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OS-Sparkle Of My Life-part-6,pg-46(25/1) (Page 11)

shrutisweety IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 January 2013 at 5:08am | IP Logged
Originally posted by priya00147

sab aao jaldi jaldi..

kya neeli aur shru ek sath...dal bnake kala kr degi ye log..ROFL

purv chauk gai kya ashish ko dekkr...hailaaWink

mujhe sid lift dega..Embarrassed..woh mujhe icecream!!!

Ishq wala luv..hua jo dard bhi toh hmko aaj kya hmesha hi zyda hua

Humlog ek hi icecream aur umbrella mei haaayeeeBlushingBlushingBlushingdirect uske strong strong arms meiBlushingBlushing

ye barun kyu ni aa rha...nautanki!!!

bechari sanchi...ake bhag gai hogi..use na dekkrLOL

ladke hmare sath hai toh acha hai naEmbarrassedTongue

Waiting for baar mai pehle res!!

dal mai kuch to kaal hai priyuLOL

vaise sid ke saat romance abhi baaki hai

abhi DL mai mat jana dearLOL

ladke humare saat hi rahenge naLOL

i am updating tonight be readyLOL

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shrutisweety IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 January 2013 at 5:38am | IP Logged

dashequalsd3, -SREE93-, anna_77, pihu_angad, .9.Sara.9., Piyarani, princesshelen, Payal_156, yas23, abjeya, SAIBALROUTH, M.V.Kohli007, -sree13-, Punith..., crystalalena, samiya.059, prava55663, kavana_n, shafyyy, 

thanku frnds for commenting

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shrutisweety IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 January 2013 at 5:38am | IP Logged
 Hey frnds i am back with next part of my os,i hope u like to read it...Smile


Meanwhile priyu and siddharth reaches house, they all the people in house and priyu starts shouting shruti kaha hai bhaar aa ja.Smile

shruti comes out from kitchen, asking kya huva and priyu says car kuyn nahi bheji mere liye?Smile

Shruti says in funny tone agar hum car nahi bheje to tum yahan kaise aagayi.LOL

priyu turns and watches siddharth and ussne mujhe lift diya hai,,siddhart says oye hello!! lift nahi mai yahi aa raha to tumhe lift de di,

priyu (with surprised tone) kya...par tum yaha??Kyun??

shaleen says aap logo ko kitani baar bolna padega ki ye palace maine book ki hai,tumhari frnd ne request ki to maine share ki hai ab samjhe ya samjhavu

shru says tum to chup karo jab deko ye samjhe ye samjhavu kehate rahate hoo...LOL

Boys goes in one room and start playing PS3..with a very loud music, and girls sit in hall and chit chat, after sometime all have their dinner and go to their respective rooms, now as usual prava and shruti in one room, shru and neeli in one and now tani and anki in one room, priyu is alone,

Boys will go to their rooms, to have a peaceful night.

Next morning all wake up, freshen up quickly and come to hall to have their breakfast, which has been arranged, after having their breakfast boys go outside.

prava says aaj to sree, sanchu, samiya are coming na, shruti says yes and suddenly shruti's phone was buzzing again and she excuses herself and attends the call. After her conversation, she says to everyone i have some work, now i am going out, i will meet u after sometime, saying this she goes out. Meanwhlie anki, priyu, tani, shru, neeli divide their work and start doing their respective works.

In ooty(where sree lives)Smile

Sree wakes up in the morning, with a smile on her face, sree thinks kitani dino baad hum sab mil rahe hai, mai bohut excited hoo. she freshen up and have breakfast and leaves to station to catch train, she takes taxi,while coming in taxi she is struck in traffic, there was only 30min for the arrival of the train. I hope ke i won't miss my train, after 15 min traffic gets cleared and in 10 min she reach station. she pays and she goes inside, she feels relaxed that train abhi taak nahi aayi hai, she sits on bench, she was thirsty and her water bottle was empty, so she goes to nearer stall and bye a water bottle, she pays and wait for change, but that stall person searching for change.

Meanwhile train arrives and train waits for sometime,but that stall person doesnt give change to sree. she shouts at him bhiya jaldi digiye, train aagayi hai, now train slowly starts moving, stall person returns mony to her, sree starts running behind train, she can't catch it, but a cute and handsome guy gives hand for help, sree somehow keep her hand in his, he pulls her inside the train. when he pulls her she was about to fall but he catches her by her wrist, and there is an eyelock, sree is so shocked to see him, he was none other than PRITVI, then both of them go to their seats and have some talks and they safely reach palace, all welcomes her and have chit chat.Embarrassed

shruti calls prava and asks her to come to a mall. Prava reaches mall and both of them shop and after some time, they part and do the shopping separatelySmile.

Later after some time shruti and prava comes to shopping, shruti is talking dresses for all and while prava is in jewelry shop, prava finishes her shopping and comes out, she was standing on the pavement. she calls shruti but shruti's phone was not reachable and she slowly starts walking but few boys follow and surrounds prava. She gets afraid, she shouts at them and as they start moving forwards, she pushes them and starts running after some distance she bumps into someone, she was so tired of running that she faints. Embarrassed

He pick her in his arms and places her in his car, and sprinkle water on her face, she slowly opens her eyes and sees her and their and asks where i am, that person starts laughing loudly, she is confused and asks what happened what are u doing here, he was none other than KARAN SINGH GROVER(ksg).Embarrassed

Tum?? Exclaimed prava..vo vo..and fumbles,

KSG: relax, relax you are safe.

He says ye sab kuch mera plan tha tumhe pareshan karne keliye, dekho tum dar gayi, aur to aur faint bi ho gayi Ha Ha Ha and was laughing loudly. He finally controls laugh, starts the car and take her to palace.

While they reach house prava suddenly remembers on where is shruti, she starts calling her, at that time only she reaches home..,they have their dinner ,they were about to go rooms they here door bell and prava opens door, that was none other than sanchu and samiya at the door, They both get inside.

But sanchu watches all boys are there. But her eyes were searching for ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA(ASR). Her face turned pale and her heart was only taking his name. She was missing ASR.

Shruti watches this and says sanchu ASR is not coming. He was busy, and starts teasing her...sanchu feels sad, and her eyes become teary and she was about to go to room, suddenly lights get off.

She was right in the middle of the hall. She feels something was falling on her head; it was dark so she could not see what was that.Embarrassed

She touches them, and rejoices that they are rose petals, and in background someone plays music.Embarrassed

tumhe deka to ye jana sanam
 pyaar hotha hai diwaana sanam

yaha se kaha jaye humEmbarrassed

At that, time lights turn on and some is sitting on his knees in front of sanchu. He was none other than ARNAV SIGHN RAIZADA, He was holding guitar in his hand, he gets ups and says mai kabhi tumhe bool sakta hoo sanchu nahi na, to tum ro kuyn rahi ho pagal?

sanchu cant belive her eyes, she was not even blinking her eyes, He comes close to her hear and says ab to bada sa smile de do meri jaan,,,,,,Embarrassed

Sanchu was still in dreamland.Embarrassed

Sanchu and ASR have dinner together, even samiya have her dinner, they go to their respective rooms.

samiya and sanchu are in one room and sree and priyu are in one room, they all are tired from journey so fall in sleep soon, but priyu have habit of sleeping late night so she starts roaming in palace.

Here anki and tani also talk to each other that kuch to chal raha par hume pata nahi hai, chalo pata karte hai, they also leave their room covering themselves with a shall due to the cold and they watch priyu roaming around.

Tani says to anki what priyu is doing at night,

Anki: use bhi neend nahi aayi hogi, chal poochenge usse.

They slowly go near her and hide behind pillar.LOL

Here sree feels thirsty, so she get ups and searches for water but she finds the water mug empty.

So goes to kitchen, she comes out from room, due to cold air she too cover herself with shall. She silently goes to kitchen, but priyu sees her and thinks ye sree iss waqt yahan par kya kar rahi hai?

She to silently follows her, and this anki and tani followa priyu, sree drinks water, she was about to turn she see shadow of someone, she gets afraid.

She takes stick (which is kept in kitchen), she was about to hit priyu,LOL but priyu says sree mai hoo priyu, chor nahi, sree is relaxed no.

Again they hear some noises, they both were afraid and they were about to shout but anki comes and hold priyu's mouth and tani comes and hold sree's mouth.LOL

Sree tells them tum log pagal ho kya, aisa koi darata hai, tani narrates everything to sree and priyu.

Sree says aisa kuch nahi, chalo so jate hai, kal bohut kaam hai saying this she leaves from there, but priyu says chalo hum log dekte hai ki kya chal raha hai,

Firstly they go to shru and neelis room, they try to push the door but it was locked from inside, but shru here some noises so she open the door slowly but no one was there. They three were hiding behind pillar. They think thats ok ye dono to kuch nahi chupa rahe hai, next they go to shruti and prava's room.

All three of them keep ears on door, they hears something. This 3 off them try to listen their conversation but they can't hear them.

prava gets doubt that somebody is their near our room.

So she slowly opens door, but these threesome are in their own world they din't see prava is standing there.

shruti comes and says koun hai prava. Now all the three of them see prava.

shruti,prava asks tum log yaha kya kar rahe ho, they says nothing hum to yuhi ghum rahe the, hum chalte hai, and quickly goes from there.

Next morning,

Seems all are tired, all were still sleeping only samiya got up. She quickly freshen up.

Mean while, sanchu also get ups with a big smile on face remembering last night incidents, samiya asks, abhi bi ASR ke baare mai soch rahi ho?

sanchu starts blushing, samiya says maine kuch plan kiya hai shruti ke liye aur sab ke liye bi.

samiya says everything to sanchu. sanchu says it's a great idea samiya, sanchu also freshen up, and both comes down and sees still no one is wake up.

samiya says aaj sab log abhi tak so rahe hai ...

shruti comes from back and says hum bi utt gaye samiya, she gives gift to samiya samiya asks what is this, shruti says kholke to deko na samiya.

she opens it and finds keys, samiya asks ye kiska keys hai shruti, shruti closes her eyes and takes her outside the palace and takes hand from her eyes.

samiya is so happy to see the gift. It was scooty,(samiya likes scooty more and more, she have scooty but also she loves them), samiya asks ye mere liye hai,

shruti says haa samiya tumhare liye hai ...samiya hugs shruti and she go to drive scooty, after some time she come back. samiya is looking so haapy...


agar kisi ko gussa aaya to ,than i am sorry frndsSmile

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Sneha113 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 January 2013 at 5:39am | IP Logged
Amazinggg update!!!!
Tumne gari kyun ni bheji ye toh bta?LOL
Sid mujhse gussa kr rha!!!chalo chodo thode nok jhok mei maza aata haiLOL
Waise mera sid hai bada pyaaraEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Shru acha hua tune uss samjhe ya samjhaun ko style mei chup krwa diya warna pura din bas samjhate hi rehta kuch na
Sreedi ka case dekkr lag raha hai ab kabhi chutte legi hi niROFL
Direct dreamland mei pahucha diya unheWink
Ho gaii na prava ki aish ksg bacha liya use sath hi duba bhi di uski bhains khud plan bnakrROFL
Naughty ksgTongue
Pata tha asr ko na dekkr sanchi ka reactionLOL
Kya entry thi asr ki!!
rose petals,music,dinner!!!complete romance ho gaya!!Wink
yayyy me and sreedi in same roomHug
haan yaar ye bhi daal diya late sokar kya halat ho gyi meriLOL
ye anku aur tani ko hmesha daal kali hi kyu lagti hai..lolzz..
bhagam bhag aur chupa chupiROFL
Sorry di aap mujhse pitate pitate reh gaiLOL
Anki aur tani picha krti
ufff maine toh socha tha pkp jaunROFL
ye kya ho gya bakio k rooms ki bhi talaashi le daliLOL
hailaaa..!!!prava toh tez
sanchi ka dil Garden Garden ho gyaTongue
wahh samy ko scooty!!!
konsa brandROFL
waiting for the update

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Love_Arnie IF-Sizzlerz

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Mellifluous IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 January 2013 at 5:39am | IP Logged

chinuuuHugHugHug tune toh mujhe maar hi daalaEmbarrassed jab we met & DDLJ ka tadkaEmbarrassed i was about miss the train & prithvi hold mah hand & pulled meBlushingBlushingBlushing main toh sachme DL chali gayiDay Dreaming

sid ne kya surprise diya ss ko
EmbarrassedEmbarrassed lift mili bhi toh sid se,uski haalat bhi meri hi tarah hongeBlushing

sanchu ke liye ambulance & oxygen ready hai na?? kyun ki flower petals,candles aur ASR iss sabke baad she definitely got cardiac arrest

prava aur ksg ke bahoon me woh toh pakka faint ho gayi hogiEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

sab ke liye blusher mangwa le chinuBlushingBlushing

yayy ss & me in same roomDancingbut yeh kya tu mujhe abhi dande se maarne wali thiOuchOuch aur tumlogo ko hamesha jassosi ki padhi hai na?? chupchap sho jao warna agar dark circles aa jayenge toh boys bilkul bhi attention nehi dega,samjhe??WinkWink

awesome part tha mujhe DL se bahaar hi nehi aana toh kuch aisa likhna ki main permanently wohi reh jayunWink

love you my sister for this beautiful partHug


Edited by -sree13- - 20 January 2013 at 2:47am

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samiya.059 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 January 2013 at 6:11am | IP Logged

OMG wow awesome.
It was just brilliant
was continuously smiling while reading it
lykd zoon n asr part
*zoon blushes*
akhir asr aa he gaya
warna mei use kidnap karke le aati.
Thanks for scooty dear...i truely want to have bt my mom...
Thanks for pm
love u
update soon

Edited by samiya.059 - 19 January 2013 at 5:09am

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funkylicious IF-Sizzlerz

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