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#5 Guzarish [D3 Revisited] Parts 23-26 (Page 69)

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New readersAdd Guzarish. as your buddy to get pmz when I update.

 G u z a r i s h  .


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Part 25

I had to write in Notepad as Word Doc does not work. Thus, it might be overly spaced. Please do ignore that... This is the best I can do as of now. 

Some eager to read, so posted. I will color code in just a little while. 

Ps: Nivriti ji, planning on editing your spots? There are two spots left to edit Embarrassed 


Kriya seriously had no words in her mouth. She was completely taken aback with shock. Moment later, a huge grin came over her face and she ran out to the kitchen counter to see the envelope which had the tickets and her passport along with keys to their apartment in Mumbai. She screamed in joy! She could not believe it! She was going back to Mumbai!




"Swayam!!!" Rey scolded him as he tried to pull away. "We are all going to Sharon's house to convince her and you are coming. Now shut up and go sit in the car before I drag you out myself."



"But Rey'" Swayam tried to reason with him.



"Stop being a coward." Rey said, knowing that would get to Swayam.



"I am NOT a coward!"



Rey laughed at his remark. "You so are a coward." He paused to say before continuing his laughter. Then he put a supporting hand on Swayam's shoulder and continued, "Swayam, she needs to know from you that we want her to join the team because she deserves it and not because you have feelings for her. It is between the two of you. You have to talk to her."



Swayam knew what Rey was saying was right, but he couldn't bring himself to completely agree with it. "I know' but what if'"



Rey interrupted before he would finish the sentence. "She won't misunderstand. You have to talk to her so she won't. Okay, how about this? I'll find a way to give you both some time alone. Can you talk to her then? I'm sure alone wouldn't be a problem?" At the end of it all, Rey gave a teasing wink to him and ran off to the car before Swayam would beat him to plum.



For a second, Swayam had no idea why Rey ran away. Then senses came back to him. With a wide open shocked face, he ran after him pulling the door locked behind him.




Kriya and Naina sat in their seats while Kriya looked out. They were going by train so it would take them a bit of time. Naina cleared her throat to get Kriya's attention. Kriya looked back once she heard; a questioning look on her face.



"Ahem'so' are you gonna tell me why I'm going too?"



"I wish I knew' Mom just said you're coming along too. Besides, you just enjoy the sights of Mumbai. It's a free trip for you yaar. Just have fun."



Naina murmured under her breath. "When you're so disturbed. Yeah, right. I'm gonna be able to have fun then." Then she scoffed.



Kriya looked at her confused. "Did you say something?"



"Yea. You're forgetting your promise."






"YES! Promise. You promised me to tell about Rey. Now you're going to Mumbai! You can meet him. Can't I at least know now? See, even aunty isn't around. PLEASE?!" She begged.



Kriya giggled with a twinkle in her eyes. "You're so cute!"



Naina made a face and glared. "Not me. I know about myself. I want to hear about Rey."



"Alright. Fine. You look as if you're about to eat me alive. Okay' Erm' Rey' Well, what can I say? When we first met on New Year's Eve'"



She was interrupted by Naina. "New Years Eve? Great! That just is a sign that you both are meant to be. Haven't you heard about the story? The one you meet on New Years Eve is to be your future."



Kriya glared back at her this time. "Okay, choose. Either I speak or you do. I'm not going to be interrupted."



"FINE! Jeez woman! Demanding much?"



"I still hear you talking'"



Naina opened her mouth to defend herself but then shut it back knowing she couldn't win against Kriya. If she wanted to know, she'd have to stay quiet and listen till she's finished. Unwillingly, she put a finger on her lips to indicate that she'll be completely quiet from then on. Kriya flashed a winning grin and continued.



"So yes' when we met then in Dehradhun, I thought he was the most arrogant, self-centered, rich parent's overly pampered son, snot, etc etc. So full of ego and what not. I had prayed that night to never see him again after he ended up dragging me to jail and mom had been so pissed at me! I was so sure I wouldn't be able to go to Mumbai."



"Mhmmmhmm'" Naina made a sound as if to say she wanted to say something.



"What?" Kriya asked.



"How'd you end up in jail?"



"Oh, mom doesn't like it when I dance. And Rey was dancing and breaking things in the club. I replied to his challenge by doing a step and both of us ended in jail. It was his entire fault you know? And then mom did let me go to Mumbai but she came along too. At first, I didn't want that but I coped. Then coincidently, he went to the same college. We fought a LOT. But behind it all was his love. I didn't know that. I just hated him naturally. We became friends at a party and then misunderstanding and all that and then we stood up against each other to be GS of the college."



"He won and I had thought he'd make my life a living hell then. I didn't know he had already started to like me when we met on New Years. I was too blinded. I made a dance team to compete against his. Problems and happy times went side by side. Regular college life and all. I knew I was lying to my mom but dance is my life. It is my first love and always will be. Slowly, I started to realize Rey was more than just my friend. He was sweet and gentle and caring. His friends would be flaunting off their richness and status but never once would he do that. He looked at everyone equally. Suddenly, I didn't hate him as much. Oh, what all he did to make me confess!" Kriya blushed at the different memories of the College Fest.



"We kept our relationship a secret because of the divide in the college. We were both from separate dance teams and if our friends found out, it would have been a disaster. But somehow, that led to only more problems between us. More fights' we'll make up soon and forgive each other. The day before eliminations round, mom found out about my dancing and my relationship with Rey. She was angry, upset. And it's all justified. I knew I shouldn't have lied to her. She wouldn't trust me. I had to choose between my friends and the performance we had to do or Rey."



"I couldn't choose between them two. I loved Rey and my friends needed me. Dance was everything to them as well. I gave them the courage to stand up and fight for themselves and then I just couldn't be the one to take that away as well. I choose Dance and my friends over Rey. That day, I ignored him. His team was betrayed by this villain type dude Shivam. He took advantage of the feelings Sharon had for him. Rey's team was shattered. He was shattered. When he needed me the most, I couldn't be there with him. I had to leave that night itself. Only Vishakha knew everything."



"I left a note for him after mom let me explaining to him why I had to leave and that I loved him but we could never be together. I told him to not come looking for me because I had already hurt my mom a lot. I couldn't hurt her any more. I was mad at her for doing this to me. But after finding out why she did what she did, I couldn't be mad at her. She wasn't to blame."



"So would he have moved on?" Naina asked, forgetting Kriya had asked her not to speak. Really, it didn't matter any more. It was just the heavy point in the story that she couldn't hold back.



Kriya shook her head with a smile on his face. "I told him to. But I know him better. Once he commits to something or someone, he stays through it till the end; may it be friends or enemies."



"He really does love you a lot." Naina said with a smile, not that Kriya needed to hear that. She knew he did.



She nodded and repeated. "He really does love me a lot." Naina gave her a quick side hug as if to let her know everything would be fine. Kriya appreciated that.



"Does he know you're going back?"



Kriya shook her head. "No. I didn't even get a chance to tell Vishakha. Oh, I just can't wait to see the reaction on everyone's face."



"I'm sure. And I feel as if I've always known them all. You really are lucky to have such caring friends."



Kriya noticed the sadness in her tone. "Hey, don't ever say that. You have me. They're your friends too."


Naina passed a smile. Kriya was so innocent. She was willing to share her friends but she didn't know that no matter how close you get to someone, your first best friends will always be the same. No one can take their place in one's heart. What was first will always be. And as the saying goes, old is indeed gold. It holds a value to it in itself.





"Sharon!!" Everyone said out loud with a little too much of a cheerful voice as Sharon answered the door. They all pushed past her and entered, shocking her. Swayam was the last to enter. He passed her a smile and she replied back.



"Erm' hi guys." She said following them. "Sab yahan?" she asked.



Rey replied, "Kyun, friend's ke ghar jaana manaa hai?"



"No... Of course not. It was just all of a sudden na."



"So what were you doing?" Simmi asked.



"Just looking at the audition tapes again.." Sharon replied sitting down.



"Well, no need. We've found our dancer."



"Really? Who?!" Sharon asked excited, a bit of disappointed as she thought she doesn't have a chance now.



"She is the only deserving girl, Sharon." Rinni said, everyone enjoying the jealous look on Sharon's face that she was trying to very hard to hide but in vain.



Sharon muttered some curse words under her breath targeted towards the girl chosen. They all finally burst into laughter. Vishakha said, "Dude, who's more deserving than you?"



Sharon met everyone's eyes with confusion. Vishakha slapped her forehead. "Ofo! She doesn't even understand simple English! Swayam, why don't you explain? I'm gonna go get some water."



Rey said, jumping on the occasion, "We'll all come." And even against other's wish, he pulled them all inside the kitchen. No one understood why they needed so many people to get water. Two would have been enough.



Once in the kitchen, Rey slapped them all lightly and explained. "Guys, let Swayam talk to her alone and make her believe that we want her to be the 6th dancer because she deserves it and not because of any partiality. Okay?"





Remember a surprise I was talking about? Look below! With that, as I always say, waiting for likes and comments!! 



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Res for surprise!!


I will simply say. Click: HERE Big smile 


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I hope I cn res now ErmmEmbarrassed

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I love this update Khushi, you are such an amazing writer though not being centered irritated me a little as i used to read centered.

Kriya's friend is so cute, i am loving her but still i read SwaRon only! God, I deserve 2-3 tight slap. Sorry yaar jitna bhi try karun KriyAnsh ka parh hi nahi pati main, Sorry if you feel bad on this. Smile

I hop
e i can get to read some good scenes and romance or even some light moments between SwaRon as to lighten up my day after watching daily D3 episode and pulling my hairs our in frustration!! LOL

I was like Yaaayyy when i read your above note that Swaron track is on it's way! Gosh, i love your writing skills.

All in all you always rocks Miss.Coolbie! Wink

Please update real quick quick and PM me too!


Will Unes this other half after the surprise will be revealed. Fingers crossed as i am hoping for what i asked!  LOL

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Mimi- yes! 

Tanya- haha! I love how you said bye ages ago but is still online [LOL I'm waiting for comment!!

Have updated though not color coded just yet. Mimi- just for you =)

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Awww hb !

Love ya !

But unres kal hi.

Now me reading n running.

Neeni aaing.

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didn't I PM you this? Or was it something else?

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Originally posted by Born2Dance

Awww hb !

Love ya !

But unres kal hi.

Now me reading n running.

Neeni aaing.


No problem. I can wait :D

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