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TD-Change in DK for love, turning point (Page 2)

sree IF-Rockerz

Joined: 22 November 2004
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Posted: 14 May 2005 at 2:41am | IP Logged

 1)      Can you identify someone in real life with DK?

Till now, I have not come across a person like DK. But I do believe that there must be a bad background for a man to be as bad as DK was, to begin with. DK was a loner, longed to get his mother's love, was crippled from a young age. He had nobody to express his feelings to. He had money to play with. He grew up to become a play boy, a flirt and what not. But I should also say that any kind of love, whether it be motherly love, love from spouse, friend, brother/sister, when one gets it, his life is changed. This is exactly what happened to DK. Though, I have not come across a man like DK in real life, I could see the drastic change in DK coming up as the serial progressed.

2)      Can someone change to this extent for love?

AS I said, for the first point, to begin with, DK had all the bad habits. Name a bad habit ,DK had it. But the moment Disha entered his life, things fell into place for DK. Yes, DK married Disha for better business prospects, to insult her , wanted to fulfill his vengeance by hurting her at every step. But slowly, DK started to know what love is, what relationships are thro' Disha. These observations made a house in his mind. This slowly but steadily, developed into love for Disha.

AS one says, "Love is light, Love is God, Love is the key to Happiness, Love is the fulfilling of the Law", DK developed the ultimate love for Disha. Yes, a person  can change from a crook to a good man when he is loved and is in love. Its love that makes the world go round. Its very difficult in life to get true love. DK sensed true love in Disha. "True love is like a ghost which every body talks about but very few have seen". DK realised that and changed for the better to attain Disha for life.

3)      What really bought the change in his character, what was the turning point?

For me, the turning point in DK's life was when he married a girl like Disha who possessed the best quality a lady can have, that is PATIENCE. Patience is one such virtue that conquers everything. Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. The person who has the art to learn to labour and to wait, always emerges a winner. Disha, had it all. She was patient enough to resist to all of DK's tantrums in the beginning. She never ever opened her mouth. She knew Patience can conquer mountains. DK became a change man just because he got a very patient wife.

If a person has patience, he can attian every impossible thing. "A handful of patience is worth more than a bushel of brains". It is said that it is always better to be aware of the fury of a patient man. On the other hand, a person without patience can mess up even a small problem. A person is said to be very poor if he has no patience. So to me, the turning point in DK's life was to have a wife like Disha who had in her a great virtue named "PATIENCE".

vasamv Goldie

Joined: 20 October 2004
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Posted: 14 May 2005 at 8:32pm | IP Logged

 1--There are many DKs in real life and I have seen more than one,tho not exactly similar.Ill-treatment or abuses during childhood leave deep scars on any person, man or woman.As a result some become depressed, inward looking and make a mess of their life.Some get aggressive and there is that unconscious urge to take revenge,DK has lost respect for womankind after seeing what Gargi did,his mother was the only exception.Dk is the type who responds aggressively to past injustices. So for him Disha was just a commercil commodity in the beginning.

2-Yes, love can do wonders for any one-man or woman.But not as fast as in Dk's case as some have pointed out.The defence mechanism is too strong to allow any change.But resistance does give way if the love from the other side is genuine.steadily one can change.

3 Turning point in Dk's life is perhaps the love and care shown by Disha to DK's mom-the one person for whom DK really cared and whom he really loved.The final scrifice on Disha's part to leave the field to Pori for the sake of DK's mom could melt any hardend person.Of course the show has over dramatized the whole thing.

samy74 IF-Dazzler

Zee Channel
Joined: 03 March 2005
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Posted: 15 May 2005 at 2:43am | IP Logged


Well guys here is my i am sorry if i have gone on a little...

1)       Can you identify someone in real life with DK?

Well I can't really identify with DK's character in real life. It would be hard to find someone completely like DK but I am sure this world has people who could easily be identified as DK's of the real world. I have personally not come across anyone like him but it would be fascinating to meet someone like DK but I think is highly unlikely as people like that are not very common in my opinion. There are certain people I know or have known who have some similarities and characteristics but not a complete DUSHYANT KUMAR SEGHAL.

Can someone change to this extent for love?

This is the big question for me can someone change for love the way Dk has in my opinion Yes and NO. I really can't decide on a one answer in my opinion there is a balance. The way DK's character was shown from the beginning he was very stubborn, born with an attitude problem, egoist, self centred and of course I truly believe one of his negative points was that he was a playboy as he didn't want a commitment and just wanted to have relationships that would not tie him down and he is free to do whatever he can. If I was to sum up  Dk's character to me is like a Nut in a Shell if cracked will come out and will soft and mellow. This is exactly what happened Disha came along and cracked him and she was the main driving force behind him. She entered his life as someone who could challenge him and stand upto him which he found fascinating and I think enjoyed it completely as he was always mesmerised by disha. He truly realised his inner self, disha played a big part in getting him to see the goodness within him and also disha's personality influenced him to change. Disha had patience, values, love, respect, kind heart. He didn't know what relationships meant as he had a sad childhood and didn't value relationships but disha started to bring about the change. She stood by him in rough times e.g. jail, mother's illness.

One thing that striked me even when he was the same bad old DK was that you could tell he had a lot of passion for things he was attached to and whatever he did he did it with his heart and full force. I believe he has changed but I truly believe in real life a person can change but not completely I think DK has mellowed down and developed to control his anger which of course he has learnt from disha. But only recently he said he has changed but his anger and temperament he is never too sure about but than dish asked him to have control but she said one person that could change him would be DISHA. So I think a person can go through metamorphosis the way DK has but it takes a lot of courage and love for the person you are changing for and in this case DK absolutely adores disha and hence the reason the love he has for disha has changed him but he needs to go along way still with is temper and ignorance.

3)      What really bought the change in his character, what was the turning point?

I think also think like many is that the moment Disha took those vows with him that was the day the foundations were laid for DK's change even though she vowed for his destruction deep down she had taken vows to support him, respect him and always stand by him. I think her marrying him and entering his life was a big positive step and subconsciously he knew that Disha was a very nice girl even though initially she was like a trophy that he had won but little did he know that he would be changing his whole personality only for Disha.

DK and  Disha living under one roof this is what bought about the change as he really got to see what Disha really is like and vice versa as DK was shown as a shrewd businessman and had a lot of negative characteristics but he did a family life and house even though it was broken. DK's life was turned up side down as Disha made him realise she is his wife no matter what and not a trophy that he once thought that would be displayed on his mantle  piece.


Forgive me the long winded reply..

SamyBig smile

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jingle IF-Rockerz

Joined: 18 December 2004
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Posted: 15 May 2005 at 4:18am | IP Logged

  Can you identify someone in real life with DK?

I Have never met a person like Dk in real life ,though i love DK's character onscreen but in real life i will surely keep distance from such men if i come across

    Can someone change to this extent for love?

the day disha entered dk's life everything around him changed 

   What really bought the change in his character, what was the turning point?

dk  had a sad childhood ,a handicap ,a man who never belived in the institution of marriage  infact never belived that something like  "love" exists ,dk was always surrounded by people like sanya ,gargi and pari who always thought in terms of money , who did anyhting for money so he always thought that money can buy anything , when his eyes fell on disha he thought that a middle class girl like her can be easily bought for money like any other women but it was not so disha was a principled ,cultured girl who had high moral values which dk couldnot accept, her thoughts were totally against his beliefs.when she asked him to marry her he thought that she is back of his wealth, but later on he realised it was not so ,disha's confidence her love and concern for a family to which she doesnot belong by birth ,even though he created problems for her she looked after his mother. changed dk's outlook for life


lalgulab Goldie

Joined: 07 April 2005
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Posted: 15 May 2005 at 6:19am | IP Logged

1.  I don't think I've ever met anyone like DK in my life.  I've met people who have some qualities but nothing that comes close to DK's character.  To some extent, I think it's really not possible.  But who knows; maybe people like DK do exist in real life but I have yet to meet someone like him.

2.  I don't think someone can change to the extent of how much DK has changed.  Don't get me wrong.  I know people can change for love but not to this extent.  And even if they do, then it's only temporarily and for just a little while.  Their old habits will start sneaking up eventually.  Plus, I think usually when we fall in love, its with the person for who s/he is, not what we want them to be.  Maybe I'm wrong but isn't it true that we fall in love for who the person is and not want to change them?!  I can understand changing a few things but not personality altering changes like DK has supposedly.  If you look at it actually, DK didn't even change to that extent because he always had these qualities within him but they were hidden because of his childhood.  The old DK will be back because he goes after what he wants and in this case, it's his wife!  He might mend his ways of doing things but he will not give up completely.  So no, I don't think anyone changes to this extent for love!  People might do things to make the other happy but that's about it.

3.  The turning point for DK was the photo shoot.  He realizes at that point that he could not bear to see Disha embarrassed because he was beginning to think of her as his wife!  Before the shoot, he always thought of Disha was just his stubborness!  The photo shoot was the beginning of a new relationship on his part because he started trusting Disha and opening up to her leading to Sumitra's arrival in their lives.

sakina Goldie

Joined: 16 March 2005
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Posted: 15 May 2005 at 10:46am | IP Logged

1. its quite dificult to meet someone in real life who has the same characteristics like dk. as far as im concerned i never met someone like him yet. my cousin was somehow similar to dk but i cant say that he was like dk .

2. yes, on the one hand its possible to change urself for someones else sake or for love  but its impossible to change urself to this extent at least not in a period of 6 month. even if u have the qualities within u. on the other hand u cant really get rid of ur old habits. they will always remain within becoz they wiil be only supressed by u or ur beloved.  it could be possible that the old characteristics come back in an emotionally weak moment.

3. i think the turning point has been when dk entered the first time dishas bedroom where disha told him that he will only gain her body but not her soul. this state was something new for dk , becoz all the other woman in his life were the opposite of disha. i guess in this moment dk started to have respect for disha. of course the foundation was laid by their marriage.

sorry for my poor english!!


queen-bee Goldie

Joined: 07 March 2005
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Posted: 15 May 2005 at 9:37pm | IP Logged

 Sakina, sagen Sie bitte nicht traurig fr Ihre Englnder. Sie sind glnzend. Erhalten Sie die gute Arbeit aufrecht. Dank dafr, mit uns zu interagieren.

Hi Samy now ans to your qs:

Can you identify someone in real life with DK?

I'll have to reply in affirmative! I know a few who are just like DK. Not a carbon copy but similar in many ways. Have the same kind of fear and insecurities like him, yet are very rich and powerful, in their own place. Some did not have a tormented childhood like him but coz of some reason had to start fending for them selves from a very early age in this big bad world! They lost their innocence and childlike charm and become ruthless and egocentric and climbed the ladder of success by the dint of their hard work. Basically self made man!! But worship their mom as Goddess! Will do or die for mom!! Can even sacrifice their love for mom (I'm talking about my cousin who did it and is still trying to convince his mom abt the love of his life & is 35 now!) His theory is mom has scarified a lot for us as dad died very young so it is pay back time!

 Can someone change to this extent for love?

Yes, person who has everything in his life but lacked love and trust can do a full 180 when he discovers a true love. But not in 6 months!! Looking at Disha one can say that you can't keep a good woman down! Person with strong character will always succeed; even if they have a lot of probs, this D taught Dk! Disha took a radically different approach to change this head strong man. His life was instrumentally good but D taught him the intrinsic value. Dk was just amazed that D never complained and put up with him at all times.Dk soon realized that selfless love is not an act put up by D but a habit. That helped Dk to overcome prejudices and preconceptions.

What really bought the change in his character, what was the turning point? 

By a strange quirk of fate Disha comes to Dk's life and changes his life's disha! Dk had offered her a modeling assignment which she refused and that really shocked Dk. A girl with so much determination and will power, Dk just couldn't digest! In a strange way he was attracted towards her but could never accept it. His wealth and power could not shake this girl's self-determination! Wow, wow wow, Dk who was bolshy got emotionally charged and stated to believe in selfless love. Wind of love touched him and  a complete metamorphosis of Dk by Disha, paragon of virtue!

Dk realized living is temporary but love is forever………….

 ((Btw I had a tough time posting reply to this logged out no. of times....)).




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swathi Goldie

Joined: 18 February 2005
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Posted: 16 May 2005 at 2:54am | IP Logged

Nice discussion going on folks. Thanks everyone for the wonderful read. Now samy my answers to ur questions

1)      Can you identify someone in real life with DK?

Well I would say that I know a few people but not completely like DK. Something like a few characterestics here and there.

2)      Can someone change to this extent for love?

Sorry if my answer goes off the tangent. But thought pf penning all my views on this subject. I would reply in positive for this. In my opinion u will always find something good in a person when u stay with a person. U start imbibing the qualities of the other person as well(be it positive or negative). That is what is influence. In the case of DK I would say that he was not a bad person. Just that he was ruthless to get his things done. and for DK it has not been bed of roses. So he had to put in a mask. He was not a person without emotions. He has been close with his brother, his mom. Its only when Ved also misunderstood him his power was channeled 2wards getting his work done. This guy can't take no for an answer. Dish for him has been an enigma. He has been used to have girls all around him submitting to his every wish. But Dish was the 1st to stand up against him and he was intrigued, Here was a person who could take up cudgels against him. He could not put a word to that feeling that he had but i would say that it was the beginning of love. DK started noticing Dish. He was thinking abt her always. (though to get her as a model. But still...). After marriage from day one he has never taken advantage of his power or position over Dish. That itself proves his innate good character. I would not say that DK has changed rather it would be that Dish has helped him to come out of his shell. Dish has provided the needed emotional anchor to the courseless DK ship (hope u understood what am trying to say. Am not able to frame the right sentence here). DK is basically a good guy. But yes for love he is still trying to change a few bad habits of his, short temper for one. His understanding of his vices is a proof enough that he wants to change himself for his lady love.

3)      What really bought the change in his character, what was the turning point?

I think that I would also go with the popular choice, the photo shoot. That was the time when DK really started understanding his feelings for Dish and began considering Dish as his wife. He proved that he is ready to do anything for his wife when he signed away those property documents for an orphanage when in reality he wanted to build a shopping mall. At this point the husband/lover DK took over the business man/calculating DK.


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