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TD-Change in DK for love, turning point

samy74 IF-Dazzler

Zee Channel
Joined: 03 March 2005
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Posted: 13 May 2005 at 7:37am | IP Logged


We are going to post topics for discussions every week. So please come forward and actively take part in the discussions.

This is the topic of the week:

Phenomena of DK's character


The Heart of Tumhari Disha is DK's character and Disha is like a beat to that heart. DK had a very sad past and that affected his personality and whole attitude towards life. DK then met Disha and since then, DK's character has gone through metamorphosis and has changed. It is very touching and to me this is where the essence of the story lies. The point I want to raise here for a healthy discussion is whether you can identify DK's character with someone out there in real life or would someone change their whole personality for their love. His personality, habits and whole persona evolved in these 6 months of being with Disha. To me some of the points to remember about DK's characters are:

Positives: Determination, Success, Confident, Leader, Eye for detail, Handsome, Sauv, Spoke his mind, Fearless,

Negatives: Egoist, no respect, Self centred, Lacked respect for women, Money orientated, flirt, Playboy

The above are only some characteristics I am sure there are many more…


Now the discussion I want to start about the above has 3 points. Please attack the three questions separately and number them as given below.

1)      Can you identify someone in real life with DK?

2)      Can someone change to this extent for love?

3)      What really bought the change in his character, what was the turning point?


Please take part in the discussions. This is an appeal to all TD lovers and DK crazy fans....

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SALESHNI Senior Member

Joined: 11 February 2005
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Posted: 13 May 2005 at 9:31am | IP Logged

here u go Samy.

1. Yes there r people like DK in real life. AS u descrideb DK's character I know a person just like him .AS far as i think Dk's character is the realistic  coz people do exist like him in this world.

2.If the love is true than sure anyone in the world can change. Love is a bond between 2 people and if one love someone then he/she will try to make each other happy and ij that process u have to undergo many changes . Take DK he knew that Disha did not like so many things and he tried to avoid that but His Ego sometimes came in between.

As myself Iam very short tempered and there r times when i speak on top of my voice . but  iam trying to controll my temper and also to speak softly . ???? do u think i have to do this .........Coz my love does not like that and there for I have to change . This is the just nothing ,but what DK have done, I really give props to DK for doing that in love .

Any  girls heart would melt if her MAn had done sooo much for  her.

3.turning point in DK's life was his marrige with DISHA . At first they did not like each other . They hated very much. But slowly they heart just gave up. Dk started seeing his wife in Disha. he Finanlly took Marriage seriosly.

Point to be noted :

Writers of the TD somehow first made the marrige like a contract but they have ratined the indian values to that. Firstly us indians our marrige is not a contract between 2 people . it is a bond that unites 2 people so that they can be happy together. Though they had contract marriage but later they did not want to break the marriage  coz they love each other.

in a way they did show that indains no matter how modernised they r they still have they customs and rituals

pj04 Goldie

Joined: 02 September 2004
Posts: 1623

Posted: 13 May 2005 at 9:54am | IP Logged

1) while i have never met someone like dk but i am sure that there are people like him. dk is a handicapped orphan who suceeds in building a very sucessful empire singlehandedly. i cannot think of any business tycoon with same background in real life. however i do know several people with same attitude(thier success is still to be determined)

2)his change cannot be attributed to love alone. dk has been a very misunderstood loner and he has no familial influence on his life. he has learned to move forward ruthlessly and wears a mask of indifference and arrogance to protect himself. in short , he has not had a chance to experience softer emotions of life. the people surrounding him are as ruthless and driven as he is. when disha enters his life, she acts like an anchor to his nomadic, selfcentered lifestyle. she is like a proof to him that being emotional and principled is not a sign of weakness. she also gives him an outlet to vent out his frustations and gives chance for the old wounds to heal.she is someone who fights on his behalf and tries to set right everything that has gone wrong with him. she tries to bring hope in his life and that is what changes him.his mask slowly slips and what is left is a very vunerable and lonely man looking for love and companionship(which ofcourse disha provides). i find it interesting that inspite of his ruthless image, he actually never takes advantage of her or manipulates her. inspite of being in a much powerful position , he agrees to marry her ,( whatever the pretext).he maintains her privacy (though he threatens her numerous times) and waits for her to take first step(which is very gentlemanly).he was always a nice person underneath all that bluster and arrogance, disha's love just brought it all together and put it out to the world to see. this is also the answer to the third pointof discussion.


rang Senior Member

Ms. IF 420(Comic Dialogue)
Joined: 27 February 2005
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Posted: 13 May 2005 at 12:04pm | IP Logged

its avery intresting topic samy. with all due respect to everyones opinion i would like to say what i feel. i know alot of people won't agree but i guess in reality this is what happens afterall we live in agood bad worl its not heaven.

1)      Can you identify someone in real life with DK?


i, till now have seen quiet a few people like original DK and mind u not only men but women r also like that self center, mean, they can go to any extent to harm another person who they feel refusses to surender to their terms and conditions. just what DK did initially to Disha. infact world is full of people like this.

but have not seen anyone changing so drastically for a person he/she loves. Infact i've not seen deep love betwen the two even if they have had a love marrige after some time its the same story.

2)      Can someone change to this extent for love?


i belive over the years when u live in a certin environment & the experiences u go through u develop a base, just like a building, the building will come up as the foundation is. after making two floors if u realize that the foundation is crocked u can only try to make the rest of the buiding perfect but it will not be perfect. Similarly when u have developed certain basic values or nature u can only try to mellow down a bit but u cannot give them up completely.

for someones love u can try to change ur self may be for some time or you can try to contol the intensity of ur bad nature but u cannot completely give up. for example DK had a drinking problem it is not possible for anyone to give up such addictions so fast for anyone, Yes may be he is maddly in love with Disha but the kind of changes they hv shown that hv come in DK are unrealistic. a powerfull and dynamic person is suddenly behaving like a sheep, then i don't think his love is doing any good to him.

to me DK's charecter is completely untrue & is like a wish full thinking.


3)      What really bought the change in his character, what was the turning point?


the turning point i would say was the day Disha was to model for Kanaka empier and Dk realises that somewhere he has accepted her as his wife &  is in love with her.


lov u all



nikkitherealist Goldie

Joined: 21 February 2005
Posts: 1015

Posted: 13 May 2005 at 1:47pm | IP Logged
1)      Can you identify someone in real life with DK?
I have never come across any one person who is exactly like DK. Some lack the charm, some the passion and some are just plain nasty.

2)      Can someone change to this extent for love?
No. I don't think they would change to this extent. Maybe for a little while but never so completely. They will take into consideration the loved ones wishes and treat them differently but I think the drive to be always successful would not go away when dealing with outsiders. Charming lady killers still stay the same but they will put a limit to how far they go and treat the ladies who deserve it with more respect.

3)      What really bought the change in his character, what was the turning point?
He was very successful and had all these ladies falling all over him and I think he was at the stage of being bored. Disha stood upto him and provided a challenge. He was always not as bad as he was shown and associating with Disha made his hidden side to come out.

memsaab IF-Rockerz

Joined: 08 December 2004
Posts: 6106

Posted: 13 May 2005 at 3:03pm | IP Logged

1.      Yes there are people like DK Saab in real life, in my own life I have one. He is a good friend of mine. At times I feel maybe I like DK Saab so much because I know this character inside out. Of course, he is not as handsome as DK saab. He is a pretty successful guy (not a diamond king though) but at times he has his insecurities and frustrations that really makes me cry sometimes. And at times, he is very emotional and cries like a baby talking about his past and betrayals from his own people and the result.. he takes me for granted and makes me cry and says sorry.. and I forgive him every time. He claims himself to be a selfish guy but he trusts me and tells me things that he can't tell his own people.


2.      Some people do change with love, but in a short time like six months don't think so. I am not saying everybody can change or nobody can change, but some people definitely are influenced with whom they meet everyday and changes in a span of time. The friend I'm talking about has changed a lot since he found the love of his life…

In our DK Saab's case, call it his insecurities or a typical MCP ego, he does not trust Disha but wants Disha to trust him at the same time. I think six months was not long enough for a man like Diamond King DK Saigal the way he was portrayed at the start of this serial, to change, and not to forget all, he was not changing since start, he took some time off in between.

The process of DK Saab's changing is like installing a big software, where it goes fine for some time and then stuck and when it is like 99% done, it is stuck for longer time He got stuck in his 99% and then when the software is installed finally, and then you realize that the software does not work in your OS (Sumitraji) and gives application error (separation and misunderstanding) every time you try to start the application.

Basically DK Saab was shown as an Egoist and Self-centred. I would not say that he lacked respect for women or he was a flirt or a playboy. He was a rich guy and single and many women like Sanya or Porinita Ganguly would want to FASAO him. He never had commitment with anybody in the past but when Sanya was in his life, there was no other women in his life, and he was not even committed to her. He himself tells Disha when she proposes to marry him, "Mere Paas Hazaron Lerkiyan Hai, why would I marry you." Yeah he wanted to have Disha model nude for him but he was a businessman, and he was only following the trend that was going. There would be a lot of other models who would have willingly done it. It was a prestigious company ad. (Well, I can say this definitely seeing the new pop videos from India made in recent times) but he WANTED Disha to do it, because he was arrogant and he wanted only Disha to do it. Just to make it possible, he hurt Disha and her family. At one time, he was even leaving her alone, but it was only after Vijendra Bhonsle came to him and threatens to bring him in roads that he became more aggressive and he showed the character that he was not, as he tells Disha when she goes to meet him at his house at night, he is thankful to Disha that he did not have to stoop any lower, He is not a bad person, but she made him do it. As Vijendra Bhonsle said about him, Thoda Sanki Hai… sahi mein kuch jyada hi sanki tha…

And not respecting woman, I would say when he brings Sanya and she lives with him in his bedroom, he tells Sanya that his only intension of doing that is hurting Disha and making her jealous. BUT.. when in later scene, when Sanya asks him to marry her, he tells her that actually it was her who came to him, he never called her or said he loved her and never promised marriage to her. Even in Pori/DK scene before Vedant sees them, he told same thing to Pori. He never said "I LOVE YOU" to anybody except Disha. And, I think it shows his good character that he is not type of men (we see a LOT in our society) who says "I LOVE YOU" when they do not really mean it, "bus mutlub ki baat hai.. "

3. Turning point in DK's life is definitely getting married to a good person like Disha who changed his life's Disha. "You never know a person unless you live together" and once they come to know each other more and better, they fell in love. DK Saab needed somebody who could bring his good from himself.

He was not money minded, he did a lot of charity work, such as the hospital where Taj was admitted after being hit by Inder and the children's home where he could have make a shopping complex which he had planned already.

The marriage was not a contract. They had a contract, because DK Saigal tells Disha that she will not have any rights over his property and Disha says she is not interested, but DK does not trust her. That was the one point when they decide to have the contract, and according to the contract they do their work in six months and divorce. It was Disha who proposed the marriage, not him.
ManishaRox IF-Dazzler

Joined: 22 March 2005
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Posted: 13 May 2005 at 3:04pm | IP Logged

1) Looks wise I haven't seen anyone like him lol but personaility wise yes some ppl I have come across are a bit like him basically They have 1 or 2 of Dk's quality's but everyone comes in the world with their own form so nope noone exactly like him.

2) To get someone ppl can go to any extent so yes ppl can change for their loved one's as Disha changed DK well because of all her goodness he changed he wanted love and so he changed some ppl change to get something they want. Rand i agree you can only change to some extent. Everyone has a good side but some ppl just try to show their bad side due to their experiences or Ego. DK also has a good side and has changed things in him which are necessary however things such as Temper is Gentic or inherted so you cannot change that.


3) The middle class mentaility of a middle class girl who proved her self to be worthy by challnging her and then Disha marrying him. Basically after marridge the goodness in disha proves worthy for Dk thats what I think

.....Lata..... IF-Dazzler

Joined: 08 February 2005
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Posted: 14 May 2005 at 1:34am | IP Logged

Clap wow samy nice points to ponder upon.

As Nikki said I have not met personally any man like DK. Somehow to me these types are really filmy and hard to find in real life just fictitious characters. But there really are such men, tho phir kya baat hain....Tongue

Love as it is shown in films and serials, kaash sach mein aisa hota.... Confused

And the turning point in DK's life is the moment he saw Disha's snap and she entered his life. Clap.



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