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Credit for this gorgeous  banner goes to Maham (Allbut1)!


My take About Yash's silence yesterday ...

I know there r few complaints on Yash's silence yesterday .. but I feel it was much needed ..

It was important for Yash to actually witness with his own eyes , the reasons why Aarti and Dubeys had to lie about her divorcee truth and yesterday Yash actually witnessed all the reasons with his own eyes Smile

It was an eye-opener for Yash in a way when he saw how people like Taiji and Bua treat a divorcee in our society and he was also shocked to hear his own father's decision for Aarti which he would hv least expected ...

When Aarti decided to tell the truth to his family , Yash thought after the truth , his family will feel hurt and might b upset with Aarti for the lie and will maximum lecture her on how she should not hv lied etc etc just how kids r lectured by their parents if they do any mistakes .. this is what Yash was expecting from his family and so he was silently  waiting for Aarti to spill the beans and be honest in front of all . ...

But this is where Yash got a reality check when he realised that Lieing is not really a issue here ./. the issue is how his own family sees a divorcee and thats the reason why Aarti is not accepted anymore Ouch... Yash also witnessed the thought process of older generation in this case whether its bua or Taiji or his own father who r strictly against a divorcee , something Yash might hv never expected Smile...

So Yash silently realised all the reason why Aarti had to hide the truth .. Her fears that she wont b accepted in the family if truth comes out was not really wrong and this is what Yash realised yesterday by being a silent spectator to all the events out there which totally shocked him and made him realise that life does not always go as per his wish and people's thoughts too r not as straight as him .. our society is indeed twisted and has got all the double standards towards women which forced Aarti to lie and this is what Yash had to realise before he shows his support for Aarti from today onwards Smile...

So overall Yash's silence has a reason yesterday  ... Today he is going to speak up after witnessing all the facts and double standards of his own family and people like Taiji or Prashant Approve


Episode Take

I dunno from where to start .. but what an Outstanding  episode loaded with so many emotions...WOWWW WOWWW WOWW ClapClapClapClapClapClap ...

Gurmeet today certainly stole the whole show with his powerful expressions starting from his matured confrontation with his father explaining him how as a husband its his duty to support his wife Thumbs Up to warning Taiji not to touch his son Ansh because he is Ansh Yash scindia Thumbs Up  to giving that killer look to Prashant and indirectly telling him that if anyone dares to touch his son , he will kill that person Thumbs Up to telling Aarti that if his family decided to give her this punishment , then he too will hv to take this punishment with her because she is his wife and so we will b always together in going through every single punishment in life Thumbs Up to telling Aarti that from now on he dont want to see any single tears in her eyes except him aww Thumbs Up  to also telling her that keeping away from her is no less than a sazaa for him and so he needs to b with her because its him who needs her ...awwwThumbs Up  ... Overall so much love and possessiveness in Yash's eyes and so flawlessly portrayed by Gurmeet ... awesomeee StarStarStarStarStar ... this is a mindblowing episode one can think of in terms of acting , direction , screenplay writing .. just perfect StarStarStarStar ..

Yash's support for his wife and his matured way of handling everyone out there making sure he makes his point clear and protects his wife's dignity ClapClapClapClap

I loved the way Yash handled the entire situation without misbehaving with any of the elders but at the same time making sure he makes his point clear in front of his father ClapClapClap

Yash knew that his father is extremely hurt for all the lies and betrayal that he had to go through because of Aarti and so initially Yash starts the convo by accepting the fact that Aarti did a mistake and she is sorry for it ... After accepting the mistakes of his wife , only then Yash argues that he has every right to b angry on her for all the lies but asking her to leave the house as part of punishment is completely unfair  because she is not just a bahu of this house but she is his wife and his kid's mother too ClapClapClap.. This is the first time we see Yash telling in public that Aarti is his wife and so as a husband he will stand by her irrespective of whether she is right or wrong  Approve.. Earlier Yash always told in public that Aarti is bahu of this house and his kids ka mother but he was always a bit hesitent to accept that she is his wife but this time he has no hesitency while accepting that Aarti is his wife and so he cannot simply let her leave this house because he is her husband and cannot live without his wife ... ClapClapClapEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

I loved the argument that Yash puts in front of his father about how as a husband its his duty and responsibility to support his wife in such times of crisis ClapClapClap.. Yash does not argue over whether Aarti is right or wrong because he knows that Aarti did lie which was her fault and even though today he understands all the reasons why Aarti was forced to lie ..first reason being the fact that she was indebted to Dubeys and second reason was her fear that Scindias will not accept a divorcee which is somewhere true too since Yash today himself saw his father's reaction Ouch, but Yash knows that his father will not really understand these reasons of Aarti , and so he does not argue whether Aarti is right or wrong but instead he directly tells his father that irrespective of whatever Aarti did , all I know is she said sorry for her mistakes and she is my wife , which is enough for me to stand in her support and whatever punishment is given to her , I will take the same punishment too even if it means breaking all ties from my family because my first family today is my wife and kids .. PERFECT StarStarStarStarStar...

In a way Yash made his priorities clear today .. his first priority will always remain Aarti and his kids EmbarrassedEmbarrassed... Aarti later did question Yash about how he will hv to break ties with his own family who gave him birth just to support her with whom his relationship has just started but I loved what Yash said EmbarrassedEmbarrassed.. He said It will b painful to break ties with the family which gave me birth but it will b even more painful to see u go away from me and failing myself as a husband here ClapClapClap... Yash really made a very bold statement here for every man in our society .. After marriage every man's priority is his wife and kids before his own family Thumbs Up.. That does not mean a man should not respect or love his family .. Yash loves his family and respects his father a lot , reason why he does not raise his voice even once against his father because he understands his father's pain and anger there but at the same time he is ready to leave the house with his wife and kids because he knows right now his prioritiy is his wife and kids ClapClapClap...

What I loved here was Yash's maturity and patience while dealing with everyone ... He politely told his views to his father without any arguments but at the same time when Bua or Taiji tried to humiliate Aarti ,  that time Yash was strong enough with his words to shut them up and remind them that Aarti is his wife and noone has the right to point any finger towards her Approve... So Yash is not going to give any scope to Bua and company to blabber nonsense against his wife anymore Smile...I loved the way he shuts up Bua for the second time today in support of Aarti  when he says this is just not any other woman but my wife , get this clear ClapClapClap.,. first was during her birthday when Bua argued over baby boy but Yash said for him both r equal and today again he shuts her mouth in his wife's support EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

At the same time I loved how Yash handled the case of Dubeys too when he politely asked them to leave since Daddy Scindia right now is really angry and so whatever justification they give , he wont listen Smile.. Yash knows that Aarti shares a emotional relationship with Dubeys and so she wont b able to see Daddy Scindia accusing the Dubeys in harsh tone and thats why before things could go worse , Yash took the right decision by requesting them to go back to their house ClapClapClap,...

Overall its absolutely brilliant the way Yash handled the entire situation without really going overboard or without loosing his cool ... He kept his cool over there and made sure he supports his wife's dignity in front of all ClapClapClapClap... Gurmeet was absolutely flawless with his expressions and voice modulation ClapClapClap... While talking to his father , he was all respectful but yet firm with his decision which was so evident in his confident yet soft tone while delivering the dialogues and at the same time while warning the likes of Bua or Taiji , he was more agressive and determined with his body language and dialogue delivery too ... Such smooth transition in his expression from a soft spoken man to a rough and tough man while fighting against the whole society for his wife's dignity was flawlessly portrayed by Gurmeet today ..One of his best performance till date StarStarStarStar

Yash nails the fact to Taiji and Prashant that Ansh is Ansh Yash Scindia .. his son ..Period Approve

I still cannot get that Yash's killer look out of my mind when he warns Taiji to back off because Ansh is his son and declares to all that he is Ansh Yash Scindia ClapClapClap and then he gives that deadly look to Prashant saying noone can take my son away from me and if anyone dares to , then I will kill him ShockedShocked .. this is like woww woww woww StarStarStarStar ... how much I wanted to hear these words from Yash's mouth Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming... Yash today showed the real power of a father today making sure no outsider dare to touch his son Thumbs Up,.. Even Prashant had to look down in shame and Taiji was left speechless in front of Yash Scindia who was a complete lion today when it came to supporting his wife and son ClapClapClap...

This is one of the best performance by Gurmeet in whole PV series so far ClapClapClap.. we always love to see a possessive lover or a possessive husband in action but rarely we hv seen a possessive father on small screen and this is where Yash Scindia nailed it when it came to showing his authority over his son Ansh Approve...

Also I loved how Ansh made it clear to all that Yash is his father and Prashant is just a uncle friend Big smileBig smile.. A child's mind is always very crystal clear when it comes to relationships and so no Taiii can manipulate a child's mind Smile...

Also Prashant stood there like a coward .. he does not hv the courage to actually fight for his own self , reason why he remained dependent on Taiji to fight out his case there whereas Yash fought a lonely battle there for his son and wife and showed to Prashant the real difference of being a responsible husband and a father .. Thumbs Up... Shobha rightly pointed this out to Prashant and he had no answer than to walk out from there with his head down in shame Big smile... Prashant might hv never expected Yash to come out so strongly in Ansh and Aarti's defence today ... Well only now Prashant got to see the real Yash in action ...Cool...

Yash's confession might b tomorrow but for me today he confessed it all to Aarti passionately EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

Few dialogues of Yash today  just stood out for me today ...Day DreamingDay Dreaming

When Aarti says its my fault and I should get this punishment of leaving the house alone  , Yash says " Staying away from u is no less than a punishment for me Aarti ji  and so I too will hv to take this punishment with u because I need u " Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming... This is even more romantic than a ILU EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Then when Yash sees tears in Aarti's eyes , he wipes it off with his own hand and says " From today onwards I dont want to see anyone in your eyes except me ..not even these tears... only I  m gonna reside in those eyes and noone else" EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed... He sounded so damn possessive there which is again even more sensuous to hear for any woman than just a ILU EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Tomorrow I know Yash will say ILU for Aarti's peace of mind because she wants to hear it from his mouth but today whatever Yash told Aarti about how staying away from her is his bigger punishment and how he cannot see those tears in her eyes nailed the fact that Yash is madly in love with Aarti and no way he can stay away from her  EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

Overall this was a total Yash centric episode which was much needed after Aarti yesterday went through all the humiliation Thumbs Up.. Needless to say Gurmeet was absolutely flawless portraying such dynamic range of emotions in one episode and Kratika supported him beautifully especially in that last scene when she feels overwhelmed to hear those really passionate confessions from Yash's mouth for the first time EmbarrassedEmbarrassed... Chetan Pandit playing Daddy Scindia's role was equally flawless in today's episode portraying perfect hurt and anger as he feels betrayed and let down by his most favourite bahu Aarti and is forced to stick to his old school principle at the same time .. Father-Son Confrontation looked even more good because of the dynamic performance given by both Gurmeet and Chetan ji in this scene StarStarStarStar

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Aarti Yash Scindia had to do one of the hardest thing in the world...She had to choose between her parents and her in laws. Against her wishes the former too had to lie to the Scindias, she saw it as a daughter's duty to protect her parents who lied about her status to her in laws. 

Being apart of the Scindia parivaar has been a blessings for Aarti...Sure in the beginning things were not that great but as time went by, the love and respect between them all grew stronger.



But the guilt she has been feeling over that lie was eating at her. The Scindias have come to trust Aarti more than any other and by keeping quiet about her past she was betraying their trust.


Whenever a family member is in trouble Aarti always goes out of her way and fights for them...Whether it's helping Palak overcome her fear of public speaking. 


Helping Yash come out of the abyss he has been living into for years. 


Or helping clear Vidhi and Paridhi's names




Aarti always puts her loves ones happiness above her own even if it means that she could lose everything.


After confessing to Yash about her past, the former was about to tell the family who has trusted her but before she could say anything...Her past came and pulled the rug from under her feet. 


Now that the truth about her past is out in the open, one of her biggest supporter Suraj Pratap Scindia who considered Aarti as a daughter is very heartbroken and angry to find out that the person he trusted the most lied to him.  



SP doesn't want Aarti to live in the house anymore...How can one mistake undo all the good she did? SP needs to think about those "four" precious angels before he take a haste decision...His granddaughters already lost one mother, is he seriously thinking of taking away their second mother from them? 



By coming to Aarti's sassural with a shagun thali fully aware that Aarti is married to Yash...Prashant has really shown his true colors, he let everyone know what a lowlife he is.


As for his helper Kaki who kept all of Prashant's deeds while she was telling the Scindias about Aarti's past...It just goes to show what kind of people those two are. 


Once again Prashant is out to ruining Aarti's life even after she gave him a second chance at life...But what they both fail to see is that Aarti isn't alone...Despite Yash not uttering a word, he will always stand by his wife come what may.  


Apt title Jyo Clap Clap

An awesome episode wheres Yash stands by his wife Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed and P/Kaki leave with their tails between their legs Tongue LOL Clap

It starts with SP shouting at Aarti telling her that they clearly told them at the time of the marriage that they wanted a widow not a divorcee, he accuses her of lying to them all and that she was secretly meeting Prashant and he implies that much more were going on...Aati tells him that he is wrong and that she never did anything with P just then Shobha and Dubey arrives...OMG I know that my sly fox is hurt and mad at Aarti for lying but to imply such thing about her just broke my heart Cry Cry Angry

SP blasts them as well and tells them that the can take back their DIL,  Dubey asks SP not to talk like that...The latter goes on to tell the former that it was their fault cause they were the ones that asked Aarti to lie...SP tells them that he doesn't want to argue unnecessarily and that he wants Aarti out of his house...Wow I'm very happy to see that Dubey came and took responsibility for his actions Clap Clap but damn, SP was not listening to them...All he could hear was that they all lied and that he ego got hurt in the process cause the impossible happened, he showed a divorcee respect and showered her with love which goes against his beliefs Ouch Ouch Ouch

Shobha tries to reason with SP, she tells him that they are the ones that deserve punishment not Aarti cause she only had a humanity relationship with Prashant...SP says that they will all get a punishment, he wants them out of his house...Gayatri reminds SP that Aarti is pregnant with Yash's baby, he says that they will have to leave and when she delivers the baby...They will get the child back and no one can't stop them from doing so leaving Aarti shocked and Yash looking at her...HOLY BLEEP!!! I never thought I would hear such thing out of my sly fox's mouth, so he is kicking out his DIL and then plans on taking her child away from her when he/she is born Shocked Angry Ouch Ouch...boa smirking as if she got everything she ever wanted for Christmas and P thinking that he has won Angry

SP asks Aarti to leave and to never look back at the house that will be her true punishment, Aarti who as been crying wipes her tears while Yash is still looking at her now the latter steps forwards and goes to his dad trying to convince SP that sure Aarti might be at fault but she truly regrets what she has done...Yash goes on to say that it was her helplessness to compelled her to keep it a secret...I Loved how Yash eyes were only on Aarti and the moment she wiped her tears, he knew what had to done and he did it...He went directly in front of SP and pleading his wife case Clap Embarrassed Embarrassed

Yash continues to say that everyone in the family knows, have seen and have praised Aarti for doing her duties towards the family, as a wife to Yash, as a mother to their children and as a DIL to them...He says that they can't neglect that she didn't let her past overshadow her present, he says that she deserves punishment but not being throwing out the house...After all she is apart of the Scindia parivaar (family)...Awww if I didn't love Yash already this will be the turning point for me, Yash is actually doing what he said he would do on KC Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

Gayatri agrees with Yash saying that he can give Aarti any punishment but not leave the house...She continues to say that she knows that SP has a big heart and just like the times before when he gave Aarti a second chance she hopes he will forgives her and gives her another chance...SP replies that he won't give her anymore chances and that she needs to leave the house since she broke their trust, he would never trust her again...My sly fox is very hurt, the daughter he always wanted betrayed him and he doesn't know how to handle his emotions so he is punishing her and himself too but throwing her out the house, I tell you SP is the one that's gonna miss her the most Ouch Cry Cry I love that Gayatri is standing up for Aarti and I don't care what anyone says she does love her DIL Big smile

Aarti tells SP thats he has indeed committed a huge mistake and if he thinks she deserves this punishment then she will respect his decision and leave the house leaving Yash and the rest of the younger Scindias shocked...Well atleast we got the youngsters' reactions even though I would have liked them to speak up but then again today was Yash's day to shine Tongue Embarrassed LOL

Yash goes up to Aarti and says that the day of their wedding he took a vow with her that he will bet there for her in the good and bad times therefore he can't leave her alone in this punishment...Yash statement shocks everyone, boa tries to talk him out of it saying that he is ready to sever all ties with his family for this one woman...Yash tells her to refer to Aarti as this woman since she is his wife and his children mother, Prashanst and kaki are not happy about what's going on while Shobha is extremely happy. SP tells Yash that since he has decided to stay with Aarti then he should know that he will have to sever all ties with the family and to never talk to them again...He asks Yash if he's willing to let go of blood and birth relationships, the latter agrees to it...WOW Yash showed P and Kaki what the modern day Ram can do, he stood by his wife and if she has to be exile then he will follow her as well cause he is respecting his wedding vows, I think i that exact moment Aarti fell more in love with Yash than ever Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming...hehe the look on on P and Kaki's faces was priceless LOL LOL

Yash tells Aarti let them go just then Ansh comes running in the living room calling papa, he runs straight passed Prashant and goes straight to Yash, the little angel asks why are the adults fighting? He then uses what Aarti taught them in the AM and asks them to patch things up but SP doesn't budge and Gaayatri is very emotional along with Aarti and Shobha...Kaki comes and holds Ansh telling him that P is his dad ad that he should come live with them but the little one doesn't buy it he refers to P as uncle...Awww I usually don't like kids being apart of these thing but Ansh has always been apart of the major points in AarYa's lives...Damn it was friken awesome to see Ansh run straight to Yash ignoring P ROFL LOL LOL

Upon seeing what Kaki is trying to do, Yash asks the old woman to let go of his son's hand and leave to which she replies that she won't be scarred of his threats...Ansh pulls his hand away from Kaki, Yash goes on to tell the latter that his son's name is Ansh Yash Scindia and if anyone tries to take him away from them then they won't be spared...Yash asks Ansh to go to his room...Oooh Yash in papa bear mode was hot, I loved the deadly look he gave Prashant Dead Embarrassed Day Dreaming

Shobha tells Prashant that the world isn't just full with selfish people like him but also with good ones like Yash due to which the world goes on...Otherwise he and Kaki who had left no stone unturned would have rip Aarti of her marital bliss today, she goes on to say that she hopes he realizes how to be a good life partner like Yash...A very frustrated P leaves with Kaki following suit...hahaha Shobha sure know how to rub it in, I'm very happy that she did and the way P and kaki left with their tails between their legs that was the funniest part of the epi LOL LOL LOL

Shobha once again asks SP to forgive Aarti and to give them instead and that she is okay if he never speaks to them again, Yash asks her to go home and let it be cause saying anything now will just make matters worse...He goes on to ask her not to worry about Aarti as he is with her, they leave...SP give AarYa one last look and leaves as well with Gayatri in tow...Aww my sly fox is loosing his lucky charms due to his principles and unwillingness to forgive Ouch Ouch

In AarYa's room, Yahs is taking clothes out of the wardrobe...He puts them on the bed and begins to pack just then Aarti comes into the room upon seeing him packing asks him why is he doing and facing the wrath of the family...hurting them for her since it was her mistake and only she should be punished, Yash tells her that living without  her will be punishment in itself for him...Awww I loved when he said that line about him living without her is a punishment Embarrassed Big smile Embarrassed

Yash goes on to say that the fact that he has to leave angering is bad but what would be worse is if he had left her midway to fend for herself...He continues on to say that he knows that blood relations are important but he has a certain responsibilities towards his relationship with her...He proceeds to tell her that now they will have to give their kids the love of both parents and asks her to promise him that she will always be with him.

He goes on to tell Aarti that he knows if his parents hope that he has the responsibilities of a son towards them then they also know that he has responsibilities towards Aarti as a husband...Yash says that he mistook her love for helplessness that she didn't want to get into this Punar Vivaah, he walks up to her and wipes her tears...Yash continues on to say that from now on that no one gets a place in her eyes other than him not even tears...Aarti looks at him with love...Awww Yash made every man around the world very jealous Wink...I love the way he reassure her that what he is doing is for the best and that now they only have each other and their kids...And when he wiped away Aarti's tears I just melt Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming

PRECAP: Aarti asks Yash to tell her what's in his heart...Yash holds her shoulders and says I LOVE YOU AARTIJI...oooh I'm gonna need an oxygen tank tomorrow, finally our Yash babu is gonna say what he has been wanting to say in a very longtime and he didn't need alcohol or poems juts what is in his heart Blushing Blushing Blushing

Well as predicted the show was dedicated to Yahs' reaction and oh boy Gurmeet Choudhary delivered he was the star on tonight's show...From the beginning til the end Star Star Star

I loved his various emotions and he didn't even had to go in hulk mode to make P runaway with his tail between his legs Tongue LOL LOL

Kratika Sengar was great as well and so was Chetan Pandit...those three were phenomenal Clap Clap Clap

Today's episode had everything we ever wanted to see and much more...can't wait for tomorrow's episode Big smile

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OMG OMG OMGGG!!!!!!!!!! DeadDeadDeadDeadDeadDeadDeadDead

Yash to support Aarti and leave Scindia mansion .. both will stay in outhouse with kids ShockedShocked..

Yash will confess his love for ILU and there will b a near kiss between both

@BOLD Officially DEAD!! DeadDeadDeadDeadEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedLOLLOLLOL

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Nice title Jyo !!

Damn excited to watch today's episode...Embarrassed

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I just watched the repeat that comes here and I noticed a few things. Yash actually looks worried when Aarti says she is going to tell the whole family. I really don't think he trusted her to want to tell the truth: that is the crux of his problem. He is not sure she ever meant to tell the truth and he was not sure she meant to now. It was only when she confirmed Tayji's words that he understood; her lie was under pressure but now that the truth was out, she was not turning back. This is an important phase for Yash because he is literally understanding Aarti from scratch. The like made him feel like he didn't know who she was at all and, it is only since her revelation that he is once again learning her nature. And it is happening pretty fast. He re-learned what a great mother she was when he saw her teaching the kids, he relearned her unselfishness when she took all the blame on herself for the lie and he is relearning her honesty and sincerity as she makes no effort to hide the truth from his family. And I do believe this will culminate in him standing by her.

Also the water spilling on the painting was really interesting from a symbolism perspective. Palak was painting clouds red when Aarti told her to instead paint them blue. It comes a full circle because back when Palak was angry with Aarti about the birthday, Aarti drew a rainbow and Palak didn't even acknowledge it. Then Aarti started gaining Palak's trust by helping her with a speech about rain, and finally today Aarti is teaching Palak the right way to deal with clouds in the painting, or hardships in life. Before Palak couldn't enjoy the rainbow that Aarti was trying to bring because of her hatred of the rain, thanks to her relationship with her mom's death. In the debate, Aarti turned that bitter feeling over Arpita's death into a sweet memory and a place for a new mummy in Palak's life. Now even if the ominous clouds come or spill over into disaster, she is teaching Palak to be gracious and forgive others... just as she does!

Also I would like to stretch it as far as to say we can expect a rain scene in the near future? Wink

Looking forward to tonight's episode and will try to be back with a take tomorrow! Big smile


Stayed up and watched the episode. Tongue My thoughts, from various posts, compiled:

SP had the same reaction to Aarti's issue as he did with Paridhi's. At that time we wondered, since Aarti and Yash were the ones to stick up for Paridhi and cool SP down, who would be the ones to stick up for them. And we got our answer today. They have only each other because they are the only two in that family with such strong principles, leadership abilities and such selfless natures.

As I predicted, Yash will say the three words when Aarti most needs to hear them. No teasing or provoking from Aarti, just a simple plea for confirmation, and no hesitation or self consciousness from Yash, just an unabashed confession! Just how it was always meant to be.

The Ansh custody issue has begun!

As some of us expected, Gayatri turned out to be the surprise support for Aarti here despite being the one who verbally articulated the no divorcee thing. She has grown so much in her love for Aarti, because all she wanted was for Yash and the girls to be happy, and for Yash and Aarti have a kid. Every single wish Aarti has fulfilled. Gayatri doesn't really operate on principles but on the happiness of her family. SP is different. He is going to regret this as soon as his anger cools and I am loathe to see that moment for him when he realises what he did in anger. ? Remember he said the same thing to Prateek when the Paridhi thing came out and look how quickly he forgave them with a little convincing! He is going to be broken but too proud to admit it when he truly understands what he has done today.Quick points:

I had a doubt yesterday about Gayatri, but after today's episode I don't think that was the whole reason. It is true that she wants the pota, but if that was the only thing she wanted, then she too could have reasoned like SP that they would get the kid home after it was born... why keep Aarti around needlessly? ?

We saw the disadvantages of Gayatri having no principles all this time. She didn't care how horrible she was to people if she thought her sons were not getting their due. But she sees the change in Yash because of Aarti, she has been through Arpita's loss with him and she knows how intensely he loves. She is just as loose with her principles in Aarti's favor now that she has done everything Gayatri wanted of her. She does want to keep her in the family because of what she has done for Yash and the girls, as well as the whole family... not to mention Gayatri herself. Look at the way she was standing up to SP today; can you imagine that of the Gayatri from the wedding time, who actually took pleasure in her husband exercising his power over others unjustly? No, Gayatri has changed and I loved seeing that!

I loved Yash's dialogue about how committed Aarti has been to the PV from the beginning. Everything he said she did, it was as though there was a subtext of, even when I didn't, especially that line about lettting  the past being haavi over the present.

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Nice title Jyoti!

Waiting for volcano to erupt...

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@Zetter : Fab take  ClapClap.. I agree that some people come in our life as blessings while some come as lessons .. here Aarti realised Yash is a blessing for her life while Prashant was a big lesson for her Thumbs Up... its really sad that today once again Aarti's relationship with Scindia family will go kaput because of her past after all the efforts she had put in to win the heart of Daddy Scindia CryCry.. but I m sure eventually things will all fall in place and Scindias will accept Aarti too .. its just a matter of time Embarrassed

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