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Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

ff:PainKiller! Epi 10! (Sunaina Exposed!)on Pg 9! (Page 3)

.ChammakChallo. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 January 2013 at 9:51am | IP Logged
loved dis part Alina
awrh why is Rashi so sad to gopi
want loads of Raji n Gohem scenes :)
update soon

-AmalAziz- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 January 2013 at 3:57pm | IP Logged
Lovely part!

Good going !
NazimKiDewani IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 January 2013 at 12:55am | IP Logged
awesum awesum update Alina... Clap

omg Ahem were so naughty n kool i simply loved his calling gopi Kidco everytime ROFL Embarrassed or Ahem constantly flittering with gopi i love it.. Embarrassed Jigar also sounds naughty and Rashi perfect role for rashi miss attitued Wink
Theta14 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 January 2013 at 1:03am | IP Logged
update soon..
awesome part
I-Luv-Rashi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 January 2013 at 12:44am | IP Logged
PainKiller Episode 3 (Bet bani Mushkil! Rashi ka case ya Gopi ka case?)

AT Sanjeevani Hospital:

AT Locker Room:

Kinjal Tells Rashi about Gopi's and Ahem's bet and Rashi says"How idiot she is it is clear case that patients husband beats her then why coagiliation profile? Anyways let her be! who cares!" Rashi leaves and Kinjal thinks "why she is always upset whenever Gopi's name comes?" Falak comes and She says "Hi Kinjal how is your duty going on?" Kinjal says"Good!" Dhawal enters and says"What are you doing?" Falak says"Gossip!" Dhawal says"Lets do it together I also love gossip!" Falak smiles and says"But Dhawal we were gossiping about you!" Dhawal says"Uh Oh .Ok then I am going when it ends tell me I will come back!" Dhawal leaves and Kinjal and Falak share a laugh.

AT A&E Department(Casualty):

A pregnant lady is brought on stretcher and her husband is with her and Lady is yelling with pain and Dr.Gopi asks her husband about her months and patients husband says that it's her due in two days and Gopi checks the patient and say" It just excitement and there is still time in labour pain so I am giving her injection. Gopi asks patients name and He says"I am Rakesh Singh and she is Sonia Singh!" Till then the lady says"Rakesh I want my baby alright I will die if something happens to our baby!" Gopi holds patients hand and says"Don't worry Mrs.Singh in some hours your baby will be in your hands alright,Happy and Healthy". Mrs.Singh holds Gopi's hand tightly and says"Doctor are telling the truth?" Gopi says"yes you will have your baby healthy in your hand." Mrs.Singh says"Promise?" Gopi smiles and says"Promise!" Mrs.Singh also smiles and Gopi then asks from rakesh "whose case is this?" He says it is Dr.Kirti's and Gopi says"Then No need to worry as she is very good doctor". Gopi starts leaving when patient says"Doctor what is your name?" Gopi smiles and says"Dr.Gopi." Gopi leaves.

Dr.Kirti comes and says"From Now onwards Dr.Falak will be in Casualty and Dr.Gopi will be in I.C.U". Falak and Gopi exchange their duties and Falak goes to Casualty.

AT Casualty:

A 20 years Girl named Nibarika is brought and it is said that she had got Asthma attack and Dr.Falak attends her and A person says to Falak"Dr take special care of her she is ministers Daughter." Falak nods and Then she again goes to Niharika and attends her but she gets suspicious and thinks"I think she is not asthma patient she has something else? I will have to conduct her test."

At Casualty:

Ahem says"Aah after break now I am Feeling fresh Now I will irritate kidco more!" He then comes and sees Falak instead of Gopi and He says"Hey Falak where is Kidco!" Falak tells him about Dr.Kirti exchnging their duties and he says"Dr.kirti is a bhatakti aatma She can be never happy".Falak says"Ahem why are you always irritating poor girl?" Ahem says"Who Dr.Kirti?" Falak says"I am talking about Gopi!" Ahem says"Ohhh Kidco I am never want to Irritate her but she ways invites me to irritTe her.Falak smiles and Ahem says idea.

AT General Ward:

Rashi has finished her work and says"Aah work is finished now I will get full points for today and no one can stop me from being Intern Of The Month!" Jigar is listening this and says"I will!" Rashi says"Oh not again! why you are always poking your nose in others matters can't you be quiet and do your own work?" Jigar says"You know what? I was never interested in this IOTM stuff but now I am also in this ompetition and I will be only intern of the month." Rashi says"we will see ! it is matter of work not words!" Rashi leaves and Jigar smiles.


Dr.Gopi recieves a call from telecom which says that the reports of coagiliation profile have come.Gopi rushes to Reception and At reception she asks for Kajal's reports and Receptionist tells her that results will come next day and Ahem comes from behind and says"What do you want Kidco?" Gopi understands that it was Ahem's call and she says"Ahem I will Not leave you!" Ahem smiles and says"First catch me then don't leave me!" Gopi starst to gi when Ahem says"Do whatever you want but I will only win the bet!" Gopi leaves saying"Whatever!" Ahem smirks.

At Dr.Kirti's Cabin:

Falak knocks and Kirti tells her to come in and Falak informs Dr.Kirti that Niharika was admitted as asthma patient but she is just pretending she does nit have asthma as she has checked her reports Dr.Kirti says"I know Dr.Falak!" Falak says"You know?" Dr.Kirti says"Yes I know and she is admitted here for some other reason and that is she is pregnant before her marriage and her father who is   minister want us to abort her baby without letting anyone know about it!" Falak is shocked on listening this and Kirti says"Now you are going to assist me in this case!" Falak says"sorry ma'am but I cannot assist you in this case! I cannot kill anyone!" Dr.kirti says"Dr.Falak don't forget this your profession!" Falak holds kirtis hand and says"Dr.Kirti I am not saying this as a doctor I am saying this as a human please keep me out of this case." Dr.Kirti thinks for a min and then says ok and Falak thanks her and leaves.

AT Locker Room:

Everyone is present and Kinjal says"Oh God its too late when will duty get over?" Dhawal says"I think Dr.Kirti is punishing us as we were late two mins in morning na!" Kinjal says"Dhawal Dr.Kirti would have forgot that till now!" Dr.Kirti then enters and says"Interns your duty is over and tomorrow your reporting time is 6 'O Clock and don't be late" Jigar says"Oh shit Early in the morning!" Dr.Kirti says"Dr.Jigar did you say something?" and Jigar says No ma'am! Kirti leaves.Everyone leaves except Rashi and Rashi follows Dr Kirti till her cabin.

At Dr.Kirti's Cabin:

Rashi knocks and enters and says"Dr.Kirti you are doing C section in Sonia Singh case?" Kirti says"Yes Dr.Rashi!" Rashi says"Can I assist you in it?" Kirti says"Are you sure?" Rashi says"100%".
Dr.Kirti says" Read all the details in this file and then accompany me to the patient." Rashi reads the file.

At Gopi's Home:

Gopi is sleeping and she gets dream that she has lost the bet to Ahem and Ahem tells her to his works and he tells her to massage his legs and Gopi shouts suddenly she wakes up and says"Thank God it was just a dream. kahnaji please don't let Ahem win! "Then she thinks"If I win it means Kajal has some deadly disease?" She again says"Kahnaji I don't care if Ahem wins but please save Kajal!" She again sleeps.

At General Ward:

Dr.Kirti and Rashi come to Mrs.Singh and Kirti tells Rashi to tell mrs.Singh about her case and Rashi says"mrs.Singh we will be doing your operation tomorrow and You didn't have taken immunoglobin injections after last pregnancy and this is late pregnancy plus you have diabetes and including all this baby's position in womb is not correct so the case is very complicated" Mrs.Singh is scared listening this and Dr.Kirti notices that.Rashi continues"Usaully in these types of cases there are only 10% chances of baby surviving!" Mrs.Singh holds her husbands hand and Kirti calls Rashi out and asks her what she is doing an Rashi says"Dr.Kirti I was just telling them the case and as a doctor we should not hide anything from patient!" Dr.Kirti says"you are right but there is a way to do everything and your way was incorrect!" Rashi says"I don't think so that my way was wrong!" Dr.Kirti gets angry And says"Dr.Rashi you are not going to assist me in this case".
Dr.Kirti leaves and Rashi gets angry.
Dr.Kirti goes to Mrs.Singh and tries to make her comfortable and Rakesh says"Doctor my wife doesn't wants to be treated in this hospital!" Dr.Kirti is shocked says"Don't worry mr.Singh we have the facilities in Sanjeevani." Mrs.Singh says" Dr This doctor was not nice before her one doctor came and she promised us that she will give us our baby healthy and happy in our hands please call that doctor please call that doctor." Dr.kirti says I will call that doctor only don't worry but can tell me name of that doctor!" Mrs.Singh Quickly says"Dr.Gopi!" Kirti says"Ok we will call her don't worry!" Kirti leaves.

AT Gopi's Home:

Gopi's cell is ringing and she is sleeping and her mom comes and tries to wake her up but she says"Maa let me sleep I am tired!" She says"beta Gopi call is coming from hospital and Dr.Kirti has sent you a page on your pager!"and Gopi wakes up in shock and her mom smiles.Gopi gets ready and leaves for hospital.

At Locker Room:

Rashi puts her coat and stethoscope in locker and At the sametime Gopi enters and Rashi sees and get sngy she says"You are here again.Today I know how cheap and mean you are!Always you are around me Rashiben this!Rashiben that! But you are not that innocent how yiu pretent to be!" Gopi is shocked and says"What I have done Rashiben?" Rashi says"Don't be so innocent you hVe snatched my case and now you are pretending to not knowing anthing."Gopi says"Rashiben I haven't done any such thing!" Rashi leaves angrily from there and Gopi turn teary.Gopi thinks "which case is Rashiben talking about?"

At Dr.Kirti's Cabin:

Gopi enters and Dr.Kirti says"Come in Dr.Gopi!" Gopi comes in and Dr .Kirti says"Dr.Gopi tell me clearly did you promised Mrs.Singh a healthy baby?" Gopi says"Dr.Kirti I was just...!" Dr.Kirti says"just yes or no!" Gopi says"Yes because she was panicking so I tried to console her!" Dr kirti says"Did you read her file before promising?" Gopi is confused and nods in negative and Dr.kirti throws a file infront of her and tells her to read it when gopi reads it it states:"late pregnancy,Immuniglobin injections not taken after last pregnancy,Mrs.Singh is diabetic and Baby position is upside down inwomb and in these type of cases there are only 10% chances for baby to survive!" Gopi is shocked on reading this and Dr.Kirti says"Dr.Gopi we are doctors not God and we are no one to promise!" Gopi says"Sorry doctor kirti I will be careful next time.!" Dr.kirti tell gopi that she has till some hours left so she should go and study the case. Gopi goes to library and stats reading about the case.

Next Morning:

All interns come to duty and Everyone except Ahem and Rashi congrTulate Gopi and Falak says"Wow Gopi you git chance to assist Dr.Kirti the very first day." Gopi says that she is scared and Falak tells her not to worry as she sill pray for her and Allah Almighty will do everything correct.

At General Ward:

Jigar smartly hides Rashi's patient file and thinks"If I will not be IOTM the I will not let you also be IOTM miss attitude!" Epi ends on smirking face of Jigar.


Dr.Gopi is checking Kajal's file and Falak asks her "tell me who won the bet you or Ahem?" Gopi is shocked on reading the report file.Scene shifts to Rashi throwing black oil on Jigar's face infront of everybody.And Jigar vows to take revenge from Rashi.

Sorry cannot send pm's to anyone for few days!
Please Do Comment.

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delsi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 January 2013 at 1:16am | IP Logged
Wonderful AlinaSmile very competative
Gopi had his mom then why Rashi angry with Gopi
precape sems to be intersteing i think Ahem is going to win
.ChammakChallo. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 January 2013 at 4:53am | IP Logged
beautifull part Alina awrh i luv da precap oh y did da epi have to end der
i dnt like Rashi in this part shes a bit too rude

update soon Alina
I-Luv-Rashi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 January 2013 at 10:22am | IP Logged
Originally posted by delsi

Wonderful AlinaSmilevery competative
Gopi had his mom then why Rashi angry with Gopi

precape sems to be intersteing i think Ahem is going to win

Thanks fornloving it dear.

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