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RishBala OS - I QUIT... (13-1-4 spl)

bhanu_rekhag IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 January 2013 at 11:47pm | IP Logged
Some of u know me for my sill posts n FF reading n 'Heights of Obsession' Story

I thought of writing silly sometime long back n now I wrote it n posted on the spl occasion of 13-1-4

                    But will he let her?

I am serious this time I'll definitely QUIT
I am so Upset with the turn of events here...
The kind of treatment I am getting here is boiling my blood...
n this time I am serious n I won't back off..n no one can stop me..
There is always a limit n today all those limits were crossed I am seriously fed up with all this I QUIT.

She is walking to n fro in the room making as much fuss as she can. But suddenly stopped to c the golgappa counting numbers n writing something in his book. n screamed "Gol gappa" loudly scaring the hell out of poor man

BittuJi's Narration:

Yep u all heard correctly. She called golgappa only. That's the name she gave to BittuJi, Manager n right hand of the superstar RK i.e me. She has this weird habit of naming everyone after food coz she is so much fond of food n she can do anything for food. Hence her dream is to marry a 5 star chef who can cook her all variety of food lol.

She is always a happy go lucky girl. Completely bubbly, beautiful, gorgeous, funny n weird.A rare combination of intelligence with insanity. Yep she is sharp in her work but insane in the way she thinks. She is none other than my colleague n PA of the superstar RK. MadhubalaAahaan... ok cut that coz that was patent right of RK n no one calls her that. She is Ms.Malik for everyone. But I call her when we are alone n working away from RK.

But whenever she has problem with our Superstar she turns completely angry which makes her a beautiful red lollipop. Ok I seriously turned insane roaming with her. I am also naming along the food. But that's true she looks cute when angry n puffy cheeks. N like a kid starts her ranting to me in this same room which is our office room/vanity van/working place whatever u thinks. Sometimes I seriously think I have crush on her...coz she make me feel so. But I know it's not there. Coz it's not allowed.

End of BittuJi's Narration

B4 he can think any further she pulled the book away from his hands n shouted

Madhu: Abey Bittu, I was shouting n sharing my sad story to u n u r calculating Ur budget.

Bittu: Kya... u by chance called me abey?? But u called me either golgaoppa or bittoo.

Madhu: What does u expect me to call u when u don't listen me calling u.

Bittu: Ok I will listen but cut that abey from ur parts of speech. n ha I am not calculating any budget but counting ur 'I QUIT'..

Madhu: What???? (Almost deafening him)

Bittu: Ahh!! Madhu don't shout so loud yaarI will turn deaf. But's the truth...bitter truth

He said dramatically.

Madhu: Stop Urdramas, U r being lalmirchi. Tell me what's with this counting & my quitting?
Bittu: Lalmirchi? I thought u named him burger last time.

Madhu: But now he is troubling me more than acidity. Come on cut him out of us n shoot Ur reasons.
Bittu: Ok dear, I am counting how many times u said the same from past 8 months but never left this place or him.

She became sad at once n settled beside bittu, resting her head on his shoulder n almost pushing him to the edge of the sofa n sighed in stress n said her sad story to her only friend here in this place.

Madhu: Bittoo. What to say yaar. This is the same tragedy for me from 8 months now. He is playing with my life. My mom almost murdered me for this. Can u believe! I was rejected for 50thtime yesterday. All thank to that raw meat ball.

Bittu almost died stopping his laugh. How can he forget what happened all these days. She n her name calling are completely funny. Anyone can actually get to know all the variety of names related to food. She is soo innocent n good girl. He likes her a lot. But what he hates more is she eating his carriage every day in beginning. Bittu came back out of his reverie with her slap on his hand n listen her ranting again.

Madhu: Every time I have marriage looks he makes me work a lot n I will always be late. How I wanna quit this job but can't coz of this huge pay n safety environment. I am soo need of this job or else I could have made tandoori of that murga.Tell me Bittoo am I that bad looking that almost I completed half century in rejection. First they talk to me nicely n hint that they liked me but never call me back.

Bittu: No dear. U r one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen.

Madhu: Don't fake n flatter. I am Ur friend u can say it on my face that I am not a likable material. Or else at least one of them has accepted the match n I would have spared from my mom's scolding's. My sis is also getting worried now. She was confident b4 few days. Now she is also scared about my future.
Bittu: Everything will be fine soon. I think u have to catch the hint of the destiny. May b it is hinting u something n u r not reading it correctly. May b it's hinting that the person made for u is very near to u. n hence it's always the fate that making all those proposals go back.

RK's Narration:

Madhu started thinking a lot. All this commotion was not missed by one person n that is none other than the man in question, Superstar RK himself. God she is such a BoluRam, thinks a lot but understands nothing. Works very efficiently but never read between lines.

How can he forget his experience with this super weird & one n only master piece of god? All those sweet n funny moments which made him fall for this stupid girl who is not taking his hints of his liking. If there was any other girl in her place, by now she could have known that he is doing it on purpose. But the girl in question is the gr8 Madhubala'Ahaan GOD I love her a lot. I am giving her time to take my hint but this girl is forcing me to do something stupid.

She is such a silly girl sometimes n innocent sometimes. How can I forget her callingme burger that too on my face when he gained little weight for mycharacter! My face was worth watching. I could neither blast on her nor get angry. Yep I was flat on the first sight itself.

From that day I started hinting her but princess want her prince charming to b a chef in 5 star hotels n not this superstar. Can't she really think like she can have a superstar as her husband who can make any chef to work for her?

N how I can forget her sweet smiling face when I first time raised her hike that too just in first 3 months coz of her work efficiency.

Madhu: RK u r really a gr8 boss I can ever get u r soo sweet n cool boss like an ice cream.

I was like what seriously Ice-cream?? But again how can I let her suffer for money when I can get the whole world at her feet. I saw the tense face for the first time in 3 months. Her smile made my day. Her silly name calling everyone made me laugh whole heartedly. Her sweet gestures towards me when I am tired made me relax.

That day when I heard her asking debt from BittuJi really made me feel so helpless. But I can't directly go n offer her anything. Hence come up with this.

BittuJi'This name itself make me feel Jealousy with capital J. How close they both r. She shares her problems, happiness, silly thoughts n everything with him. All this is because he is her friend n she is way too practical girl. Out of all here I had to feel jealous of Bittu. I never thought that with my looks n personality I can make anyone jealous. But this girl can make me feel so.

Yah I listened the talks between them when BittuJi asked about the chances of her falling for me
She said 'It is impossible in real life coz his standard is too high for us. I like him like a star n will also be crazy for him but can never thing beyond that. I know where to draw line between dreams, wishes n fantasies. RK is fantasy.'

I wanted to bang my head somewhere. Why she has to b soo realistic. That was the time I almost lost my control but quickly came back to senses or else I would have taken her away from this world n hide her in my embrace to never let her go.

How can I forget that day for the first time 8 months back when she came to ask for half day n the reason was her marriage looks. That simply boiled my blood. How can I let my Madhu b someone else's? But all I can do is showing her many silly n stupid reasons n delayed her. But I know whenever she may g no one can reject her. She is such a beautiful girl. Hence RK the Evil mind came into action. Yep I know by now anyone could have guessed, that actual reason behind her half century rejections is one n only me.

Anyone could have asked me why I delayed my proposal. I could have directly told her about my love rather than playing this hide n seeks. But the problem is for first few months I gave her time to adjust with her personal life but next few months I started doing all that she liked in her man, most importantly a best cook.

But the scene b4 me forced me to come down to reality with almost dead shock'
End of RK's Narration'

Madhu: Bittoo'u really think I am beautiful?

Bittu nodded his head positively.

Madhu: Do u really thing destiny wanna hint something?? (He again nodded in yes)

Her face glowed like floodlight n she kneel down him taking the flower beside the table. N Bittu was shocked beyond words.

Madhu: Will u marry me?

The scene b4 him horrified hell out of RK. There his love of life kneels down b4 BittuJi n proposing him to marry her.

Bittu (Almost shouted out of indescribable fear): Madhu..R U gone mad?

Madhu (with a cry face): Why? What happened? Now only u said about how beautiful I am n about destiny n all. N now u r also rejecting me?
Bittu almost wanna bang himself to death. He is hinting about RK n she took it for him? He started praying god not knowing his death is just few steps away from him 'Plz GOD see that RK won't come here. He can't accept somebody calling her by her name n here she is proposing me? Why me? Why should I sacrifice my life for her clumsiness? Why I should die for her stupidity? Plz save me I will offer u Prasad of 1001 rs'

But the gr8 Madhu unknown to the turmoil of the people around her continued.

Madhu: Bittoo c it's not that bad. Anyway u too had to marry. Also then we have lots of advantages. U don't need to get carrier for me separately after marriage u can make food n pack it for both of us in same one. We can share it happily. Also we work at same place. U has more pay package than me hence my salary can be used for our entertainment. Also we r friends n know each other very well. Hence we can make a good pair. Also u can go for jim n can shapeup ur body. Its not so bad. Plz consider my proposal.

Bittu: But doesn't u know the strict rules of RK. That here the relation between employees should be purely professional. If he get to c any personal attachments then we are gone case he will fire us.

Madhu: If that's the case 'I QUIT'' any way I decided to do the same. I couldn't take his torture now a days. I am gonna apply somewhere else.

That's it RK's left over patience gone through windows. He rushed in almost making poor Bittu faint out of fear. Coz Bittu knows how much crazy RK is about Madhu n hence wanna make her understand that but this girl not only spoiled that but also pushed him in danger named RK.

RK glared Bittu like warning him to rush out of this place n save himself. N Bittu done same, locked the door leaving the crazy girl with the insane lover or to say the truth to safe himself from RK's wrath.

RK pulled Madhu into his hard frame n plastered her body with his from tip to toe. She was frightened with this sudden action n tried to pull back. But he didn't allowed n said in a dangerous tone near her ear sending chills down the spine. This is completely new experience for her.

RK: Enough of Ur 'I QUIT song'. Already completed Ur round figure of 5000. Not any word again. N if u tried to go away from me I will destroy everything that takes u away from me. Can't u use Ur brain once to think about the stupid rules I kept here? Can't u seriously think why I delayed u only when u has to go for that stupid marriage looks? N above all how could u propose Bittu that too b4 me?

Madhu (Meekly almost in scared tone): Plz RK, U r the gr8 boss till date n made me feel safety in this work environment. Plz don't do anything that ruins everything. I want u to always b the same good man.

RK (impatiently n helplessly) : I don't want to b ur boss Madhu. (She just saw questioningly) I want to b more than anything for u. I want to b ur everything. I want u to be all mine. I want to love u n b loved by u. I want to love to the point of insanity. Can't u allow this fantasy of ur's to become real. I tried everything from making u comfortable n make u feel safety like u wanted from ur partner. N being friend I can do if u give me a chance. N being a good chef I think u enjoyed the carried everyday which is not from BittuJi but from me.

Madhu was almost surprised, amused n fascinated with this new revelation. Yes like any other young girl she also has crush on a superstar but like she said she drawn a line between reality n dream coz working with a fascination itself needs certain control. But now her un-expected n long buried dream is coming to reality she couldn't say anything except gaping him at awe.

The look on her face gave it all her understanding, approval n happiness. RK simply pulled his love, life, soul, complete BoluRam n hunny bunny as he named coz of her cute silliness, into him n sealed her mouth with his for a soul searing, hot n passionate kiss. Their first ever kiss. 'Rishoo' is all Madhu could say like a moan which was swallowed by him in the over flowing passion n buried desire of a year. That started the story of a Superstar & his masterpiece Madhubala'Aahaan..

---------THE END---------

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dreamyjennice IF-Sizzlerz

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Awsome and foodily hilarious LOL

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bhanu_rekhag IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 January 2013 at 1:02am | IP Logged
Originally posted by dreamyjennice

Awsome and foodily hilarious LOL

thanx dear...for liking this silly OS

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gini12 Groupbie

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Posted: 04 January 2013 at 1:04am | IP Logged
Lovely OS.:D

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bhanu_rekhag IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 January 2013 at 1:10am | IP Logged
Originally posted by gini12

<font size="2">Lovely OS.:D</font>

thanx Smile

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deepak148 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 January 2013 at 1:15am | IP Logged

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Madhuri53 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 January 2013 at 1:31am | IP Logged
OMG...bitoo and madhu...what a combination
Totally enjoyed this
Funny OS LOL

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--Udhay-- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 January 2013 at 1:31am | IP Logged
Beautiful and dreamy! <3

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