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Bade Acche Laggte Hai
Bade Acche Laggte Hai

:.RaYa Express#4:.Phr le aya dil

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Posted: 01 January 2013 at 6:49am | IP Logged

RaYa Express #4 : Phr le aya dil

Credits :
  1. Weekly Summary :  Natasha... 
  2. Scene Of The Week :fosla
  3. Dialogue Of The Week : luvsakshi
  4. OMG Moment Of The Week : leena04
  5. Best Picture Of The Week : ..RamonaG...
  6. Most Romantic Moment Of The Week : -Mayu-
  7. Funniest Scene Of The Week : shilly
  8. Prediction Of The Week :veena23
  9. Biggest Disappointment of the week: ranii.sharma
  10. Best Performance of the week leena04 
  11. Most Irritating Character/Scene Of The Week Riddha 
  12. Most Active/Popular Post DevvivekAshNI
  13. Blooper of the Week Aruna
  14. Rating of the Week DevvivekAshNI
  15. Costume of the Week: hinz
  16. Song of the Week hinz
  17. Best OS/ FF/ SS of the week Riddha
RaYa Newsletter Banner Credits : lipshaa
Category Title Credits : -lipshaa
Winning Siggies Credits : Anamika163

Hello everyone :D

Wish you all A Very Happy New Year Stay Bless Embarrassed We are back with 4th edition of NL in New Year Big smile  We are always opened for views to improve, so do drop your reviews and comments.Embarrassed

- RaYa Express Team-

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Posted: 01 January 2013 at 6:50am | IP Logged

24th December 2012
Nothing Much happened in the episode.. Ram make peehu ready for the school.. Priya and sudhir goes for Yoga and Vikram help rahul in deciding gift for kady.. Both Ram and Priya drop peehu to school.

25th December 2012
Ram ask priya that can he drop her in book cafe but priya denies as she lift book cafe. Rehaan call kady and ask her to meet him at 7.. Priya finding peehu at school for lunch. Priya then goes to Ram office and saw peehu there so she scold Ram.. Then she saw mobile in peehu hand and again scold Ram for giving her mobile

26th December 2012
Neha and Vik are sad for their divorce case.. RaYa decided to make them talk once so Priya bring Neha and Ram bring Vik in restaurant and both RaYa hide their so Vik and Neha can talk.. After some time vik and Neha get to know RaYa plan and they decide to go back.. They have some cute nok jok and so does RaYa have.. On the other hand Rahul so Kady and Rehan together so he fight with him.. Police come and took both of them to police station

27th December 2012
Vik Neha and Ram priya get to know that Rahul and Rehaan is in police station. Vik say he will only bail one and this is Rehaan. everyone gets shocked..Rajat say he will make Rahul out form the Jail.

A strong relationship starts with two brave people who are readyto sacrifice anything for one another. If one knows how to keep their sacred bond strong, it's only by loving each other. The moment where hatred enters, everything is ruined and destroyed. Neha and Vikram were too sweet when they were fighting like small kids and were remembering their childhood days

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Posted: 01 January 2013 at 6:50am | IP Logged

Hi my dear gorgeous BALHians ...
here i came up with dialogue of the week ..Kya karu mai...bakwaas week hai ...
I expected raya scenes but episodes ended with nevik scenes ..But i found some cute moments between RAYA ..
One dialogue i loved most is ..
Priya said
"Toh aap merey saath hainaa ?  " Ram is "excuse me…   Priya corrects herself that for the sake of Vik-Neha they have to be in the ONE team ...

Wow superb expressions by RAYA ... Dialogue of the week too ..
Thank you so much guys..

Hello my my lovely folks here me is back again with BALH news latter's "OMG moment of the week" section but sorry guys this week I don't have any POV on "OMG moment of the week". Because last week was the one of the nice episodes week but unfortunately as this week went very smoothly & I didn't found any "OMG moment of the week". Therefore sorry this week there is no "OMG moment of the week" moment.


There is nothing for this week so will meet u all next week with another POV update of "OMG moment of week". Until then enjoys with this BALH news latter's other sections. So eagerly waiting for your replies & comments so try to do it fast… thanks for reading.

Bye… bye… Shbakahir will you next week until then enjoy.

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RaYa cute nok jhok trying to reunite NeVik

Halo Friends

I am back with the next most romantic moment for the upcoming newsletter.

The scene belongs to the Tuesday episode, when Ram and Priya are having a phone conversation and when by mistake Priya's says it out loud that she loved only one man in her life and it was. A long pause before both try to comprehend what just happened. They were discussing about how Priya told Rajat about Ram, and I loved the scene for its pure beauty of love. It symbolizes love. She loved only one man, he loved only one woman, yet both are not ready to let their hearts do the talking. I want the feelings to flow and when they finally confess their love again, it should be better than the first one.


Hi guys.. this me shilpa again with the Funniest Scene of the Week..
Hmmm wat 2 say... After a week of senti.. We got some funny moments this week...

4 me the funniest moment was on Wednesday's epi.. So here goes..
Neha n VIk sitting @ the hotel n Neha asks were Ram is.. N Priya asks Ram 2 hide though the piller is nt of his sizebut still hide.. Priya says that his ringtone is baba adam ke samaney ki..  Thn VikNeha leave n search 4 taxi.. As neha cudnt walk wearing hes shoes she removes n hold it in her hands.. seeing this Vik tunts her by saying that if she cannot wear thn y she is nt wearing.. Neha replies joothon ko cmplain mat karo sadk ko deko n am 5ne...

Have a funny day guys.. n 4gt 1 thng HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!!!!!!

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Posted: 01 January 2013 at 6:53am | IP Logged

Hello my my lovely folks here u know me & I m back again with my long POV on "Best Performance of the week" of BALH news latter's. So welcome people in "Best Performance of the week" section.

Even I m feeling really very proud as this week I just don't have one nor two nor three but four "Best Performances of the week" also that is by our foursome our beloved RaYa & NeVi.

I felt like literally I got my old BALH back these week seeing the old buddies changing the roles in their life for other's betterment.  In while show starting we seen NeVi playing the role of cupid in RaYa's life now the table turned & RaYa took the place of NeVi's being cupid in their dead marriage. But so happy to seeing our foursome back after ages in loving way yaar I really enjoyed first RaYaPi's cutest convey in Ram's cabin when Ram gifted mobile to little rock star….. I just loved the RaYa's nok jhok this week a lot it was much… much batter then past weeks. I can see the tigress coming back in Priya seeing tiger being so cute these days after getting his chubby baby awww….. even Kush & Pihu's scene was even so wonderful & treat to watch this kids r really amazing these days. Throw out this week was take on with great start but ended on high point of drama so must re-watch this week episodes for  RaYaPi & NeVi's mindblowing performances.

Therefore was it the story of this week's "Best Performance of the week" moment.

So now, will meet u all lovely people next week with another new POV of "Best Performance of the week". Until then enjoys with this BALH news latter's other sections. So eagerly waiting for your replies & comments so try to do it fast… thanks for reading.

Bye… bye… Shbakahir will you next week until then enjoy.

Its hard to pick a disappointment of the week when the whole story line is a big disappointment. Filler episodes, separate scenes, pointless scenes etc. I don't know what the cvs are working towards but seems as though they're just making episodes . Taking a look at the story line since September, (I think that is when Ram first mentioned the custody case) FINALLY last week Ram got custody and I'm sure everyone wants to see Ram and Peehu scenes but we're not even get anything! Scenes are shot separately and there hasn't even been one bonding scene between them. That would have to be the biggest disappointment for this week. Rams guilt is taking over. We want to see Ram and Peehu scenes that we never get/got to see. Peehu is too scared in KM and Ram feels too guilty to properly even enjoy the fact that his own daughter is living with him. I know everyone has their own opinions about Priya and Peehu being separated and what not but If Peehu is in KM bring on the scenes we want to see! I know sooner or later Rams guilt and Priya guilt is suppose to kick in but at least let us enjoy Father-daughter scenes for now. Anyone else agree? There hasn't really been any bonding scenes between Peehu and Ram since Dubai maybe a few here and there but nothing really as exciting as the ones we used to get in Dubai.. Hoping this upcoming week will bring some exciting scenes between Peehu and Ram. I personally really want to see Ram and Peehu bond or cute scenes between the two before Priya comes to KM I would really like to see Ram teach a few things about peehu to priya Like he said he would. So to sum up biggest disappointment is indeed the lack of Ram and Peehu scenes Bring on the bonding!!

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Hey Guys i am back with the 4th week of NL.. i have become bored of making Ayesha  the  Most irritating character of the week but as usual she has snatched the award from me this time too...again  she petrified the kids who were innocently busy in their world...the way she shouted at Khush and Pihu was just soo damn disgusting... and the way she gets jealous of Pihu... OMG ayesha please grow up... she is a little kid.. u are so insecure lady... when everybody is arranging things for Pihu u wanted beetroot juice... i mean that juice is important than got to be joking ... stop scaring the kids Ayesha.. its high time you should mend your ways and behave like a mother.

There was no blooper this weekEmbarrassed

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Neha's pretty blue knee length dress was the winner this week



aa gyi main ek bar phir se apna tuta hua dil aur hamesha glt hoti hui prediction lekr...ufff...dil isliye tut gya yar ki ye rajat phir se nhi gyaare kab ye pichha chhodegaaa... aur upar se pichhle week kuchh khas hua bhi nahi...kya kya socha tha aur kya kya mila...khair...raya scene to achhe the pr story se colabrate hi nhi ho rhe the...

now moving on next week prediction...hopefully is hafte to kuchh kamal ho jaye...qki ye saal khtm ho we defently expecting somthing exciting on new year...diwali chritsmas ki to in logo ne watt laga di...aajtak mna nhi paaye...hopefully saal k akhiri din hi kuchh dhamaka kar de...

according to  week bhi raya aur nehavik se bhara hona chahiye...hopefully raya neha vikram k sath kuchh bada krne k chakkr me khud k liye kuchh bada kar de aur hum bade hi khush ho k keh sake ki waqai bade achhe lagte hain...expecting some romantic scenes...btwn both couples...

next week shayad aayesha aur bekar maa sabit ho...saumya priya ko pihu ke dar aur ayesha k behviour k bare me bata de...rambabu to priya ko KM le jane k koi symptoms nhi dikha rhe hainh shayad priya hi apni beti ki bhalai k liye ya to rambabu se bat kare ya jbrdsti KM chali jaye... week to rajat ka kissa khtm ho jaye...wrna wo khud to duba hua h hi sabko duba dega...mujhe lagta h wo bina RAYA ka C-NIGHT karaye jane wala nhi h..ok..enough for now...fir milenge with more khurafati predictions till then...

again hoping forbest...waiting for next

with love

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Posted: 01 January 2013 at 6:55am | IP Logged

Most Popular Post is What shall reunite Nevik.?? by Armanz has 40 Comments , 738 Views and 11 Likes.

And here is your gift Party

Heya Guys, as Nothing Much happened this Week hence We Give 2/5 Ratings to Show. We Expect that On New Year RaYaPi gets united. Regards

*The End... We'll be Back Soon with another Issue of RaYa Express. Do Hit the LIKE Button if u Liked the NL. & Do Leave in Your Suggestions, Criticism & Feedbacks. All are Heartily Welcome !!Big smile

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