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Posted: 03 June 2005 at 1:33pm | IP Logged

jazmine IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 June 2005 at 3:12pm | IP Logged
Bhaiya, No Need now... I found a copy of the Part!!! Hurray!!!!!Smile
jazmine IF-Dazzler

Joined: 09 December 2004
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Posted: 04 June 2005 at 3:44pm | IP Logged
Now then...Wheres that copy... AHA!! Here it is!!!



BT$ part 11


Theme Song:Kaal Dhamal (Yaaro , Jenny Negative hain naa

Recap: They leave from the Hospital, Jenny see's a truck (Oh Gaadi Lekke Driver is driving it :P)   she remembers the Accident and controls the car and throws Sahil out of the car…


Sahil: What Joke? The Marriage one? Its true, many people have been following me since ages

Jenny: You and Marry!! Not even a Bhandar would marry you!!

Sahil: Why you saying that? There's a long line of girls behind me…

Jenny: Yeah right, you wish!!

Sahil: But its true!

Jenny: I know, only your fans are after you!! After all they want your Autograph!!

*Bas and Sai come over*

Bas:What happened Jenny, Why did you stop the car?

Jenny: Nothing, I was wondering if you, or mom or dad would like to come with me to go to Hospital to get papa?

Sai: Then where will Sahil sit then?

*Jenny looks angry when sai said Sahil's name*

Jenny: He can sit in Rajeev Bro's car …*very coldly she says that*

Sahil: Not Fair!!

*Jenny stares at him coldly, ready enough to beat him up*

Sahil: Okay okay, I will…

Jenny: Rajeev Bro, you take the Jeep, I'll take your car, okay? So Dad would you like to come?

Abhi: No Jenny, I'll stay with these lot as someone needs to look after the back seats…

Jenny: Okay, I'll go to Hospital and stay with papa, as he needs someone with him…

Bas: But Jenny, what about food?

Jenny: I'm Heading for 5z starz hotelz to get something for Papa, okay?

Sai: Ok, we'll see you later

Jenny: Yeah,

*They all sit in the Jeep when Jenny sits in the car…*

*The Jeep leaves, Jenny puts on a CD and listens to music in the Car…*

*Jenny gets the food and reaches the hospital!!*

Jenny: Papa…

Giri Bhaiya: Jenzu Chotti, what are you doing here?

Jenny: Papa, what are you saying!! Im not a 9 year old any more!!

Giri: acha, how old are you then?

Jenny: Papa, Im 19!!

Giri: Yay!! You remembered your Memory!!

Jenny: Of course papa! So what have they said about Ejaz then?

Giri: Aashish hasn't come out yet…

Jenny:…Aashish..huh?…Isn't he…

Giri: Jenny plz….

*Aashish comes out of OT (finally:P)*

Giri: How is Ejaz?

Dr Aashish: He is fine he is just…*looks up at Giri bhaiya*

Giri bhaiya: Just what?

Aashish: Bhai*he stops there and then says*…papa!! You after a long time!!

Giri bhaiya: Hey aashish, how are you, I thought you wont recognise me!

Jenny: So… How is Ejaz then?

Aashish: He is fine…Hey, aren't you…

Giri bhaiya: She is…

Aashish: She is the footballer….Jenny!!…Right???!!!???

Jenny: Correct!!

Aashish: Then what are you doing here?

Jenny: Im here to meet my Jiju, not Papa but Ejaz, who brought him here?

Aashish: Some… Ronit Roy did…

Jenny: Ronit? And that too here?

Giri bhaiya: Galactic will be very happy hearing this…

Jenny: Where is he?

Aashish: Im not sure…I think he's on his phone…

Jenny: Papa,  How is Hinnzu? Why is she not talking?

Giri bhaiya: No Betta, she is just having a rest

Jenny: You  cant fool me, I heard Rajeev Bhai, Mom, Mamma and Megha Bhabhi talking about it…

Aashish: ….Dad…Jenny…Jenny!! Last time I saw you, you were so small!!

Jenny: Was I??

Giri bhaiya: Ya Jenny, When he went abroad for Medical studies , you were 10years old!!

Aashish: You've grown so much!!

Jenny: Yep and created my own Fame of my Own Name in these 9 years since you left…

Giri Baiya: Right now, we are having a concert after 2 months!! And we have to start practicing from now!!

Jenny: Ya,… and I have to miss out my Football/Soccer Matches in between them!!*she says Sadly*

Aashish: What Papa, she not allowed to play Soccer during these 2 months!! Even when Portugal is in the "COPU 2005" finals!!

Giri: Its her Mom and Mamma's orders!!

Jenny: But papa…

*Jenny's Mobile rings*

Jenny: Hello…Ya coach…Don't you worry I'll be there,  Have you informed Galactic yet? Yes, good, We both will come together…ya… Will be there by the Next flight after 4 hours…Yeah, sure…Okay, cya later Coach

*Conversation ends*

Jenny: Papa.. I have to…

Giri: I know…you've got a match…

Jenny: Not just a match, I have 6 Matches!!

Giri bhaiya: How long will that take?

Jenny: It will take about a Month…

Giri bhaiya: WHAT!! We have a concert after 2 months!! That's why we called the Performers early!!!

Jenny: Papa, I will be back before the Concert, I promise!!

Giri: Ok, but you need to Inform Bas and Sai and the others too

Jenny: Papa, I will inform everyone and take the Blue wonder also

Giri : you know that if the blue wonder gets any scratch or lose a bit of paint, call me…

Jenny: yep and you will then…

Giri: Buy a new blue Wonder!!

Jenny: Papa!! Stop wasting your money!!

Giri: Oh well…

*they laugh*

Jenny: Right then… I'm going to pack my stuff and reach the airport, before that, I need to meet up with Galac.

Aashish: Jenny, Nice meeting you…

Jenny: No time bro!! No time…

Giri: Okay Jenny, Bye, come soon!!

Jenny: Okay, Inform me of when Ejaz gets home and stuff okay?

Giri: Ya sure!!!!

Jenny: Okay then… Bye!!

*Jenny leaves the hospital*

*J enny sits in the car, opens the roof of the Car (you know the roofless cars which have black plastic canvas or something:P) and puts a CD of Kizombada (Guys it's a Brazilian and Portuguese Music)*

Jenny: I can see my Lucky star shining today!!(What star??? It's a Sunny day!! How can you see a star in the middle of the day!!!)

*She reaches the Hotel/home*

Jenny: Hey Guys!! *she says to Sania, Angad, Jasleen and Samie*

Samie: Hey Jenny!

Angad: you just missed me, I'm going to the Practice room, see you!!!

Jenny: Okay!!

*Angad leaves*

Jenny: Where is Galac?

Samie: Why?

Jenny: We Have a Match!!

*Bas di hears this as she walks past!!*

Bas di: A Match!!! With who? Who's the lucky People???/

Jenny: Mamma, its not a Proposal match, it's a Football Match!!

Bas di: WHAT!! Sai SAI!!

Sai di: What BAS?

Bas di: Jenny is going to a football match with Galactic!!

Sai di: Where?

Jenny: We are supposed to head to Madrid on the next flight and then after the Match there, I have to go to Lisbon, to play the COPU 2005 finals (I had to make up the name!! Or else , would I bring up Euro 2004 but istead of that, would I have Euro 2005? Nope!!:P But COPU2005 is for getting ready for World cup!!) I also have to play part in the World Cup…

Bas di: YOU WHAT!!

Sai di: Atleast we will get rid of the MISCHEVIOUS girl…

Jenny: MOM!

Bas di: Jenny , why don't you want to get married?

Jenny: Look mamma, I don't want to be a Khan, Sehgal, Khanna, Kapoor, Rastogi, Raheja, Garewal, Sharma, Bajaj, Mishra or anything else!! I want to be a "Mehra" Which I am already…

Bas di: Okay… You want to get married to another Mehra then?

Jenny: Mom, app Mamma ko kuch tho samjahiye!!

Sai di: Ab main Kya boloon?

Jenny: Anything!! But just tell Mamma that I want to stay as a Mehra, My surname is Mehra, Papa's Dad's Name is Mehra, Mamma's name is also Mehra!! Please Persuade her that I DON'T WANT TO MARRY AND SHE DOESN'T SPEAK ABOUT IT!! (Hai raam, Jenny Ghussa Maat Honna!! Waise...She has to now...Mwahahahahahaha, oh note to Viewers: This won't be a copy of ekta, Never will either!!!LOL)

Bas di: Okay, I wont speak about it right now BUT when you come back, we will then talk about it…

Jenny: good!!

Bas di: What about Sahil?

Jenny: What about that Idiot?

Sai di: Jenny!!!*looks angrily at her* Bas tum dono ki jodi ki baat kaar rahi hain…

Jenny: WHAT!! How could you!! *Spoils her face and gets Angry*

Bas di: Calm down Jenny, its only a suggestion…

Samie: I think we should stop all this

Jenny: Yeah,BTW where is Hinnzu and Galactic?

Bas di: Galactic is with Hinnzu in her room…

Jenny: I'll go and meet them!!

Bas di: But…

*Jenny goes…*

Jenny: Hinnzu, How are you?

Galactic: Doc's said that she wont be speaking for some time…

Jenny: but she will as I have now come!! But will have to go…

Galactic: Did you get the Message from coach then?

Jenny: ya and also the loan ends soon, so I can go back to Man UTD!!

Galactic: How is Ejaz then?

Jenny whispers: Ejaz is fine

Galactic: Hinna, you rest okay? We have to go now…

Jenny: Bye Hinnzu

*They leave the room*

*After they finish packing. Blah blah blah.. they go to the lounge*

Jenny: Hey, I'll go and see Angad…

Bas di: and what about Sahil…Wont you tell him???

Samie: He is so upset after he came to the Hotel!!

*Jenny shrugs her shoulders*  

Jenny: Oh well!!!!!!! Some one can always tell him…

*Sahil hears that and is shocked!!*

Bas di: JENNY! You are saying that after so much he did for you and…

Jenny: and what?… I don't care!!

Samie: Jenny!!!!

Jenny: I'm going to meet Angad before Someone stops me from going and includes me into a FIGHT!!

*Jenny leaves*

Bas di: Jenny!!! COME HERE RIGHT NOW!!!

Sai di: Leave the poor thing alone, after all she suffered and now…

*Sahil leaves*

Bas di: Sahil, wait….*too late…He left*

*At the Practice room*

Jenny: Okay then, I'll go now or else I'll miss my flight!!

Angad: Don't worry…

Jenny: Remember what I told you…

Angad: yep, and I'll keep in touch…right then Bye!!

Jenny: BYE!!

*Jenny leaves from the practice room and reaches the lounge*

Galactic: Jenny, Shall we go now?

Jenny: Yeah, okay then… Bye everyone!!

Sai di: Don't forget to phone us!!

Jenny: no we wont!!!

Bas di: We will miss you both!!

Everyone: Yeah!!

Jenny: But its only for a month!!

Sai di: and come back before the Concert!!!

Jenny: yeah Mom!! If I don't then send someone to get me!!

Sai di: yep that's what we will do!!

Galactic: Jenny, we better hit the roads now!! The flight is in an hour's time and we have to reach the Airport 45 minutes before the Flight!!

Jenny: I know I know, we'll reach there in 10 minutes time after we Leave!!

Samie: you better leave now otherwise you'll miss the flight and your Matches!!!!

Jenny: Yep…Now we will go…

*They leave for the Airport*

*They are nearly there*

Galactic: Jenny, why are you not talking to Sahil properly?

Jenny: Please Galzu, don't talk about him otherwise my Attention on Driving right now will get diverted and you know what will happen next!!

Galactic: okay!!!

*They reach the airport, get their luggages checked in and blah blah, get inside the plane and…*

Jenny: Hey, Glazu do you know who I saw at the airport when we were checking in?

Galactic: who?

Jenny: I saw Sahil somehow!!

Galactic: you couldn't have!!

Jenny: I think my eyes tricked me, that's good, coz I don't wanna see him!!!

Galactic: Why are reacting like this whenever you see him or someone mentions Sahil?

Jenny: Galzu look, There's some reasons behind this…If I tell you then at this time then The plane is obviously gonna crash as you know my anger…

Galactic: Okay, I wont ask you…but I will afterwards when we get out of the plane!!

*Someone is listening to them behind their seat,….*



Who is listening to their Conversation?

What will happen in Madrid and in this Month of 6 football matches…

What is the reason of Jenny being against sahil…

What did Jenny tell Angad before leaving?

Who will be in the next couple of parts?

Find out in Part 12!!!!


By the one and Only, Jenny!!!!



Jenny's Message:


 Anyone interested in appearing in the story, Just PM her, Cutecreems, Sai, Samie or Giri, Jenny needs MORE people!! Oh and while you want to appear, also include what you want to be in the story,Giri, Cutecreems, Samie and Sai will tell Jenny and she will handle will handle the rest of what parts to be given to... (Busy hun?LOLWink)

cutereems IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 June 2005 at 3:29am | IP Logged

Awesome Jenny!!!!1ClapClap

U rock yaaaar......y dont u start one serial i am sure it will be superhitWink

HeavenlyBliss. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 05 June 2005 at 7:24am | IP Logged
lol great story!!!
jazmine IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 June 2005 at 8:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by cutereems

Awesome Jenny!!!!1ClapClap

U rock yaaaar......y dont u start one serial i am sure it will be superhitWink

Thanks di, Thanks againLOL. I know but I'm dont wanna land up Bankrupt in buying the directors etc etcLOLWinkAND im making sure, that no one copies my story or else Im gonna sue that person even if its EKTAAngryLOL
kripawgr Goldie

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Posted: 06 June 2005 at 9:36am | IP Logged


awesome update jenny toooooo good

will post more news after this break


we need some funds LOL

sai14 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 June 2005 at 9:43am | IP Logged
Good morning people. How is everyone?
Posting on this thread after like a millions years LOL

I am back from vacation and am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired. Also sai now has a mission. People have forgotten her, so isiliye sai needs to devise a plan to make those people remember her. any ideas? Cry

How has IF news been?
and i hope i am not fired from my cohost job for taking a longer vacation than i planned to LOL LOL LOL

this is sai reporting for indiaforums news!

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