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jazmine IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 May 2005 at 1:45pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by k_fan


well news for today spy_galjenny2005 is huge hit and its has gives our news to get an benchmark thansk jenny awesome job


Thanks...PAPA!! U coming to the Disco then? PLZ COME!!

jazmine IF-Dazzler

Joined: 09 December 2004
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Posted: 20 May 2005 at 4:01pm | IP Logged
Did some of you get my email yet?? that Funny one?I know some ppl got it!!
-misha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 May 2005 at 12:29am | IP Logged

Today's Harry Potter News-

Prisoner of Azkaban on HBO starting June 4th

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban will debut on HBO on June 4, 2005, exactly a year after it was released in movie theatres. The film will also air on eleven other dates throughout the month of June. Exact times and dates can be found at HBO's website.
The Hollywood Reporter wrote that the film is "deeper, darker, [and] visually arresting" in their review of it.

 announced this morning that more than 200,000 copies of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince have been pre-ordered through their website. They also mentioned that they have seen a 17% increase in pre-orders of the adult edition of the book in comparison to Order of the Phoenix.

The group product manager of said, " customers are clearly incredibly excited about the sixth Harry Potter book and we are delighted that they've pre-ordered more than 200,000 copies through our website."


That's all for today.

bye.Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceWink


HeavenlyBliss. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 21 May 2005 at 7:10am | IP Logged
yh i got it jennySmile
samie IF-Rockerz

Joined: 22 November 2004
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Posted: 21 May 2005 at 9:18am | IP Logged

Originally posted by jazmine

Originally posted by jazmine

Samie sis sis, r my Best friend and your gonna be 19 in the story!!
Also You are gonna be the Star in my Next PART!! Samie the extra-special SINGER!!

lol thanxSmile

jazmine IF-Dazzler

Joined: 09 December 2004
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Posted: 21 May 2005 at 10:20am | IP Logged

Part 7!! BT$


Behind The $cene$


Recap: Jenny introduces Angad, Jasleen, Sania, Galactic and others to Sahil. They plan to go to  the Disco which is 1 hour far away from them. They reach the disco and Enter when Loads of people coming running over to them.



Jenny: Oh My GOD!! Yeh Sabh Kya hain!!

Sahil: Jenny, I told you, this problem will arrive!!

Angad: TRUE!!

Hinnzu: Jenny!! Bachao!!

Galactic: Hinni, come on , lets get into one side before you get Hurt!!

Jasleen: Wait for me Galactic!!

Sania: and me!!

Jenny: ahoh… Cya guys later…

Angad: where you going?

Jenny: …um… I'm Legging it …

Sahil: Very Funny Jenny!! Your staying right here!!

Jenny: No sorry, seeing this many people coming towards us, no way!!

Angad: What a Friend you are!

Sahil: Darpok Kahiin ki!!

Jenny: What did you say??

Sahil: Nothing

Jenny: I'll show you who Darpok is!!

Sahil: OH YA?

Jenny: ya!!

Angad: Umm guys… We have company right now!

*Journalists are taking notes of what Jenny and Sahil are saying, News reporters are Recording the Scene right now!! *

*Crowd is very close!! *

Jenny: Guys, you better get ready now!!

Sahil: thanks a lot!!

*Angad is getting asked questions and signs autographs at the same time!! *

Jenny: Sahil, watch out now, its your Turn!!

*Sahil is busied over by fans and journalists like Angad!! *

*Jenny goes over to Hinnzu, Galactic, Sania and Jasleen*

Jenny: God , so much crowd!!

Hinnzu: Yep, I think that's why Sai mummy said not to go to me

Jasleen: yep and that's why I was gonna stay with u Hinnu!!

Galactic: Jenny, go and clear that crowd away coz it's getting closer to us!!

Jenny: Right away!! Sania, you coming?

Sania: Yeah sure!!

*Jenny and Sania go to the crowds, Jenny clears off Angad's Fan crowd and Sania clears off Sahil's *

*Then they go to the Bar part where Hinnzu, Galactic and Jasleen are*

*Music, "In da Club bhangra Remix"plays *

Jenny: Im going over to Dance floor!! Anyone wanna come?

Jasleen: I'll come!!

Hinnzu: and me!!

Galactic: TRIPLE COUNT ME IN !!!

Sania: Hinnzu, not yet, theres a big crowd!!

Hinnzu: why sania?

Sania: Your staying here coz you will get tired before we even get half way!!

Hinnzu: Okay, you lot carry on!!

Jenny: Angad , you coming?

Angad: Ya sure, why not!!

*Jenny ignores Sahil *

Angad: Sahil, you coming?

Sahil: No, Not yet!

Jenny: Suits you!!

Angad: Jenny!!!

Jenny: I don't care even if he comes or not!! * she says loudly on purpose for sahil to hear*

Angad: Ok… your choice, But Sahil come later!!

Sahil: Yeah definitely sure will come!!

*All Dance, Sahil and Hinnzu and Sania are watching and Hinnzu chats along with them both, but Sahil is Jealous about something*

*Jenny goes to get a Drink and calls Sahil along to dance*

Jenny: Come on Sahil..

Sahil: Nooo

Hinnzu: Go naa plz!!

Sania: ya plz!!

Jenny: Now they are saying , plz come!!

Sahil: if you both insist a lot then okay!!

*they all are Dancing then Galactic and Jasleen and Jenny, call over Hinnzu and Sania to dance *

*It is 10:00 PM and they still are dancing, Hinnzu stops and goes and haves a rest along with Galactic*

*Music then turns into Kkavyanjali theme after all the Bhangra, pop, Rock etc etc *

DJ: Everyone Find a partner please, this dance will need a partner, you all know what to do, the same old classical dance!!

Jenny: Oh no!!

Sania: who you going with then?

Jenny: Don't know

*Jasleen goes and sits with Galactic and Hinnzu*

Angad: Hey Sania, wanna be Partners?

Sania: Okay, Jenny, guess I found mine, now its your turn!!

Jenny: But who?

Sania: one left!!

Jenny: Oh noo, plz don't leave me alone and make me Dance with HIM.

Sania: you have to, you have no choice either..

Jenny: Okay

*Jenny goes upto sahil*

Jenny: Think that your in luck coz I'm gonna dance with you!1

Sahil: Why, didn't you find any partners?

Jenny: No , all the good  ones were taken away!!

Sahil: WELL Im here naa

Jenny: Ya, ya, ya

*They start Dancing *

*Music stops and turns into Suna suna from Krishna Cottage (Don't know WHY!)*

Jenny: Oh Man not this song, gets onto my nerves!!

Sahil: Oh well, at least we'll talk through what I did wrong

*suddenly Jenny's PHONE RINGS*

*Jenny is shown talking in mute and looking worried while Sahil also looks worried of what the phone call about*

*Jenny and Sahil leave as she told him to come*

Sahil: but what is the Matter?

Jenny: You will find out but first come with me right now!!

Sahil: Okay


*They leave the Disco when Hinnzu and the Gang notice that Jenny and Sahil are leaving and they go right after them but they were too late as Jenny and Sahil had already sat in the car and went as soon as the Gang came out*


Hinnzu: Where have they gone without informing us?

Jasleen: Don't know but I saw Jenny Tensed after she got the Phone call

Hinnzu: Who was it from?

Jasleen:  Don't know!

Angad: Lets get back inside as its cold out here and you girls might get a cold!

Sania: Ya, come one lets go!!

Galactic: So chsweet of you Angad for telling us.

Angad: No Problem

*They go inside*


 *Back to Jenny and Sahil*

Sahil: Jenny whats the Matter?

Jenny: Carry on Driving…

Sahil: But where are we Going?

Jenny: First Park the Car somewhere and I will tell you!

Sahil: Okay

*Sahil parked the car and Jenny speaks explaining what happened but again in Mute*


*Back at the Disco*

Hinnzu: Im tired of dancing already!!

Galactic: Im also too!!

Sania: Wonder whats taking Jenny and Sahil so long?

Hinnzu: Its been 2 hours Since they left!!

Angad: Maybe BF and GF Problems?

Jasleen: Angad your Too much!!

Angad: I know

*a car stops outside the Disco*

*Jenny enters the Disco*

Hinnzu: JENNY, what took you so long!!!

Jenny: Sorry Had to finish some business.

Jasleen: What type of Business?

Jenny: Well, you wanna know?

Galactic: Ya…

Jenny: Hey Sam!

*Samie enters with Sahil behind her*

Hinnzu: SAMIE!!

Samie: Hinni!

Hinnzu: Long time no chat huh?

Samie: Yeah! Sai just told me some good news!!

Hinnzu: Its true!

Samie: Congrats!!

Hinnzu: Thanks!!

Galactic: HI Samie!!

Samie: HI Gal, Sania, Jasleen and Angad!!

*Everyone says hi hi hi…LOLZ*

Samie: Angad, your looking good today! Very good!!

Angad blushes (Somehow?!?!?!?): Thanks

*They carry on talking then get onto the Dance floor to dance, when all of a sudden..*

Jasleen: Is that him?

Sania: and is that Ravu?

Jenny: RAVU!! You're here Finally!* goes and hugs her*

Hinzu: You know that Ravu was coming and never told me!!

Sania: and that Shah Rukh is COMING!!

Jenny: Yep, Ravu phoned me after Samie called me.

*Ravu and SRK come over to the Gang*

Ravu: Hi Hinnzu, How are you?

Hinnzu: Fine and you?

Ravu: fine too!!

Sania: so made friends with SRK?

Ravu: well I want you all to meet my Hubby, SRK!

*S ania, Jasleen, Galactic and Hinnzu are shocked!!*

all together they say: You never Told us that you got married and that too to SRK!!

Ravu: Well Jenny and Samie knew about it!!

Sania: so won't you introduce us to SRK?

Ravu: Shahzi, Jaanu, come here I want you to meet my friends and sisters!!

SRK: Hi People!!

Everyone goes like: Hi!!!!*all excited*

*all dance*


*The grand finale comes*

*The Crowd and Fans ask if Angad and Hinnzu can sing KYPH!!*

Hinnzu: can I atleast sing?

Galactic: ok, what do you say guys?

Sania, Jasleen and Jenny say : Ya , ok

Angad: I will sing but only on one condition…

Fans: What's that?

Angad: My condition is that… Jenny, Sahil, Galactic, Ravu, SRK, Sania, Jasleen and Samie dance and sing along when me and Hinna sing… Agreed?

Jenny: Fine By me… What abou you lot? I will only Dance is Sahil does…

Ravu: I will dance is SRK does

Hinnzu: I will dance is these people Let me!!

Sahil: I will dance but… Can we get home at 1 o'clock? Im tired!

Jenny: And Im HUNGRY!!!

*Everyone laughs*


*So its set, they all are dancing and Singing, Hinnzu and Angad sing KYPH and the others Sing along!!!*

*Song finishes at last*

*Time to go Home!!!*

*Gang say Bye to Ravu and SRK as they are leaving*

*Ravu and SRK leave*

Jenny: Now can we go home? Im Hungry!!

Samie: Giri and Sai said they have work with me so I will come along with you lot!!

Hinnzu: Okay

Sahil: Sure, why not Samie!!

Samie: Thanks!!

Angad: Should we leave now?

Jenny: We should!!

*They reach the Car*

*Sahil and Angad are not in a state to drive, so Jenny is going to Drive!!*

*Message to Viewers:

This is how they sit in the Car:

Ang Hin San

Gal  Sam  Jas

Jen          Sah


Jenny is the Driver, Hinnzu says that she will not wear her seatbelt, Naughty naughty*


*Its 1:30 AM*


*Jenny is driving along the Main road in the Dark, thick night…on the proper side of the road…suddenly…A truck comes right in front of the car heading for the car's direction…Truck driver tries to pull the Brake…Brake is failed on the Truck… Jenny turns the car around and… … … … … … … … … BAAAAM … … … The car hits a Big Tree!! Jenny gets Badly Injured, Hinnzu is Screaming!! Sahil gets out of his seat next to the drivers seat and carefully places Jenny in the front seat next to the driver and sits in the driving seat and head straight to the hospital. Only Jenny and Hinnzu are injured… the others were safe…*


*samie submits them both in the Hospital*

*Jenny is unconscious, Hinnzu is screaming, Galactic, Sania and Jasleen are crying, Angad gets the doctors to attend Hinnzu and Jenny quickly…, On the other hand, Sahil is phoning Giri bhaiya*


*Back in the I-F Hotel/Home*

*Giri bhaiya's Mobile rings*

Bas di: Who is it Giri?

Giri bhaiya: its Sahil…

Sai di: Hope nothings gone wrong!! Its 2:45 PM!!

Giri bhaiya: Don't worry, nothing must have happened to them… they did say they would look after themselves

Bas di: Maybe their Car must have broken down, Talk with Sahil right now, Im sure this is what he will say…

*Giri Bhaiya picks up the mobile and talks*

Giri bhaiya: Hi Sahil, Whats wrong?

*Sahil tells Giri bhaiya what happened in Mute*

Giri bhaiya: WHAT!!, Where are you right now? Sanjivani Hospital? We are coming right away!!

Bas di: What happened?

Sai di: I knew somethings gone wrong…

*Giri bhaiya is shocked about what sahil told him, he said nothing*

Bas di: Giri, say something!!

*Sai di shakes Giri bhaiya*

Giri bhaiya: You both stay here, Im going…

Sai di: No we are coming too!!

Giri bhaiya: ok, as you wish but you will come back here straight after you come to know what happened, Promise?

Sai di: Promise…

Bas di: Promise


*They reach the Hospital*

*Giri bhaiya asks the receptionist where Jenny and Hinnzu are*

Receptionist: go right, up the stairs, carry on until you reach ward number 50…

Giri bhaiya: Thanks


*Giri bhaiya, Sai di and Bas di follow the directions whil on the way Bas di and Sai di ask him questions*


Sai di: Giri, why did you mention Hinnzu and Jenny's name to the Receptionist?

Bas di: Tell us now!!

*Both start crying*

Giri bhaiya: Wait till we reach there


*They carry on and reach Ward 50 where the others are*

Giri bhaiya asks Samie: how are Jenny and Hinnzu right now?

Samie: The Doctors still haven't informed us…

Sai di: Doctors? Hinnzu and Jenny…In Hospital?

Bas di: Where are the both of them?

Samie: Hinnzu is in Ward 50 where the Doctors are attending her and…

Sai di: What about Jenny?

Angad: Jenny is in Ward 49, she is unconscious

Bas di: WHAT!!

Sai di: What happened? Some one tell us!!

Sania: Well…Sai, Bas… We got into an accident when we were coming home and…

Galactic: and..Jenny and Hinnu…

Jasleen: Got Badly…

Samie: Injured, Hinni was screaming and Jenny got badly hit on her head…

Giri bhaiya: Did any of you else get hurt?

Angad: No…

Giri bhaiya: Thank god you are safe otherwise what would I tell…

Sai di: I wanna meet Jenny and Hinnzu

Samie: The doctors won't allow us to meet Hinnzu and only one Person is allowed to go to Jenny's room…and Sahil is there right now…

Bas di: We still will meet her at any cost!!

Giri bhaiya: But…

Sai di: Giri , let us go!!

Giri haiya: Okay…


*Bas di and Sai di go to ward number 49 where Jenny is admitted*

*Sahil notices Bas di and Sai di and Says*

Sahil: This is my fault… I shouldn't have told her that I wouldn't drive…so she drove instead and a truck came by and…We hit a tree, Hinna started screaming and Jenny unconscious…

Sai di: Oh My God and Giri never told us!!

Bas di: Why did it have to happen to our daughters especially today as Eijaz was going to come today to give Hinni a Surprise…

Sahil: I cant bear seeing these two like this in the Hospital

*Jenny starts regaining conscious, She looks worried*

Jenny: Mamma….Mom…Hinnzu……HINNZU!!

Sahil: Please relax Jenny, don't take stress…

Jenny: WHERES HINNZU? Take me to her right now!!

Bas di: W can't right now, your not feeling well.

Jenny: I don't care!! *Starts removing needles and wires etc etc*

Sai di: Jenny please don't, You need to have a rest…

Jenny: No!!

*Sahil blocks the Door*

Jenny: Get out of my way NOW!!

Sahil: No, what will you do?

Jenny: Watch!!

*She pushes him right out of the door and runs to The others*

*She reaches*

Jenny: Papa…papa, Wheres Hinnzu!! How is she? Its all my fault * starts crying*

Giri bhaiya: Jenny, calm down, we still don't know, the doctors haven't said anything

*Doctor comes out of Ward 50*

Jenny: doctor, Doctor , how is she?

Doctor: you should be in your room

*Bas di, Sai di and Sahil reach the Gang*

Bas di: How is Hinni?

Doctor: She is very critical…

Jenny: Its all my fault…

Doctor: theres a Problem

Giri bhaiya: Whats that?

Doctor: we can save either the Mother or Child

Jenny: What!!! Please save my Sister!! Please!!

Giri bhaiya: Calm down

Doctor: Another thing is that there is a 50-50 chance in the mother or child's survial…

Jenny: WHAT!! * faints*


*Fifteen minutes Later*

Giri bhaiya: What happened with Jenny?

Doctor: I phones you 2 months ago about it and Jenny picked up the phone and she told me that she will tell you all about it…

Giri bhaiya: Is it that… Tension Problem?…

Bas di: She told us that the Doctor phoned and told her to tell us that she is completely fine and cured, then whats this?

Sai di: So she lied to us????????

Doctor: I think so…

Giri bhaiya: what sis you really tell her?

*Doctor flashbacks*

Doctor: Hello, Jenny?

Jenny: Ya Jenny here,

Doctors: are your parents there?

Jenny: no, what happened?

Doctor: Its something about your Reports…

Jenny: lease tell me and I will tell them.

Doctor: Ok… Since the past 2 years you have had these attacks which are caused by over-tension and concerns, you have already had 9 since the 2 years, if you get one more then that can prove very Harmful to you, no one knows what will happen to you… so tell your parents and make sure that you stay away from anything that causes you to think very much with too much tension or concern about people.

Jenny: Okay, Thanks for telling me, I will tell them.

Doctor: Okay Bye!

Jenny: Bye Doctor…

*Flashback ends*


Giri bhaiya: and Jenny, lied to us… saying that she is fine and cured…

Bas di starts crying again: Why does it always happen to our daughter sai and Giri?

Sai di: I don't know…

Doctor: If Jenny does not regain conscious in the next hour then anything will happen to her, Maybe Coma or…Death

*Giri bhaiya, Angad are shocked, Bas di, sai di, Galactic, Samie, Sania  and Jasleen are crying, Sahil is worried, shocked and is about to cry but controls himself and tries to control the others*

Sahil:Don't worry , she will be alright!! Both Hinna and Jenny!!

*He tries consoling everyone*


*1 Hour goes by*

*Hinnzu's operation was successful, but Jenny was a living Laash*


*Doctor comes out of Hinnzu's ward*

Doctor: Good news, she is safe

Giri bhaiya: How is she?

Doctor: She is fine right now but very critical.


*On the other hand, another Doctors comes out of Jenny's Ward*

Doctor: Im sorry to say…

Sai di: How is she?

Doctor: She is in a very bad Halath…

Bas di: What happened to her?

Doctor: She is…in…Coma

Bas di, sai di : WHAT

*Giri bhaiya, doesn't say any thing and is shocked…*

Angad: Giri, say something please!!

Samie: Yes Giri, PLEASE!!

Sai di: Leave him alone, he needs to spend sometime with himself, Both his daughters… *sai di starts crying along with Bas di*

*Sahil is shocked, doesn't say anything*

Angad: Sahil, you okay?

*Sahil still doesn't Reply*


*Doctor comes with Jenny and Hinnzu's reports*

Doctor: Hinna is fine but she needs to stay here for 2 days for check up, But Jenny…

Bas di: But what?

Doctor: If she stays in Coma for over two weeks, she may die… We  don't know when she will recover but she needs to recover soon!

*Giri bhaiya snaps out of it*

Giri bhaiya: When can we take her home?

Doctor: After 3 days…

Sai di: What!! Hinnu will ask where she is then!!

Sahil: Can I meet her?

Doctor: Yes but one person at a time, all off you can go to Hinna's ward at anytime but not when she is needing treatment

Sahil: Okay, Thanks you *and goes into Jenny's Ward*


*Giri bhaiya stays in the corridor, Remembering when Jenny and Hinnzu were Babies…*



How will Hinna react when she gets told that Jenny is in Coma? What does Giri bhaiya remember? Find out what happens in "Kaisa Yeh Zindagi Humara I-F Mein" in Part 8!!


Behing the $cene$ is now officially named as "Kaisa Yeh Zindagi Humara I-F Mein"




S.A. for next Part
Mrs Khan
Mr Khan
Mr A
Mr A Bhach

Age Plan:
Giri bhaiya - 34 Years old
Sai Di - 33 years old
Bas di - 32 Years old
Hinnzu - 22 years old
Jasleen - 21 years old 
Meghavi di - 25 years old
Galactic - 21 Years old 
Sania - 21 years old
Angad - 24 Years old
Sahil - 22 years old
Jenny - 19 Years old


By the One and Only… DJ Jenny

aka Spy_gal~Jenny2005

jazmine IF-Dazzler

Joined: 09 December 2004
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Posted: 21 May 2005 at 10:22am | IP Logged
Guys , Here it is!! Wait for the Promo!!! Gonna be well good!!!
samie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 May 2005 at 11:13am | IP Logged
thanx jen awesome as usualLOL

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