside. She read the board that said "RATLAM" in bold black letters.. She smoothed her hair and sat up and looked out of her window, her eyes searching for him. When she couldn't spot him, She slowly got up and made her way towards the door of the bogey. She held on to the rail at the door and looked outside... there was no sign of him. She groaned... He's never ontime, she thought.. What if he's late as usual and missed the train... anxious, she slowly alighted from the train, and started walking the platform, searching for him. She knew the train would leave in 5 minutes, she had to find him quick.
They had planned this trip for a long time,  he was supposed to meet up with her here at Ratlam, and together they'd make it to Chandigarh, where her
sister was getting married to his brother. Her mother had asked her brother, Mamo B to accompany her, but She'd explained the situation to him.. Since Mamo B  and LM were best of friends and  were partners in business *ahem*  he'd agreed to let her travel with LM. Now if only she could find him... She walked towards the entrance of the station when she spotted him running with his backpack in one hand and a water bottle at the other... He stopped dead in his track as he saw her. She let a sigh of relief and silently thanked the gods and walked towards him.
"Tanu??? Uh... hi darling!!.. the train arrived already??" He asked
"There you are... phew! I was worried if you'd be late again... Chalo, lets get in fast!!" She held on to his arm and started walking back towards the train. They had just taken a few steps, when they heard a female voice calling "hey... hey LM"  Tanu stopped and turned to see who it was.
Sakshi cat walked towards them. "Hey Lm, where did you go? The train arrived, and you weren't back... um.. I see you got the water, you're such a hero" She cooed. Tanu narrowed her eyes and looked at him.He had a look akin to someone caught with their hand in the proverbial 
cookie jar. "Uh.. yes, I did... here it is.. " he thrust the bottle at her.
"Thanks.. now come on, lets get on the train and you can  tell me all about LM.." She smiled seductively ..and noticed him looking at Tanu, wide eyed... "Uh, who' this? somebody who wants your help too?" She said laughingly.
"Heheheheh... I mean actually..Tanu is, uh.. " He stammered.. Tanu looked at them back and forth... rolled her eyes and took off from there.
"Tanu wait... its not what you think...I was just helping her..." he ran after her...
Tanu was furious.. she walked aimlessly, and was at the entrance of the station when he caught up with her..
"Darling, wait... listen to me... I was...just...helping that poor girl with her luggage..." He panted while he tried to explain.
"Oh yes.. helping her with her luggage, getting her water, chatting her up and telling her all about LMLM...stop trying to fool me... I should have listened to my Maa and taken Mamo Bhaiya along with me..." Her voice wobbled in the end.
"Oh no no no no darling...please, listen to me-" 
"No I wont... this is not the first time, and certainly, this is not the last! I'm done putting up with your escapedes... its over"
"Tanuuu...nahin, please aisa mat kaho..I swear to god, I was trying to help her!! She was the one who said I was sweet and funny and mysterious and sexy!!.. main toh bas -"
"What?? She called you all that?? and you were still just trying to help her, haan?"
"Nooo... I mean yes.. I was trying to help her, and she said all that... she came on to me like a cheetah..I think she was a cheetah.. did you notice her tight striped pants, whoa! I mean-" 
"Notice-her-pants?? NO, I DIDN'T notice her pants, you-" 
They heard the whistle, then..
The train had started... they both looked at each other "Sh*t" they both exclaimed, and ran toward the train...
"Stop... stop.. koi roko us train ko... we are still here"... the train picked up pace... "STOP!!!!!!" they ran behind... but the train didnt hear  them... it departed, leaving them panting at the platform and looking at the retreating back of the train dispairingly...
He slowly walked back towards her..."Tanu-"
"Baat mat karna mujhse... its because of you all this happened..."
"But what did I do? you get mad for some stupid reason and walk off-"
"What stupid reason? You flirting with some random girl you met at the platform is a stupid reason? what did you expect?!?! Tanu khush hogi?Shabashi degi?... Ofcourse I was upset - "
" I told you, I never-"
"Ofcourse, you didn't... all this is my fault... its my fault I didnt listen to my mother. My fault I agreed to meet you.. my fault I got upset about you and that... that girl... and ofcourse, its my fault that the train left, leaving me in my pajamas and tee, all my luggage on the train, stranded 
at this godforsaken place, with YOU!!"  She started sobbing..
He looked helpless... he always didnt know what to do with a sobbing experiance, he knew trying to comfort would only worsen the matter.. So he simply let her sob, and pulled out his cellphone and started making phone calls...
Tanu sobbed for a while and then slowly stopped. She looked at him, talking lowly over the phone..and dried her tears. He saw she was calm now, and slowly walked to her. "Listen Tanu, dont worry... I'll get us out of this mess.. Your luggage can be retrived, I've already explained it to 
Jigri poo... I mean your Mamo Bhaiya..." He looked at her.. She looked away, not saying anything. Atleast she's not yelling, he thought. He slowly sat down on the same bench. She still looked in the opposite direction. Encouraged, he called out "Tanu.."
She was silent. "Look, I'm sorry all this happend... you know how excited I was to meet you... if that girl hadn't asked me to help her, then we'd be on that train-"
"Please, you'd be on that train with her, not me!" 
"No way!! She was a cougar, darling! I cant imagine spending a minute with her... and why should I, Tum jo ho mere paas!" She looked at him, and he immidietly gave her his most charming smile, he knew she liked. She looked away, but a bit slowly...
"Really.. how could you even think I had anything to do with her?! If i'd ever do anything, it'd be with you babe.." 
"Liar!" She still wasn't looking his way, but she didnt look mad anymore. He seized the opportunity...
"I swear! Its only you I want... thats why I'm here innit? You've no idea how much papad I had to bel, just to be here.. My mummyji wouldn't let me go at all... But ofcourse, I couldn't disappoint you, so I took a lot of risks..." She looked at him.
"What risks?" She asked
"You'll know... but tell me first, do you forgive me?"
She looked away, haughtily." Maybe... it depends on what you are not telling me"
"Oh, its a secret... you'll have to wait..."  She rolled her eyes.
"Cmon, you like secrets dont you? I know you do...Remember our "secret mission"? "  He asked.
She didnt look at him, but he detected a faint smile forming... "Remember the song we made up during our secret mission? Ek mein aur ek tu? Thats my favorite.. actually, no, strike that. My favorite is the "Tanu Allooove you" song... remember that?"
He could see her trying hard not to smile at that... He went for the kill.
I guess you've forgotten... let me sing it to you... here it goes:
Pehle fasal ne kaisa jadoo kardiya...Aloo ban baitha hai mera jiyaa..
Jaane kya hoga, kya hoga kya pataa... is aloo ko milke aa cheelein zaraa..
Tum ho yahan, mein bhi yahaan, mere mandi mein aa, aloo kha...
Oh Tanujaaa... dono jahaan, mere aloo ko kha,
Tanu I love you... Tanu I love you.. Tanu I love you soo... Tanu I love you..."
She burst out laughing listening to him singing their song... He looked too pleased with himself, grinning ear to ear. 
"So... this means you forgive me?" He put the best puppy dog face he could.
"Yes, baba, I do" She said, laughing. Cool, he thought.. nowz the time to turn on charm..
"Well.. just a yes I do??" He moved closer to her.."not enough..."
She blushed."Well, thats all I can say"
"No, thats not all you can say" He said, moving still more closer "You know what I want to hear.." he whispered.
She tried to suppress her smile, and said "No I dont..."
"Dont play with me darling, " he said,as he took her hand in his "Say those 3 words which I've been asking for a long time now" He looked into
her eyes...She looked back into his eyes, and they were in this eyelock when suddenly they heard someone yell "Chaachu..."
They both jerked away from each other, and looked behind, to find Naina and Maryam walking towards them... 
"Oh, you're here... thank god! Eks and Sam Chachu are searching for you outside the station" Naina said..
"Oh, Hi girls! you all reached so fast? I hardly called you 5 minutes before..." He said,surprised..
"What? its been more than an hour since you called... its 12.30 am now!!" Maryam said.
"It is?? Omygod, you are right, It is 12.30!" he looked into his watch."Time sure flies when you're singing a duet" He muttered.
"Tanu maasi's here too? What is she doing here?" Maryam asked, looking confused..
Tanu blushed furiously, while he stammered "She's uh, She-"
"Missed the train!" Tanu provided. "I missed the train when I got down to buy a water bottle.."
"Hmm... interesting.. both you and Tanu Maasi missed the train... Shobs Dadi Maa would be very interested to know how that happened" Naina said. He looked around, pretending he didnt hear that while Tanu continued to blush...There were some more voices coming, and they all turned to find Eks and Sam coming their way... "So hear you are!" Eks said. "Hello Tanu ji" Sam said. Tanu turned crimson. 
"Arre Tanu, you're here?" Eks inquired. "Tanu maasi missed the train too" Naina and maryam supplied. Sam smiled knowingly, while LM said" Can we all move this welcome party into the bus? We are chilling here for more than an hour now..."
"Sure.. lets go" they all went to the bus filled with the whole clan of very excited LMLMs and Abherians,Shobs, Bachi and Bari Fathima, Neelu, Noor,Mariyam, Neha, Jasmine, Aysha, Ferdous, Tanya, Arpit, Rahul, Veer, Kamal, everybody waiting for them. Shobs looked very anxious, said "Hinu beta, are you allright? I told you to come with us... you're never listening to your mummyji!" She looked at Tanu, and N and M supplied the whole story again. Shobs said "Ratna ji shouldn't have sent you alone... good for you my beta was here" Tanu demurely nodded and said "yes mummyji, your son helped me a lot..." 
"Um...Shall we talk once the bus starts moving? We'll be late otherwise" LM said, exasperated. Everybody agreed, and settled down in their seats. The bus started its journey, and then everybody broke out into "Yadon Ki Baraat Nikli hai aaj *screeching* Dil ke dwaaareee... dil ke dwaaareee..." song, thoroughly enjoying themselves... While everybody sang, LM slowly leaned towards Tanu in the seat in front of him and whispered.."You haven't yet told me those 3 words..."
Smiling, Tanu said those 3 words...

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Posted: 07 January 2013 at 3:35am | IP Logged

LOL  Written by Tanu for me and Eks birthday!  LOL

Sanam Teri Kasam (An Abher OS)
Readers' discretion advised: The following OS contains jhingalala material and could make you cringe, groan and feel queasy if you aren't jhingalala enough to read it. Read it anyways, and do let me know how you feel. By the way, this happens after the Dilkusha garden fiasco, when Abher decide not to meet at public places, and only place left for them is the chath.
"c u @ 10" The message read. Abeer smiled as he re-read Leher's message he received an hour ago.Love is strange, he mused as he fiddled with his cell. Love made sentences like c u @ 10 seem so profound and meaningful.Love made you announce to your friends that you are going home, in between a heated post-match discussion. Love made you laugh while enduring their good natured ribbing about the power of a text msg that could send you homebound. Love also made you hurry and shove the dinner down your throat, but not as much as to attract the attention of a hawk like dadi or gain a stern disapproval from TN. Ahh.. the strange ways of love.. he sighed. Apparently, love made the clocks of the world run slower than normal. The time still showed 9.55, the same as when he re read the message. For all that theories of relativity and such, no one had invented time machine yet and Abeer wanted nothing else in that moment than to fast forward the next 5minutes... He smiled at his thoughts as he ran his hand at the back of his head, and laughed a few seconds later when the radio at Bansi kaka's started singing "meri sapnon ki rani kab aayegi tu".

Leher heard the song too, as she explained to Ankur the method to resolve a math sum he was having difficulties solving. She knew Abeer was waiting at the chath, and smiled inwardly she thought of all the jokes Abeer would crack if she walked out to that song. She must remember not to laugh too much, she thought. Coz once you laugh at Abeer's jokes, he'd keep cracking PJs after PJs just to make you laugh.. She chuckled as she thought of his PJs and how he made her laugh... earning a confused/curious look from her bespectacled cousin. "Uh.. did you get how to use that formula, Ankur?"  she asked, trying to keep a straight face. "Yes I did Guddan didi, but I have a question. Do you think that---"  Her cousin carried on, oblivious to Leher's urgency to get this over with.

Bansi kaka's radio however, wasn't so oblivious. It went on to sing "Aajare O mere dilbar aaja" to "hum intezaar karenge" to some more songs that were filled with longing and passion. Currently it was singing "yeh duniya, yeh mehfil, mere kaam ki nahin". Great! A telepathic radio.. but thats no time machine,Abeer thought tapping his foot impatiently as he sat on the divider wall of their chaths. All those minutes he killed waiting couldn't be fast forwarded. What was taking her so long? he wondered as he looked at his cell phone, that showed the time as 10.30. She was taking so long to get here... and before they spent 15 minutes together, she'd want to go back as she had classes early in the morning. All this time he spent waiting wouldn't mean anything at all to her... Girls have absolutely no time sense, he decided. They never understood how important it is to be on time, and not make your lovers wait... "whr r u? Im waitin" He texted her. His impatience grew to apprehension when there was no reply. He walked back and forth, rubbing his forehead, hoping everything was allright at Mathur house.

Leher would've been proud of the way Ankur expressed his doubts and asked for clarifications  any other day. Any other day,but today. Today she was exasperated, and struggled to keep a clam appearence as she answered his doubts and end their discussion. Her nerdy cousin, however, was determined to be the next pythagoras or archemedis and he shot questions at her with a speed that would put an AK 47 to shame. Was Abeer still waiting? what must he be thinking? was he calling on her cell phone? Oh god, her cell phone! She mentally smacked herself for leaving it in her room... "Uh, Ankur, its getting late and I have classes early morning. can we continue this tomorrow?" She asked, acting like she was stifling a yawn. "Sure guddan didi, just explain this one, and then I'll go" he said. He seeriously needed friends, she thought as she proceeded to look in the book while mentally calculating the time needed to explain the solution.

Bittan was getting ready to bed as she noticed Abeer's name flashing on her sister's cell. She went outside of the room, and found her sister was still helping Ankur. She waved to get her attention, but failed. After a bit of indeciveness, she picked the call. "Abeer bhaiya?" 
"Bittan, tum?" Abeer straightened.. "Where's Leher? is everythingOK?" 
"Um.. yeah. Didi is helping Ankur Bhaiya with Math.."
"What? Oh.. I, uh.. well she told me she'd meet me at 10 tonite.."
"She did? oh, she's stuck now... let me see if she's done"
"Dont bother. I'm going to sleep now, so please tell her-"
"Oh, but she's done, and she's coming upstairs!"
"Then please tell her I'll be here exactly for another 5 minutes, then I'm gone.. ok? bye now" Abeer hung up as Leher walked in. One look at her sister with her cell, she asked "What did he say?"
"He said he's waiting for another 5 minutes and then he's going.. Didi, I think he sounded upset.." Bittan said.
"Do me a favor Bittan," Leher said as she ran a brush in her hair and took a peak at the mirror. "Can you keep a watch and alert me if someone's coming? I'll quickly go talk to him..."
"Sure! I dont think anyone'll come, though. But if someone will, then I'll cough ok?" Bittan said, as she sneaked out with Leher. Leher smiled gratefully at her sister and squeezed her hand before 
hurrying to chath.

Abeer stood there, his back to her, his arms crossed on his chest, and it didn't require rocket science formula to know he was fuming mad. She took a few steps towards him and called tentetively..

"Oh, teacher ji, thanks for coming. I was wondering whether your star pupil was going to take all night to learn what you were teaching. Thank god, you could make time for the likes of me here.."
"Abeer, I'm sorry.. I really tried to get out fast, but-"
"Oh sure, but that Gochu needed more time.. thats ok, I have all the time in the world to sit here and listen to songs from Bansi kaka's antique radio.. but please, let that Gochu not miss his 
lessons because of me.."
"Abeer, you've no idea-"
"Of course I do! Kamal karti ho Leher! How could you let him do this to us, haan? Is it not enough that he constantly puts on his Karamchand jasoos act and tags along wherever you go in college, 
bus stand and library, now he has to do it in home too? and.. and.. why do you let him? Haan? why cant you tell him to go mind his business? "
"Abeer, its not his fault.. its chachaji who's told-"
"Now you're siding with him??? Really, Leher? "
"No, Abeer-" 
"I cannot believe you actually defended him... Know what Leher? It kills me to know that that Gochu has more power over you than my love.."
"You know its not true... c'mon Abeer!" Leher said, as she saw him look away, still mad. "Nothing," she said softly,"Nothing in this world has more power than your love..."
"Well, it wasn't enough to pull you away from Gochu" Abeer said, still looking away.
"Well, it did pull me away.. I'm here now, aren't I?" She said. "I came here, so late in the night, risking everything just to see you.. and are you going to be mad at me the whole time I'm here?" 
When Abeer didnt answer, she tried to look at his face for any signs of truce, but he deliberately turned away.
"Well, too bad then, you wont be listening to the song I wrote for you..."
That got his attention..."What song?" He asked, without turning.
"Its just this song.. do you want to listen?" She asked, hoping he'd give up and look at her. He didnt. He just said "Maybe".
She sighed. This was going to be tough.. but she was determined.
"Ok, here goes" She cleared her throat, and said in a serious tone..
"Kitne bhi tu karle sitam, has has ke sahenge hum... yeh pyar na hoga kam, Sanam, teri kasam"
"You didnt write that song!!" Abeer accused, trying hard not to laugh.
"Yes I did, in my notebook!! and I wrote it for you... do you like it?"
"I dunno" He looked up, down, sideways, anywhere else but at her.
"Okay.. maybe you'll like it when I sing it properly... here it goes:


Abeer looked at Leher, standing very close to him, her arms around his neck..
"If you think that is going to make me forget that you made me wait here for more than an hour..." He said, with a naughty smile on his lips "Then you're so right!!"
He hugged her tight, and grinned as she squealed in surprise  "I missed you so much.." 
Leher laughed too and looked at his smiling face as he held her, but she heard something else.. coughing... someone was frantically coughing!
"Bittan!!" She said. Abeer looked confused.. "What?!?"
"Oh, its Bittan, someone's coming up, I have to go.." She got out of his embrace and dashed towards the door, but heard Kul Chacha's voice and knew she couldn't go in there.. she rushed back to 
Abeer. "Its Chachaji! What do we do now??"
Abeer looked at her like she was out of her mind.. "Chachaji? Are you kidding me?"
"Abeer, no time to kid around.. quick, over to the clothesline.." She pulled him towards the clothesline and hid behind a bed-spread, covering them both.
Abeer couldn't believe the situation he was in.. "Leher, do you feel like this has happend to us once before?" he joked, but Leher shushed him and frantically looked through the corner of the bed-
spread.Ofcourse, history repeats, he thought. Only this time, Leher was in love with him as much as he was in love with her. He smiled as he looked at her, clutching his arm in one hand and slightly parting the bedspread in the other, looking so worried. He wished they'd get locked up here, just like the last time. Now that'd be fun.. he grinned wickedly.

Kulcha had woken up a few minutes after he went to sleep, with a bloating sensation in his stomach. He should've listened to his Bhaisaab when he'd warned him to go easy on those mooli ke parathe...Those darn mooli ke parathe, they were tasty, but eat a couple of them and your stomach felt like you'd swallowed iron bricks for dinner. He paced to and fro in the room before deciding he needed some serious relief. He looked in his cupboard and looked at the various dibbas there. he considered "Kayam churna"  or Hajmola, but decided against it. Finally, after popping a couple of dabur Hingolis, he stepped out of his room towards the chath. He stopped in his track as he spotted Bittan fiddling with her cell. "Bittan?" He called out..
Bittan looked like she needed some emergency medical care.. She suddenly went into a coughing fit, scaring him. "Beta, tum thik to ho?" He walked towards her.
"haan haan chachaji..(cough cough) mein theek hoon.. (cough) I felt so.. uh, sooo suffocated in the room...(cough cough) I had to get out to get some fresh air..(cough cough)I walked for a few 
minutes in the chath.. now I feel allright.." She just prayed silently that Guddan heard her, and had enough time to go hide someplace.
"What? If you felt suffocated then you should have opened up the windows or turned the fan to high na? Which "sanskari" girl in the right frame of mind goes alone to the chath at this hour? please 
go to your room and open up those windows.."
"Uh.. sorry chachaji, I'll go do that..." Bittan said lamely as she thought of other ideas to hold him a little bit longer.. "Um.. uh, what are you doing up so late chachaji?"
"Oh, my stomach is a bit bloated beta.. I think its the mooli parathas from the dinner. I'll do the same thing you did.. walk a bit in the chath. Hope the fresh air does me good too"  He started 
walking up the steps.. Bittan closed her eyes and prayed hard.

Kulcha walked out on the chath, and felt something was not quite..right. He walked to and fro once, and couldn't find anything wrong.. but he felt it in his guts that something was wrong. Or maybe it was just gas... he continued to pace the floor, and noticed that the light was on in his neighbors room. What was that boy doing up so late? he wondered. Those rich, spoiled kids.. if they stay awake at night, they'd be either watching TV or playing games on the computer.. He tried to look in, but the door was closed, so he continued with his walk.

Leher saw him glancing towards Abeer's room. Did he notice he wasn't there? Would he doubt anything and search for him? They might finally get caught today...Oh god! She turned and hid her face in Abeer's  shirt. Please god, let chachaji suspect nothing, and walk away and go back to sleep...She bit her lower lip as she prayed. Abeer's heart was beating faster, she noticed. Was he scared too? she looked up and saw him looking at her, but the look in his eyes was... well, it was not fear, for sure. He looked with such aching intensity, she blushed and lowered her eyes, unable to meet his look. Abeer raised her chin with his forefinger, forcing her to look up. When she did, she saw his eyes shimmering with so much love, so much yearning.. like he was saying something very deep, so deep that there were no words to say it, just that look in his eyes...and she couldn't look away at all. She was barely aware of her own heart beating to match the beat of his heart.

2 things happend at once. Sharbati Dadi appeared, carrying a glass of milk and calling out "Lallaa..."  and Kul chacha let out all the bad effects of the mooli parathas he'd had in a loud, noisy fart

Dadi looked astonished by the sound, and as soon as she saw Kulcha, immidietly stuffed her pallu to her face. "Chi chi chi chi... Yehi jagah mila tha?? Poore vatavaran ko maila kar diya..." She

contorted her face like she had experienced something very horrible.
Kulcha, who was gobsmacked,  didnt know whether to be embarassed because Dadi, of all people had witnessed his relief from discomfort or to be furious because of her accusation of him polluting 
the environment. He decided to be the latter."Hum apni chat per jo marji kar sakthe hain.. aur vaise paadhna koi jurm hai kya? Aapke Vakil bete se pooch ke batayiyega.."

"Kya? Kya kaha tumne? He Bhagwaan!!  Are, sharam nahi aati, buzurg logon se is tarah badtameezi se baat karte huae?-"

"Badtameezi shuru kisne ki thi?? Hum yahan apni chat par khade hokar paadh rahe the, aapko isse kya taqleef hai?"

"Satyanaash! Hum apne pothe ko doodh dene aayi thee, aur tumne jaan boojhkar yehi mauka chuna!! chath tumhara hoga lekin hawa ki disha uttar ki taraf hai, to tum jo bhi karoge, pradushan toh is taraf hi aayega... "

Abeer's shoulders shook with his silent laughter as he heard his granny taking Kul chacha to task... "Abeer!!" Leher tried to admonish him, but couldn't help herself in joining in the laughter... This was hilariously rediculous. Chacha and dadi, they just waited for an opportunity to go at each other's throat... but what if it got serious and TN and her dad got involved? Laughter vanished from her face as she thought of the last time it had happened. The stakes were high this time, she and Abeer were together, and were hiding! She wouldn't be able to deny her feelings for Abeer, and her dad might.. he might have a heart attack! She tightly shut her eyes to het the disturbing images off her mind.

Bittan, who watched all the drama from the stairs,also had similar thoughts.. she wringed her hands as she thought of ways to break it up.. There was no way she could let her dad or anyone else get involved in this fart-fight between her chacha and Abeer's dadi...Rama cahchi, only she could contain Kul chacha and help break this fight without much damage. She ran to get Rama chachi.

Kulcha and Dadi, meanwhile, continued with their tirade.

"Dekhiye, yeh sab shareerik gathividhiya jo hain, usse koi control nahi kar saktha.. mein koi mauka nahi dekh raha tha. Yeh to samyog ki baat hai, ki aap ussi time pe aayi!"
"Tumhare shareerik gathividhiyon ke liye koi aur jagah nahi dhoond sakthe the?"
"Achcha, toh phir aap hi batayiye ki aap paadhne kaha jaateen hain.. agle baar hum wahin chale jaayenge!"
Rama chachi came running.. "Suniye, yeh kya kar rahe hain? 12 baj raha hain aadhi raat ke.. padosi jaag jaayenge.." She started to pull him towards the door by his arms
Kulcha strated protesting and complaining.. daadi kept answering back too,keeping the dualing match alive till the very end, as Kulcha and Rama chachi disappeared behind the doors. 
"Let go of me! I need to show that lady her place! who does she think she is!!" Kul hissed angrily. 
"Please calm down.. Bhaisaab and didi will wake up, and there will be a bigger mess. Its already late, lets just go and sleep. Dont you have to go to work tomorrow? please come now.. Bittan, beta 
please close the door upstairs" Rama chachi said as she dragged Kul into their room. Bittan noded, and went up the stairs.

Dadi looked at the doors for a while to see if Kul would make a come back.. when he didnt, she slowly started downstairs, muttering to herself. Abeer and Leher let out a sigh of relief. Bittan waited till she was out of sight, and looked around, and saw Leher and Abeer emerge out of the shadows of the clothesline. She gestured Leher to come soon, and went in.  Leher started towards the door, but stopped as Abeer held her arm. "Abeer!! Let go of me!" She tried to pull off her arm half heartedly.
"What, no goodnight?" 
"After our narrow escape from death, it is indeed a goodnight" She said, as she strated towards the door
"Wait.. um, dont we get to..uh, celebrate the escape?" He persisted.
 "Some other time.. now leave me before your dadi makes a comeback!"
He reluctantly loosened his grip."Well, I may let go now, but a day will come when I'll hold your hand permanently.. then I wont care if dadi comes or chacha.."
"Promise?" She smiled sweetly. Abeer was so awestruck by that smile, his eyes turned intense..For the second time in the night, his heart beat increased.
"Promise!" he said, and gripped her hand tighter. Then he turned it over and kissed it, before he let go. Leher smiled again, and waved him bye before she got in and closed the door.
Abeer stood there, smiling at the door and running his hand behind his head. Love is strange, he surmised. It made you long for some more time with your beloved, even after narrowly escaping a catch and
 persecution. He would've stood there for some more time, if he didnt hear his daadi downstairs. "I  went to give him a glass of milk, but he wasn't in his room! I thought Lalla was studying! Where did he go? cant you even keep an eye on your son's whereabouts?? its almost midnight!!"
Abeer reluctantly started downstairs, to rescue his Amma from his daadi's third degree. Things never were dull in his life, with people like Kulcha and Dadi.

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I was resisting myself not to break the flow of the posts, but oh well, I have!LOL

Thanks for collecting these together Shobs. I'll use my spare time to re-read these!Big smile

Add Hina's dreams as well please! Embarrassed.LOL

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Oh the nostalgia!!! Day DreamingROFL

Such amazing times, them all. 
Thanks for compiling all of them Shobs! Hug  Miss the good olde times..  Where's the Sharbateria thread?  It has the most laughs..LOL

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Shobs Hug...thank u for this awesome thread...Nostalgia is so apt for it...amazing posts by Tanu feels so good to read them again is also bringing back all those wonderful memories Day Dreaming...hope u find more jhinglala posts made by our crazy family LOL...plz continue Smile

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I am still trying to find some of the is difficult because I don't remember the exact topic name!

I am still trying to locate the first such post...that was for Neel's birthday by Tanu...any one remembers the date?

I shall add all...including the Jab We Met series of Tanu weds Hinu!  ROFL

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