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HeavenlyBliss. IF-Addictz

Joined: 20 January 2005
Posts: 59308

Posted: 18 May 2005 at 9:08am | IP Logged


You're sweet on someone, and the feeling is mutual. But an unexpected circumstance will break up the party -- so much so that whatever you were sure was going to happen is the last possible thing you should expect. And that can be lovely. There's something exciting about not knowing what a loved one might do next, especially for a sign as famously fond of excitement as yours. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.


You're famous for your love of startling, unexpected events. So when that type of thing comes along, you're always excited about it, which actually adds to the end result. The past couple of days have been nothing if not unpredictable, so you've probably been quite happily living on the edge. At the moment, however, you're ready to call it a day -- and you know just who to call to help you put the whole matter to bed. Temporarily, of course.


If anyone is good at secrets, it's you. You know exactly how to keep quiet, how to manage yourself under extreme duress and how to put on a poker face -- and keep it there for as long as it's needed. All of that will come in handy now, especially when surprising news arrives -- yes, again. The high side of all this is that you've been waiting for the other shoe to drop, so you'll be better prepared than most of us when you hear the sound.


You're an expert at keeping a plan in motion, and at not letting anything come between the beginning and the end of that plan. If all parties concerned do their parts, all is well. At the moment, however, someone you love and have probably counted on has opted to be difficult and deliberately stray from your arrangement. That doesn't mean you'll count them out of your life forever, but for now, at least, you'll put them on temporary suspension.


You're a clever, witty kind of person, and it takes a lot to befuddle you. Today's events, though, have probably put you off your game, especially if you've felt the need to ask someone for their advice. Don't feel bad about it, and don't let anyone give you a look or a comment that makes you feel bad. We're all entitled to be surprised every now and then -- yes, even you.


You've never been known for being a slacker. You work as hard as you possibly can and as long as you possibly can, and you don't ever try to take the easy way out. So now that the chance to make a couple of extra bucks has come along, there's absolutely no reason for you to pretend you haven't been working toward that raise, bonus or promotion all along. Your job now is to talk directly to the powers that be, to let them know what you've been doing and for how long, and to forget all about being modest.


Relationships are your business. Not just your main business, but your only business. So when someone you know changes horses in midstream by doing something that's totally out of character, it leaves you wondering who they really are and what they're really up to -- and that's not something you enjoy feeling. But it's about to happen, and you'll have to call on every little bit of your normally uncanny instinct to get through it. Ready?


You've been privy to several secrets lately and on the receiving end of several situations you never wanted to hear a single thing about. The good news is that you're astrologically equipped to handle it all, and handle it well. The bad news? Well, as long as you keep on keeping on, there isn't any. Just do what you do best: Keep quiet, smile and let the world know you're ready for whatever comes next.


If anyone is accustomed to not only accepting the unexpected, but also learning to embrace it, it's you -- and that's a trait that will come in handy right about now. You may also need to prepare your loved ones for some surprise events, even if they're not the types to like them much. If you can indicate the finer points of the situation, they may actually be able to make the best of it. It certainly can't hurt to try.


Sudden change is on the agenda -- and it's going to be of the most surprising variety, just like yesterday. If you haven't already dealt with it and solved it, you may need to today, so fasten your seatbelt and prepare yourself. If a joint money situation is in question, you may need to call a friend or advisor who knows the situation well and get them involved. Don't be shy. It's your turn to ask for assistance.


You may not be prepared for what happens today, but you won't be completely surprised. Truth be told, part of you was probably expecting it. Now, whether you share it with a friend or keep it to yourself is entirely up to you, but chances are good that there's someone you love who you just can't keep this from. It's okay. We're all human, and if anyone needs a confidante right now, it's you. You can't hold onto happy news in private forever.


Someone you've been tight with forever -- someone who's always acted like they're a good friend and nothing more -- has recently had a whole lot more than friendship on their mind. In fact, they've had these feelings for just about as long as you've known each other. Sure, it's hard to get your mind around it, but if you think about all the little things you've been ignoring, there it is. Be kind. Be understanding. Be firm.


sai14 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 03 November 2004
Posts: 3159

Posted: 18 May 2005 at 9:09am | IP Logged
Good morning everyone. Finally we have reached to wednesday. GOd this week needs to run LOL

Thank you for your updates misha. It's very goood

Also my cohost giri is missing LOL . I am about to send for a search mission for finding him. will let you know as soon as my search mission sends me feedback

The next task for the Dan Ridcliffe competition has started. Good luck to all the participants.

The whoe IF news team is missing . I mean almost.
So if u all know the whereabouts do let me know

I have been left alone in the newsroom w/ no security Cry Cry

This is sai reporting for india-forums news

Edited by sai14 - 18 May 2005 at 9:20am
cutereems IF-Dazzler

Joined: 19 October 2004
Posts: 4891

Posted: 18 May 2005 at 9:33am | IP Logged

Hello Good evening everyone!

Once again I am back with hot entertaining news going on around IFWink.

Today a great news is waiting for u all people. Finally a deal is made between chocolate and sai. The deal is that Sai will give Sujal to choco so that she can get someone she wantsWink. That someone is not revealed.

The IF news team is being missing. Where are our cohosts come back soon..we all miss u.

Soon a new feature will be added to IF news.....Keep ur fingers crossedSmile.

Jenny wants a new any one who wants to be a cameraman for our News team.....U are most welcome.

We recieved lots of applications for Sai's bodyguard and for Jenny's assisitant post. We will shortlist n tell the namesWink

This is cutereems reprting for India-forums.

Thats all the news cast...see u again with more news.


sukh IF-Rockerz

Joined: 19 November 2004
Posts: 5154

Posted: 18 May 2005 at 10:01am | IP Logged
thax u guys for the wonderful news.....WinkLOL
samie IF-Rockerz

Joined: 22 November 2004
Posts: 5453

Posted: 18 May 2005 at 10:28am | IP Logged

sai di ur doin a perfect job keep up the good workSmile

samie IF-Rockerz

Joined: 22 November 2004
Posts: 5453

Posted: 18 May 2005 at 10:29am | IP Logged


You're famous for your love of startling, unexpected events. So when that type of thing comes along, you're always excited about it, which actually adds to the end result. The past couple of days have been nothing if not unpredictable, so you've probably been quite happily living on the edge. At the moment, however, you're ready to call it a day -- and you know just who to call to help you put the whole matter to bed. Temporarily, of course.


omg hinz mama this is so truuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu notAriesLOL

kripawgr Goldie

Joined: 02 February 2005
Posts: 1781

Posted: 18 May 2005 at 11:12am | IP Logged

welcome to India Forums news at noon

i welcome ya all alongwith cohost sai .

today was an inetersting day as we met some missing membsre on iF

manu was here LOL

cutie did great job with entertainment section ...and spy_galjenny2005 is in action soon with loads of fun.

we have sad news as well at this hour.

meghavi_time is off air as meghavi is having studies .

will get interviews soon for ya guys .

also our megha_desai is back in action ..great megha it was great to hear from ya.

wil come up with more bnews soon

take care

giri signing off

jazmine IF-Dazzler

Joined: 09 December 2004
Posts: 2595

Posted: 18 May 2005 at 11:24am | IP Logged

In dA House!!

One more Piece of news to add on, New Producer is Needed!! The Cameraman Kidnapped or should I say Ran away With the Producer!!Angrywhere are we gonna invest the money from?! Bhaiya bhi naa, Always Chooses Nikama People to work with!!LOLWinkBTW We Found a Camera Man!!

This Is  On I-F News!!

Behind the $cene$

Giri bhaiya: Jenny!!
Samie: Now then Giri, don't start on Jenny again!!
Cutie di: Is it Becoz of the Cameraman?
Jenny:But We Replaced him already
Sai di: with a Better one!
Bas di: Just like my Hubby
Sai di: What about mine!!
Cutie Di and samie: Both of ur Hubby!!
Jenny: PAPA whats the Matter?
Giri bhaiya: Wheres Hinnu?
Hinnzu: Some one called for me?
Sai di: Yes Betti your Papa called you.
Hinnzu: Oh....Papa.....
Giri bhaiya: Family and News meeting calling up!!
Samie whispers to Cutie Di: Here we go into a very long...
Giri bhaiya: Did you say anything Samie?
Samie: No, no. nononononono
Giri bhaiya: So as I have Recalled What was saying...Meghavi ji, Make an announcement on the Microphone which can be heard everywhere in the Building that: "Important Notic, Come down to Lounge immediatly!!"
Meghavi di: Ok Giri
Misha, Jassu, Manju di, Sukh, Priya, PJ's, sukh and others come down saying: Whats the matter of calling us immediatley?
Jenny: I dont know....
Samie: Neither do I..
Cutie di: Theither do I...
 Bas di and sai di : We might know * and gives a cackle*
Jenny: Whats the matter with you both?
Bas di: Nothing , its that...
Sai di: We know what its About!!
Jenny: What???............*sai di nods at the camera and bas di nods at Giri bhaiya*
Jenny:......ah........I know now!!*gives a cackle*
Samie: Jenny its that same reason...
Giri bhaiya: I have called all off you here to tell you.... Can some one be the Camera Man?????
Everone Moans: Oh Giri, Why always that problem!!
Giri bhaiya: Jenny, why did you say that in the Advert that we found a CAMERA MAN!!
Jenny: But we HAVE!!
Everyone else agrees
Misha, Meghavi di, Manjot di, Jassu and Pj's say: Why whats the Problem with your new Job huh??
Giri bhaiya: It will spoil my Repu!! Im the boss and I aint gonna be a camara Man!!
Bas di: You Have to!!
Giri bhaiya: Why?????
Sai di: Coz U cant find a Good man for the Job...
Giri bhaiya: I can!!
Samie: yeh Right!!
Cutie di: Remember that in sai's Marriage with Abhi, you recorded the Wedding so beautifully and lovingly...
Jenny: Kya Bolta!!
*Mystica arrives*
Mystica: True, Very True!!
Jenny: Im gonna have an Heart attack!!
Sai di: Why?
Jenny: Giri bhaiya....Lovingly and beautifully....Recording....his wife's...second marriage when they still aint divorced!!
Giri bhaiya: No Jenny , dont tell anyone what happened!!
Jenny: Why, I shall tell!
Galactic: About what?
Jenny: On sai di's Wedding...
Giri bhaiya: DON'T JENNY I BEG OF YA!!
Jenny: Kyun Papa, I can't see you hurt Like this!!
Hinnzu: Jenny , come on  lets tell
Jenny: Ok Hinnzu, we both shall tell.,..
Hinnzu: We cannot see papa unhappy..
Jenny and Hinnzu together: Papa was very....
Giri bhaiya interupts: DONT!!
Jassu: KYA
Bas di: WHAT
Sai di: how sweet of u my Giri!
Giri Bhaiya: WHY did you both say, WHY!!
Jenny: Dont slap us papa plz!!
Hinnzu: Plz dont papa!!
Jenny: MAMMA
Hinnzu: MOM


ERROR ...Sorry, We are Unable to show Behind the $cene$, will be back later but skipping this part...

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