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KR FF-You are Mine only Mine my Baatcutter#3

--Nishi-- Senior Member

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Posted: 02 January 2013 at 10:47am | IP Logged

THREAD 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Shocked

OMG OMG OMG!!!!Shocked

Am Dancing rite now!!!!!!Big smileLOLLOL

Thanq guys For loving my ff soo much!!<3<3

Dinkachika cinka chika dinka chika dinka chikaLOL

Thread 2-

chap 31-Scroll down


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Hey guys am very happy for the new goes my update

All were sitting in the hall and were chit chatting random stuff
Most of them were teasing kriyaansh ,Which leads them to Llhh
It was 7pm but no one was in a mood to move from their places
Rey had a different plan set up in his mind so he immediately got up from his place
,took hold of kriya's hand and lead her to the centre
She was just watching him with a question mark on her face infact everyone wer watching them wiith confusion

Nilesh:Abey thu yeh kar kya raha hai?

Swayam:exactly anything wrong?

He just kneeled infront of kria

Everbody understood what was he gonna do next .
Boys were smirking and girls were waiting eagerly for it and kria she was blank

"I Know kria i had made u wait for me so long,but wat to do am a JERK!after the wait got over i made you cry due to that taani thing.i dint like it at all.I feel like slapping myself for 100 times for making u cry ,I was happy when we are back together you understood me .I Was very happy to get you as my Girlfriend but i want you to be more than that.I cant see you sad ,i can do anything for your happiness.Without talking to you i feel so lonely.Please bare with me for the rest of your life and be my Wife ,my life partner,my soulmate forever .Please?" He said very innocently by stretching his hand forward.

Kria's eyes were filled with tears.Happy tears!

All said in unison "Awww"

Rey just grinned looking at them and was waiting for his answer

she slowly slid her hand in his and said "YES!"

He immediately got up and shouted ,jumped and hugged her as tight as possible.
"I Love you I love you I love you" he said hugging her more and more.

"I love you too" she said sobbing

he broke the hug as he felt her crying.
and cupped her face

"Kya hua baby are you okay?Didnt i propose correctly ?did something go wrong?please dont cry!I know you look more cute when you cry but i doesnt mean that i want to see you cry.please dont cry i love you..Shall i propose again"he was going on saying.she can see the concern in his eyes

When he was about to kneel down for another proposal she pulled him into a hug and said "Budhu these are happy tears and I love you the proposal is perfect"

"AWWW" All girls said.

He hugged and kissed her hair.

Now all hooted for kriyaansh and the congrats session started and all were busy congratulating them

After a long time all went to the garden sat there and started the teasing session

Nilesh:Rey tho commited man ban gaya,lagtha hai sab girls who were trying to hit on him were crying.kuch tho dhaya karo na rey uss ladkiyon par

Rey:Muje mera baatcutter ke seva kisi aur ladki par dhaya watever nahin hai

Vicky:Rey mei ithna change .ye meine kabhi nahin expect kiya tha woh itna badhlega .kria mana padega!kria tussi great ho

All boys:Haan kria tussi great ho!

Kria:par meine kya kiya?

Vicky:tere pyaar ne humare bache ko badal diya

Kria:badal diya matlab?ye kaisa tha past mei?


Rey:baatcutter purane bathe chodo na

Kria:nahin .vicky thu bathao rey kaisa tha past mei

Vicky:dil se tho bahut acha tha ,best friends ko bahut imp detha tha jab family ki baath ayi tho he is a good boy par girls ki baath athi hai tho..


Rey:tho kuch nahin!

Vicky:arey rey muje bol ne dho yaar kria ko hak hai thera past janne ka infact sab diserves to know your past.Actually kria baath ye hai ki rey ek ladki ko bahuth pyaar kartha tha uss ladki ne rey ko betray kia uske baadh rey ne bahut tough time se guzara,usne dharu peena shuru kardhiya aur apne apko dhoshi mantha rehtha tha.bahut pyaar kiya uss ladki ko,raath bar rone lag jatha..aur ussko overcome karne keliye usne kayi ladkiyon ke sath date pe gaya but uska bhi koyi faydha nahin sirf sabne isko casinova ka tag lagaya.par jab usne thumse pyar karna shuru kiya then he had changed alot i felt i got the old rey back.usko firse genuenly smile karthe hue dheka

All the while rey was just looking down

Vicky:aur usne vadha liya ki ye matter sirf hum dhono ke bech mei rahega but i think you people deserve to know his past and especially kria u deserve to know him and his sorry rey for breaking ur promise.

Rey:Its ok buddy!anyways lets go muje bahut bhook lag raha hai.

He said getting up

All felt bad for him but dint show their sadness as it makes him sad.

All were going near the table when kria pulled him inside the room and locked the door behind.when gang saw kriyaansh were not found they understood that they need time to talk so they continued with their works.

Rey:Kria romance karne ka time nahin hai ye

she said placing her finger on his lips.

Kria:kyun nahin bathaya apne past ke bare mei.?Mei apse gussa hun!

Rey:because it was my past and it doesnt matters to me ,what just matters to me is you my PRESENT FUTURE and EVERYTHING

"I WILL LOVE YOU forever" she said hugging him and tears rolling down from her eyes.

"SShh!I Love you too" he said hugging her and taking in the moment.

after sometime they broke the hug

Kria:Woh ladki mujse zyadhi achi dhikegi?


He was teasing her


She said with a pout

Rey:Awww meri baatcutter tumse achi koyi ho saktha hai kya?
he said pulling her cheeks.

Kria:matlab ap muje tease kar rahe the.?Ap ap na!!

She was angry she was about to leave when he pulled

Rey:maaf kardho na yaar


Rey:baatcutter tum mujse itni dher thak gussa kaise reh sakthe ho?

Kria:Billkul mushkil nahin hai

Again when she was leaving he pulled her so hard that she banged into him

They shared a Llhh

Rey:sorry..tum mujse gussa hothi ho tho muje bilkul acha nahin lagtha,aur agar thum muje maaf nahin karogi na tho mei kuch karunga

Kria:kuch tho karoge!

Rey:mein seriously keh raha hun mei kuch karunga

Kria:i dont care!

When she was about to go he tried to do something which would stop her so he took the candle nearby lighted it ,applied lotion to his hand and kept his over it and shouted "Ahh"

She saw came running towards him

Kria:Pagal ho kya?agar apko thakleef paunchthi hai tho

Rey:tho what ?you dont care right?

Kria:i do care

she said and hugged him tight.

Kria:i love you please agli baar aise harkath math karna

he broke the hug cupped her face and said "Am sorry"

She smiled and took his hand to kiss the place were it got burnt.
But when she saw his palm was perfectly alrite and it was not burnt

She saw him with an Shocked exp

Rey:Actually mei puri thayari mei tha ...phirse gussa hona allowed nahin hai.
agar phirse gussa hua tho isbar lotion bhi nahin hai i

he said keeping his other hand over the flame.
She took hold of his hand and said "Agar apko thaklef pahunchage na tho..."
"Tho ?" he asked raising his eyebrows and grinning.
"Tho ...tho ...tho mei..mei phirse gussa hojaungi" she said

"no that is not allowed " he said intantly

She smiled and replied "Acha chalo bahar sab intezaar kar rahe hai"

"Ek min...woh actually meine teek tarah maafi manga hi nahin aur tumne puri tarah se maaf hi nahin ki" he said aiming her lips.

"Rey chalo" she said blushing

"rey badmashi bandh karo aur chalo yaha se !"

"Ok madam"

Whiled they were going he pulled her back and said "meine imp baath bathana hi bhul gaya"


"I love you" he said smiling to which she blushed

he inched forward and took her lips in his it was a passionate kiss,both were exploring each other the kiss deepend ,it was broke by a knock on the door

Vicky:Bhai romance khatham ho gaya tho chalo khana khathe hai aur thumhe delhi bhi jana hai bhul gaye?

Rey:vicky thum log chalo na hum kuch baath kar rahe hai hum athe hai

Vicky:Baath kar rahe hai ya kuch aur?

Rey:Vicky shut up!

Vicky went away giggling.
When he saw his baatcutter he saw her sad

Rey:kya hua?

Kria:ap muje chodkar ja rahe ho..

Rey:kya karun even i dont want to leave u

Kria:mei bhi ajaun?

Rey:agar thum aoge tho thumhare saath saath thumhare mom aur protective bhai bhi ayenge like buy one get two free

Kria:swayam prtective?


He said her whole thing what had which they both laughed hard.

Rey:dont worry sweetheart i will be back to mumbai soon.



Both chuckled

Kria:chalo bahar jayenge


And they go out near the dinning table.

Nilesh:arey itne jaldhi agaye?


Nilesh:almost 15 mins se hum thum logon ka wait kar rahe the!

Kria:sorry guys.

Vicky:its ok waise bhi rey karan ka call agaya tha aur usne kaha ki taani ne phirse thumhara dance academy join karli aur kisi bhi prob create kar sakthi hai tho he said to be careful

Rey:dont worry guys i will handle it.

All were chit chatting ,eating ,teasing but one was in deep thought it is none other than our kria,she was lost thinking about taani when rey saw her and assured that he will manage
she smiled back.

all couples were sitting opposite to each other.

kria slowly slid her leg onto rey's in shock he just spitted out the water and she smirked

Swayam:Arey kya hua?

Rey:kuch...kuch nahin.


"Ye hi time hai romance karne ka?" rey asked with a puppy face

"Sirf aap hi kar sakthe ho kya romance?" she said smirking

"universe ji" he said seeing up


Swayam:tum dhono ko ho kya gaya?

Kriayaansh:hume kya ho gaya?kuch bhi tho nahin.

Rey slowly slid his leg towards her instead of hers he slid his onto Vicky's

Vicky (whispered):bhai woh mera leg hai

To which rey felt embaressed and took his leg back,kria was hardly contolling her laughter.

Dinner finished its time to drop rey at the airport all reached the airport

Kriyaansh were sad to leave each other but they dint want to show each other and make the other sad more.

All were talking when rey signalled swayam to take away gang as he could talk to kria but  the whole gang saw him signalling

Sharon:chalo guys chalthe hai kuch dher kria ur rey ko akele chodo

All:haan haan bye rey

Kria and rey were left alone..Soon rey hugged her tight.

"I will miss u baatcutter"

"I will miss u too rey"

she broke the hug and he was holding her hand and was quite.

"Sirf 2-3 months ke liye hi tho jarahe hai na..aur wapas ajoge na humesha ke lliye ..vaise tho thum muje phone karoge na?" she said making him to feel better

"phone tho karunga but i cant see you na" he replie innocently.

"I love you" she said placing her hand on his cheek

he felt good.

"Last and final call for the passeger flight 543 MR.Reeyansh Singhania to abord their flight"

He looked at the announcement annoyed.

"Bye" he said but not leaving her hand.

"Bye ab chalo warna flight chala jayega!" the gang said from back

"Bye" kria said faking smile.

He kissed her on her cheek and went to boardd the flight,while he is entering in for the last time he saw kria who was waving her hand faking a smile and tears were almost ready to flow down.he gave a flying kiss and waved bye and went in.

Sharon hugged kria from sidewards and were going back when she was on the way to her home..she recieved a msg its from rey she smiled and opened it,It read

"Am Missing you:(" to which she smiled and replied "Missing you too"

days passed .kriyaansh were calling eachother everyday their romantic bathe fights and manana ..

One day kria received a call from unknow number

"hello kaun hai?" kria enquired

"mei taani" voice came from other side.

So here ends my update

This dint turn out to be goodOuch

Please do give ur reviews .Criticism welcomed

Do hit like button

P.s: In middle of the update kriyaansh scene was inspired by kajen scene.I soo loved them and i came across the kajen scene and wanted to pen it down in KR version.

Demand Ummm UR wish!Tongue

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congo 4 da nw thred

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Congo for the new thread di..update soon...

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congrats 4 the new thread...pls update soon...

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nishi congo 4 new threadParty

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Nishi congo n update kar

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