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70,80,90s Gossip Sanjeev K left my sis shattered

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Ajay Devgun Raveena Karisma Love triangle:  Ajay dumped Raveena and moved on to Karisma...
Raveena taunted them with a  headline on the cover of Stardust,  'She can keep Ajay. I am not interested. When Ajay Karisma have babies, they will look like Zebra'...  
Ajay and Karisma took digs at her on the sets of a movie and also Ajay made a director replace Raveena with Manisha in one movie... Karisma ousted Raveena from a few movies bcoz of her close connection to the actor and director... Raveena blasted Karisma in couple of interviews...
Ajay dumped Karisma and moved to Kajol...
Married to Kajol he got involved with Mahima Chaudhry that almost broke his marriage... Ajay and Kajol reconciled and they lived happily ever after...
* happily ever after:  Hitting on junior artists, russian background dancers, low profile people instead of high profile linkups..
Akshay and his royal oats:  Raveena moved on to Akshay after her brief affair with Ajay... They got engaged and she said tata bye bye to her producers too and sat at home because that was Akshay's wish and according to Stardust magazine there was a secret marriage too... 
Only to hear that Akshay was painting the town red with Shilpa... He dumped Raveena and moved on to Shilpa... Then he dumped Shilpa after he fell in love with Twinkle who was Shilpa's friend at that time... Akshay Twinkle got married... Akshay had a brief fling with PC... Twinkle moved out briefly... After which they reconciled and they lived happily ever after...
Shilpa on a wrecking spree:  Shilpa moved on to a much married Anubhav Sinha ( Ra.One director). His wife Ratna Sinha gave an interview where she accused Shilpa for her marriage breakup... Shilpa who's career was not going anywhere was on the verge of getting married to Anubhav... Then Big Brother happened and the rest is history...She dumped Anubhav like a hot potato... Got a better catch in the form of Raj Kundra... Played havoc with his marriage... His wife too accused Shipa of breaking her home... Raj and Shilpa got married and lived happily ever after...
Aamir Khan and his 'not so perfect' past... Affairs with Mamta Kulkarni, Pooja Bhatt etc when he was married to Reena... Reena tolerated this for a long time... He even openly flirted with Rachel Shelly on the sets of Lagaan... After a while Reena was fed up of living a hypocritical life of an unhappy star wife and wanted to end the marriage... Aamir worried abt his public image and wasnt keen abt it... But eventually he gave in and they filed for divorce...
Sanjay Dutt and his conquests:  Madhuri and Sanjay Dutt were on the verge of getting married. Madhuri dumped him as soon as he was arrested and cut ties with him... Sanjay later gave an interview were he said 'I wouldnt do a film with Madhuri today''
After that he moved on to Rhea Dutt and eventually married her... When married to Rhea he had an affair with Sushmita Sen during one of the shows abroad... That reached Rhea's ears and she confronted him... He accepted it and Rhea forgave him and they moved on...
Rhea Dutt had an affair with Leander Paes when she was still married to Sanjay Dutt... Leander was seeing Mahima Chaudary at that time... Mahima blasted Rhea in an interview too... After that Mahima broke off with Leander... Sanjay too moved on to Nadia for a brief period...And then eventually married Manyata and lived happily ever after...
Rhea and Leander hooked up and lived happily ever after...
Rekha and her toy boys:  After the Coolie accident Rekha was not allowed to meet AB... On a vengeance she got involved with Sanjay Dutt... He was referred to as her toy boy...
While Akshay was with Raveena he had a brief fling with Rekha who was a costar in his movie, Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi... Raveena confronted her and asked her to stay away from Akshay and she even blasted Rekha in an interview... 
Rekha is rumored to be bisexual... She is rumored to be in a relation with her hairdresser turned secretary turned companion Farzana...
Govinda and his rendezvous: He had confessed in an interview that if he wasnt married he would have pursued Sonali Bendre... LOL ... Marriage was not a deterrent when he had a fling with Rani...  Govinda Rani affair went on for abt 4-5 years... They even had a live in relationship too where Govinda moved in with Rani after his wife moved out... He gifted her diamond necklaces, mercedez car and a flat...
His wife called Rani over the phone and abused her... Rani apparently was hurt and confessed to her friends and said I would have never behaved like that...
Both of them wanted to get married but they were hesitant bcoz of Govinda's kids and also bcoz all of Govinda's properties were under his wife's name... His wife gave an ultimatum and Rani Govinda broke up... But that was all a facade... Rani told a friend at that time We never broke up...Its all a facade for his wife...
Rani and Govinda continued their affair and met up at her flat... After a while they got tired and went their separate ways... Rani moved on to greener pastures and Govinda went back to his wife and lived happily ever after... 
Some more...
Kamal Sadanah and Pooja Bhatt were having an affair in the late 80's/early 90's... Raveena and Kamal Sadanah were cast together for a movie ( It was shelved or never made).  Raveena was friends with Pooja Bhatt... Inspite of that she got involved with Kamal and that led to Pooja-Kamal break up... Raveena and Kamal dated for a brief period and then he dumped Raveena for Ritu Shivpuri... After that Raveena got involved with Ajay Devgun...
Akshay, the Charmer: Akshay dumped Pooja Batra for Ayesha Jhulka... Akshay dumped Raveena for Shilpa... He then dumped Shilpa for Twinkle... All of them right from Pooja to Raveena to Shilpa have blasted him on print either for cheating or for contradicting statements by him on their relationships... Inspite of that all of them are in good terms with him today... Quite a charmer...
Divya Bharti-Govinda-Kirti Kumar Love triangle: Brothers Govinda and Kirti were both smitten with Divya Bharti... She was dropped from her first film bcoz magazines wrote Govinda was having an affair with Divya and reading that Kirti became jealous and could not tolerate it...
Sonali Bendre: She had a secret crush on Sunil Shetty for a long time... They starred in many movies together... Sunil was already married to Mana and he did not reciprocate... 
There were rumors too that Sonali was Raj Thackery's mistress for a long time... Raj was so smitten by her that he wanted to get married to her inspite of having a wife at home... This reached Bal Thackery's ( BT) ears and he summoned Raj and gave him an earful... BT warned Raj of the consequences and the bad name and image Raj will get bcoz of the affair and that would not be good for the future heir of the party... At that time Raj was projected as the one to succeed BT and kursee ke chakkar mein he cut ties with Sonali... Eventually when the time came to name the successor, BT overlooked nephew Raj and made his own son Udhav the successor...Kursee bhi gaya, chokree bhi gayi...
This obviously upset Raj and eventually he split from Shiv Sena and founded his own party...
Sunny Deol-Dimple-Raveena: Sunny and Dimple affair started back in the late 80's/early 90's and lasted more than two decades... He was already married but that was no deterrent...
It continued until around 96/97 when it hit a rough patch for a brief time when Sunny got involved with Raveena on the sets of Ziddi... Raveena was in depression and on the verge of a break down bcoz of Akshay who had cheated on her with Rekha while shooting Khiladiyon ka Khiladi... Sunny had a brief fling with Raveena after which Raveena was back with Akshay and Sunny was back with Dimple... 
Sunny Dimple affair continued discreetly in the beginning and eventually its become an open secret... They were spotted together as recently as 2009 on a Kingfisher flight and also he was by her side with Akshay and Twinkle at her sister Simple Kapadia's funeral consoling her...
Amitabh's secret passion for a young actress...
Excerpts from Star and Style... ...
It was at a party at Piano bar... Amrita Singh was there with her friends. ABSr walked in with Danny. JB was abroad at that time. After a while Amrita was ready to leave and she walked up to AB and Danny to say bye... AB insisted to stay back... Amrita stayed back and after a while started flirting with Danny who was looking dashing...Danny asked Amrita for a dance and one thing led to another and they got closer... Thats when AB struck... He pulled Danny forcibly and pulled Amrita and forcible embraced her passionately and smooched her hard on her lips. He held on to her tightly for many minutes. Amrita was shocked and speechless... She distangled herself from his arms and ran to the rest room. AB followed her and tried to tell something. She said something to him and that blew his fuse. He began cursing Ravi Shastri and Vinod Khanna ( her ex's) using four letter words. The guests arround had literaly frozen in their places in utter fascination and in pin drop silence and watched the drama enacted.
It was then that mutual friend Ketan Desai intervened and tried to ease the situation. He gently explained to them that they were making a spectacle of themselves.
Amrita stormed out of the party. Bachchan friends attempted to hush up the incident. Inner circle of people gossiped abt it.
Some of them claimed that AB had developed the hots for Amita after her break up with Vinod Khanna.  AB was reponsible for the Vinod Amrita break up. It was he who had instigated her mom against her aging suitor Vinod... Amrita's mom Rukhsar had unwisely lashed out at Vinod in print and that interview made Vinod get rid of Amrita from his life for good.
Being in friendly terms with AB was helpful for Amrita professionally. AB apologised to her after the incident and it was a forgotten incident after a while...

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Top 5 Unsolved Bollywood Mysteries

Bollywood Mysteries

For all the news that surfaces in Bollywood on a regular basis, there are still some rumors that have never been confirmed – and things we may never know the truth about. I call these the Unsolved Bollywood Mysteries because no matter how much has been written on the subjects, we still don't know the truth. Can someone please step up and give us the answers to these Bollywood mysteries?

1. What happened to Parveen Babi?

Parveen Babi

A popular yesteryear actress, Parveen Babi suddenly left the industry at the peak of her career. She returned to Mumbai six years later, completely unrecognizable, and making claims that Amitabh Bachchan (among several others) had tried to kill her. Years later, she claimed to have evidence on Sanjay Dutt in regards to the 1993 bomb blasts case, but never showed up in court to present her evidence (she said she feared she would be killed). In 2005, she was found dead in her apartment, and the police believed she could have been dead for around 72 hours before her body was discovered.

Mahesh Bhatt

In 2006, director Mahesh Bhatt - who had an affair with Parveen Babi – made the film Woh Lamhe, which was based on her life. During the promotions of the film, Mahesh gave interviews where he opened up more about his life with Parveen Babi. He spoke about her debilitating illness and the evening he returned to their house to find her cowering in a corner, knife in hand and whispering, "They are coming to kill us. Close the door quickly!" What exactly happened to Parveen Babi in those years, and especially her later years after she and Mahesh Bhatt split, no one knows.

2. Did Rekha and Amitabh Bachchan really have an affair?

Amitabh and Rekha

The chemistry between Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha remains unparalleled. But did this chemistry translate itself into an off-screen romance as well? Allegedly, their romance began on sets of Do Anjaane, and continued through a number of hit films together. They apparently began spending a lot of time together, which raised eyebrows. But the affair ended in Silsila, when (in an unbelievable casting coup), Rekha starred in a film with both Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan that paralleled their real life.


So if they did have an affair, why did it end? Is it because Amitabh was never serious? Was it the sanctity of marriage? Was it because Rekha realized she would always be 'the other woman'? No one knows.

3. Is Rekha in a relationship with her manager, Farzana?

Rekha and Farzana

Enigmatic as she is, Rekha just has to appear on this list twice – and this time for her alleged relationship with manager, Farzana. Apparently, Farzana is the only one allowed in Rekha's house, and the person who Rekha spends the most time with. Many believe that they're actually in a relationship, but Rekha never answers that question directly – she usually just brushes it away with a "how do you define a relationship?" or "how do you give a relationship a label?"

Rekha and Farzana

All we know is that, throughout everything in Rekha's life – all the highs and lows – Farzana was the one person who was always by her. So regardless of whether they're in a relationship or not, if there's one person who knows the answers to the mystery that is Rekha, it's Farzana.

4. Why did Abhishek and Karisma's engagement get called off?

Karisma and Abhishek

Abhishek Bachchan and Karisma Kapoor announced their engagement on Amitabh Bachchan's 60th birthday, but soon after that, news surfaced that the engagement had been called off. What's the reason for that, nobody knows. Reports have said it could be because of a clash between the two moms, a tiff between the families during wedding planning, or Babita's lack of confidence in Abhishek's financial future.

Karisma and Abhishek

In any case, the two are married now – to different people, of course – but every once in a while someone makes a comment on their engagement and we end up wondering what really went down there.

5. Why did John Abraham and Bipasha Basu break up?

John and Bipasha

After being together for a decade, the news that John Abraham and Bipasha Basu have split came out of left field. Of course, it generated a lot of media curiousity as well – but no one knows the real answer as the two have not spoken about it in public. Reports suggest that it could be because of John's hesitancy to commit, but there are other rumors as well saying that Bipasha cheated on him.

John and Bipasha

What was big enough to break a ten-year long relationship, we may never know.

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Sanjeev Kumar left my sister shattered for life: Vijeta Pandit

By Subhash K JhaSubhash K Jha, Mumbai Mirror | Jan 2, 2013, 09.54 AM IST
Vijeta Pandit claims her sister Sulakshana lost her mental balance after the star turned her down

Yesteryear actress-singer Sulakshana Pandit today lives the life of a psychologically-disturbed recluse. Add to that, a fractured hip has rendered her somewhat incapacitated.

So removed is her life from reality that she hasn't even been told about her sister Sandhya Singh having gone missing since he past two weeks. According to Sulakshana's other sister Vijeta, with whom she has been staying since 2006, it was unrequited love for late Sanjeev Kumar that caused the actress to lose her mental equilibrium.

According to Vijeta, Sulakshana, who now restricts herself to her room in Vijeta and brother-in-law Aadesh Shrivastava's home, was never able to get over the man she loved when he passed away suddenly. "Sulakshana Didi was never the same after Sanjeev Kumar turned her love down. She rapidly lost touch with reality.

It came to a point where she couldn't stay on her own. So in 2006, we brought her to our home. She has been staying with us for several years now. She doesn't meet anyone, hardly ever steps out of her room, unless it is to occasionally visit our farm-house in Lonavala, which she loves," Vijeta told TOI.

It was widely reported that Sulakshana fell in love with Sanjeev Kumar during the filming of Uljhan(1975). However, the actor was so smitten by Hema Malini that he turned her down. She was heartbroken.

A full-time domestic help looks after the 58-year-old actress, who in the 70s and 80s starred in films like Sankoch, Hera Pheri, Khandaan and Uljhan opposite the leading men of her time like Sanjeev Kumar, Jeetendra and Rajesh Khanna. She also successfully sang songs like Beqaraar dil tu gaaye ja (Door Ka Rahi), Mana Teri Nazar Mein Tera Pyar Hum Nahi (Khandaan) and Bandhi Re Kahe Preet (Sankoch) to mention a few.

For years now, no one has seen this beautiful actress with the lovely voice. "How can anyone see her? She doesn't meet anyone. Not even our brothers and sisters except Sandhya. We've kept Sandhya Didi's disappearance unknown to Sulakshana Didi. It isn't that difficult to do since she refuses to meet any guests, even close relatives, and is confined to her room. She loves my two sons and says my younger son is actually her beta," said Vijeta.

To make matters worse, some years ago, Sulakshana fell in the bathroom and shattered her hip bone. "She had to undergo four surgeries. Even now, she can't walk properly. She stays put in her room, listening to the radio. She hardly watches television either. She doesn't do much of anything," Vijeta sighed.

Vijeta and her family have accepted Sulakshana as an integral part of the household. "We've sold her earlier property and bought her a flat in Lokhandwala. But I doubt she will ever be able to move into it. She can't stay on her own. She doesn't want to. We don't want her to. There was a time when Sulakshana Didi looked after me.Now it's my turn to look after her," said Vijeta.

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Top 5 Unsolved Bollywood Mysteries, Part Two!

Bollywood Mysteries

Bollywood Mysteries

When I did my first round of Unsolved Bollywood Mysteries, many of you chimed in with the unanswered questions you want figured out. I promised to do a part two with your questions, and here I am – 5 more Bollywood scandals that no one ever figured out the answer to. Anyone out there reading this and knows the truth? We're dying to know!

1. What happened to Divya Bharti?

Divya Bharti

Divya Bharti (photo credit | myopera)

Divya Bharti started working in the films by the time she was 14, suffered numerous setbacks by getting dropped from films, then rose to immense stardom both in Telugu and Hindi cinema. In 1992, she married producer Sajid Nadiadwala and was riding a professional high as she had 14 films in the pipeline. But things turned tragic when she fell to her death from her apartment building in 1993. Speculation about her death has been rife – it could have been an accident, conspiracy, or murder. The investigation into her death was closed in 1998, and still no one knows what happened that night and what caused her fall.

2. Why did Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor break-up?

Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor (photo credit | mahiram)

There has been so much speculation about the reason behind their break-up, but still no one knows the truth. We've heard various versions – one says that Shahid's bonding with Vidya Balan upset Kareena, and the other says that Kareena's increasing closeness with Saif Ali Khan prompted Shahid to call things off. However, whenever I hear these Vidya and Saif stories, I always remember that episode of Koffee With Karan where they both said they had reached that point in their relationship where, if anything were to go wrong, it would be because of something between them and not any outside party. So, we have to wonder – when it looked like they were just about to step on the mandap, what went wrong between them to turn the relationship sour?

3. What happened between Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif?

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif (photo credit | riflebirds)

The two never came out and admitted it publicly, but rumors were rife about Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif dating. We even told you that they had been spotted kissing on a flight. Allegedly, they kept mum because of Salman Khan's history of violence, and neither wanted to rub Katrina's ex the wrong way, as he had believed news of their relationship was for publicity purposes only. However, whatever that relationship was, it seems that there's no longer anything there – and no one knows why. Ranbir's increasing closeness to Nargis Fakhri, maybe?

4. Did Shiney Ahuja rape his maid?

Shiney Ahuja

Shiney Ahuja (photo credit | bollywoodworld)

In a big scandal, Shiney Ahuja's 20-year-old maid filed a complaint against him for rape. After many tests and even more drama, Shiney was sentenced to 7 years of imprisonment (he was later granted bail). Initially, it was reported that Shiney broke down and confessed to the crime, though it has never been confirmed that he actually did so. Till today, he maintains that he has been framed. As for the maid, one year later she claimed that the rape hadn't taken place, but she was forced by someone to make these claims. Who knows whether the maid was speaking the truth at that point or whether she was being forced to retract her earlier statements. In either case, looks like Shiney's Bollywood career isn't so glittery anymore.

5. Is Shah Rukh Khan having an affair with Priyanka Chopra?

Priyanka Chopra and Shah Rukh Khan

Priyanka Chopra and Shah Rukh Khan (photo credit | hindustan times)

Tongues have been wagging for a while now. Priyanka openly blushed on Koffee With Karan whenever Shah Rukh's name was mentioned. Then, there was news of the two spending more and more time together, which caused a lot of raised eyebrows. There were 3am office meetings, chemistry during award ceremonies and alleged bonding during parties – all of which kept the rumor mills churning. Furthermore, news about Gauri Khan keeping PC off the party guest lists added fuel to the fire. So what really happened here – was there an affair, or was it simply friendship (and SRK's naturally affectionate nature) that was misunderstood by the media?


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Dhamaka thread! Please update more! LOL

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I already knew most of these but it's still fun to read over and over againLOL

And Amrita and AB Sr...hahaha the things I learn everydaySilly

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Never knew about this Shocked Devgun Raveena Karisma Love triangle:  

Well this thread is interesting to read. 

Bookmarked LOL

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