Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Nautanki Times #27 - Ishaqzaade :)

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Nautanki Times#27 : Ishaqzaade

Aanchal : Dimpleee Day DreamingDay Dreaming

Dimple : Itne zor se kyun bulaya ShockedConfused

Aanchal : *turns back* Kisko?

Dimple : Abhi to chillayi tu 'Dimple' Angry

Aanchal : Arey I meant RK ki dimples, banner me D'oh

Dimple : Credit me Blushing

Aanchal : ofcourse madam, lets bring up the NT Tongue

Dimple : Yeah, New year, New NL Party

- C R E D I T S -

Heads: -Dimple- and --Shivu--
Banner: -Dimple-
Headers: -Stutz-

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By : M.Hurr

 Heart Heart Heart HeartHeart Heart HeartHeart

Jis pal mile ishq woh,jo ta umr chalnay ka wadah Karen
Kay zindagi us pal se jeenay ka, aa khubsurat iradah karay

Heart Heart Heart HeartHeartHeart

Madhu rues how BSC ate all the food made by her for RK and that she didn't have a good feeling seeing him,Day DreamingRK watches and listens all this with a smile on his face and watches how lovingly madhu set dinner for him,he starts eating the food and insists madhu to eat with him,she feeds RK by her hands and drools on him too. Day DreamingDay Dreaming

RK completes his five years in the film industry and the crew celebrates it on RK's set madhu brings Radhaji dips comes too(Radhaji kay sath dips bilkul freeROFL)RK fumes on seeing dips and on madhu's request he feeds Radhaji cake and takes her blessings,Paddo and Malik comes too which brings a smile on Madhu's face.EmbarrassedShe thanked RK for all this to which he replies that he did it all for her not for their happiness.They both share some sweet smile and Paddo is elated to see them like this.

RK notices during the whole party the bonding b/w shammo and paddo.At night RK is rehearsing his lines with Madhu and instead of saying vishal she says RK ,EmbarrassedRK says the hero's name is vishal she says but my hero's name is RKEmbarrassed and the famous 'Ahaan'comes back.WinkRK talks to madhu about Paddo and Shammo's beautiful bonding and Madu sweetly shares all the childhood moments of  her with malik and paddo which brings a smile on RK's face,and he suggests Madhu to get shammo and paddo married because who will look after them when they will be gone so their relation should be given a proper name all this idea infuriates Madhu she gets angry on RK and tells him she will never talk to them about this and reminds him of what he said about them in front of press(seriously madhu's anger doesn't make any sense at all)Next day Madhu ignores RK but RK too gets furious and confronts Madhu and she tells him that she's angry for what he said last night he grabbed her armBlushing and pulls her into a hugDay Dreaming and tells her to think calmly ,RK cupped madhu's faceDay Dreamingthat when they will be gone no one should face any hurdle .(Yawn dialogues coming)Madhu says than he should ask forgiveness from his mother first and should sleep in her lap,than she will talk to malik and paddo.

Madhu goes to chawl to meet paddo and malik and notices how both paddo and shammo takes care of each other in every little thing madhu is happy and thinks about RK's idea of getting them married.At home RK inquires about Radha's BP medicines and tells her to take care of herself madhu sees all this and gets happy.

RK ignores Madhu when she tries to pacify him sheBlushingDay Dreaming than hugs him from the back and says that this kid always say the truth and he has seen what she as a daughter couldn't see before i.e. the bonding between shammo and paddo like a husband and wife.RK hugs her back and both decide to get the two married and will make them realize their feelings for each otherBig smileDay Dreaming.Madhu asks RK to give her punishment because she did'nt talk to him properly he says will she stop fighting with him she says if he's afraid of her he says no there would be no fun,she must stop crying she says its her birth right she says tell him something she can do,BlushingBlushingHearthe grabbed her waist and pulls her closer to him and she puts her arms around his neck,and they share a sensual eyelock,Madhu says she can do his champi and RK is taken aback he says how can she do his champi? She says yes its not possible she's a common girl and he's a super star he says every special word in every dictionary =Madhu.Day DreamingHe than shares with Madhu that how he felt so empty without love he wanted love even if it's the love of fans so he become RK the super star,but the love is temporary  I took someone else's place in the film industry and become RK the superstar than there will someone else come and will replace him but he holds Madhu in her arms and tells her that"BlushingHeartDay DreamingLaken Madhu tum,tum sirf meri ho hamesha hamesha ke lye"BlushingHeartDay Dreaming(Mallu's dreamlineDay Dreaming)he says he doesn't want anything madhu says she too doesn't want anything and they hug and RK also shares with Madhu that:

EmbarrassedJis pal mile ishq woh,jo ta umr chalnay ka wadah Karen
(The moment you get love,promise to walk together for whole life)

Kay zindagi us pal se jeenay ka, aa khubsurat iradah karay
(From that moment take the beautiful oath to live the life)Embarrassed
(bear with my rubbish translation folks)Dead

RK tells Madhu he has already got that"moment" with her.Day Dreaming

Madhu tells RK to sit(Very hot scene coming) BlushingHearthe starts to undo his buttons and Madhu blushingly asks why he's taking off his shirt,RK asks why is her heart racing he pulls her close holding her waist and tells her how girls go weak when he takes off his shirt(Rk's sensual smirkBlushingaur madhu ka sharmana-ufffHeartBlushing) on the screen,he again asks her heart is racing isn't? she says no and tells him to sit down he pulls her more close holding her waist if she ever was his fan she says noBlushingHeart(dips comes and RK turned on the exit buttonROFL)Madhu starts her champi and tells RK he's looking like a champu she tells him how very soon he will become her personal property and than his fans will curse her and hate her and she will be needing his support,he says he cannot because he's the best and he cannot become goodhe touches her nose with his finger and Madhu laid her head on his arm.Day DreamingHeart

By : Phoenix.Xeelan

Again it's going to be Trishna. before going to the audition she was wearing a fuchsia pink shorts and top in jumpsuit style. that was FINE but what's with neon green bag with that dress Shocked i mean seriously.. brightness is dukaan.. those are all summer colors for god sake and it's winter. 

By : Armu4eva

Well now...this is gonna b a surprise for all ..WinkLOL coz the punchline of the Week.. is totally going to.. Despo Dipsy .. Wink

After all ..its not everyday that she blurts such an unintentionally rocking punchline... 
'Mera HERO ... champi karke .. Champu kab se ban gaya' 

ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL  Ooi maa.. my tummy hurts.. .what a killer.. punch by Dipsy..! I mean.. so to hai.. HERO was looking like a CHAMPU but a cute  one.. after the champi from his BIWI Embarrassed

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By : Phoenix.Xeelan

This week someone is going to get double treat. hint hint LOL Okay, since even evil characters were pretty bored this week so we will go with Trishna. is cursing her favorite job or something? Stern Smile not questioning her loss or struggle she has faced in her career. Also considering she doesn't know it was RK for whom she got the break in a new film the taunts of ruining her career was unnecessary at the studio when she met RK. without any reason she suddenly lashed out on RK and i was surprised he didn't reply back. So out of character!!

By : _Rashmi

Well I did not find any scene which is worth mentioning in this catagoryWinkWink. All the episodes were sketched pretty well & Rishbala's huggy episode was cherry on the cakeEmbarrassed.So yes no worst scenesBig smileBig smile

By : _Rashmi

R.K's sarcastic humor takes the cake. The way he BBB's Dips when she comes in Rishbala's room with the oil is just fantabulousROFL. He tries to shoo her away with a remote & when she doesn't goes, he says remote is not workingROFL I luved the scene very much yaar!CoolGood job by everyoneClap

By : Armu4eva

Shocked kya se kya hogaya... Madhubala tere pyaar me.. ur bapu became.. chaprasi.. tere pyaar me LOL I telly ya.. the astrologer was so bang on when he said..that the higher his betis kismat goes.. the faster his kismat dips..! 

A done to death scene of typical Hit-n-miss between Ballu-Paddo... Ballu pappaji ..was seen here lifting cartons of water bottle in his Damads party ShockedD'ohI like it AHAN LOL

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By : Armu4eva

Oye hoye... Santa comes to town and .. showers.. HUGS on all EmbarrassedLOL Seriously what a HUG friendly week it was...Hug

So pics to Jhappiyon ke bante hain boss Wink

>> The BACK hug

>> The Pati hugging Biwi wala Hug

>> The Biwi hugging Pati wala Hug

>> The Champi karke Champu wala Hug

Awesome na WinkEmbarrassed

...But But there..surefire.. is another PIC that so deserves to be part of this weeks ... PIC-k!! Embarrassed

^^ Aww just look at these two.. so so so lost in each other. at RKs 5th Anniv bash... beautiful.. romantic.. amazing.. cute ..super rocking Day Dreaming Loved it!

By Jyo_Ksg

Top 10 TV Personalities of 2012: Female & Male
Source: TC ; Posted by: shinseen & KS_Shreya; Joint Comments: 27+ ; Joint Likes: 30+; Joint Views: 800+

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year and Congratulations to RishBalaians and DVDians, our rocking DD & VD have made it up to Top 10 TV Personalities of 2012. In the article, DD was tagged to be a complete entertainer while RK was told to be the Greek God! So party time guys because their worth it! Haina..Wink

By -Dimple-

Ok this week again dialogues ki barsaat thi.Dancing Oh-God how can I choose one when there were so many.OuchErmm

So let us start one by oneEmbarrassedTongue

1. RK: agar agli baar apne aap ko mamuli kahan, to is duniya ki har dictionary mein Special ka matlab badalwa kar Madhu kar dunga

Hayeee kya Pyar hai, Kya ISHQ hai, aur kya JUNOON.HeartSilly RK to all latto on his  BIWI, dont you dare say that only I know what you mean to meBlushingDay Dreaming

2. RK: Madhu tum sirf meri ho

Just want to say one line, nothing more then that, coz after this nothing is there to say. "Tum sirf meri ho" Blushingyes RK said that line "Tum sirf meri ho"Tongue with full confidence, with full faith that yes whatever he was saying was true. There is nothing between us and never can be.EmbarrassedHeart

3. RK:"Kya hua BIWI, shirt ke button khulte he dhadkane tez hone lag gayi"

Yeh Thakey to poora tharak gaya haiROFL

4. Madhu: Tum meri total private property ho jaoge.

Oye hoye Mrs. Kundra. ShockedLOLYeh sab MR. Kundra ka asar hai. Jab RK says amazing lines so why not his Biwi. Bus haq hai ek mera, HeartPrivate propertyBlushing(my gutter mind is being activatedLOLBlushing)

By : deboleena.manna

hey guys m here with the winner of this weeks Updt Of The Week..b4 that pls remember the bravest girl who fight for her life for 13 days n died today and pray for her soul n also for her family...May her soul R.I.P...and also wished that those culprits got their punishment soon...

so this week's winning tweet/FB updt is... Vahbz tweet abt MB's success party

Vahbbiz Dorabjee @Babiejaan 17h Had a happie n content day.Siddhant n me promised d orphanage kids we wud take dem 2 d Madhubala we spent time wid d cast.

Vahbbiz Dorabjee @Babiejaan 17h They wr on top of d glad we cud bring joy in their lives.and now at nite hv to attend d Madhubala success party:-)

viv's FB status update..after so longAngryLOL

Vivian Dsena
1 hour ago
Hey Guys wud u like to hav some...Success Party cake...Madhubal a Aaanhaann...

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By : SilentPromises

The Temptation Of A Kiss by violetshine

Set fire to the rain by iiDona

Hum Aapke Hai Kaun by DUGGUlicious

By : bubblygal1711

by gudgirl13

By : -Dimple-

by saher_90

By : OnlyHope

by rockstarmaaneet

By : -Dimple-
by Sano88


TRP Chart Opened up with a score of 4.0 rating bringing Madhubala in Top 10.
It was a time to celebrate on the sets of MB, whole Cast n Crew hard work got paid off ..
The Champagne bottles was shaken up and popped , shooting the cork across the room followed by a fountain of foam shooting across the room by Vivz n DD.
Cake was cut down by the whole team together ... 
It defines their "Esprit De Corps" Team Spirit..!!
There masti is seen in every moment of the picture... Right from the Champagne bubbling to Cake cutting or should I say cake-face painting... we all know how DVD are...LOLLOLLOL 
Congratulations to the entire team... ClapClapClap

DVD RocksEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

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Happy New Year! Hug

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Fallen Angel IF-Sizzlerz
Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel

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Posted: 01 January 2013 at 5:45am | IP Logged
Happy New Year to everyone!!

Fabulous NL, you've done an awesome job!


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-Dimple- IF-Dazzler

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Beautiful NL Aanchal.

Congrats to all the winners

and a very happy new yearHug

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