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"Greatest Love" (Aarya Fiction)Part 14 (Page 11)

Sunrio80 Senior Member

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Posted: 03 January 2013 at 7:44am | IP Logged
It's a fab story so please continue to update this pleaseee...Wink

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Kashishangel Groupbie

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Posted: 03 January 2013 at 7:47am | IP Logged
Jst awesume, fantastic please continue soon

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Malika_ZL_Khan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 January 2013 at 8:17am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sunrio80

It's a fab story so please continue to update this pleaseee...Wink

Thanks EmbarrassedSmile
Malika_ZL_Khan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 January 2013 at 8:18am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Kashishangel

Jst awesume, fantastic please continue soon

EmbarrassedEmbarrassedthank you!
Malika_ZL_Khan IF-Rockerz

Joined: 23 April 2012
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Posted: 03 January 2013 at 9:12pm | IP Logged
Part 2: Aarti New Yash's designer

Aarti was so shocked, she began to run at full speed without looking in front her, she hustled a man ... a very handsome
Aarti: I'm sorry ... I was not looking ...
Man: it's okay. Don't worry

When Aarti returned to her office, where girls were making fun of her. 
Aarti: all you can say about me ... I do not care royally!
To me you are just as stupid! I wonder how
we could give you this job!
one of Girl: HEY country girl! you better mind your language!
Aarti: Get out of my peace! Return to your job ... at least if you have one!
I see that you spend your day drinking coffee ... and then it is I who
me pulling all your dirty work!
Girl: OMG I'm gonna kill this little bi...!

When Suddenly a beautiful woman stopped them.
Woman: You do not have work? I can give you otherwise!immediately return to your seats!
Then she turned to Aarti.

Woman: Are you okay? I've never seen you here! You're new here?
Aarti: Yes, I am Aarti Khuranna, it's been one month that I'm here. I've never seen you either.
Woman: I am Deepika Sharma. Call me by my name dear. I am Mr Aman Scindia's assistant
Aarti: Aman Scindia? Does he one of Mr Yash Scindia brothers?
Deepika: You could say that .. in fact he was his cousin on the side of Mr Suraj Scindia..
If you do not see us frequently here this is because we often work abroad..
well,Aarti Do not let yourself be intimidated by these pretentious girls! I think you're different!
this is a good thing. If they still tease you ... let me know!
I have to go! see you soon!

It was 4:30 p.m. when Aarti finished her work, she searched in her bag to get her cell phone without looking in front of her when she bumped a second time the
man of this morning.

Man: Well, I see that our paths cross every time! it is time to introduce each other right?
Hi, I am Aman Scindia and you?
Aarti: I .. I am Aarti Khurana.
Aman: Ms. Aarti So, it is you who bump me every time.
Aarti: I'm sorry Sir
Aman: Nobody here calls me Sir. So call me Aman. You're new here?
Aarti: Yes Sir
Aman: call me Aman
Aarti:Ok Sir..uh. Aman sorry
Aman: You are funny. Well I have to go I have a lot of work. see you bye.

Aman came to the cafeteria and saw that Yash was lost in his thoughts.
He went to him and asked. Yash began to tell him that their client was not satisfied
with the architect's plans. Yash says he could not afford to lose such a client as Mr Khanna. Either, the architect find another idea, or it's a new architect / designer
must be found.
Aman: Yash not be so stressful! How much time .. we have?
Yash: This is the problem we don't have much time!This is for tomorrow! What should I do? 
Mr. Khanna ask for another plans according to his expectations, more creative.
Something spectacular for his daughter's wedding. unprecedented
I have exhausted all resources I have.. Don't know what he want...Damn it!
Aman: Tomorrow? oh god!
Yash:The architect gave me a new plan but I doubt he likes it.
I'll show him anyway and if he does not like it I propose to leave me a little more time and it will be with a new designer.

Aarti who had to go through the cafeteria to get out .. had heard the whole conversation.
She felt very badly for Yash. Suddenly an idea crossed her mind.
Aarti (to herself): I'll wait until everyone leaves the office. Then I'll see
every file about Mr. Khanna. Maybe I could find something suitable to its requirements. 
Yes tonight I'm going to spend the night at the office.
Make a 3D model of the new plans. I will not leave you in trouble
Mr. Yash Scindia!

When the office was desert, Aarti began to look all that concerned the project of Mr Khanna. Once she had plans in front of her eyes, she examined the plans.
She plugged the usb on the laptop and watched the 3D model.
Aarti (to herself): It is not surprising that Mr Khanna had rejected. They were ordinary, banal and even mediocre. This could be perfect for a normal marriage, but not for a client as important as him.
She reread the requirement of the client.Each time Aarti plunged into her world
she was like another person. It's like a painter who paints a painting or a musician who wrote a song. She took a pencil and began to draw when drawing Aarti is as if she breathed His drawings speak to the soul and the heart as a kind of symphony of shapes and figures. The world could crumble she
do not know nothing. After several hours of escape, she finally finish the sketch.
Now he had to make a 3D model of the laptop .. It was already 0:15.
Aarti began to panic and if she does not end until tomorrow.
Aarti (to herself) Aarti Hurry up! we have more time.
Two hours had elapsed, when Aarti was finally over.
She stretched and yawned, then slowly closed her eyelids. She was so tired she dropped her head. Unintentionally, her head hit the keyboard button deleted. Full 3D model of the first designer was deleted.


That morning Yash and Aman arrived first at the office. How great was their surpprise! see Aarti asleep on her desk. Aman laughed. Then Priya came too. Taking a rage to see Aarti sleeping on her desk, she began to shout.
Priya: Miss Khurana! wake up now!
Aarti jumped with fear, she became even more afraid to see Yash and Aman was there.
Priya: What is that? Do not tell me you stayed here? Because you wear the same clothes as yesterday! I'm waiting!
Aarti (embarrassed): This is what I .. I
Yash looked surprised and Aman still laughed
Suddenly Priya who checked the Aarti's desk was amazed to see Mr Khanna's files and asked.
Priya: But what did you do with these files? And all this mess? What is it?

Yash was amazed to see these files on the desk went to check. Then he also took anger and shot at Aarti. Aman tried to calm him down .. in vain
Yash: What is it? Answer!
Aarti: Sir ... I'm sorry ... I
Yash: Explain me! Who gave you permission to touch these files!
Then, Aarti began to explain everything from the beginning. Yash was still very angry and asked.
Yash: Who allowed you to do this? I did not need the help of a secretary!
but an architect / designer!!! did you get it!
Aarti: But I'm a ...
Yash (who checked the usb): Shut up! ... where the 3D models? Answer!
Aarti (panicked): Yesterday, was there ... I do not understand ..
Yash: You do not understand? ... Oh God
I have an appointment with Mr. Khanna in 15 min!
Aman: Yash Calm down! We could check the work Aarti did ..
Yash: (shouting) I do not need the help of a secretary like her! You will pay for what you've done Aarti!

Aarti was embarrassed ... she wanted only one thing that is far away from
over all employees who had arrived in the meantime looked. She felt humiliated.
Yash: My appointment comes in a few minutes ... I waiting you in my office immediately! it is you who would explain it!!!
Then, Yash left very angry!
Aman: Listen, You'd talk to me
I would have helped you.Anyway Take with you your model ok? we're still going to see convincing Yash I waiting for you upstairs. He left too.
Priya: What an idiot you are! It is sure you're fired.

When Aarti arrived at the office, Yash daggers glance at Aarti

Mr Khanna sat impatient.
Yash: Miss Khurana has something to tell you. Aarti will you explain
Aman: Yash wait at least ..
Yash: Aarti ...
Aarti began to think, how could he not see her work!!! While he is in trouble with his client. Aarti had made ??the decision to show her project.
Even if she gets fired after ... she was almost sure that Mr Khanna would love it.

Aarti: Mr. Khanna, we understand what you want. We are sorry for the late.
Yash: What the ..
Aman: Lets do it.
Aarti: Here 3D model. We have realize it yesterday, we hope you like it.

Mr Khanna plugged Usb in his laptop and he began to watch

Aarti (to herself): Oh my god please do it like .. for me ... for Mr Scindia.
my heart will drop ...

Mr Khanna: What is ... Mr Scindia. This is a joke?
Yash: NO I'm sorry ...
Mr Khanna: You make me wait since a month ... when you have such a genius here. to this fabulous work! in one day?
Yash was shocked, he went to the Mr. Khanna's laptop . Yash saw the superb job. He glanced at Aarti .. a look full of thanks.

After that Mr Khanna left, Aman went to Aarti. He took her hands.
Aman: Aarti what amazing work! I can not believe it! Yash you saw it!
Yash went to Aarti, her heart was beating and was very frightened.
Yash: Miss Khurana, I'm sorry ... really. I did not want to be rude with you.
Aarti (in heaven): Sir this is understandable ... I will have is the same way if it was me.
Yash (smiling): Tell me how did you do? I mean ...
Aarti: I am architect designer. I graduated.
Yash (ashamed): I am sorry to have spoken evil. I have a proposal for you ... so that you forgive me ... Would you like to become our new designer?
Aarti (shocked): Me ...?
Yash: Yes, you ... frankly you are good at this job! Wha you say?
Aman: That's great, we're colleagues! Then?
Aarti: ok...I agree Sir...thank you 
Yash: super! Good will all drink coffee to celebrate! Come Aarti!

Update soonWink

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Sri_Radha IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 January 2013 at 9:38pm | IP Logged
Great updateClap
Aarti did new design and save yash project..Embarrassed
Yash offered aarti to be  his designer..Clap
Liked aman and aarti convo..Star
Continue soon
Eagerly waiting for nextSmile

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Saralicious IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 January 2013 at 9:39pm | IP Logged
luv it malika...tanx...Thumbs Up Heart HeartHeart

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akui1984 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 January 2013 at 9:45pm | IP Logged

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