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Credit for this gorgeous  banner goes to Maham (Allbut1)!


Episode take Embarrassed

Today's episode was a feel good one EmbarrassedEmbarrassed .. I loved the the last 5 mins of the episode .. what a beautiful moments between AarYa and kids ... Made me go awww even after the episode Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

AarYa and kids .. a new beginning and a fresh journey together EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Today I will start my take with the last scene  since it was the best of the lot in tonight's episode StarStarStarStarStar...I loved the last scene in particular where Aarti and Yash together try to cheer up the kids and make them believe that the small room is indeed big enough for them to hv all the happy moments together and somewhere the room will give chance to all to come further close to each other EmbarrassedEmbarrassed.. There was a fabulous co-ordination between Yash and Aarti here when both were trying to cheer up the kids together by telling them which corner of the room is going to b their study room or how they r going to paint the walls of the room with each of their favourite colours EmbarrassedEmbarrassed... As husband and wife , this is the first time I see such a beautiful understanding and co-ordination between both whjile trying to bring a smile on the face of their kids EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.. Earlier it was always like either Yash alone is making the efforts for Ansh or we hv Aarti alone making the efforts for PayPal  but today we saw a joint effort from both to cheer up all 3 kids ... The togetherness as a family is what I saw in the last scene which I loved StarStarStarStar..

I loved how all 3 kids jumped on Yash  while playing catch-catch LOLLOL.. Such a natural moment between father and his kids Embarrassed and then the best part was Ansh sticking to his superman papa and saying I will sleep with him and there Payal-Palak sticking to their momma and saying they will sleep with her  Embarrassed and then that emotional understanding look which Yash and Aarti give to each other was soo beautiful to watch Day DreamingDay Dreaming...Yash keeps Ansh close to his heart while lying on the bed whici indicates how Ansh is Yash's life now and Aarti keeps Payal-Palak close to her heart while hugging both which indicates how this staying together in one room will give her ample opportunity to get even more close to Payal and Palak.. awww EmbarrassedEmbarrassed ... It was a wonderful moment between all 5 and somewhere I feel Daddy Scindia's punishment is gonna b a blessing in disguise for Aarti-Yash and the kids since they all will get to strengthen their bond further and come close to each other like never before Big smileBig smile ..

Yash knows his son well EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

I loved the Ansh-Yash moment earlier in the room when Yash convinced Ansh that he will always remain his superman papa who knows all his secrets whether its tieing up his pant ka zip or secretly feeding him ice cream Wink ... awww Divyam-Gurmeet hv such wonderful father-son natural chemistry  ClapClapClap.. Yash understands his son's confusion there about his real papa especially after seeing all the mess yesterday and so Yash was quick to handle Ansh and clear out all his doubts with his lovely words EmbarrassedEmbarrassed ...

Daddy Scindia is hurt and angry since he is a man of principles but as a father he still cares for his son, bahu and grandkids EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Daddy Scindia's punishment is actually a positive one and this tells me that Daddy Scindia does care for Aarti-Yash  even now Embarrassed.. Even though he smartly gives the excuse of how his prestige and self-respect is very important for him and so he does not want them to leave the house but instead they will all stay in one room without keeping any relation with rest of the family , I felt Daddy Scindia is actually doing what he wanted to do long back when Yash brought Aarti back home from Lalitpur Wink... Remember how Daddy Scindia wanted to send them both in outhouse so that both can together spend some quality time to know each other well Tongue.. Today indirectly Daddy Scindia does the same Wink.. Even though this time he does it out of anger and calls it a punishment but somewhere I dont see this like a punishment at all but its just one of his way to tell Aarti and Yash that he is extremely hurt and feeling betrayed Smile...

Mayb Daddy Scindia wants both to actually face all the challenges and difficulties in life together thats going to come now in the form of Prashant and so he deliberately separates both from rest of the family so that Yash alone can take the responsibilities of his wife without depending on his family which will b his real test as a husband and father but at the same time Daddy Scindia made sure that they both hv a secure shelter under their head WinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

Yes Daddy Scindia is extremely hurt and angry on Aarti but somewhere behind his anger , there is a heart of a father too which still cares for his son , bahu and his grand kids Embarrassed...

Vidhi's reaction was disappointing but understandable Ermm

I was disappointed in Vidhi's reaction to Aarti today when she was coming out of Ansh's room and gives a silent cold shoulder to Aarti Ouch,... I can understand that all r hurt with her lies but still she could hv at least spoken some words to her trying to understand her situation Ermm... This time I feel  even the younger generation r angry with Aarti going by Vidhi's reaction Ouch... Having said that I do feel Aarti called for it all Ouch.. Vidhi and everyone must hv expected Aarti to share the truth with them  , so it will take time for all to forgive Aarti here ... Ermm

So Aarti has only Yash's support with her at present  ... Even though Gayatri spoke for Aarti's favour many times but I m not sure if she is genuinely supporting Aarti or its the Pota factor Ermm... 

Yash's ILU confession was heart-touching but I was also expecting a emotional hug today between both ...

Now the part where I felt the disappointment was Yash's ILU to Aarti Ermm .. Even though I loved the emotions and pain in that scene when Yash says those 3 magical words to Aarti for the first time with desire in his eyes and also loved the way Aarti puts her hand on him and her eyes feel all overwhelmed with his confession Embarrassed  but after that I was expecting a emotional hug between both during the same adhoori song sequence itself  but I felt the scene was given a abrupt ending and suddenly shifted to Vidhi  Ouch .. But neverthless I hope in future we get a nice passionate confession from Yash once again in a more happy mode and mayb a hug too which is long pending now .. A passionate hug is what needed between Aarti-Yash I feel EmbarrassedEmbarrassed ..

Even though both r in love right now and even confessed their feelings for each other , but somewhere I feel both r yet to comfortably cross that physical barrier between each other and come close physically Ermm...Even though both already consummated their marriage earlier but we know it happened when both were not in their full senses Ouch .. So while both r in their senses , they r yet to get into that comfort zone with each other in terms of physical intimacy Embarrassed...

I believe this physical intimacy will happen slowly now that both r together and close to each other post ILU confession Embarrassed.. They r still a bit conscious of each other which is evident from the fact that even after ILU , they still continue to address each other with a "Ji" Wink... This "Ji" is a proof that both r yet to achieve that complete comfort level in their relationship especially when it comes to physical aspect of their relationship Ermm.. The day "Ji" goes and its just Yash and Aarti , I guess that will b the day we will see both getting physically intmate with each other too without any hesitation Embarrassed...

Prashant and his dual personality Ermm...

Today's episode gave me the feeling that Prashant has a dual personality when he was watching those photos of Yash-Aarti marriage in anger Ermm..

There is one side of his personality which is plain evil and selfish and so he wants his son as well as wife back by hook or by crook and Taiji's brainwashing act is just making him a devil further Ouch..Then there is another side of his personality which knows that his mother is not wrong either when she asks him to move on in life and forget Aarti-Ansh because they r no longer his family .. Prashant does not argue with Shobha there even when she talks about his second marriage which tells me that Prashant somewhere wants to respect his mother's decision but then the evil side of his right now is overshadowing that good side of his and so he is tilting more towards Taiji's words Ermm...

Precap clearly suggests that he is on the way to become a complete devil now Ouch

Overall a good ending to the week  Thumbs Up,..this week every episode was filled with perfection and so hopefully the trps next week will see a good rise .. fingers crossed Embarrassed

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OMG OMG OMGG!! im getting goosebumps literally Blushing Blushing Day Dreaming

I LOVE YOU AARTI JI!! Day Dreaming

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Yash & Aarti Scindia, two kindred souls who have been destined to be together during each life time...Finally found each other after centuries of searching. 



After going through losing their previous spouses they got married...At first the marriage was for the sake of their mutual children. 



As the months passed by Aarti & Yash grew closer as friends then without realizing when or how, Aarti fell in love with Yash. 



For Aarti Yash was akin to God, she loved him despite the fact that he was still not over his first wife Arpita. But it didn't matter to Aarti cause all she wanted was Yash's happiness. 

During the kids school break they all went to Mumbai on a holiday...Aarti & Yash grew closer on a physical aspect, this was the first time Yash had shown any sign of physical attraction towards Aarti. 


One rainy night they had their Uss Raat, but the next AM the family came back to Bhopal...

But things had changed, Yash was very angry. Whenever Aarti came close to him, Yash would get angrier and his outbursts were frightening.

Not knowing the reason for such drastic change in Yash,  Aarti decided to leave the mansion with her children to protect them from seeing their dad like that...As Aarti was leaving Yash sensed that something was amiss but he didn't realize what he was feeling was his better half going away from him.


Eventually Aarti found out the reason behind Yask's anger and she found out as well that they create a new life...With the reason in hand she went and confronted Yash. 


He wanted to atone for betraying Arpita so he stepped into the ring with a professional boxer. Despite not agreeing with his decision Aarti supported him.


Things went back to normal but not without lots of work from both Aarti and Yash. They continued to grow closer and closer to each other...While they were growing much closer, Aarti's past came back in the form of her ex-husband Prashant. 



Yash got to know a side of Aarti that he never knew, he found out of selfless she is...He got to know that the depth of her love for her loved ones. He had complete trust in her that even when she let in the middle of the KC puja, he never doubting her. When he found her at her parents' house, It just reinforced what he already knew. That her love is unconditional. 


As time passed by Yash those little nuances that used to annoy him about Aarti don't anymore au contrary...I found himself liking them, like when she teases him or leaves the wet towel on the sofa. 



Yash finally realized that he has fallen in love with his beautiful wife, Aarti. He wanted to confess it to her but the day he decided to pour his heart out. He got the shock of his life when he found out that she was a divorcee and that her ex-is Prashant. 


Upon hearing that piece of info, Yash was devastated...Aarti eventually told him the reason why she lie to him...She goes on to tell him that amidst all the lies there is one truth that remain and that is her love for him. 


Aarti decided to tell the family about the lie but she was too late, Prashant and Kaki disclosed it in the worse possible way with the intention of ruining her present. 


Upon finding out about her past SP decides to throw Aarti out the house even after finding out that she lied out of obligation towards her parents.  


Despite him being hurt over the lie, Yash stood and defending his wife letting his father know that he will also go with Aarti because it's his duty as a husband to stand by her even if it means to server all ties with them.   



Aarti & Yash have faced so many hurdles but they no matter what they will always have each other's backs.





Fab title Jyo Clap Heart

A very good episode with evil intentions still lurking around Clap Clap 

It commences with Yash telling Aarti that he doesn't wanna see anything in her eyes but him not even tears while Yeh Dil Hai (Duet version) plays in the background...Aarti tells Yash that she is very proud of him and happy to know that the heart that is capable of forgiving such huge lie has a place for her in it...aww those two are so made for each other, they both have huge hearts Embarrassed Heart

Aarti asks Yash if she could ask him something, he tells her to go ahead...the former asks the latter to please say those three magical words that his eyes and heart cream at her but he has never said it out loud to her...Yash puts his hands on her shoulders and says " I Love You Aartiji", they have a very intense eyelock while the Song "O Saiyyan" plays in the background...they are very lost in each other's eyes, Aarti places her hands on Yash's shoulders as well...She is very overwhelmed...ooh well he didn't need alcohol, poem nor any big surprise to utter those three words that will give her strength and help them grow closer and keep their children happy Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming

Vidhi comes to the kids' room where a very confused Ansh is sitting on the bed, she goes and hugs him...The little one asks her if Prashant is his real dad not knowing what to respond she turns to leave and collides with AarYa who are standing at the door...Vidhi gives Aarti an accusatory look and leaves...Ahh I understand that you are hurt Vidhi but seriously after Aarti saved you from going to jail, instead of trying to understand that she was doing what her parents asked her to do but I understand where you're coming from and so does Aarti Ouch Cry Smile

Yash goes to Ansh and asks him who's his superhero?  and who took part in the race and made him win? the latter replies "You", the former goes on to ask him who takes him for ice cream, he says "U" and Yash tells him that now he knows the answer...Ansh tells him I love you papa and they hug while an emotional Aarti is looking on at the father-son bonding...Aww that was a very cute bonding moment between father and son, I've always loved they deep bond those two share and now with P lurking around that bond is only gonna get stronger Big smile Embarrassed

Yash asks Ansh to go and join PayPal who are in the living room, he obliges and leaves the room...Yash tells Aarti let's them go, she gives the children's room one last look and proceeds to follow Yash who has their bags...My heart was breaking when Aarti stood there watching the room for a last time Unhappy Cry

The entire family is gathered in the living room, Gayatri is uncontrollably crying...Aarti & Yash come with their bags, Yash tells them that he is sorry that he will have to leave them and that it was never his intentions to make them angry but he can't ignore his responsibilities towards Aarti therefore he has to go...He picks up the bags just then SP stops him...Poor Gayatri she was the only one who couldn't control her emotions, she was just crying the thought of her son, DIL and grandchildren being away from her was killing her...I said it but will say it again, G3 loves her DIL not because she is pregnant she genuinely loves her Cry Cry 

SP says that he is well known in Bhopal and they respect him but Aarti has shredded their reputation and now Yash wants to leave giving them another chance to mar their reputation..SP sarcastically goes on to tell Yash that he has made him proud today, that he earned more respect than money and that he can't allow them leave and be the laughing stock of the town shocking AarYa...tsk tsk tsk SP why were you so sarcastic, your son did make you proud...You've installed some great values in him but who can't ask him to agree with you when he knows that his wife did what she did because she was fulfilling her duties as a daughter Ermm 

Everyone is happy upon hearing the news but it is short lived when SP tells Yash that they will break all relations with him, his wife and his children...He continues to say that they will live on the upper floor and they will have no contact with anyone on the ground floor leaving the rest of the family shocked and the three angels holding on to each others' hands...Their happiness won't affect them nor will Yash's family participate in their happiness, he says that they will live as strangers and if anyone dare tries to maintain contact with Aarti and Yash...SP will break all tie with that person, Gayatri is devastated while the rest of the family is shell shocked even boa...AarYa look at each other as well at their children...Aww SP I don't know how long that's gonna last cause I can tell you one thing the ground floor is gonna miss the upper floor within a few hours plus there's that thing call cell phones Wink Wink...I wonder if G3 isn't gonna fall ill cause all that crying isn't good for her Ouch Ouch

At the Dubeys, Prashant is looking at AarYa's wedding pictures and is fuming...Kaki comes and says that Yash is their biggest enemy and that he has ruing the game for them, she goes on to say that Yash hated Aarti days ago but now he stands with her...Seriously Prashant why are you mad looking at those wedding picture? You were the one that told her that you wishes her all the best in her marital life when she came to see you at the temple before her wedding...Plus wasn't you the one that told her that she would yearn for her husband's love well who is yearning now??? Evil Smile Evil Smile Evil Smile 

Shobha comes and says he who stands by during adverse times is a true life partner, Kaki asks her if she is out of her min...the former thanks the latter for taking the step that she did, she says because of her she doesn't have to worry about Aarti cause Yash is with her...Shobha goes on to say that the family may be against them today but together they will maturely win over their hearts and bring the family back together...Clap Clap Well said Shobha we did warn kaki not to mess with AarYa cause whomever tries to keep them apart only bring them closer together just ask boa Tongue LOL LOL

Shobha turns to P and tells him that she and Dubey have thought about P and that he should start his life afresh just like Aarti, Prashsant gets up off the chair furiously...Just as he's abut to leave Shobha stops him, she tells him that that past can only give him wounds so it's best for him to move on...Shobha goes on to say that P would find that life isn't that bad if he tries to start his own family again, she tells him that her and Dubey as his parents only want what is best for him...Dubey is MIA again? hmmm wonder what he is up to?? Confused Tongue Shobha is still holding on hope that P can change, oh well a mother will always want what is best for her child.

Kaki tells P not to fall for Shobha's words cause if she wanted what is best for him she wouldn't have gotten Aarti remarried, let her leave the house and him begging for his rights...Shobha says that her son may have committed a mistake but he is not a person who would settle his life on someone else's unhappiness, Prashant doesn't say anything and leaves...Hmmm looks like there will be push and pull thing going on with Shobha, P & Kaki...on one side he will have the devil and on the other an angel...Kaki is one crazy woman she needs to stop with her nonsense before P does something that he can't take back Angry Angry Angry

On the upper floor at the SM...AarYa's family are standing at the door, the kids don't like it...Palak isn't happy and asks if they are gonna stay there? Ansh says it's weird, the kids enter and go sit on the bed...Yash looks at Aarti and signals her to follow his lead. Yash tries to cheer the kids up by talking about how they can decorate the room themselves, Aarti joins him and says that side of the can be red, the other side pink and the other yellow...ha a pink, red and yellow room now I really hope we get an episode with the family painting all together Big smile Embarrassed Embarrassed

Yash goes on to say that they will put the study table over by the window where they will have a great view, Yash then engage Aarti into a game of catch, the latter call the kids to join in they all have a great laugh...The kids catch Yash and they all fall on top of him, PayPal say they wanna sleep with Aarti while Ansh says he wanna sleep with Yash...Aarti hugs the girls while Yash does the same with Ansh, Aarti looks at Yash who give her a reassuring look...Aww that was a beautiful family moment Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed...The pain and the sadness in her eyes she was asking herself why did her kids had to get punish for her mistake? Cry Cry Cry But I love the reassuring look Yash gave her to let her know that everything is gonna be alright Heart Heart Heart 

PRECAP: Prashant says that he wants Ansh back at any cost...Pffttt seriously P what are you going to do kidnapped Ansh??? or give false information in order for you to take Aarya to courts??? Please didn't you see that Ansh didn't even acknowledge you when kaki told him that you weer his dad cause that sweet little one knows who his dad is and it AIN'T YOU Evil Smile Evil Smile Evil Smile

Kratika Sengar and Gurmet Choudhary were amazing as ever Star Star Star...The ILU scene could have had a nice hug but that's okay I loves the emotions in that scene, the love, passion and overwhelming feeling in Aarti upon hearing those words Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

Chetan Pandit was great as well as Vineet Clap Clap

A fabulous way to end the awesome week we've had...can't wait for what's in store for us next week Big smile

Have a wonderful weekend Lovelies!!! HugHugHug

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Kya title hain Jyo...ClapClap

TongueTongueYash Life time Decision and Upcoming Changes in Yash-Aarthi Life EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

What a woman always wish for...What a Woman's happiness lies in...Exactly the husband love , support and standing for each other...When a wife gets all these things from a husband...She will and she has to cross all her sorrows in the world and can acheive any challenges in life..Why marriages in not only in india and every country , every place..divorce occurs...Mainly and majority of the people says lack of understanding...Lack of time they spend for each other...Yash and Aarthi not only the hero-heroine for scindia family who not only supported every one but also stand as a whole for every problem to give  a solution...But if we are in papa scindia position...If we loved and trusted our bahu...then we might be extreme too on aarthiji...But as Yash said..."You can leave the ties from aarthiji as a bahu"..But i being her husband...who made life long vow with her on the marriage day..How can i leave and not understand her...Yash really salute to this man...When the most time aarthi needed him..He not only stood as a saviour...But also proved...Even though ours is Punar vivah..We love each other...We will stand for each other and come what may...We wont seperate  ourself...Every couple must learn from our yash about the meaning of sacred and pure marriage rite...

Perfect expression was captured with not only was filled with shock but how much they love aarthiji was potrayed..CryCry

Yash the way of respecting his parents was keenly picturized in ansh too...Elders used to say..."if a father/mother character is arrongant kind of or some attitude problem...It would reflect their son/Daughter...But yash proved its not a good thought...Its all the way how we shape our children and how we get along with them by teaching them good manners...Yash really bringing up ansh with his character..We can really see a good father-son similarities in future...Prashanth in his deep heart knows aarthi and ansh would never come from yash...Just because yash was silent he took him for granted...But everything has a limit...Yash proved his wife and his son..No matter what..Whatever wrong or right they do..I will help them to come out of it...Ansh is the best after his father yash in yesterday episode..He just obeys what his cute papa yash says him...Its all because of yash who is teaching and shaping him up...

Finally yash decided there is no point in arguing for his aarthiji and its time for him to shower and show his responsiblities as a husband and a father of three kids...If my aarthiji is to be punished, i am her better-half ...I must also enjoy it and take part in punishment...What a man he is...Husband-Wife relationship exists not only in happiness getting shared...In sorrows their relationship gets stronger more...yash really proved it...Yash father knowing his adamant nature and sticking to his commitment...gave the punishment to yash too...Only time will give answers and realize aarthi's situation...This is the mantra yash was with and decided to start a new fresh life with his aarthji..

Finally after so much of drama and sorrows in arya life..Yash got the most beautiful comment to propose the three magical words to his lovable aarthiji...Prashanth would he keep his mouth shut thinking of his loosing ansh and aarthi?Definetly he cannot seperate arya..But ansh yes next comes the rights on his bilogical son...When yash is not able to tolerate taygi going to take ansh..How will he tolerate prashanth going to do a custody battle...Worth watching right???Its time and Yash-aarthi new life relationship..where we can say newly romantic and deep love moments..Letc how yash-aarthi going to start their small store room journey with same and constant love...After all its their remarriage to the society who will prove...Marriage is a commitment and more than any relationship..

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Since yesterday was the real evolution of Mr.Yash Scindia's character as the ideal husband for Aarti and ideal father for Ansh ... so here are few of his dialogues along with pics from yesterday's episode which I m sure will b remembered for long  Day DreamingDay Dreaming...

Post in main forum Embarrassed

Yash's Words that will be remembered for long :D

When Yash tells his father "I agree Aarti made a mistake for which u want to punish her .. but in the name of punishment , asking her to get out of the house is unfair father ..what sort of punishment is this ... Aarti is not just bahu of this house but she is my wife and my kids ka mother too .. how can I let this happen " Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming... Gurmeet's voice modulation of a respectful matured son yet firm with his decision of supporting his wife was simply flawless ClapClapClap...

When Yash tells Bua " Aarti is not just any woman but my Wife and mother of my kids .. keep this in mind before telling anything to her " Thumbs Up,... Once again Gurmeet's firm and strong voice modulation here while blasting Bua's thoughts was flawless ClapClapClap

When Yash blasts off Taiji and Prashant by telling them that " Ansh is going nowhere ..leave his hand .. he is my son .. Ansh Yash Scindia and noone can dare to take away my son from me ..if anyone dares to separate my son from me , then I m not leaving that personThumbs Up .. While saying this , just notice the rage coming out of Gurmeet's eyes there while looking at Prashant and Taiji ... he finally emerges out as the rough and tough angry young man for his Son Ansh and wife Aarti ApproveClapClapClapClap...

When Yash looks at Aarti and tells everyone that  " If Aarti is given this punishment , then I will b part of this punishment too even if it means breaking all ties with my family " ClapClap... Yash's soft spoken words thus making Aarti feel all overwhelmed was so perfectly portrayed by Gurmeet here ClapClapClapEmbarrassed...

In bedroom while packing when Aarti tells Yash that its my punishment which I deserve , why r u punishing yourself for me , Yash's reply to Aarti is " Staying away from u is no less than a punishment for me Aarti ji Cry  , I know my parents r extremely hurt right now and leaving them is not a easy decision either but Aarti ji , while doing this punarvivah we promised to each other to always stand in each other's support in times of crisis , so how can I not fulfill this promise today when I finally realised that your heart and soul is always with me and this marriage and its not just a compromise for u " EmbarrassedEmbarrassed.. Even single confession of Yash here was filled with immense love for his Aarti ji and Gurmeet's soft romantic voice modulation in this scene was mashallahhh Embarrassed...

Yash then wipes off Aarti's tears with his own hand for the first time and tells her that " From now onwards there is no place for anyone in your eyes , except me .. not even those tears ... I just want to see myself in your eyes Aarti ji " EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed... Yash's seductive voice modulation here showing all the possessiveness and passion towards Aarti was so fabulously done by Gurmeet ClapClapClapEmbarrassed... After hearing this dialogue , u dont really want to hear a ILU since this is more than just a mechanical ILU EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

About the precap ILU ... Well wont dissect it now .. but will wait for tonight's episode WinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Till yash is not inviting himself to confess his love..Since his aarthiji wished...he is saying..what  a sharam ka ladka naaEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Posted: 04 January 2013 at 9:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by anonee

They have no time for CONS they have to pack their stuff and the kids stuff, find a place to do cons and vamoose out of SM before running into SP again!!  Send your address to them via IF - they may come and move in with you for a LEMONNY stay. 

omg omg!!! not a bad idea!! i shall do it!! ROFL

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