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"Greatest Love" (Aarya Fiction)Part 14 (Page 19)

Malika_ZL_Khan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 January 2013 at 10:56am | IP Logged
Originally posted by .AmeenaForEva

Awesome Update !! :* !!

Thank you dear!!EmbarrassedBig smile

Leevi05 IF-Dazzler

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nice dear update soon next part
Malika_ZL_Khan IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by sidu12

nice dear update soon next part

SilverBell IF-Stunnerz

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Great Aarti Saved The Project And Showed To Yash.
Update Soon. I Will Be Reading It From Now On. (:
Malika_ZL_Khan IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by SilverFairy

Great Aarti Saved The Project And Showed To Yash.
Update Soon. I Will Be Reading It From Now On. (:

Thank you dear!!!!!Embarrassed
Malika_ZL_Khan IF-Rockerz

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Part3 Yash became jealous /Aarti relooking

Part4: Yash kisses Aarti/Yash girlfriend back

In Going to the cafeteria, Aarti was stopped by Priya who told her she had to write  her resignation. 
And she'd better go as soon as possible. But Yash stopped her in its tracks.

Yash: Priya, Aarti will not leave the office. In fact she doesn't more work for you. 
Aarti is my new architect / designer
Moreover, I wonder why you did not tell me earlier. 
Aarti is not meant to be Secretary... She is a very talented desiger.
Priya: Yash, this poor girl you see her to be your designer? Honestly!
Yash: This poor girl as you say, just save me with the most important client! So I would ask you to kindly show respect
Priya was shocked!!! 

On hearing this Aarti felt so happy! What was happening to her?
First her boss who had never noticed her, called her by name and had give the position of architect / designer 
and now he defended her in the front of this evil Priya who from the beginning was bad with her .
Aarti wondered if this was not the beginning of a great adventure.
Deepika who was passing by and heard the news, proposed to them to drink Champagne instead of coffee to celebrate it.

Aman: Deepi! you know that Yash knows not drink alcohol ..
You know what Aarti, Yash becomes completely uncontrollable when he drinks ... even a tiny glass. hahaha!

Aarti smiled, which embarrassed him Yash who answered.

Yash: Aman stop! is not true! I know well drink!
Aman: Accha .. So you do not remember ... the day you just had a drink with one of our client. And thou hast made ??in ..
Yash: hum ... Aman it's ok! Ok .. I can not stand alcohol ... it has a bad effect on me.
Deepika: Aarti Come drink a glass of champagne ..
Aarti: No thank you I do not drink.
Priya: it does not surprise me ... too old fashioned!
Deepika: Leave her! I like Aarti, she is different from other girls!
Aarti darling stay as you are! don't be as some person...anyway

Yash hearing this, looked Aarti. Her manner of dress, her long braided hair and nice natural face without makeup ... Aarti was so different ... he has not used to see that kind of girl at the office ... this is what made Aarti .. unique. Yash, deep within himself ... felt a strange indescribable feeling at that time .., the same feeling he had felt the first day he met her.
What could this strange feeling? Which put him uncomfortable. He preferred to return to his office.

Yash: I have a lot of work, I'll let you take your coffee.
Aarti when you finish, come to my office ... we have a lot of work.
oh yes ... You are my architect / designer now.. so your office is near mine from today! see you later

Aarti nodded shyly and looked at him away. Priya glared at her, and went away. Aarti was too happy, nobody could spoil this happiness.
She went home quickly to change and take a shower. Then she went back to work when she saw the size of his office she could not believe it. A spacious desk for herself, with all the material she needs to draw. She began to twirl happily when suddenly came Aman .. pushed her unintentionally.
Aarti almost fell but Aman caught her up. A long silence then Aarti was embarrassed but Aman was obviously not decide to release her.
Yash who was in the office next door, could see the scene because the curtain was not completely closed. He still felt strange sensations. Aman came to his senses. He released Aarti.

Aman: Sorry, I should knock before entering.
Aarti (smiling): It's okay! Uh this is my fault .. too.
Aman:  Yash wait for us  with those who will oversee the decorator team.

Once in office, Aarti was in another world. Yash and Aman were surprised to see how she was competent. She was firm and knew exactly what she wanted. She did a great job without any help from Yash or Aman. Since Aarti was there, they felt good. Aman, greatly appreciated Aarti since the first day when she rushed him he already felt they will getting along both
Aarti was what was missing in the office .. 


The next Day, Aarti was arrived very early she drew a plan but as part of her office was not enlightened. She wanted to open the curtains but they were stuck .. she looked up and saw that there was a malfunction.
She took a chair, went over and tried to see what happens .. when suddenly, Yash opened the door abruptly which frightened Aarti. She almost fell but yash raced and caught her up. 
When Aarti opened her eyes she saw that she was in the arms of yash who carried her.
 Her heart began to beat at any speed .. Yash stared at her an intense gaze she blushed... Aarti's hand was placed on Yash's heart and she realized that he also had the heart beating strong.

Aarti: Uh ... Sir ..
Yash (a sensual and manly voice): Aarti, I told you to call me Yash
Aarti: Yash .. you can ..
Yash(lost):I can...?
Aarti (a very shy voice) You can leave down
Yash ...
Aarti(embarassed): Yash you can leave me down please..
Yash (who finally found his mind): Uh .. yes of course! .. You almost fell .. that's why ..I
Then he went away confused and embarassed, once in his office he felt that his heart was going to explode ... Why? What was happening to him? ..
Yash (to himself) I need to calm down ... really!

More the days passed more her feelings for Yash were reinforced. Aarti was not wrong in falling in love with him. Yash was in her eyes a nice and sensitive person. Once when Priya and her acolytes were being to taunt Aarti to be a manipulative and since the beginning she knew what she was doing. A poor country girl like her became designer
Aarti was going to return them to their place, when Yash intervened.

Yash: Priya, I thought you were more mature but I see that I'm wrong!
And you both what right you insult Aarti? She is a higher position than you.
Now, Aarti will be your boss the same as me or Aman. Is that clear? Priya is valid for you too. I do not want to hear this stuff here!

Aarti was very happy, Yash was always there for her.Even Aman who was nice with her. Aarti liked him so much. Aman was a very good friend. 
And more the days passed more Aarti impressed them with her work.

Yash and Aman were very satisfied with his work. All clients requirements were filled 
so that one of them Mr Mukhi, just to thank for their great work, organized a celebration in their honor.

Mr.Mukhi: Mr Yash Scindia, I am very satisfied with your work! Grace to you
we had more media coverage and more apreciate of India. I wish you would come with your employees.
Yash: Quite sour! we will come. But you know all the merit returns to my designer. (by looking at Aarti in the eyes) She did a brilliant job.
Mr.Mukhi: you are lucky! Take care of her.
it is a rare pearl.
Yash and Aarti reddened by hearing that. It was embarrassing! it looked like he was talking  about Aarti as if it were Yash's girlfriend

The day of Mr Mukhi's party arrived 
Aarti was at home that day , she was afraid to go to the party . she did not know how to get dressed.When suddenly somebody knocked on the door. It was Deepika, she was certain that Aarti was in trouble and had come to help her. Deepika was became Aarti's best friend, they got along like two sisters.
Deepika liked Aarti so much .

Deepika: I knew you'd be in trouble! this is why I'm taking you with me baby shopping!
Aarti: What? no no!
Deepika: Listen darling, Today it is me who takes care of you! I'll make you as beautiful as a bollywood star! I know I love your style and everything.
But tonight I want to see you in a different look. Quickly crawling! we have an appointment at beauty parlor too!

Everyone was at the party, everyone except Aarti and Deepika who was late. Yash and Aman wondered where they could be. Mr Mukhi who was passing by saw that Yash had a glass of juice in hand, he decided to bring him a glass of whiskey. Yash refused but Mr Mukhi said that this party was given in his honor and he could not refuse. Yash accepted ... Aman was laughing because he knew very well that Yash and alcohol do not go together. Yash glared at and drank the glass one gulp.
Priya went to Yash and began to taunt Aarti

Priya: Yash, your beloved designer has not yet arrived. She too scared!! poor girl!
Yash: Priya enough, she will probably come with a ...

Yash could not pronounced anything ... it was just speechless.
Which did not include Priya turned to see what was happening. She too was speechless
Aman could not believe his eyes ... Who was that girl with Deepika.

Yash: Aman you see what I see or the whiskey begins to take effect.
Aman: No you do not dream ... ... Aarti?

Yash was in shock, Aarti was dressed with a short black dress with a strap
tight, cleavage and she had black high heels. 
She wore a beautiful makeup. A smokey black eyes. Which highlighted the brown color of her eyes and a slight lip gloss nude.
Some earring filled lozenge shaped rhinestones.
She was incredibly beautiful, everyone had their eyes on it. Which frankly irritated Yash .. All these men looking Aarti ... he did not know why, but he disliked ...Yash went to Aarti ... He took her hand and pulled her toward him.

Yash: What is this? How can you ...
Aarti: Yash I don't understand ... What I did?
Yash: This is the ...
Aman (who joined): Aarti, you are very elegant tonight.
Aarti (smiling): Thanks Aman ..
Yash: What is nonsense?
Aarti (disappointed) What do you mean Yash?
Aman: Forget it! Aarti he has drank ... come we will to you take something to drink.
I know you do not drink but there are cocktail without alcohol ...

When Aarti went with Aman, Yash was even more shocked to see that her dress uncovered his back. Yash hastened to join the others and Aarti for him to remark

Yash: Aarti I don't know if you're aware ... But your back is completely exposed.

Aarti blushed she was happy to see Yash concerned by her

Deepika: Yash what's wrong with you? Lets her enjoy! it's not as if every day she dressed like that! 
Yash: I was sure that  was you  involve her in  your madness 
Deepika: What does matter to you? I don't understand! Aarti is gorgeous tonight!
Yash: I don't want you to change Aarti! Leave her in innocence.
She is fine as she is!

Aarti listened and she felt that Yash appreciated like she was. And the way she was dressed tonight not change anything

Aman: Deepika, leave him! ... he drank a glass of whiskey one gulp! So ... please don't provoke him.

The evening went well, until the son of Mr. Mukhi Aarti invites to dance.
Aarti was embarrassed ... she did not know what to say. Yash felt a strange anger win him ... He did not know why but it did not like at all that. Aarti finally accepted after all he was the son of Mr Mukhi. Their perfomance was awesome ...  Yash seething with anger especially when he saw this buffoon profited by touching Aarti's back. 
Yash mix of anger and jealousy took another glass of whiskey.

Yash (to himself) I don't know why I'm like this ... she does what she wants.
she is not my girlfriend that I know! ... but why this feeling!...Aarti pissed me off today!

Update soon!EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Hope you like it!

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Wonderful update Heart

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Malika_ZL_Khan IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by tharuma

Wonderful update Heart
Thank you dear!!!!

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