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Arjun FF: The Lady in Red.. Thread 2. Link added..

AeDilHaiMushkil IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 January 2013 at 6:54am | IP Logged


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AeDilHaiMushkil IF-Rockerz

Joined: 08 March 2011
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Posted: 01 January 2013 at 6:54am | IP Logged
Okay.. here's the Prologue.. Well, it's as long as a Chapter! WinkLOL
Here's the Banner... Wink Embarrassed



Part 1

Emergency Task Force (ETF) Headquarters, Mumbai, India.

31st December, 2012,

She stood in the deserted office, gazing out of the window, watching over a deserted Mahapalika Marg. She sipped on a Mocha Latte, her sixth in the day and couldn't help deliberating over what lay stored in future for her..

They had both worked day and night for this day.. The new mission was going to be the toughest nut to crack.. A lot was at stake.. One mistake could cost them their lives..
Coz one thing she was sure of, He wouldn't spare them both if he found out. He had to be kept in the dark!

She had waited patiently for a year.. The stage being set, tonight was time to set the wheels in motion.. 
She glanced at the beeping clock on her desk; it now read, 00:00

Aisha stood up from her chair and walked to the window, leaving the chair spinning behind her. 'What was taking her so long? She should have landed at the airport by now!'

She inhaled sharply and tapped the heel of her boot on the marble flooring, attempting to relieve her anxiety!
Another glance at the clock and she lost it, 00:04.. She fished out her cell phone from her trouser pocket and pressed the speed-dial;

"Hey.. It's me.. Has she landed yet? Have you met her? And why haven't either of you called me?"

The person on the other side smirked, "Chill Babe! Her flight has just landed.. I guess she must be waiting for her baggage. I'm pretty sure she's carrying a lot of stuff..

So, add in another half-n-hour at the Customs and another 15 mins at Immigration.. So, all in all, you'll have to live with your anxiety for the next hour or so.."
Aisha slumped on her chair, "Did you try calling her?"
He rolled his eyes in frustration,
 "I did.. But I'm guessing she still hasn't realised that she's on solid ground now.. Her cell phone is switched off!"
Aisha gritted her teeth and barked into the phone,
"Karan Singhania! I want you to find her and make me speak to her right away!
I don't care if they mistake you for a terrorist attempting to blow up the airport.
But trust me, if I don't speak to her within the next 15 minutes, you both are going to be in deep trouble."

Karan sighed and flung his jacket over his shoulder,
 "Fine! I'll go get her.. Waise, tumhe sharam nahi aati? Ek police officer hokar dusre officer se rishwat khilwati ho? Bhagwan tumhe iske liye kabhi maaf nahi karega, samjhi?"
Aisha stared into her the screen of her cell phone bewildered, trying to make sense of his words; her eyes widened in shock as it registered, "No!! You're not bribing anyone.. But keep an eye on her.. She tends to attract trouble, naturally!"
He sank his teeth into a cheese sandwich and mumbled, "Okay.. Jaise badi, waise choti.. Aur tum dono ke chakkar mein, meri kismet phooti!"
Aisha groaned and hung up on him..

Dabolim Airport, Goa, India.
1st January, 2013;  00:40 a.m.

A girl in her late-twenties walked out of Terminal-2 dragging a cart laden with luggage.. She entered the duty-free shopping area and walked past a Body Shop outlet..

The familiar fruity smell filled her senses and she spun around on her heel,
'Oh Dear!! I need a Chocomania Body Butter and my favorite Fuzzy Peach Shower Gel..'

She dragged the cart backwards with a lot of effort and had just lifted her foot to walk in, when an announcement fell on her ears,

"This is a call for Miss Rosanna D'costa, passenger arrived on Qatar Airways flight no. 388 from Dubai. Your friend, Karan is awaiting your arrival. Kindly report to the Arrivals lounge immediately. Thank you!"
She shrugged her shoulders and walked in.. Her eyes fell on her favorite, Dreams Unlimited, Eau De Parfum and a smile crept up on her cherry red lips.
She advanced towards the counter but was halted in her track, by a hand on her shoulder. She looked at the intruder through narrowed eyes, "Yes??"
An Airport Authority official stood in front of her, "Miss Rosanna?"
She threw her hair back and nodded, "Yes.. That's me.."
The lady pointed towards the source of the announcement, "Ma'am, there's been an announcement for you.. Your friend, Mr. Karan is awaiting your arrival!"
She frowned in confusion and then her eyes popped out the very next instant, "Oh my!! I'm soo dead!"
She wheeled her cart out of the shop into the corridor, straight towards the Arrivals lounge, dragging herself behind it..
Karan yawned and stared at his wrist for the umpteenth time in the last 10 minutes,

Kahan phasa diya, yaar? Achha khaasa Tony ke yacht pe New Year's Party celebrate kar raha tha.. Chaaron taraf khoobsurat hasseenayien.. Koi Mexican koi Spanish toh koi Greek!

Lekin nahi, yeh Aisha se meri khushi bardaasht kahan hoti hai! Mere naye saal ki bhi band baja di.. Ab toh shayad poora saal aise hi airport pe ladkiyon ka intezaar karna hoga..
He felt a tap on his shoulder and turned around..

There stood a princess; clad in a knee-length Macy's cowl-neck crimson summer dress, with her dark brown curls bunched together in a French braid..

His eyes travelled down, she tapped her feet restlessly drawing his attention, "Uhmm.. Mr. Karan, right?"
Karan grinned widely and then composed himself, reminding himself of who she was! "Tu eres hermosa, Senorita..' (You're very beautiful, young lady!)

She chuckled and tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear," Gracias!" (Thank you!)

His heart skipped a beat at that; however the cop within him resurfaced the next moment,

"Rosanna? I need to cross-check.. Protocol, you see?"
She nodded in positive, "Yeah! Go on!"
Karan crossed his arms across his chest, "What does She call you?"
Rosanna chuckled in response, clearly impressed at his choice of question.. She wheeled the cart in his direction and walked past a confused Karan swaying her hips.
She spun around and motioned to her luggage, 'THE LADY IN RED!'


Part 2
Aisha had by now calmed down, knowing that Rosanna was on her way to the hotel, which was going to be her home for a while now..
She slumped on the couch and shut her eyes, trying to catch some sleep, before Chottu and Shree encroached on her space..
Just then, the landline phone on her desk rang; clearing the eerie silence in the office.
Who could it possibly be? Perhaps a new case..
She cleared her throat and spoke softly, "Hello ETF.."
The person on the other side sighed, "It's me, Aisha.."

Aisha's eyes widened in surprise and she glanced at the receiver, "Rosy!! Wait.. Tumne landline pe call kyun kiya? It's too risky.."
Rosanna: "Toh, aur kya option tha, considering tum phir se apna phone charge karna bhool gayi ho.."
Aisha bit her lip and slumped in her chair, sipping water,
"Oh.. Anyway, so, how's Goa treating you? You've met Karan, right?"
Rosy rolled her eyes in amusement,
"You realise, in dono questions ke answers kaafi contradicting hain.. I love Goa! It feels great to be back home.. Yahan ka food is mind-blowing and the night life, looks wow!

But yeh tumhara Karan, mujhe thoda ajeeb laga.. Are you sure, we can trust him with this?"

Aisha chuckled to herself,
"Don't you worry.. I've known him for years.. He's brilliant at his job.. So rest assured, you're in safe hands.."

Rosy rested against the window pane, overlooking the might sea,
"So, is everything under control there?"

Aisha pinched the bridge of her nose and looked around the deserted ETF office,
"Not yet.. But I'll make sure of it.."

Rosy seemed uncomfortable upon hearing that,
"Hmm.. Have you spoken to the Commissioner yet? Bhoolo mat, He has to be ignorant about this.. Varna, humare liye achha nahi hoga."

Ayesha sighed into the phone, realizing the gravity of the situation, "Achha, ab meri baat dhyaan se suno.. Karan tumhe Goa ke guided tour pe le jayega.. You know, just so you get to know the place well..
Lekin yaad rahe, tum wahan sight-seeing ke liye nahi, ek mission ke liye gayi ho..
So, tumhari nazar, beaches aur churches se zyada, bars aur clubs par honi chahiye."

Rosy crumpled a piece of tissue and threw it on the floor, "Look.. I know my job well.. You don't need to remind me of my inexperience with every breath..I'll manage.."

Aisha smirked, "Attitude haan? Sahi istemaal karna seekh lo.. It'll help you in the long run.. Varna yahi attitude tumhe le doobega..

Anyway, tumhe pata hai na, iss weekend, Hotel Star Cruise mein ek Fashion House ki launch party hai.. And I want all attention on you.. Ab yeh tumpar depend karta hai, ki woh kaise seek karna hai, right?"

Rosy wrapped her soft brown curls around her index finger,
"Right.. Don't you worry.. I know the rules of the game.. Aur phir tumhara Karan bhi hoga mere saath.. I assure you, ki iss party mein sabki aankhein bass Rosanna D'costa par hi tiki hongi..."

Ayesha grinned widely, "Take it easy, darling.. Overconfidence precedes carelessness.. And that is what we can't afford, right!"

Rosy lay on the soft mattress, "Yupp.. I'll keep you posted."

Aisha jumped out of her seat at that,
"Nahi.. tum mujhe contact nahi karogi; except of course, in emergencies.. I'll contact you, myself..
Tumhara immediate contact wahan par sirf Karan hoga.. Aaj se, iss phone call ke baad se, tumhari aur humari duniya alag hogi..

Six months is all you have..
Tumhe kya aur kaise karna hai, yeh hum pehle hi discuss kar chuke hain..
Aur haan, dhyaan rahe ki goa Police ko iss baat ki bhanak bhi na pade..
Yahan, main sab handle kar loongi..

Okay! Go for it, girl.. Good luck!"

Rosy smiled into the phone, "Luck to you, too.. Let's rock this one, Partner!"

She snuggled into the duvet, attempting to relieve herself of the 'oh-so-heavy' burden on her frail shoulders, absolutely clueless of what lay stored in the future..
One thing she was sure of, 'her life wasn't going to be the same, anymore!'

ETF Headquarters,
2:00 a.m.

Aisha stood 10 feet away from the dart board and picked up a dart.. She glanced at her boss's cabin across the floor, and stood still, with her shoulder locked in position..

She flexed her right elbow and threw the dart, her eyes fixed on the bull's eye..

She spun around and glanced at the dart stuck in the board and snapped her fingers at the shut door opposite her,

"Six Months, ACP Arjun Suryakant Rawte.. And you wouldn't know, what hit you!"

So??? What?? I'm waiting!! WinkTongue  Oh and please excuse my Spanish.. Had learnt it back at school years ago!! EmbarrassedWink

P.S.: Karan Singhania is played by another one of my favorite cutie-pies, Karan Kundra..


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AeDilHaiMushkil IF-Rockerz

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Prologue: Pg. 1: Above..

Chapter 1: Pg. 10

Chapter 2: Pg. 16

Chapter 3: Pg. 22

Chapter 4: Pg. 28

Chapter 5: Pg. 35

Chapter 6: Pg. 45

Chapter 7-A: Pg. 53

NOTE: Pg.61

Chapter 7-B: Pg. 62

NOTE + Chapter 8 (A & B) : Pg. 71

Chapter 9 : Pg. 77

Chapter 10 : Pg. 85 & 86

Chapter 11 : Pg. 95

Chapter 12 : Pg. 103

Chapter 13 : Pg. 111

V. Imp NOTE + Chapter 14 : Pg. 120

Chapter 15 : Pg. 126

Chapter 16 : Pg. 131

Chapter 17 : Pg. 137

Chapter 18 : Pg. 145

Chapter 19 :

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Me first...yipeee Embarrassed FF...i wait for ur stories di Embarrassed Wink
Hmmm...Aisha is super exciting...

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Pls jaldi update karo pls..

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Wow...i would love to read your works...

I will be waiting for this to start soon...

It seems interesting already...

Count me in for the pm list...

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sounds intersting
continue soon

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