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||celebrating Arjun Purvi/AshVik one year journey|

Huma- IF-Sizzlerz

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Let's take a look Down memory lane..1 year ago ,exactly on 9th of January 2012 we were to witness something that would never forget..some real magic on screen two amazingly Talented people two performers whom we saw in diff shows, were brought together.. Rithvik Dhanjani & Asha negi 

we know Rithvik From his previous show Pyaar ki yeh Ek khaani hai, which made him an overnight sucess with his portrayal of Jeh..

Asha negi we saw in BLAH.. both shows made under the banner of Balaji telefilms. Ekta saw the same talent in them that as viewers saw and she decided to cast them together to carry forward the leap in her long running show Pavitra Rishta ..And history and magic were indeed created.This awesome couple He , the handsome hunk ans she, the stunning beauty set our screens on Fire the moment they shared screenspace together...

Arjun & purvi share something together that we hav never seen Before in the entertainment industry and their dynamic chemistry is mesmerizing.It manages to balance a passinonate undertone, but at the same time contain a quietness and subtlety that are stunning to wintness.

There is something  truly special. &indeed indescribable, at least to us that Rithvik &Asha bring to the screen together. there are times where they speak and it is as if there is nobody else in the world

''it is when the two Actors are Brought together that the magic happens. it is a rare thing when the romentic Leads have the chemistry the story  Demands 
them to hav these two do.

Pavitra Rishta is most engaging when Rithvik &Asha are on onscreen together, Not just from of the power their scenes hav, but Coz of the way they portray the evolution of their relationship.Every single interaction between the two is unique & esp. their power lies in spontaneity, emotions reined with a natrual  depiction which can pierce the hearts of the viewers.

Cvs of PR haven't given enough screen presence together for long, they are hardly two months together, even after the cvs hav separated ArVi their fans waits & long for their reunion hoping against hope.

Today is 1 year of Arvi we Would like to Thank Rithvik Asha together for giving us such a beautiful time of Arvian moments together, more than anything else through ArVi AshVik we have long lasting friendship across the globe.It's the power of Arvi AshvIk that binds us together. So thank you once again  FOr being the common Ground for our beautiful friendship and  forging a good community defying caste, culture, religion & boundries.

Cricket can't even bring India n pakistan together but rvi Ashvik brings indo pak as one. Coz of ArVI Ashvik Indo n pak are unitedBig smile
PRcan really take into more heights if they Could weave a very realstic story for these two couples not jusy the romentic scene, I hope cvs takes thei jobs seriously not just dragging Story for the sake of drama.

Missing ArVi like never before, Today remembering the first encounter of our beloved couple a year ago and making our Heart yearns for even more and shedding tears over seeing the current situation in PR.

LOads of Love from Ria  & Huma Hug

& esp thanks to Mandy, Aru ,Esha singh , Archu di, Peach ,Shailee & big wala thanks to our darling eshu for da Stunning bannerHeart

One year ArVi/AshVik Journey VM by Esha(eshaaax3.)

love u EshuuHug

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                                          FEEL FREE TO USE 
                                         Eshaaax3 Creation!


                             Kesha's creations!

Neha &Veno's Creation!

Alicia's Creation!

             Nandu's Creations!





LOL LOL"How It's For ArVians In ArVi's FIrst HeartArgumentative ConversationHeart"Embarrassed Embarrassed


            Made By Ash abhi laurie Archana Jyothi Vila Bee jhanvi



                Sheena's Creation!

Anee's Creation

                                                Ruchika's Creations

                       Megha's Creation!

                             Sabrina's creation!

                          Nimra's Creation!

                  Sonal's Creation!

                                               By Arpita

                                                  Sakshi's creation!

                                 Jia's Creation!


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Huma- IF-Sizzlerz

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congratulations to ARVI for completing a beautiful one year..! both RITHVIK & ASHA r superb actors and their awesome on-screen and off-screen chemistry make us fall for ARVI more.Their different and unique love-story attracts me the most.Today they r not together but i believe in their love which definately make them together one day.LOVE ARVI/ASHVIK Heart

Arjun to Purvi:
Ask my eyes to stop looking at you...Ask my brain to stop thinking of you...Ask my imagination to stop thinking of you...Ask my heart to stop beating...Ask me everything...But don't u ever stop me from loving you
One year has passed since this magical jodi stepped into the Dream World.Together they have captivated many and won millions of hearts.Congratulations to Arvi for completing one year and congratulations to the actors  RITHVIK & ASHA  who portrayed these lovers with so much ease.
What a glorious day
When our souls intertwined and our hearts danced together.
When you flowed in me and a flower blossomed inside.
When a heart began to beat
Life awoke from sleep ...

Seems like yesterday when Purvi and Arjun came into our lives and from the time these two characters interacted with each other, we could all sense a sparkling chemistry brewing which finally turned into magic. Arjun and Purvi aka Arvi has become a part of out lives, their initial fights, confusions, emotional turmoils, their love and currently their separation and sadness, all of it has made us fall in love with them and its all because of the hard work and dedication put in by RITHVIK & ASHA. Thank you to both of you for creating such memorable characters which will always have a special and irreplaceable place in our hearts. You two have been awesome all through the year and we hope this amazing journey continues (hopefully by uniting Arjun and Purvi ) in the coming year as well.

ArviAsharocks (Alicia)
A year ! Shocked
Time flies so fast when you're having fun and falling in love with this jodi more and more each passing second Embarrassed And not only did they complete a year but they also managed to steel hearts around the world Heart And of course thank you soo much to  RITHVIK & ASHA for giving us one of the best jodis ever in Indian Television Smile
Love you loads ArVi/AshVik

WanderingBeauty: (sheena)
The chemistry of an angry young man and the stubborn headstrong girl has always been old but  addicting. But in a show which mainly thrived on sacrifices and tears, the pair brought in a breath of fresh air. You entered our lives as Arjun and Purvi but soon became ArVi-a fairytale couple which took our heart away! It was the famous 'shiv-mandir' scene which glued us to you and the confessions scene made us root for you. We smiled for you, we cried with you, we dreamt of you, we drooled over you, to sum it up-we fell in love with you which went on increasing with every passing day. People who came between your love became our enemies and the ones who supported you were our closest well-wishers! Not every love story is a magical one, but this one surely is and we love you for that! We are always with you and love you no matter what! A Big Thank you to AshVik for making the pair of ArVi magical for us. May the eternal love ArVi continue to blossom for many more years to come.

Shruti deshmukha:
All the memories have brightened again. The same day has come again.It feels nice to think again about all Romantic n Happy scenes...The way you love us, The way you come in our lifes wish the journey should never be end Till we die. Thanks for making the Arvians Love u a lotsss...mmmuuuaaahhaaa ...
Happy 1st Anniversary...

Ashviluverrr;( Jago)
Happy Anniversary ArVi...PartyDancing
Thankyou for this awesome one year we have spent watching u..(ArVi)...!
We love u guys..!!
love ArVi a lot & ArVi is the sole reason that I watch PR, ArVi's love story was so innocent,cute yet so beautiful..they captured a lot of hearts including mine..
I'm really very proud that that i m an diehard ArVian/AshVikian..!!
Thanks to RITHVIK & ASHA  ..they have put life to characters of Arjun and purvi..!
know that ArVi are not together at the moment..but They are definately going to end up together...we still have so much faith in our ArVi..!!

Anastasia Ramkeesoon;
Congratulations to my favourite on screen couple, Arvi for making a year acting together...May you continue to be as successful as you are now...All the best for the future!

Sakshi Maggo:

congrats ASHA & RD 4 completing one year guys my day starts with ashvik nd ends with ashvik u guys r now part of my life thanx 4 giving us such a beautiful relationship nd such a pure defination of love arjun purvi world best couple nd ASHA & RD awesome guys love uuu muuahhzzz

Nandi Sumann:(Nandu.s)
First of all wanna say alot of thanx and Love to ASHA & RD  to make Arjun and Purvi,Awesome ArVi for us ! !
ArVi,I didn't get it first but when I watched online the previous episodes before the Love Blossoms, actually I became an ArVian from 23rd February 2012 episodes Precap and I say It's Magical Love Just wanna Congratz to Every ArVian in this world
Happy Anniversary or Happy ArVi First Argumentation guys

Priyanka Selena:
happy 1 year anniversary together on screen and wish to see them many more years together on screen as well off screen 2 , n wish them alot of sucess ,and happness ,keepsmiling,goodbless Heart

ASHA and Rithvik have brought to life the characters of Arjun and Purvi for their fans. They have portrayed ArVi beautifully - their fervent and natural chemistry being the icing on the cake.

ArVi's love story covers romance in a charming and unique manner. We've loved, laughed and cried with them. We have even fought for them!

They have faced many hurdles to get each other and have separated right now, but come what may, ArVi are meant to be together. To use a quote from Good Will Hunting -

"It doesn't matter if the guy is perfect or the girl is perfect, as long as they are perfect for each other."

ArVi will always be special to their fans, for bringing joy to us with their trysts, the rain soaked conversations, their banter and the various obstacles they have faced and overcome. It's made us root for them always!

It was on 9januari 2012 when i saw arjun and purvi together was arvi first meeting and i fall in love with arvi,and today 9januari 2013 one year past and i still love arvi,in one year arvi shared so many magical moments ,heartfelt emotions as well.i woke up each morning smilling knowing that arvi is a part of my life,and i realize hou much i love arjun and purvi. Happy 1 year anniversary arjun and purvi

Thank u Asha and Rithvik for giving us the beautiful couple Arjun and Purvi a.k.a ArVi...the two of you together brought life to these characters and made us all fall in love with ArVi...thanks a lot once again for giving us ArVi and AshVik...<33 Love ArVi/AshVik Forever<33 
n congratulations to Arvians on the !st anniversary of our beloved ArVi...hope we celebrate many6 more anniversaries..

A year has flown by and I didn't even realize it just because the heart always sees what is invisible to the eye! Happy Anniversary.


One Year back, my friends used to ask me: Do you believe in fairy tale?? Do you believe that one day our Prince Charming will come by riding a white horse and take you to the dreamland by holding your finger? I replied NO..

One year after..Prince charming does come to his princess, true couples are made for each other and connected through an undefined emotion of heart – these are my views after watching you my lovely ArVi. Yes, you have made me realized about love – which consist of bit spice, bit sweetness, bit takkrar and bahut sara payar.

Happy Anniversary from a diehard ArVian to my favorite couple onscreen – Rithvik you are superb as Mr Arjun Kirloskar – a successful businessman and dignified lover and ASHU darling, you are awesome as Purvi – a sweet & girl next door. The one year journey is just a beginning of an unrestricted lifelong commitment. It seems that all have started yesterday only – I did not even realize when I have spent one year with you. May GOD Bless you my sweet ArVi and AshVik .

Proud to be an ArVian..:-)

Pancham101: Sujata

Dedicating This Song to Ashvik For doing their Best:

Hasate Ho Rulate Ho
Hamesha Tum Satate Ho
Jo Ruthe To Manate Ho
Mana Kar Dil Dukhate Ho
Deewane Ho Hume Bhi Tum
Deewana Kyon Banate Ho
Hasate Ho Rulate Ho
Hamesha Tum Satate Ho
Jo Ruthe To Manate Ho
Mana Kar Dil Dukhate Ho
Deewane Ho Hume Bhi Tum
Deewana Kyon Banate Ho
Hasate Ho Rulate Ho
Hamesha Tum Satate Ho

Dedicating this to ArVi for being the best:

Hum Tumse Mile Phir Judaa Ho GayeLyrics

La :(ham tumase mile phir judaa ho gaye
Ki :dekho phir mil gaye
La :ab ho ke judaa
Ki :phir milen na milen
La :kyoon na aisaa karen
Do :mil jaayen chalo ham sadaa ke liye) -2

Ki :dil mein hamein tum basaa lo saare jahaan se chhupaa lo
La :lo ham band karate hain aankhen lo hamako hamase churaa lo
Ho dhoondhate sab rahen
Ham tumase mile ...

Chhoti si ye zindagaani usase bhi chhoti javaani
Ki :ho na kabhi katm lekin ye do dilon ki kahaani
Tum kaho ham sunen tum suno ham kahen
Ham tumase mile ...

Do :ham ek hain do nahin hain do naam hain kyoon hamaare
Ham aur kuchh bhi nahin hain ham hain divaane tumhaare
Bas isi naam se sab pukaaren hamein
Ham tumase mile ...

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Huma- IF-Sizzlerz

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Dedicating This song To ArVi Heart

Aankhon mein neendein, neendon mein sapne
Sapno mein baatein teri meri
Baaton mein shokhi, shokhi mein vaade
Vaade saugaatein teri meri
Ab na tootenge vaade kabhi
Aur na tootengi jo kasam khayen hum aankhon se pyaar ki

sleep in eyes, dreams in sleep,
talks in dreams, yours and mine (talks)
mischief in talks, promises in mischiefs,
promises are gifts, yours and mine
now these promises will never be broken
neither (breaks) the promise of love we do with our eyes

Hoti zara chaahat sada hi sarphiri
Aankhon se ho aankhon pe yeh jadugari
Hoti zara chaahat sada hi sarphiri
Aankhon se ho aankhon pe yeh jadugari

love is always a bit mad,
eyes create a magic on eyes.. (repeated)

Baantun na kisi se saaya bhi tera
Kaajal jahan wahan tera basera
Ho.. aaye jaye suraj chaahe jahaan mein
Tera bina mera ho na savera
Tere kaandhe pe hi lage, jannat jaisi koi jagah
Ab na rab se gila, tu hai mila
Ab na rab se gila hai ghata, aur mita saara yeh faasla

I won't share even your shadow with someone
you live where lampblack (kohl) lives (means you live in my eyes)
now whether the sun comes or goes from the world
without you it there won't be a morning for me
on your shoulder only I feel some place like heaven
now I have no complaints against God, I got you
Now I've no complaints against God, all this distance has lessened and ended..

Hoti zara chaahat sada hi sarphiri
Aankhon se ho aankhon pe yeh jadugari
Hoti zara chaahat sada hi sarphiri
Aankhon se ho aankhon pe yeh jadugari

Haathon mein mere teri lakeerein
Meri saari saansein teri jageerein
Dede chaahe koi saara zamana
Badle mein doon na teri tasveerein
Tere hone se hi main hoon
Main bhi, main hoon, tu bhi main hoon
Tujh pe main hoon fida, mujhpe khuda
Tujh pe main hoon fida, ab tujhe, kar na doon sajda main yoon ada

In my palms, there are your lines,
all my breaths are your property,
even if someone gives me the whole world
I'll not exchange it for your photos
My existence is because of you only
I'm me too, you're me too,
I sacrifice myself on you, God does himself on me, (yeah, that's what it means!)
I sacrifice myself on you, now shouldn't I give you charity like this? (what I think this means is that he says he wants to give himself to her in charity)

Hoti zara chaahat sada hi sarphiri
Aankhon se ho aankhon pe yeh jadugari
Hoti zara chaahat sada hi sarphiri
Aankhon se ho aankhon pe yeh jadugari

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VM Corner

asha negi n rithvik 1 year together acting

by Priyanka

by Bhargavi Rallabandi

by Bhargavi Rallabandi

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alicia. IF-Sizzlerz

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             Arjun & Purvi 1 year anniversary !!!!


Can y'all believe its been one whole year since our Favourite Jodi came on screen !!! Shocked

So happy Ekta mam gave us this fantastic pairing of Asha and RD although sometimes we don't show it LOLEmbarrassed

Never on TV has a jodi attracted me as much as Arjun & Purvi Heart

And NO ONE could have done a better job than RD and Asha Smile
their chemistry is out-of-this world ! And they have done an excellent job for an entire year and never did we get bored of their sizzling chemistry Embarrassed

To Asha & RD ...

Can't tell y'all how much I love y'all ! Embarrassed

It has even come to a point where i can't go through a day without seeing y'all or go to sleep without seeing y'all EmbarrassedHeart Y'all have become a major part of my life and these two names Arjun & Purvi I will never forget ! Smile

Love ,
Alicia Embarrassed

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nalonynnej IF-Rockerz

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Boy, am I late in posting this. Wacko Anywho...

Sometimes known as the baarish jodi, for who the rain does magical things... Embarrassed
Or even the dancing jodi, who never fail to break out a move on the dance floor... Dancing
But for me, and my many other fellow ArVians, you will always be the
 HeartBest Jodi Heart
I have been a avid PR viewer for the past 3 years, but I was never obssesed with the show until this sizzling jodi hit the little screen. From your hatred turned pyaar, to now this standstill, I continue to be captivated by every second. Despite every twist and turn PR may take, I will never cease to see the love ArVi has for each other. You've not only provided a half an hour entertainment relief after studies, but your power jodi has led me to a forum where I've made unforgettable friends around the world, learned to take a stance, and all the while, found a creative outlet.    
Whether making us laugh, cry, smile, shout, blush, argue, or even pull our hair out LOL, Asha and Rithvik have never failed to entice us with the chemistry they bring to the dynamic characters, Arjun and Purvi. The two are promising actors and will reach the sky's limit. Clap 
Happy First Anniversary! Big smile Hope there will be many more to come. Embarrassed
Heart Amita

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