Ariya OS:We Meet Again (HNY)

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Hey everyone  Wish you all a very Happy New Year. I hope you had a good start. This OS is dedicated to all Ariya fans..<3 I hope you like it.. So here you go..


Riya had gone missing since her last case, Aisha entered ETF just like in the show. 

PLease mute your laptop/pc's/ipads or plug in your headphones because the song would play in background hope you like it..!!
OS: We Meet Again (Happy New Year!)

The President's Case was a great success, and was tiring at the same time. The Etf team had few days off, Chotu relaxed but his thoughts couldn't help but miss the new ETF office. Missing his team members was the biggest shock he had by the end of 2012. 'Ye kaise ho sakta hai' he thought. Ya I do miss Shree but Arjun sir, aur Rathore Sir ko bhi miss kaise kar sakta hu. Shortly his phone buzzed, a message popped up 'I'm outside please open the door' Chotu smiled at Shree's message he walked opened the door shortly. Shree walked in smilingly, placed his bag slowly on the table while he thumped himself on the couch. Suddenly he jerked up took his laptop out and said, 'Chotu aaj ek party ki invitation mili hai you know New Year 's Eve jo hai' Chotu looked at him with a sudden shine in his eyes. 'Party, yayy jana chahiye nahi' Chotu questioned sweetly. 'Haan par voh 'No DRUGS' vala party hai toh it might be part of our old case' said Shree. Chotu immediately frowned 'Kya yaar naya case voh bhi New Year's Eve par'. 'Kya yaar bachon ke tarah rota hai' complained Shree while he continued 'Vaise toh voh Aisha ji hai na I'm sure voh sambhalegi' 'Kya sambhalegi, unki attitude dekhi hai? Jab dekho mujhe hi unke saath kaam karna padta hai' Chotu complained. 'Aarey chod na yaar tu bhi na' said Shree elbowing Chotu lightly.

Shree immediately called Rathore 'Sir' he addressed Rathore, 'Haan bolo Shree' replied Rathore from the other end. 'Humare pass koi case nahi hai currently, isliye mai soch raha tha nahi actually voh Chotu soch raha tha' Shree paused while Rathore asked him to continue 'Chotu soch raha tha kyu na hum sab ek New Year's Eve party pe jaye Goa mai' Shree sighed as he said the last line in a breath he waited for Rathore's reply. Rathore was thinking deeply, then suddenly Shree heard 'Okay, Rawte aur Aisha ko bhi bata do' Shree was super excited, 'Thank you sir, you're the best!'

'Okay Shree ek ghante mai nikalege hum theek hai' confirmed Rathore. Rathore informed Arjun who wasn't willing to go, a party is a big NO NO from Arjun's side. But Rathore forced him, which Arjun couldn't deny to. While Shree called up Aisha to inform her about their sudden trip to Goa, Aisha replied to him that she was already in Goa which came as a shocker to Shree. He didn't argue neither did he speak another word except Okay. After he hung up Aisha's call 'Ye kitni attitude deti h' said Shree annoyingly. 'Kya hua Shree' asked Chotu 'Voh Aisha madam already Goa pahunch gayi h' said Shree. A smile arose on Chotu's lips, 'Yaar ye toh bahut fast hai' he said mockingly.

The quartet's left from Mumbai by 10 am the SUV was filled with awkward silence. Both chotu and Shree were in casuals whereas Arjun was wearing his usual jeans and shirt so did Rathore.

It had been more than 11hours now, Shree and Chotu's excitement was on cloud nine. They broke their long held moan after a quick nap. They were fresh as ever and talked like an excited teenager. Rathore glared at them softly through the rear-view mirror. While Arjun was in his own world napping while travelling was the best they could do as there wasn't any particular topic to be discussed on. Rathore's boredom had hit almost an hour since he started driving so the radio played beautiful songs for his company. That particular radio station played songs counting down from 100-1 i.e. counting down to top song of 2012. Rathore's ears were stuck to the radio, and his eyes concentrating on the road. He enjoyed driving that's why he didn't let anyone else drive even though he was tired he drove just to enjoy that was Rathore's style.

The last few songs played by rapidly Rathore was concentrating both on the radio and the road. Shree and Chotu had also stopped their teenage behaviour as Arjun warned them because they interrupted his nap. Arjun felt a little cranky, he lowered the volume of the radio but Rathore increased it immediately which annoyed Arjun furthermore.

RJ 'Okay the number one song isss'. Isss' 'Oppa Gangnam Style?' 'Battle Scars' 'Boom Boom Boom' guess people. 'Uff humse guess nahi hota just play it Damn It' said Rathore. Shree and Chotu stared at each other seeing Rathore's excitement to listen to 2012's number one song. 'Alright' everyone it's These Battle Scars by Guy Sebastian' announced the RJ' 'Yes yes yes' said Rathore enthusiastically.

The song gave a whole new meaning to each and everyone's life as they looked back on the sad side of losing either a team member or someone they loved. Affection kills, it's true Love kills you once you're left alone in the middle of no-where.

They left their past as the boys soon reached a small lodge Shree had made arrangements. They had to share a room as it was New Year's Eve there was shortage of rooms across Goa's borders. Lucky Shree got the last two rooms of the lodge before they were booked out completely.

Finally it was ten pm; Chotu's excitement to party was increasing every passing second. They acted exactly like teenage boys who were just into College life. Rathore couldn't help but smile at their weird yet cute antics 'Boys! You both go we will follow you soon as soon as we get freshen up' said Rathore softly. 'Thank you Sir' said Shree with a huge grin. Chotu immediately started walking towards the door, as soon as Shree reached to the door 'Thank you Sir once again' said Chotu and they ran away like never before. 'Ye Shree bhi na' said Rathore glaring at Arjun, who laid on the bed staring at the empty ceiling with his hands folded behind his head. Arjun glared at Rathore and continued his stare. 'Rawte, jaldi change karlo fir hum bhi nikalte hai' requested Rathore. 'Rathore, mai nahi aa raha hu, tum jao' said Arjun. 'What is this Rawte? You have to come it's an order' stated Rathore firmly. 'Dekho Rathore' said Arjun but before he could continue Rathore stopped him with his hard glare. Arjun pouted annoyingly balling his fist picking his towel up he stormed out towards the shower, Rathore smiled inwardly.

Soon Arjun was out and Rathore was ready to leave as well. They reached the address that Shree had given them. 'Party aachi lag rahi hai' said Rathore appreciating the cool ambience as he entered Arjun nodded as he walked in. The party was hosted along the coastline of Goa, where thousands of partiers attended. Shree very soon found a dance partner for him with his geek charm, and Chotu didn't had to put in too much effort as girls fell for him instantly with his muscle build body. Shree was definitely jealous of Chotu, Shree paused the topic saying 'After all we are friends, chote mote jealousness toh hota rehta hai'

They danced and danced until Shree spotted a girl who looked exactly like Aisha, even though he knew Aisha was in this town but he didn't know where exactly she was. 'Why was she here' Shree stressed his brain hard. Shree pointed his finger to Chotu informing him about getting a drink for himself after all that dancing he needed some energy to dance until midnight. Chotu followed Shree, 'Kya hua Shree, thak gaya kya' questioned Chotu resting his hand on Shree's shoulder. Shree jerked up immediately 'Kya yaar dara diya na Chotu' said Shree. 'Aarey tum ye baar baar kisse dekh rahe ho? He finally questioned puzzled. 'Chotu voh Aisha hai na' Shree instantly questioned without displaying any doubt on his face. Chotu concentrated hard for few minutes and then broke the silence 'Umm.. Lagti toh voh hi hai, lekin ye kisse baat kar rahi h?' Once again questioned Chotu.

'Kya pata' said Shree confusedly.  Chotu had already started walking towards Aisha like a magnet getting attached to an iron item. Shree looked around to find himself sitting at the bar counter, and Chotu already walking towards Aisha. Shree ran as he didn't want to miss any drama, 'Aisha aap yaha?' Chotu questioned. Aisha looked at Chotu shockingly, the person whom she was talking to had left few seconds ago, 'Woh kon thi, aur aap yaha kya kar rahi ho? Chotu asked politely. 'Woh' woh.. woh toh meri friend thi, aur mai yaha yaha party' said Aisha juggling with words. 'Tum theek toh ho na' asked Shree. She nodded and gave a blunt smile. 'Tum log yaha kya kar rahe ho' she questioned. 'Party ofcourse' said Shree. But Aisha's uncomfortableness was definitely noticed by the duo. They glared at each other just behind her back.


Later they were joined by Arjun and Rathore; Rathore enjoyed the whole ambience whereas Arjun observed the surrounding and enjoyed just the music. Rathore and Arjun noticed Aisha dancing just in centre of the audience, like a show stopper. It was almost 11:40pm and Arjun was getting bored just watching them dance was not acceptable by him. He liked to use his brain, use his power but not his body to dance physically. Arjun sat on the bar chair and watched him intently, his gaze frequently kept changing from Shree-Chotu to Rathore-Aisha.  It was evident that they were getting close while dancing; he let out a smirk but soon felt a pair of eyes looking at him. He looked around but found no-one. He did find a guy fully drunk in one corner, trying to force a girl to do something she opposed to. Even though few other drunken boys tried to stop him, he didn't stop Arjun ran over to them and punched the guy black and blue.

The girl was decently dressed it wasn't her fault but the guys who had drunk too much, his head wasn't stable and the animal in him was awaken. Arjun was extremely annoyed and angry at his behaviour. But the other drunken boys stopped Arjun, as they promised to accompany the bad boy with them safely to his house. Arjun made a quick phone call and the drunken boys were taken home. The complete scene was observed closely by Aisha from a distance and that pair of eyes who stared Arjun a while ago.

He again felt the pair of eyes stare at him, he caught her but she had already started walking off from the party. Arjun followed her; she reached the beach very soon. 'Ruko' came out Arjun's voice. The girl stopped on the sea shore as the darkness lead on end and brightness of the party at the other.

The clock was ticking and there was only 20 seconds left for NEW YEAR i.e. 2013. The Dj had announced that the fireworks and the countdown would start soon. He requested every single partier to accumulate at the sea shore. The crowd had started walking out just behind Arjun earlier.

The song played in the Background 'I wanna Scream and Shout and let it all out' 'Scream and Shout and let it all out''. By Will-I-Am and Britany

In few seconds the countdown had begun, the girl then had started turning around after a long pause of ten seconds. TEN Rathore-Aisha was together however NINE Aisha's mind was stuck somewhere else. EIGHT Shree and Chotu the perfect duo sticked together, as they wanted to begin a new year, cherish their 2012 time.

SEVEN Every passing second towards the new year Arjun's heart beat arose, it beat faster than usual an unusual feeling had taken over his body. SIX With his body language surprisingly changing from annoyed to a smile that could brighten all dark corners in the world. FIVE His eyes were excited they had a want to see the person who stood right in front of his eyes. FOUR His hairs had flared up with goose bumps taking over his forearms. THREE'screamed the crowd looking up at the dark sky and at the huge clock above the building they were in. TWO and a Half'. The girl had turned almost way and it was just the last step and she would be seen thought Arjun.

TWO'. She had completely turned around Arjun's smile had turned into a grin which soon faded away. 'Riya'..' Arjun slowly said. Riya smiled at Arjun, her smile was real because her dimples were evident. By that time the quartets had walked towards Arjun and stood just beside him. Aisha frowned, 'This is not the way I wanted them to meet' she thought.  Riya walked towards Arjun, 'I'm sorry sir' she said sadly but before she could say anything else Arjun embraced her into a hug. 'Kaha chale gayi thi tum Riya, I missed you' he said in a low voice. Riya hugged him back few seconds later. ONE and three quarters 'Missed you, pagal aise koi jata hai kya' he continued. Rathore looked at Arjun with teary eyes from behind; he silently signalled Shree and Chotu to leave them for now. The quartets left, Aisha explained she came to meet Riya in Goa because she was under treatment here. 'Her news of death was wrongly published due to some personal reasons' said Aisha frowning and I couldn't come to support my family because of that Nadiya undercover case. If I could have come then, I wouldn't have let any of the ETFians none of you's feeling bad or sad.


ONE and a half On the other hand, Arjun parted the hug. But Riya's grip on his shirt was strong very strong. Few minutes later he was successful in parting, Arjun cupped her face with his thumb and index finger they stared at each other with teary eyes. Arjun kissed her forehead promising her he would never leave her side ever. While she kissed him back on the cheek immediately stating she was sorry and to forgive her for her childish antics. Arjun smirked whilst he had watery eyes; they had an intense eye lock. ONE'.Arjun soon claimed her lips, as a sign of wanting to keep her forever to him. Riya soon responded to his kiss, while she tried to wish him a HAPPY NEW YEAR! They comfortably kissed in public without any fears, the crackers lightened up the dark sky, as everyone around either hugged or wished their loved ones.

The hide and seek game was soon ended at both ends with Rathore confessing his strong likes for Aisha and Arjun loving Riya more than before. Chotu and Shree wished each other embracing, while promising inside their heart to be there for each other.


The songs I mentioned above do listen to 'Battle Scars' if you haven't heard it already

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firstly loved the song
mujhe laga aisha kuca gadabaad kar rahi hai
goa for new year party was amazing
countdown section was awsome
my heart beat was also inceraseing
one one second u explained so well dear
at last ariya meet in correct time
this was a plan of aisha so gud she is
ariya were so romantic
shru pendown more osClap

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Hey ...omg that was super exciting ...
When the countdown begun my heartbeat literally increased ... And I was smiling like an idiot all the time :)
I loved it ...
Awww the kiss was beautiful n I'm glad that even Rathod confessed his feelings for Aisha ;)
It was magical :)

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Amazing Shru...

Loved it...

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shru :

that's a lovely new year gift dear, loved the OS so muchHug.. loved an excited rathore over the FM songs, that was a nice change from his usual self.. shree aur chottu ki jodi yugo yugo tak salamat raheWink ..and the biggest twist in the end, riya's comeback, wowStar !! but one thing isnt clear, why did aisha say that she couldnt come to support her family due to the drug-racket undercover operation.. what does that mean ? riya kuch lagti hai kya uskiConfused ?

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@shah10 thank youSmile
@Gurmeet4Drashti thank you so much dearEmbarrassed m so glad I could bring a smile on your faceSmile
@Surya di... thank youSmile
@polly di Thank you so much for the wonderful comment..Hug Yes, indirectly I tried to refer Aisha as Riya's sisterLOLWink aap samjhi ya mai aur bhi samjhauTongue
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What a great way to end my first day of the year! Loved it! And I found a new song to love! Thank you!

Happy New Year!

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