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ff:PainKiller! Epi 10! (Sunaina Exposed!)on Pg 9! (Page 9)

I-Luv-Rashi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 February 2013 at 10:32pm | IP Logged
ff:(PainKiller) Episode 9 (Gopi Slaps Ahem!,Rashi overhears Jigar's and Dhawal's conversation about BB Mach!,Ahem arrested in attempt murder case!)

Quick Recap:

-Jigat loses BB match delibrately and Rashi embrasses him by telling him to apply shoe polish on his face on pretext of bet!
-Jigar vows to take a serious revenge from Rashi.
-Here Gopi misunderstands Ahem and thinks he is sending her the loveletter.
-Gopi hears Sunaina and Ahem fighting!
-Sunaina cuts her wrist to suicide and is admitted in Sanjeevani!
-Some anonymous person is continously following Falak and she is worried about it.


Epi starts with Ahem seeing Sunaina being brought on stretcher and her wrist is bleeding and Dr.Kirti tells Dr.Rashi that this case is Dr.Rashi's.Dr.Rashi attends Sunaina and A nurse tells Ahem that Dr.Gopi is calling him on Terrace!

At Locker Room:

Falak is lost in thoughts of that anonymous person who is continously following her and stares at her she thinks"Who is this person and why is he following me?"Suddenly Kinjal enters and tells Falak that Nurse told her it's Her duty in General Ward! Falak leaves thanking Kinjal for reminding her of her duty.Kinjal notices Falak is sad regarding something.Dhawal also enters and Kinjal tells him about Falak being sad! Dhawal says"I will go and ask her!" Kinjal stops him and says"Not now let her take her time maybe she tells us itself " Dhawal say"ok lets wait!"

At Sanjeevani Terrace:

Gopi is in full anger waiting for Ahem and Ahem comes and says"Hey Kidco what happened?" Gopi says"Ahem I not in mood of joking!" Ahem say"Oooh then in what mood you are?"Ahem turns serious on seeing Gopi serious and gopi comes forward and slaps Ahem hard.Ahem is shocked on this and Gopi says"I never thought you will make me a laughing stock infront of everyone like this,First this loveletter and now in general ward! Everyone is giggling looking at me!"Ahem is confused and says"Wait a minute which loveletter?" Gopi says"Don't act innocent!" Gopi leaves throwing the letter on face of Ahem and Ahem is confused+shocked!

At General Ward:

Falak tells pune to clean all the flowers which are stating"I Love Gopi" and vivek stops the pune but pune cleans it without any hesitation and vivek is angry!Falak tells him it's against the rules and leaves.

At Locker Room:

Jigar enters and Dhawal says"Jigar I wanted to talk with you about something!" Jigar asks"About what?" Dhawal says"Honestly tell me did you fall delibrately during BB Match? And do not even try to lie as I saw you!" Jigar stays quiet for a moment and gets flashback of Rashi telling him to apply shoe polish on his face and gets angry he says"Yes I fell delibrately during the match!!!" Rashi overhears this and goes from there lost in thoughts!

At Corridoor:

Rashi thinks"So Jigar fell delirately so we can win and he cannot get the chance to kiss me?? Basically he saved me enbarassment? Ans what I did?" Rashi leaves to check Sunaina in Casuality!

At Casuality:

Rashi is checking Sunaina and Sunaina is continuously crying Gopi enters and is shocked to see sunaina on bed and she hears sunaina telling Rashi that she doesn't want to live as her boyfriend ditched her!" Gopi comes running and asks Rashi"Rashiben what happened to her?" Rashi says"Why this time also you want to snatch this case from me? But this time I will not let this happen so stay out of it!" Gopi turns sad and leaves!

At Cafetaria:

Kinjal and Dhawal inquire from Falak why she is sad and She says"I don't know how I should react? As from last 3 day a anonymous man is following me in whole hospital and I don't know why?" Kinjal and Dhawal are shocked to know that and Dhawal says"Tell who is he I will beat the shit out of him!" Kinjal pulls dhawal from his arm and hilariously says"Sunny Deol Ji please calm down!"Falak says"Yes Kinjal is right we cannot do anything till we know why that person is behaving like this?" Suddenly falak's pager rings and she leaves and Kinjal orders a sandwich on which Dhawal says that she is growing fat then they have a sweet argument and Dhawal also leaves.

At corridoor:

Gopi sees Ahem entering Sunaina's ward and she follows him but Dr.Kirti comes in between and asks Gopi about her patient.Here in Sunaina's ward Ahem asks Sunaina why she is doing this all when everything is finished between them.Sunaina takes a knife from apple threatens Ahem that she will kills herself and Ahem tries to pull knife from her hand and says"Stop this acting!" At the sametime Gopi enters and sees knife in Ahem's hand pointing towards sunaina's neck! She misunderstands Ahem and at the same time sunaina sees Gopi and starts yelling "Don't kill me pleas don't kill me!" Gopi runs and pushes ahem back and hugs sunaina. Gopi tells ahem to leave from there ahem tries to explain but gopi forces him to leave.Sunaina tells Gopi that Ahem wants to kill her and she wants to file a complaint against him if Gopi helps her and after thinking Gopi agrees on helping Sunaina!

At Reception:

Police comes and inquires about Ahem,Nurse tells them that Dr.Ahem is in General Ward.

At General Ward:

Police Comes and inquires about Ahem ,Ahem comes and police tells him that he is underarrest in Attempt murder case! Everyone is shocked and Police says he has tried to kill sunaina and we have a eye witness! Kinjal asks who is witness and police inspector says"Dr.Gopi Shah!" Ahem is supershocked and police leaves with taking Ahem and everyone asks Gopi and she says that ahe saw ahem pointing knife at her and she also saw him fighting with her!"Everyone is confused!

At Locker Room:

Jigar is furious and is thinking how to take revenge from rashi and he gets a idea.

At Jail:

A lawyer comes with a bag of money and goes to police and takes out Ahem from jail ,Ahem is again upset on seeing Lawyer alone with bag of money! Ahem again gets the same flashback of a man beating a kid   And turns sad!

At Sanjeevani:

Everyone is surprised to see Ahem in Sanjeevani and Gopi is shocked to see him! Dhawal say that all are very happy to see ahem in sanjeevani again! Ahem taunts Gopi saying"But some people are not happy seeing me here!"Gopi leaves from there.Jigar says"So guys everything is fine so I am having a party at my house and theme is fancy dress party! We will come guys you all are invited! " he looks at Rashi and says"Rashi I know you won't come so its ok!" Rashi gets a flashback of Jigar telling Dhawal he fell delibrately and she says"No I will definitely come!" Everyone leaves and Jigar smirks and thinks"Miss Attitude now my revenge starts!"

At corridoor:

Gopi comes to meet sunaina when she stops at door and overhears Sunaina talking to someone on phone and saying"Poor Ahem he never thought that I will put him behind the bars so smartly!I used my smart brain and also used that stupid Gopi in that and she didn't even realised that I was using her!" Gopi is shocked in listening this and she thinks"It means Ahem is innocent??"


Falak is shocked to see the same person admitted in Sanjeevani as a patient who keeps on following her!Scene shifts to Gopi thinking" Ahem is in this problem because of me now I will only take him out from this police case!"Scene shifts Vivek once again kisses Gopi and Gopi slaps him and this time infront of Dr.Kirti and Dr.Kirti is shocked!Jigar is really happy as he will take the shoe polish revenge from Rashi !

Please Do Comment!I Hope you all are loving the way story is proceeding!;-)

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delsi IF-Dazzler

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Superb update Alina finally Gopi's realize her mistake very nice

wonderful update Jigar is planning for revange good
waiting for the next part
.ChammakChallo. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 February 2013 at 10:35am | IP Logged
awesome update alina 
really wanna know ahems past 
Fancy dress party looking forward to it :D
NazimKiDewani IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 February 2013 at 10:59am | IP Logged
awesome update Alina... Tongue

Gopi slap Ahem the put him behind the bars.. Thats really not done or im sure vivek doing all with gopi means love letter n wall chalking n flowers.. Poor Ahem i wish Gopi say sorry to him..
I-Luv-Rashi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 March 2013 at 12:34am | IP Logged

I Will be continuing my both ff's on SNS corner because many readers requested me!

ff:PainKiller Episode 10 ( Dr.Gopi Exposes Sunaina!,Gopi apologizes to Dr.Ahem but He insults Dr.Gopi!,Dr.Jigar Insults Dr. Rashi in Party! )

Epi starts with Dr.Gopi overhearing Sunaina's phonecall where she is saying that Ahem is innocent and she has trapped him to take revenge! Gopi is shocked on overhearing this and she thinks"It Means Ahem is Innocent? I have got him arrested wrongly? Oh My God what did I do! Now I will have to do something to prove him innocent!"Gopi leaves from there.

At Locker Room:

Kinjal asks Rashi which character sh eis being for the Fancy dress party? and Falak says"I am not coming to  the party as my mom is not feeling well so you all go!" Rashi says"I will be coming as AnarKali!" Kinjal says"Wow what a creative thought! but have you purchased the costume?" Rashi says"No my duty hours have just finished so I am leaving Now!and  Now we will directly meet at the Party!"Jigar is hiding and listening and he smirks.Rashi leaves and Ahem and Jigar enter the room! Jigar announces that he has changed the theme of the Party,Now it is simple party instead of Fancy dress party! Falak says"But Why?" Jigar says because his some friends found the idea childish! Kinjal says"Now we will have to inform rashi!" Jigar says he has already informed rashi and she will directly join in the party!

At Sanjeevani Corridor:

Gopi tells DHawal all the things she heard from Sunaina,she also tells Dhawal that they have to expose Sunaina so she has told Jigar that She and Dhawal will not be coming to the party!Dhawal agrees.

At Party:

Everyone is there and Jigar is waiting for Rashi to arrive!Rashi arrives with full AnarKali dress up and all the jewellery! She is shocked to see everyone in formal dress code.People start passing comments on rashi,Like Middle class,attention seeker,BehenJi etc.Rashi is hurt and she turns teary! Jigar comes forward and says"Hey people look AnarKali has arrived please search for her Salim! where is he?" Everyone laughs and Rashi turns teary! Jigar continues to insult Rashi ,Everyone from Sanjeevani is shocked and Ahem comes forward and tells Jigar to stop it! Rashi cries and runs from the party!

AT Sanjeevani Reception:

Dr.Gopi and Dr.Dhawal check the entries and they see a man who came to meet Sunaina and they also notice it was just two mins back!They both run towards Sunaina's ward and hide outside the room and hear.The man tells Sunaina'Leave him I love you so much just leave him!" The man kisses Sunaina and Dhawal-Gopi are shocked to see this.Sunaina says"How can I leave him Pawan he will have to pay what he did!"Dhawal whispers"You were right Gopi!' and they both leave from there.

At Rashi's House:

Rashi is sitting on her bed and crying,She remember's people's coomments.She then wipes off her tears and says"Mr.Jigar you feel proud with playing other's emotions then look how I play with your emotions!" 


At Sanjeevani:

Ahem and Rashi completely ignore Gopi and Jigar.Dr.Kirti assigns them duties and says"From tomorrow onwards your duties will be announced by Dr.Gopi as I will be busy for 1 week!"Everyone agrees and Rashi is pissed off!

At Sunaina's Ward:

Gopi enters the room and Checks the file and says"Don't leave him!" Sunaina says"Whom?" Gopi says"Ahem! Don't leave him,I am with you he has also insulted me in whole Sanjeevani!" Sunaina says"Don't worry about that I will take care of him!" Gopi says"But what happened?what he did with you!" Sunaina says"We both were in relationship and he was my boyfriend!  Everything was going great but oneday he catched me and Pawan in same bed and He ditched me! so I decided to teach him a good lesson So I did and look now he is behind the bars!" Gopi says"ThankYou!" Sunaina says"Thankyou? for what?"  Gopi says"for giving evidence!" Police enters and arrests her! Gopi handsover a voice recorder to Police.Rashi says"i knew it before only her cuts were also not deep!" Everyone congratulates Ahem and Ahem leaves from There Gopi follows Ahem and stops him,She says"I am sorry Ahme it was just a misunderstanding!please forgive me!" Ahem shouts "A Misunderstanding? Dr.Gopi your this one misunderstanding could have spoiled my whole career!!"  Gopis ays"I understand!" Ahem shouts"No you don't understand Dr.Gopi! Just Leave me Alone...Didn't you hear just leave me alone!!" Gopi leaves.

At General Ward:

Gopi is bandaging Vivek and says"Today I am distcharging you!" Vivek brings his head closer to Gopi and says"Really doc you want to distcharge me!!'' Gopi tells him to behave and he kisses Gopi on her cheek!Gopi slaps him hard and Dr.Kirti is shocked to see that!

Epi ends on shocked face of Dr.Kirti!


Rashi thinks"This Gopi is flying high na! I know how to bring her on earth! Oh My God Dr.Gopi has so soft heart! SO be ready to get your heart broken Dr.Gopi!"

From Now onwards I won't be sending any pm's to anyone!

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