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Kriyansh ss- honge juda na hum # Updated # Ch 14 - 80 # (Page 71)

AimanAsim Senior Member

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update !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Heyo Folks
I m back with a update that too after a long time
Hope everyone would like it
It may be a short coz I am having exams but next update would be on 17 aug till then bear with this.

Update 13

kria was startled by his presence behind her she was literally cursing that moment when she agreed to apply that damn mehndi on her hands "universi ji Why me humehsa mujhe aise situation mein kyun phaaste ho aap arghh"

"universe ji ne achha khaasa hubby diya hai phir bhi unhe hi pareshaan karti ho kabhi unhe bhi apni wifey ke saath time spend karne do" he whispered in her ears making her jump at her place.

His hot breaths touching her neck were sending shivers down her spine all she wanted to do was run away from there"aaj toh tumhare haathon mein mehndi hai romance mein koi disturbance nahi hoga"

kria had a tinge of blush on her face but she covered up soon sensing the mehndi girl staring at her smilingly "tumhe jo kaam diya wo karo" she ordered her.

she was having hard time controlling hereself her breath was getting uneven with his every action soon he slipped his hands on her waist making her jump on her place.

"sorry" she muttered meekly and turned to gave him a glare who was dangerously close to each other their lips were just mm apart. for a moment they were lost in each other travelling to their world of love. 

when they were having their LLHH session swayam clicked their pics bring ing them back to earth. kria was embrassed to core and she just looked away her cheeks red like tomato and rey he was all f9 with it.

"besharam inko toh kisi cheez ki parwah hi nahi" kria glared at him irritated with cool behaviour.

"waah kya romance chal raha hai hum wahan bore ho rahe the aur yahan alag hi film chal rahi hai kyun guys" vicky soke teasingly and they all sat surrounding kriyansh.

kria just looked at the sky and thought in her mind "bas yahi bach gya tha universe ji"

"rey not done atleast humein bhi bula liya hota hum bhi hode mazze kar lete" nil  remarked.

"teri khud ki gf hai na toh phir kya problem hai faltu mera romance kharab karne chale aaye" rey muttered the last words under his breath but it didn't went unheard by kria who in turn gave him a glare.

"btw kria kiska naam likhwaya apni mehndi mein" sharon winked at her and kria in turn just begged her to stop this.

"maine toh ma'am se poocha but unhone bataya hi nahi kiska naam likhna hai" mehndi girl spoke looking at kria.

"I told you to write my name sunai nahi deta kya" kria spoke at her angrily.

but before she could speak further rey started making random designs on her stomach giving her goosebumps. she gave him a glare but it seems as if he wasn't even looking at her.

there the whole gang was enjoying a lot teasing each other and pulling each other legs and in that while sharon told the mehndi girl to write reys's name on kria's hand and kria was so busy in hereself that she didn't noticed this and soon the girl was done with her work. 

she got up to leave when kria stopped her"tumne mera naam toh likha hi nahi" she searched for her name in the mehndi.

"apne husband se kahiyega wo dhund denge" and the girl walked away quickly to avoid the erupting volcano.

"husband huh how can she say that I m still single" she spoke dazed while others they all were having a teasing smile on their face but choose to ignore.

"guys yeh kaisi mehndi koi dance nahi kitna boring lets do something interesting kuch mast kartein hain" simmi said excitedly.

"dumb charades khelein" neha spoke but soon her plan was cancelled as everyone said big no. 

while the whole gang was busy arguing what to do they were two people who were busy in their own self. rey was busy iritating kria who was having hard time keeping her composure.

she couldn't keep calm so long so finally she turned to look at him with pleading eyes to stop this deadly torture of him. just his mere touch was making butterlies flutter in her stomach. her heart was doing somersaults.

rey was once again lost in her eyes and why won't he be when two beautiful hazel eyes lined with kohl look at you pleadingly, you cannot help but to agree to them.

He whispered in her ears "fine I'll leave you now but what do I get in return to that" 

"whatever you say I would do that" she spoke hesistantly knowing that she might have to pay for it later but that moment getting away from him was more important coz she hereself didn't knew what would happen if they were like that for few more minutes.

"you sure you won't deny later on" he asked for a assurance afterall it was going to be long night after that.

"promise, now please leave me" she pleaded to him calming down her nerves.

"I love you baby" and finally he removed his hands and kria was breathing heavily taking long breaths calming herself.

"kria you fine na kya hua" rinni asked her seeing her in that state whereas rey he chuckled hearing that.

"ya... ya me fine guys just tired of sitting here I'll be back in just  a minute" she avoided further question and walked away hurriedly.

rey smiled at her retreating form disappear " yeh mehndi tumhe humesha yaad rahegi baatcutter tumhari mehndi ka rang sabse zyada ghehra hoga just wait n watch".

"wow di aapki mehndi kitni pretty lag rahi hai and uska colour bhi kitna dark hai iska matlab jiju aapse bohut pyaar karte hain" neha teased arohi who intur blushed hearing that compliment.

"kyun nahi hogi neha afterall humare bro bhabhi se bohut bohut zyada pyaar kartein hain kyun bhai" swayam teased him.

"bilkul tum logon ko koi shaq hai kya ismein main toh apni wifey se khoob dher saara pyaar karta hun" he hugged her saying that and arohi see was just blushing hearing all this.

"yeh kria kahan hai kabse usse dekha nahi" arsh enquired.

"wo mehndi lagwa rahi hai" anamya spoke.

"mehndi wo bhi kria" both yuvi and arsh shreiked at the same time giving a mini heart attack to all those people present there.

"haan toh ismein itna chillane ke baat kya hai mehndi lagwa rahi hai kisika murder nahi karne gyi" trisha spoke giving a obvious look.

"trisha sayad tum bhul rahi ho tum kiski baat kar rahi ho kritz ki jisko inn sab cheezon se nafrat hai" yuvi spoke still suprised.

"I wonder iss ladki ko kuch zarur hogya hai warna wo aur mehndi" arsh spoke to himself.

"kuch nahi hua meri saali sahiba ko wo bilkul theek hain aut tum dono yeh alien jaisi baatein band karo and dare you guys teased her chodunga nahi tum logon ko main" arjun warned them.

"wo mauka hum kaise chod dein jiju aise mauke bohut kam aate hain aane do usko bohut mazza aayega" yuvi hi-fied with arsh.

there the whole gang including arsh and yuvi were making plans to irritate kria and there the beautiful girl hereself was agitated.

"aah kyun pehni eh saari upar se yeh mehndi ab isse theek kaise karun aur rey unhone aur mera kaam badha diya" kria was talking to herself struggling with her saree.

"kaise pin up karun isse, aise toh main bahar bhi nahi jaa sakti aur kisiko bula bhi nahi sakti mera phone bhi wahin chut gyya" 

"thanks universe ji ab finally iski phone ki ghanti mera romance kharab nahi karegi" rey was leaning on the door smiling seeing his baatcutter go crazy.

He slowly walked towards her taking small stpes whereas she was busy in herself  cursing the damn mehndi and her saree but soon she sensed a persistent gaze on her back.

as soon as she turned she dashed into him, and she was about to fall when his hands instantly wrapped around her waist protecting her and she couldn't even resist or else her mehndi would be spoiled. as her hazel eyes settled at her and for a moment they were lost in each other forgetting the world.

he was holding her delicately as if she is a petal soft and sober and she was just staring into his eyes cutely as if saying "when I look into your eyes the world seems alright".

soon realisation dawnedupon kria and she struggled to come out of his strong and yet a frim grip but he was standing their still holding her as if she is his.

"rey pls leave me" her melodious voice rang in to his ears and for once he forgot the whole world and his grip loosened on her but before she could come out of it he was back on track.

"not so soon sweetheart its rarely that I get to romance with my wifey and I m not so mean to let it go" he smiled at her mischievously and kria had her eyes wide as saucers.

he leaned forward and she half closed her eyes in anticipation and he smiled at her cuteness. he kissed her eyelids sending shivers down her spine. she was barely able to speak the words got stuck in her lungs.

His eyes took a lavish tour down her cleavage arousing various emotions in him. he planted a sweet kiss on her nose tip and she twitched her nose in anger and he just shrugged off his shoulder smiling at her.

He slowly planted a kiss to the corner of her lips and she just bit them in nervousness. she was having hard time controlling her emotions and he was having a great time enjoying her facial expressions.

he travelled down her neck planting wet kisses and she was moaning in anticipation. he bit at the collar bone giving a love bite marking her as his and she just couldn't do anything.

"rey pls" thats all she could mutter and he continued his torture she couldn't just pull him up and he won't give up so easily.

"yes sweetheart you wanted to say something" he whispered in her ears very well knowing what she wanted but this time he wnted her to take the step forward.

he again kissed at the corner of her lips whereas she moved her  face to catch his lips but soon her left her making her stand firm and she stood dazed thousands of emotions flowing in her. he very quickly pined her dupatta and left smiling thinking of the consequences.

kria was standing there cursing him now she badly wanted him and when I say badly then imagine her conditions to  worst than ever. she walked out calming her nerves and her beating heart which was beating abnormally.

"lo ey aagaya tu kahan tha abse dhund rahe hai tujhe" swayam asked teasingly.

"wo bas ek call pick kar raha tha" rey replied very well knowing the meaning of his words.

"rey tumne kria ko kahin dekha kya" sharon enquired.

he nodded his head in negation rofling inside and thats when kria came holding her lehanga carefully and she looked angelic once again. the sounds of her anklet attracted his attention and he turned to look at her who was literally galring at him.

"kritz kahan thi tu" arsh asked her helping her to climb the stage.

"kuch nhi bhai wo bas ye mehndi chudane gyi thi" she showed him the mehndi when all the girls looked at her teasingly.

"wow kria tumhari mehndi ka colour kitna dark hai" rinni exclaimed.

"iska matlab meri behna ko bade pyaar karne wala husband milega" arohi teased her looking at rey who was just admiring his baatcutter.

"di aisa kuch nahi" kria spoke irritatedly.

"aisa nahi toh kaisa hai kritz tumne mehndi lagwa liya kaise" yuvi enquired her suspiciously.

"ask her its all becoz of her" she pointed to anamya who was smiling too.

"tu toh kisi ki baat jaldi nahi sunti aaj kaise sun liya" yuvi's words were irritating her.

"itna dimaag tu apne kaam mein lagaya kar samjha aur mehndi laga liya toh ab meri jaan loge kya" kria spoke irritatedly and rey he was enjoying this.

"achha bas meri saali sahiba ko irritate mat karo" arjun supported her.

" dekh lo jiju sab mujhe kitna pareshaan kar rahe hain" she pouted and rey was again lost in her.

" achha bas jiju ki pyaari chal tujhse kuch kaam hai" and yuvi dragged her along before she could even interrogate him followed by trisha.

everyone else was wondering what were they upto when music started and the trio appeared on the stage ready to burn it.

P.S: Imagine varun as yuvi, Ileana as kria and nargis as trisha. I can't explain the whole sequence.


Ishq mein tere, announce kar diya
Ho tere liye dil kudiyon ka bounce kar diya

Haaye Ishq mein tere, announce kar diya
O tere liye dil kudiyon ka bounce kar diya
Bechain sa hota jaaun
Par main ye samajh na paaun
Main jaagun, mere bin tu kaise so jaati
Shanivaar raati humein neend nahi aati
Shanivaar raati humein neend nahi aati
Shanivaar raati humein neend nahi aati
Shaniwaar raati humein neend nahi aati
Main jaagun, mere bin tu kaise so jaati
ta da da da... oye.. ta da da da... oye!

Shanivaar raati humein neend nahi aati
Shanivaar raati humein neend neend neend neend...

11 baje se 12 baje hain
Sab so gaye, mere naina tere bin hai khulle
Shaniwar raati mainu neend nahi aati
Total 1600 taare maine gin gin hai daale
Main toh jaagta hoon rehta
Jaane kaise tu so jaati
Shaniwar raati mainu neend nahi aati

Dheere dheere pyar mein tarakki ho gayi
Tere sang baat meri pakki ho gayi

O tu jo mili din mein sitaare chamke
Ladki tu mere liye lucky ho gayi

By God main kahoon
Tere saath main rahoon
Seh loon koi faasla, teri doori na sahun

Tu aaye na milne toh haaye meri jaan jaati
O jaati, haan jaati, oye jaati, oye jaati..
... oye... oye...

Shanivar rati humein neend nahi aati
Shanivar rati humein neend nahi aati

Jaise-taise hafte ke din 6 kate
Din aaya saatva to lene laga karvate

Shaam saadhe saat baje khwahish jage
Saadhe aath hote hote dil na lage
Time waste na kar, Seedhe aaja tu idhar
Bada kiya intezaar, ab hota na sabar
Ab thodi si bhi deri haaye meri jaan jalaati
jalaati jalaati jalaati...
Ta da daaun daun... oye... hoye!

Shanivaar rati humein neend nahi aati
Shanivaar rati humein neend nahi aati
Main jaagun, mere bin tu kaise so jaati
Shaniwar rati humein neend nahi aati..

oye oye...
neend neend neend neend
I can not sleep!

the whole arena was filled with applause and someone was out their burning in jealousy "iski khud ki gf hai phir bhi meri gf ko nahi chodta".

"so jiju kaisi lagi humari performance" kria asked him.

"thank you kritz I so love you" he hugged her when rey glared at him and he left her instantly and kria could actually sense that.

eveyone else praised her except rey who was not even sparing her a look. soon kria's cell ranged up and she excused to pick up the call and rey followed her.

do like and comment 

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awesome update
update soon
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awesomeee partSmile
lovedd itttSmile
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Amazing update
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Amazing update... Simply loved it :)!!!!!!

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