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Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
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Arjuhi OS#14: Nazar Se Nazar Miley(Completed)

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Nazar Se Nazar Miley
OS | 14

Kabhi kabhi aisa hota hai
jaage jaage koi sota hai
bin chaahe dil khota hai
kahin aisa na ho jaye

Tapping her fingers on the steering, she sings the song along with the radio. It's one of her favorite songs of the last year and that's why, she remembered it word by word. Stopping at a signal, she looked into the rearview to check herself. The sunglasses were giving a really classy look on her face. She pulled out the glasses to check her Kajal and put that back. She was really not a decked up kind of person. She believes to live with simplicity and that's why on her face, other than lip-gloss and Kajal, there was not a single particle of make-up. The signal turned green and she hit the race to move towards her destined place. She was going to meet another boy for marriage proposal. Probably, if she can count right, this was the 13th boy, she was going to meet and all thanks to her parents. When sometimes, she feels irritated, other times, she finds it fun too. She got to meet different kind of guys. Some too much geek, some too cool...Some to professional, and some too cheesy...Some totally boring and some sugar coated romantic. And now, it seems like, she is off to disclose a new adventure today.

kab armaan machlenge
kisko hai yeh pata
kab mausam badlenge
kisko hai yehpata
pyaar ho jata hai kaise
jaane na jaane na jaane na
jaane na dil tera

"Have you ever been in love?" Arohi asked slowly yet excitedly, tapping her fingernails on that red table of the cafe. Arjun looked at her amused. "I think, I am in love" He confessed for the first time, surprising himself that the thing he even till now hadn't confessed to himself or to the girl, he supposed he love and now, out of the blue, he is accepting that in front of a stranger girl, he met for the first time. "There is nothing as such I THINK in love Arjun...Either its LOVE, or its NOT...There is no place of uncertainty or doubt in love" She said in a strong voice with a bright dreamy smile. "Are you in love?" Her words made Arjun doubt that. "No, not yet...but I just believe that whenever I will fall in love, it will be something so strong, something so if like a tornado" She chuckled at her own statement making Arjun smile too. "Are you sure, you are not in love cause on one side you are saying you are not and on the other side, you know so much about its depth" Arjun said in a teasing voice, raising his brows that made her smile. "That's because I witnessed the beautiful love story of my parents and see it growing day by day...they make an ideal couple...Dad always tells me how beautiful and strong this feeling badly it may hit you and how sometimes you can feel weak and at times strong too...Just cause of its power"  She said truthfully. Arjun just can't seem to leave with a choice other than admiring this frank and bubbly girl. "I just wish you get that dream story of your own too" He wished from a clean heart. "Thank you" Arohi replied with a pleasant smile" "and also best of luck to you too for your coming life with your girl" She said teasing him, making him go all red. "Thank you to you too" He said after a while, looking down at the table in between them, playing with his car keys. "Oh now all this discussion, our coffee is now cold...Waiter" Arohi quickly called the waiter and asked him to give them fresh hot coffee. That moment of distraction brought by Arohi really made Arjun comfortable once again.

Nazar se nazar miley
Nazar se nazar miley
To dekhenge aankhein sapna
Jo yun koi saath chalein
To lagne lagega apna

They both were on a proposal meeting arranged by their parents who wanted to see them married. Too bad, there wishes willn't be fulfilled now since Arjun is already in love and Arohi want to go for a love marriage just like her own parents. Arjun made it clear to Arohi that he loves someone else and can't imagine his life without her and Arohi was quite OK with his response. "Hmm...we can't be what our parents suppose us to be but can we become are an amazing girl Arohi" Arjun said, hoping a yes as they came out from the cafe and moved towards their cars. "For sure Arjun...I love making new friends and mind you...I am not like those who forget there friends with my friends state it...Yaroon ki Yaar type hoon main" that mischievous smile didn't leave her face and now, out in sun-light, Arjun saw and noticed her features. She was a really pretty and simple kind of girl. He would really have said a yes for her to his parents, only if, just only if Radhika wasn't a part of his life before Arohi. "You have my number right" Arohi asked before she was about to leave. Arjun just nods in reply. "It was really nice meeting you Arjun" She put forward her hand and Arjun shakes it with his. "Same here". Bidding bye, she wore her sunglasses while going towards the parking and after getting into the car, zoomed off. Arjun too get into his black BMW to get back home and face his parents.

Baat jo badhegi baat baat mein
Khwaab hi...
khwaab hoge har raat mein
Hoga jab pyaar tujhe
Hoga na qaraar tujhe
Tu yeh soch le..

It was the third day after their meeting. Arjun was getting too bored while sitting in his bed, wearing his night dress and playing games on his iPhone. "Darn" Throwing the mobile on the bed, he lay down. Radhika was away on her last university trip and till now, he couldn't confess to her. His friends used to call him a fool for falling for a girl, who never showed interest in him. But how could he tell them, that that's the main reason which provoke him and attracted him to her. He sighs. But there is one person who hasn't judged his love. A person he met two days back and become friend with. And right now, it was time to get on with that friendship. Holding his mobile, he turned to lay on his stomach and after searching out her name, called her.

On the other hand Arohi was busy while working on her final project which she has to submit in a month time. The pencil was stuck into her mouth as she was making some notes and later on, holding her laptop, was making some graphics on power-point when her phone buzzed. Without looking at the name, she picked up the phone.

"Hey" holding the phone between her cheek and shoulder, she once again started working on her laptop. "Hmm...Hi...Arjun here...remember" Arjun introduced himself with a hesitant tone. A smile crept up Arohi's face hearing his statement. "Of course I do... Told you I am a good friend" She grinned while Arjun chuckled on the other side. "I get it now... So how's life going on?" He questioned laying down fully, keeping the iPhone on the bed, and stuck his ear to it, relaxing his hands. "It's getting tougher... Ghar ka mahol Thora garam hai... My parents still angry with my rejection for you and above that this project of mine taking a toll on me" She took a deep breath, being exasperated from the current situation. "Yeah, my parents too... They are hardly talking to me" Arjun expressed his state too. "You deserve that... I mean, who dare to reject such a good looking and intelligent girl like me" She teased him as he laughed. "I know... You are superb in your way...and trust me...If I wasn't in love before meeting you... I would have definitely gone for you" Arjun said honestly that made Arohi quiet for a moment. "Then I guess, it's your loss..." She was back in chirpy tone and Arjun agreed teasingly. "For sure" Arohi giggled on the other side. "Ok leaves this humor aside...tell me about your love story... I need to relax for a bit" She pushed away her laptop and notes, and stretching her legs in the front, lay back on the headrest while playing with her hairs. "And you think my LOVEE STORY is good enough to entertain you" He joked. "I don't know... You tell me na...Is it like those Mills and Bones kind of story?" She wondered. "Ha-ha... You think that that kind of romance exists in reality? Those slow moments when your eyes met the girl's eyes and her blush seeing your intent gaze on her... I would have got a slap if it had been that kind of romance with me" Arohi laughed at his statement. "I do think that kind of romance do exist somewhere... Anyways, what's your story?" She asked once again and Arjun sighed on the other side, and hold his phone in his hand now, sit down and started playing with his nails. "My love story is not actually a love story till the girl I love still don't have a hint about it" He explained with a sad voice. "Oh really...Then when are you planning to tell her?" She was surprised by his answer. "Around this weekend or next...Actually she is off to her university trip for now...and will get back on Saturday...So may be this sunday or next...whenever I am gonna meet her" Arjun told his plans. "Hmm...I wish you all the best Arjun...Hope she will said yes to you...By the way, whats her name?" She asked out of curiosity. "Radhika...My father's friend daughter." Arjun told her. "Sweet name..." Arohi commented. "Thank you" Arjun replied. "Ok Arjun, Nice talking to you but now I have to get back to my project...I really need to finish first draft today" She said sitting up, stretching her back, trying to relax it. "Ok...In between on which subject you have to make a project?" He inquired. "Management...A Study On Effectiveness Of Training Programme" Arohi explained him. "Oops...that's perfect...If you want any help than you can ask me...I too have done my MBA in management" Arjun offered a hand and Arohi was more than glad to take it. Its better to have two minds than one and they decided to met next day outside the same cafe, they met before.

And then Arjun started meeting her on daily basis. They used to share ideas and discuss the project over few cups of coffee. He was quiet impressed with Arohi's first draft, but still, there was a long way to go. Whenever they get tired, Arjun used to took her to a nearby park where they would stroll for sometime and then sitting on a bench, in between the calmness of nature, discuss there daily lifes. Arjun told Arohi all about Radhika. How she is a student of his rival college and he first saw her in the Inner-College Games function a few months back, and was attracted to her. How his friends dared him to go and ask her for a coffee and she plainly rejected that without a second thought. They later on became friends and now, he just hopes that she said yes to him. "I will pray that she say yes..." Arohi prayed from a clear heart that left him smiling.

It was a rainy day. Arohi just get back from her university at 5pm, totally drenched. Her hairs were sticky and mud stains were prominent on her white trouser. "Ramdin kaka...Please bring a hot cup of coffee in my room please" She asked politely while moving towards her room. But she just entered, when her phone buzzed. She took it out from her bag irritatingly because she badly wanted a warm shower before indulging herself in other things, but Arjun name flashed, and she quickly picked it up with an excited face. "Hello, Arjun...What she said?" She remembered Arjun telling her earlier in the morning through a message that he is gonna propose Radhika today and as she had few back to back classes, all she could do was to send a text message back, wishing him all luck during the lecture. But right now, the silence on the other side of the phone, really scared her. "Arjun..." She called his name once again and in reply, she heard a little cry. "Arjun...What happened?" She asked once again. "No..." His whisper came back. "She said No" He felt a lump in his throat saying that as tears were continuously running down his face. "OK...where are you now...I am coming" Arohi asked quickly, throwing her bag on the bed and went towards her wardrobe to grab warm clothes. "At my apartment" Arjun told her. "Stay there...I am coming in 20 minutes" Arohi replied and cutting the call, quickly changed herself into fresh clothes and holding her mobile move out. "Bibi ji...Coffee" Ramdin said who was just about to run into her. Arohi grabbed the cup quickly. "Kaka...tell Mom and Dad when they return that I am at my friend's place...will be back in sometime ok" Kaka nod and with the cup, Arohi went out where her driver was waiting for her.

On the other hand, Arjun was devastated by the rejection of Radhika. He was in his apartment which he use whenever his parents are out of town or country as that huge mansion make him feel really lonely without them. Arjun had showed Arohi his apartment too when they needed to download some files on her laptop that he couldn't do in the cafe.

He was shattered. He was breaking down with each passing second. The fantasy that he has created over the months, a fantasy that has became his life line was no longer there. What he is supposed to do now. How he is supposed to survive now. Tears were continuously running down his cheeks. He sniffed with muffed cries which were escaped from his thin lips.

Right then the door bell ring. He got up from the floor perfectly knowing who it must be. Right now, he doesn't need anyone who gives him an I-TOLD-YOU-SO look. He wanted someone who will hear him out and let him explain his feelings and Arohi, is just that person. He cleared his face, feeling conscious of himself and opened up the door just to hear. "Pumpara..." Arohi raised up her hand showing a shopping bag, which had two packs of Maggie inside and a smile placed on her lips. "I hope your kitchen is in a running position as I am really hungry" She said getting in after pushing him aside. Arjun looked at her with hollow eyes. She got into the kitchen and bend down to take out an old sauce pan and after cleaning it properly, filled it will water. Turning on the electric stove, she put the pan on it "What are you doing?" Arjun asked with a confused face as she put Maggie into the boiling water now. "Arjun, Have you ever discussed your heart break over a bowl of maggie?" She asked with a wondering look, trying to keep her face as serious as possible, but that small smile at the corner of her lips, was hard to ignore. Arjun glared at her. It felt like she was making fun of him and he shook his head in anger. "No...I am not" She said even before he could say anything. But for her, he didn't need to say anything. His crystal clear face was expressing his emotions and feelings perfectly. Arjun looked back at her with a questioning look as she started. "I am not making fun of you or your feelings...its just that I am famished right now" She said patting her belly. Her sincere eyes convey there message and he gave a small nod of understanding. "You go out and sit...I will be there in a minute with this" She turned around to check on her Maggie while Arjun came out and sit on sofa.

His body leaned forward as his index finger traced his trembling thin lips. Tears started to flow out once again as he remembered how Radhika broke his heart in pieces.

"Are you out of your mind Arjun...Damn...I never knew you feel this way about me" Radhika shouted at him as he expressed his love. He was sitting on his knees. The bouquet of roses was still placed in his hands which he was just stretching out to her, a few minute back. "You know, I never had...any kind of feelings for you,,,,,,,,Especially not like this one's" She barked mentioning towards the roses and card which was placed on the bench. "I wish i would never had become friends with you...i wish i would never had said yes to meet you out here when you called me today...I so wish" She stomped her foot on the grass of the park, she was standing in. "But Radhika..." Arjun started to say something after gulping down the lump that formed in his throat. "No Buts Arjun...I became friend with you just because you are my father's friend son...there was never something more than that...I love someone else and I better don't want to see you around me ever" Radhika said and left, leaving him in a pool of tears.

Only he knew how he made it to this apartment without any accident as the tears were refusing to stop for a second.

Arohi came out holding the two bowls in her hands and sit beside him on the sofa. The moment beside him caught his attention as he turned around and saw her eating Maggie while moaning aloud. A few minutes later, she started making more funny noises while eating Maggie. Arjun was getting irritated now. "Arohi" He chided. "Stop that" Arohi turned to him with a smirk and propped the fork in the air, rolling the noodles over it. "Arjun..." She wanted to tease him some more but seeing the glare, he passed her way, she stopped. "Ok...sorry sorry...tell me what happened?" Arohi asked with a genuine tone now. Arjun looked at her face to see her all ears and sigh, leaning back, covering his face with his hand. "She is in love with someone else" Arjun explained in minimum amount of words, that could tell her his condition. "OHH" escaped Arohi's mouth as she turned her body and now was looking at him straightly. His facial expressions were telling her how worn out he really was. She put the bowl down on the side table and get closer to him.

A hand came over his shoulder that make him look up into her caring eyes. "Arjun" She licked her dried lips before saying anything. "Look, i am not going to say all that comforting words you generally expect someone say to you nor i am going to look at you with pity in my eyes...Its reality Arjun, Sometimes it does happen...Its not necessary that the person you love, too love you back...But just because of the reason that you didnt get the love you wished for, I really dont want you to push away the love that you are having from such a long time, like your parents, your friends...I also know its early on this stage that i am saying all this Arjun, just think...what will you get after making everyone know that you get heart-broken...What will be the use when the person you love right now, willn't be feeling the pain, you are suffering from" She looked up at him as he was looking at her intently, so she continued. "All you will get is, Everything will be alright, be brave kind of line and pitiful glances...Do you want to get all of them?" Arohi questioned but in reply, Arjun just keep on looking at her as if she is an alien. This mature side of her, he has scene before on there very first meeting, but later on, her bubbly, full of life avatar, took over that image. But right now, all Arjun could find was a grown up, mature girl inside her, who cares, loves, respects and like to enjoy her life. "Tell me na? Do you want to get all of it??" She shook his shoulder when he didn't give a reply and then, he just nodded. "So let me tell you one thing...Just cry over it tonight...bring out all the pain, you are feeling right now...but tomorrow morning, make that Arjun get alive once again who is full of dreams, ambitions. Who loves to love and spread happiness" She smiled brightly and don't know why, but Arjun didn't feel like crying anymore. As if, her words took over his pain. They were the true medication for his wounds.

kab armaan machlenge
kisko hai yeh pata
kab mausam badlenge
kisko hai yehpata
pyaar ho jata hai kaise
jaane na jaane na jaane na
jaane na dil tera

Arohi carelessly got hold of her bowl once again and started eating her noddles. "Have you ever discussed your heart break over a bowl of maggie?" It was Arjun time to ask her as he felt something fishy. "Yes, Twice" She replied carelessly and then a smile popped up on her lips, as if remembering a very funny incident and then, she started telling him all about it, lost in her own world. "I still remember...First time when I had the crush on our college's football coach...Damn, he was so handsome and most of the girls of our college had eyes on him...But a few months later, we saw that he brought his wife into the college along with his son who was seeking for admission..." She chuckled remembering her foolishness. "I so cried that night that i almost ended two tissue boxes...Shefali, my best friend...she made Maggie for me that night, perfectly knowing it is my weakness and made me realize, how foolish i was" She ended with an innocent smiled while chewing on. "By any chance, did she just said these same lines...You just tell me?" Arjun questioned only to receive a narrow eye look on himself. Her lips twitched as she observed his face and then a grin get placed on it. "You are reading my mind now...How did you get that?" And that what brought a giggle from Arjun as he pushed back his head, truly not knowing how he get so lucky to have a friend like her. "Oh hello...It was just not word to word like what she said...I improvised this whole dialogue, giving it Arohi's touch" And he laughed more and she joined him too. "You are seriously something Arohi" Arjun laughed and laughed till he couldn't laugh anymore. "Glad you admit there is only one SOMETHING KIND OF AROHI" And Arjun agreed. Arohi's bowl was empty by now so she took hold of the other one, that she had actually brought for Arjun. Arjun eyed it and getting closer to her, took hold of it. "That's mine" He took hold of the spoon from her hand and started eating. " can you take it?" Arohi complained as Arjun rolled the noodles on her spoon and took a big bite. "That's cause I have a friend who like to share break-ups over a bowl of Maggie" He said as she just smiled and leaned back to see him eating. "That's your first heart break Arjun" Arohi asked next that made Arjun hand stopped for a bit before  he nods. Arohi pat his back lightly before saying. "Don't worry...1st heart-break is always worse...You will be ok after 2nd one" and that made Arjun choke on his food as he daggers looked at her. "What?" He shouted. "You want me to go through a 2nd heart break..." Arohi laughed at his facial expressions "You said we are friends...I discuss my heart-breaks over a bowl of Maggie and so you too wanna do that...but i also had two i will really like you to be equal to me out there too" She said, pulling the bowl and took a spoon full of noodles. Arjun laughed out loud at her Foolish Theory and took out the other spoon from her earlier empty bowl. They started eating from a same bowl when Arjun said. "Ok, tell me about your 2nd heart-break" and then Arohi started telling him about her crush over her hawt professor who was already twice married.

Nazar se nazar miley
Nazar se nazar miley
To dekhenge aankhein sapna
Jo yun koi saath chalein
To lagne lagega apna

Few days passed away. Arohi was constantly a support for Arjun. Whenever he would feel low, She was there to cheer him up and bring him back to life. He decided to do his PHD in management further to get a better grip of management and after applying for his admission in his old university, he started on with his PHD program.

"Arjun...Don't you play any kind of sports?" Arohi one day asked generally while picking out chips from the bag. The books were scattered around them in his apartment as in just two days Arohi had to submit her final project. "Yeah i do play Volley Ball for my university...actually next week we are having a match against another university" Arjun said laying on the sofa as they took a break from the studies. "Oh really...Can I come over to see it?" Arohi asked with a very chirpy voice. "Yeah sure..." Arjun replied closing his eyes. He was in need to have a no silence moment. Arohi understand that and decided to work on the presentation when her phone buzzed. She picked it up to see her friends message, asking her if she will like to join them in club tonight. It was long since Arohi went out with her friends somewhere so she quickly said yes and after pressurizing Arjun a little, made him agree too to go out with her.

And the club was surly a great idea as the last streak of disappointment, that Arjun had was finally disappeared. He enjoyed his time with Arohi and his friends consist of Shefali, Romit, Jay, Poorvi and Sanchit. The danced, drink a little and went out to eat in pizza hut. Sanchit dropped everyone in his jeep. The jeep stopped infront of Arohi's home when Jay turned and got attention of both, Arohi and Arjun. "Arjun, Are you free this Saturday. We are planning a short trip to Goa for three days and we would really like if you could join us" All eyes turned to Arjun who was scratching his temple. "Guys, I would really like to come but I have a volleyball match this Thursday and If we would qualify then we have a final to play on next Tuesday..." Arjun explained about his game. "Hmmm..." Jay thought for a moment and came up with a plan. "How about we leave at Thursday night and we can come back on Sunday evening so Arjun can relax on Monday and then can participate in final match" That sound logical and all nodded in approval. "What say Arjun?" Now Arohi asked him with a twinkle in her eyes. "Thats a great idea...but my practice?" Another issue got raised by him and all sigh. "Arjun, In goa we can play beach volley ball yaar...thats not a problem ok" Sanchit suggested and Arjun nodded. Its long he went out of town, and in this current situation, he was surly in need to have a break.

"Xaviers...Xaviers" Arohi was cheering at top of her lungs for Arjun's team in rhythm with his university mates. The end was around and Arjun had to serve the ball. Xavier needs the last point to win though they were already leading with 24-19 points but this last point would be the stamp on there success. Arjun pushed the ball in the air. The crowd was cheering furiously but there hearts were beating as fast as they could. Arjun jumped up and gave a solid hit, pushing the ball on the other side of the net. The rivals did caught a hold of ball but just before he was about to land on the ground. The slight push given by him was not enough to send it back to the other side. Another guy tried to get closer but the ball was far out of his reach and hit the ground. Referee show the flag on Xavier side, making them earn the last point as the whole Xavier crowd was cheering and hooting for there winning team. Arjun mates hugged him wishing him congrats. His eyes moved up to look at Arohi who was jumping on the huge stairs, where she was sitting before and on seeing him looking at herself, she gave a thumbs up sign as a bright smile lit up her face. Arjun removed his wining shirt in happiness. Arohi run down into the ground towards him with open arms. Arjun expected a hug and prepared himself but when she actually landed into his arms, he stumbled two steps back before getting himself stable. "Awww Arjun...Congrats...You were fabulous" She squealed into his ear before breaking the hug, giving him a wide smile. "Thank you" He humbly replied with a sweet smile as she get back. He took hold of the shirt, he removed and made her wear as a thank you for all the support, she provided in last few weeks.

Aayega woh paas jo door hai
Maan ja..
Ke hona yeh zuroor hai
Yeh dil to deewana hai
Kab ka havana hai
Tu yeh soch le..

Leaning back comfortably on his sand chair, wearing nothing but just his shorts, he looked up at his front to admire the vast sea, displayed. He took a deep breath to inhale that beautiful sea smell and a smile got on his lips.Its been 1st day of them in Goa. He loves sea more than mountains. He had even went out with his friends for scoobadiving and it was one hell of an experience. Watching the beautiful inner life of sea, moving along with those colorful fishes. But. OH MY GOD!!!! What a sight he got to see. His jaw dropped seeing the ethereal dusky beauty coming out from the water. And what draw his attention more was that, she was AROHI. His mind boggles looking at her wearing just her one piece swimwear that was hugging her body like a second skin. "God!! She is hot" He heard someone say beside him and an instant anger rise up in his body when he looked at two guys, wearing shorts, drinking coconut water were standing beside him and a lusty look were throwing on Arohi's way. One part of his body want to bash up those boys, telling them exactly what's hot in here and other part, want to run away and wrapped her in the security of his arms, to keep her protected. A battle was still running inside his body when Shefali, Poorvi and Arohi get on that mat, they had placed near sea and wrapped there waists with clothes. He turned to look at those guys who had left too. He leaned back with a confused look, trying to understand as why he felt so agitated on knowing that someone eyes Arohi. He looked at her smiling self who was enjoying the sun while leaning back on her hands. Her hairs were wet from her sea diving and was in a chat with Shefali and Poorvi. Arjun was feeling restless. He needed a way to distract himself so he got up and went towards the sea. Getting into a good level, he took a deep breath, filling his lungs with enough air and dived in.

Arohi's eyes didn't miss the drooling look on Arjun face, when she came out after her dive. But suddenly he looked away and all she could feel on his face was anger and desperation. She was confused and choose to ignore him while getting herself busy in a chat with Shefali and Poorvi but she couldn't miss him passing by her and get into the sea. Her eyes lingered over the sea as he dived in and was beating furiously, when she didnt see him out after a few seconds. But he came up and she took a sigh of relief, holding her heart before looking back at him. He was marching out as if he owns the sea. As if, he is some sea king, marching in his estate. The droplets of water were running on his body continuously as she felt her mouth go dry, seeing his perfect abs, proudly showing there existence over his slightly tanned skin. He was gorgeous with that little boyish beard and had a body to drool on. "He is smookingly hot yaar" Shefali commented that make me get out from his trance and look daggers at her. "Shefali, don't you have Romit?" She asked seething with anger but tried to keep her voice cool. "I do...but you can't just stop appreciate a Mango in summers when you do get apple everyday, in every can you" She said, still looking in Arjun's direction. Poorvi cracked up with Shefali's resemblance of Arjun with Mango...Seriously, a man matching with a fruit. Arohi too joined Poorvi in her laughter as Shefali realized what she said and get embarrassed. Her cheeks were pink that made the, laugh more. Shefali is a crack piece but sometimes, she is so mature. Arohi loves her friends craziness. "Arohi...You and Arjun are being together from a few weeks now...Have you ever felt a pull towards him?" Arohi's laughter died with Shefali's question who was still looking at Arjun's way. "What do you mean by that Shefali?" She asked, raising her brow. Shefali turned to look at her and shrugged her shoulders. "I mean...He is sweet, good natured, handsome, attractive and not to mention...very hot...Have you ever thought about the scenerio as what if he hadn't been in love with that girl? What if, you both had met the way you did just without him being in love already, as he stated that. Would you had said yes to him?" She asked and Poorvi's cunning eyes were too set on Arohi's to catch her reaction but she was dumb. Her eyes were fixed on Arjun. Its not like she hadn't thought about it, she did, many times. It was hard to resist him when he used to sit so close to her during studies, trying to get her attention on a main point. But she knew, that him being in love, the thoughts will lead her nowhere. She was still in thoughts where Poorvi jerked her shoulder and she startled, looked around as she was at lost of an answer. Poorvi and Shefali noted her averted gaze and sigh. There friend needed a push and they were there to do that. "You know something Arohi? Poorvi started getting her attention. "You both with make a really sweet yet a hot pair" A side-looped smile graced her soft pink lips that turn into a grin later on as her friends grinned back at her..

The trip to Goa was a memorable one. Arohi felt her breath got caught in her lungs whenever she watched Arjun and the guys playing beach volleyball while she and girls get settled on the sand, to watch them. Whenever his dusky skin gets that bright sand all over it, she couldn't stop herself to drool over his body. He was charismatic and he was so unaware of it. She saw many girls eying his broad chest with perfect abs, his looks, that would instantly send her on a high temperature. She was getting possessive of him. And same was going on with Arjun too. Seeing someone looking at her with lust-filled eyes, would made him boggles. He actually beat a guy in the club, who was constantly trying to dance close to her, when the went out one night. His nerves were on high alert. He was getting too precise to notice her beautiful giggle, her mesmerizing smile that make you smile too, her childish kind of frown when she don't get something like her way, and her narrow eyes, who says more question than her raise brows or her lips. He was liking this girl, way more than he actually know.

kab armaan machlenge
kisko hai yeh pata
kab mausam badlenge
kisko hai yehpata
pyaar ho jata hai kaise
jaane na jaane na jaane na
jaane na dil tera

Arohi was settled with her friends on the stairs of her university's corridor as they were seeing the picture of Goa in her laptop. Arjun's final was in the afternoon and this whole group was going to cheer him up. The slideshow was on when this whole group along with arjun went to that banana boat ride and fell in the water, some group photos on the beach, in club, in the lounge of there hotel, terrace of there rooms. They all were watching and remembering the fun they had. One picture of Arjun and Arohi get displayed on the screen where Arohi was wearing a beach hat in a tilted position. A smirk was there on her face as she was doing this pose and Arjun was laughing at her cuteness. "See, I told you, You guys make a good couple" Poorvi said with happiness. "You both look so cute together" Shefali chimed in. "Really?" Arohi asked with a hopeful yet happy look on getting this compliment. "Really buddhu...What say jay?" Shefali asked Jay who agreed and Sachit and Romit too nodded. Arohi was happy just by hearing this comment of her friends, unaware of the pair of eyes, who get a look of the picture and was seething with anger.

The match started as Arohi with her friends get settled on the huge stairs of the ground, once again. She crossed her fingers and was constantly praying for Arjun's success. The other team was surly tough. Just in the start they scored 6 points while Xavier's were on Nil. Xavier crowd was feeling down. No one was cheering anymore when One of Arjun mates get a point and the crowd get wild and then, there was so back off. Xaviers cope up with the loss pretty quickly and were leading from 11 to 8. Arohi's eyes lit up everytime Arjun made a score and her friends teased her mercilessly on her excitement. Finally after a 45 minutes match, Arjun's university won the finale, earning them a huge trophy. Arohi cheered on top of her lungs as Arjun and his friends get on the stage to receive there trophy. When crowd was allowed in, Arohi quickly rushed in, leaving her friends behind and as if he was waiting for her, he caught her from her waist as she landed in her arms and pulled her up in a happy twirl. Her friends smiled brightly, seeing there obvious chemistry. "You won...You won" Arohi shouted as he put her back on the ground. "Yep" He laughed at her but then his eyes landed on her dress, making him look back at her face with a raise brow. She was wearing the his same sports shirt, he put on her a few days back. Arohi observed his gaze and shrugged her shoulders in reply. "I thought this is the best sports wear that i have..." Arohi mumbled making Arjun smile as he shook his head before looking back at her cute face. This girl is crazy and he is so liking and loving her craziness.

"Arjun..." Arohi whined on the phone. "What happened?" He asked rubbing his wet hairs with a towel as he just came out after taking a bath. "I need your help..." She bit her lowered lip when he just made a sound as if asking her to go on. "Will you be my partner for prom tonight?" She said only to jear Arjun laugh. "Why what happened? Your partner dumped you?" He teased her. "No" came straight out of her mouth. "He didnt dump me...he just get into a small accident and get his knee injured...and others are not interested to go out with me as I am a dare devil type na...they are just painly scared" She said in a fake angry tone while remembering how 5 of her classmates has asked her and she turned them down.. "Hmmm" Arjun jumped on to his bed, rubbing his chin with a deep thought. He cant believe at all that no one has asked Arohi. From Sanchit, Jay and Romit, he got to know that she is the one of the most famous girl in college. Bit then, he was more than glad to have an opportunity to go out her, as her man. Oh mean partner. "Is it taking you so much time to answer?" She asked in an irritated tone that snapped him out from his thoughts. "NO NO...absolutely no" Arjun said quickly, trying to cover up his aloofness. "What? No? You dont wanna come with me?" Her hart sink with his reply as thoughts gripped her mind. She just wanted to take a hint if he was interested in her so she could seriously think about themselves as living in a hypothetical bubble was not her style and definately, after what happened to Arjun before, She wasnt ready to take a risk with her heart. "Arohi, you getting me wrong..."Arjun tried to explain. "Ofcourse i will love to go out with you" He said bitting his lips as the words slipped out from his mouth. Arohi's eyes lit up with his response and a smirk got place when she thought about the LOVE TOO part. "I mean, i am a good friend and as a friend, i should help you out...right?" Arjun said but his voice was more like he was assuring herself than her and she knew it. "Ok good friend" She mimicked her words, grinning inside. Her body was exploding with happiness. She wanted to jump around and shout in joy. "I guess, i will be picking you up tomorrow then?" Arjun asked scratching his temple. A rush of excitement run in his body. " here at 7..." She said hesitantly before whispering "I will be waiting" softly. Arjun felt himself melted inside just with the sheer beauty of her voice. Saying yes, he end the call while rushing his hands through his hairs. A smile lit up on his face just with the thought that she is counting on him. Somehow, he felt that whatever excitement, anxiousness, he is feeling for Arohi is not what he felt for Radhika. This time this feeling is more deep,more powerful and more strong and then he wondered that whatever he felt for Radhika was even love? He paced into his room when another thought strike his mind. "Does that mean whatever he is feeling for Arohi is love?" He questioned himself but the feelings were too eaw, too new to have an answer instantly. "I should take things as they come" He found a solution.

Nazar se nazar miley
Nazar se nazar miley
To dekhenge aankhein sapna
Jo yun koi saath chalein
To lagne lagega apna

Arjun rushed to the other side of his car, after passing the key to the valet, to help her get down infront of the university campus. He put forward his hands and felt his mouth go dry when she looked up at him with her sparkling kohl eyes. A beautiful smile was gracing her lips when she put forward her sleek hand in his manly one and get out. Both felt a spark in there touch and Arohi wrapped her hans around his arm, as they went towards the main door. Inside the atmosphere was quite fun. The main hall of her university was fully packed with students who were mostly wearing black and red, a somewhere a hint of white was also displayed. Arohi's friends greet them soon and along with Shefali and Poorvi, Arohi went towards the dance floor which was buzzing woth The Disco song.

Arjun went towards the bar with the guys and all get themselves a soft drink as hard drinks were prohibited in university's boundary. He turned on his stool to look at Arohi swaying with the music. Her red dress, which almost made him breathless when he first saw her in the evening today, was hugging her body till her knees. It was a simple dress that had some large shinny stones along the neck line as the dress covered her one shoulder, leaving other bare which she smartly covered with her hairs as they were tied in a neatly made pony tail. Her face was having a light layer of make up along with that ark sweet red lipstick, completely showing the length of her lips. She matched nice silver pomps to go the dress and the way shr was swaying, Arjun knew many guys were having there eyes on her.

Soon the disco song finished and girls get back only to grab the boys hand for the next dance, which was a slow number from Race 2. Atif Aslam and Sunidhi Chauhan's voice filled the air as shefali and romit get on the dance floor, following by jay and poorvi and arjun and arohi.

Arjun hands sweetly slipped around her waist, caressing it with his finger tips while Arohi's hand went around his neck. They should have felt a little awkward with there closeness but all they felt was a craving more close then they were.

Suno na kahe kya suno na
Dil mera suno na, suno zara
Teri baahon me mujhe rehna hai raat bhar
Teri baahon me hogi subah

Be intehaan (be-inteha)
Be intehaan... hmmm
Yun pyaar kar (yun pyaar kar) Be intehaan
Dekha karun saari umar (saari umar)
Tere nishaan be-intehaan
Koi kasar naa rahe, meri khabar naa rahe
Chhu le mujhe is kadar be-intehaan

Jab saanson me teri saansen ghuli toh
Phir sulagne lage
Ehsaas mere mujhse kehne lage
Haa baahon me teri aake jahaan do
Yun simatne lage
Sailaab jaise koi behne lage
Khoya hoon main aagosh mein
Tu bhi kahaan ab hosh mein
Makhmali raat ki ho naa subah
Be intehaan, be-intehaan
Yun pyar kar be-inteha

Gustakhiyan kuch tum karo
Kuch hum kare iss tarah
Sharrma ke do saaye hain jo
Muh pher le hum se yahaan

Haan chhu toh liya hai ye jism tune
Rooh bhi choom le
Alfaaz bhige bhige kyun hai mere
Haan yun choor ho ke majboor ho ke
Qatra qatra kahe
Ehsaas bheege bheege kyun hain mere
Do bekhabar bheege badan
Ho besabar bheege badan
Le rahe raat bhar angdaiyaan

Be inteha, be inteha
Yun pyar kar, be inteha
Dekha karoon saari umar
Tere nishan, be-intehaan
Koi kasar na rahe, meri khabar na rahe
Chhu le mujhe is kadar be-intehaan

There eyes silently conveying the message which there lips couldn't as they were too afraid to say anything that could hurt there friendship. The song ended after they swayed softly on the tunes. "One more song?" Arjun asked with pleading eyes and Arohi couldn't say No. She nodded and they were just about to dance when Arjun felt a tap om his shoulder. A boy was standing behind him with an annoying look. " turned down 4 other boys along with me but can't we have a dance atleast?" His words shocked Arjun as he looked back at Arohi who was bitting her lips while looking away. She turned down t guys to come with him. What does that mean? He wondered but somewhere that smile placed on the corner of her lips and the blush crept on her cheeks did tell him a story as he smiled inwardly. Turning back he look at the guy, and answered for Arohi. "Sorry man...she is with me and I just asked her for another dance...You can try later" The guy looked at him and then at Arohi before giving an understanding nod and left. Arjun hands teasingly went around her waist and pulled her close as her hands rested on his chest. "Look up at me" Arjun whispered while Arohi was trying to look around. When she didnt, Arjun moved up his hand and cupped her face, to make her look up. Her mischievous eyes met his dark one and it felt like, he gpt all his answers. Arohi shying looked away as Arjun pulled her more close and she rested her head on his chest.

Soon the song ended and Arjun quietly lead her to a corner. His hand didn't loose it contact over her's. "Arohi" He took her name in a prayer like tone. So soft, full of love and hope. He needed to know some answers right away before his head explode with confusion. Arohi looked up at him with a hesitant expression. She knew she has fallen in love with this amazing handsome man, but feeling this love and then saying it, are two different things. She can feel anything freely but about saying it out, she doubted that her feeling could get reciprocated back as Arjun was hurt before, and falling in love once again right now, wasn't a easy thing for him. "Why you lied to me?" He questioned breaking her trance. "About what?" She was clueless right now, being deep in his thoughts. Arjun sigh while rubbing his forehead with his free hand. "You said you dont have a partner that why you want me to accompany you here" He explained with a cute frown. Arohi was getting a little tired of this hide and seek game so thought of going ahead, she replied. "No Arjun, I wanted you to accompany me thats why i didn't get any partner" She replied making Arjun stunned. Does that mean...Oh really that mean that she wants...she likes...him.. He thought and look into her eyes to see a longing and helplessness. He shook his head. This can't be possible. How can he get so lucky? He was just thinking about it when someone called him from behind. "Arjun" He turned to get stunned once again, seeing Radhika standing with a wide smile. He thought he lost his voice for a moment before replying. "Radhika, What are you doing here?" He asked quickly. Radhika hesitantly smiled before replying. "I joined this university for my M.Phil...ummm...Arjun I am really sorry for whatever happened between us...I really am...Now i have realized how big mistake I made by letting you go..." Arjun looked at her with a raise brow while Arohi's heart dipped on hearing this coversation as she took a small step back. "The man i loved...was a big time play boy and just used me...and then i realized how foolish i was, to no understand your..." Radhika stopped in the middle as Arjun raise his hand in the air. He couldn't take it anymore. "Stop this Radhika" He ordered but Radhika moved forward and cupped his face in her palm. "Why Arjun? You told me you love me...Didn't you?" She asked in a sweet voice, enough to get him melted but unfortunately, it wasn't working. Arohi tried to turn away but Arjun's grip on her hand got tighter, making her stop in her way. Arjun pushed Radhika's hand away and pointed a finger at her. "I am not a puppet Radhika that you can use however you like...I am so over you...Actually I am thinking that whatever i felt for you was even able to be call as love..." He barked with anger, keeping his voice a lil low as he don't want any audience. Radhika looked at her with hollow eyes before he ignored her completely and turn to look at Arohi, who was standing there with a teary face. Just the thought of loosing Arjun made her cry. Arjun wiped her tears, softly before whispering. "Arohi...You wanted me to have a second heart break, but what if I dont want a heart-break now...??" He lifted up her face to make her realize what he means. "What if I need your support to help me go through this journey beside you, Can you promise to take care of my poor heart who seeks love from you?" He asked with tenderness pouring out from each of his words. His words were not direct but clear enough for her to get all happy. A smile lit up on her face as Arjun asked "Can you promise to love me all through my life?" He questioned next as another tear dropped from her eye. "Till my last breath" She whispered through a smile making Arjun smile too, as he pulled her in a hug. "I love you" He whispered near her ears, making her all blush. "I love you too" She whispered back promising herself to never ever let Arjun get hurt. He was precious and sweet...and she will cherish this blessing of his existence, all her life. And for him, she meant more than anyone else he met before. They both needed time to work on there relationship, but they both didn't want to let there feelings hide from eachother as if it gets late, all you got to do is cry over spilt milk.

Nazar se nazar miley
Nazar se nazar miley
To dekhenge aankhein sapna
Jo yun koi saath chalein
To lagne lagega apna

Arohi and Arjun tried to catch up there breath while leaning on the main door of his apartment. The kiss, their first kiss, they just shared now was way more passionate, sweet and intimate than they had ever imagined. It has been three months since that prom night, they were dating. There parents were unaware of there budding relationship and her friends were more than ready to help them out to escape from cunning eyes of their parents. Today, just few hours back, Arjun expressed his love infront of a group of people that were present in that cafe, where they first met and which was now, one of there fav spot. Arohi surly was elated with the proposal and accepted it, and as a proof, a small simple gold ring was gracefully placed in her finger. They just rushed back to his apartment to celebrate when her Arjun noticed that the zip of her dress was a little open at the back. He moved closer to her to drew it up but Arohi mis-interpreated his attention and moved back till she hit the door. Arjun smiled inwardly seeing that scared face of this brace Arohi and didn't let his facial emotion show how funny she was looking. Arohi looked at her with a bewildered expression as he approached her and hold her shoulders. "Arjun, what are you..." She started saying when Arjun put his finger on her lips whispering "Sshhh". His finger caressed her lips when he took hold of her shoulder and turned her around against the door. Arohi's heart was beating so furiously that she felt that whole room could hear its beat. Arjun's tantalizing fingers smoothly moved her hairs away which were caught in a ponytail on her shoulder. Arohi closed her eyes, not knowing what to do. Pushing him was so hard and for sure, she didn't had that strength too. Arjun teasingly moved her fingers at her back and when she was sure, she was about to faint, he pulled the zip up, making her surprize. Arjun smiled while nuzzling her hairs, inhailing the sweet smell of her shampoo as he whispered. "I willn't do anything that you are not comfortable with...Plus i just wanted to protect you from anyone's else gaze...Cant stand if anyone look at you with evil eyes..." Arohi's heart fill with love for this amazing amazing man. He cared so much for her and her wellness. Slight tears filled her eyes as she turned and get into the hold of his arms. She softly cupped his face while looking straight into his eyes and then, they both didn't know who initiated the kiss as the next thing they found was there lips on each other and that was one hell of there kiss. Each's first kiss.

Arjun turned his face to look at her and came infront of her to pull her once again in his arms. Somehow, the feeling of having her in his arms make him feel complete. Her hands get placed on his chest and he took hold of her hand to bring it close to his lips. He placed a soft kiss on her knuckles and rubbed that place with his thumb. He looked up next to found her cheeks turned into a soft pink color, making her have a beautiful glow out there. He couldn't resist tasting her once one. The urgency was too much. "I love you so much Arohi" He said quickly pulling her to him as he kissed her once again. "I love you too..." She whispered against his lips before loosing herself. She was his healer, his medication and now, after knowing how much she worth it, he surly planned to cherish her forever.

This OS is getting a lot lengthier than i a 3rd part will be also coming later on...Embarrassed

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waiting diTongue

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Its so beautiful and awsome os dear
And who told yu ki this os is small frm yur other os dont call it small it is vryyy vryyy big
but i like yur this os

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New year surprise

Waiting impatiently Big smile 

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Naya os:) anarkali rocks.

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awee this os was really cute! (;

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new OS from u
going to read it

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wow! i remember this one!
Waiting for you to continue di :) :)

Would loveee to read more! :D

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