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:: AarYan Express #16 : Bahara (Happy New Year) ::

VishaD. IF-Addictz

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AarYan  Express 
P U N A R   V I V A H   W E E K L Y    N E W S L E T T E R

#16th Edition : Bahara


Hi Everyone, missed us again? And was wondering how come the thread didn't go up on Sunday? Well, we wanted this edition to go up on 1st January 2013 which is New Year. Wow, a year had passed by so fast right and so is our Aaryan Express NL which is now in its 16th Edition. So let me wish you all a Happy New Year Smile


The weekly newsletter will not be possible without the effort of the following members. So a big round of applause for them Clap

Summary of the Week : Visha_Dhami
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Best Dressed Character of the week : AbbyluvsMaan
Romantic Scene of the week : Amanda_18
Best Performance of the week : Amanda_18
Dialogue of the week : AbbyluvsMaan
OMG! What were they thinking? Moment of the week: Amanda_18
Picture of the week : Visha_Dhami
Shocker of the week : Visha_Dhami
Most Irritating Character/Scene Of The Week : Visha_Dhami
Hottie of the week : -MaanKiThush-
Blooper of the Week : Visha_Dhami
Siggy of the week : Visha_Dhami
Avi of the week : Visha_Dhami
Icon of the week : Aanchal
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VishaD. IF-Addictz

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17 December 2012

The Sindhiya's are in their joyous mood to tease Yash. Yash on the other hand catches a glimpse of Prashant at his residence further, interrogating Aarti about him.  Prashant's mother has a argument with him further, leaving him anguish.

18 December 2012

Yash fumble the poem he erudite for Aarti. They share their affectionate time with each-other. Prashant engages in an argument with Aarti. He further creates a speculative environment for Aarti and Yash.

19 December 2012

Prashant invites Aarti and Yash for his parent's anniversary. The further plan a surprise bash for the duo where everyone are dressed in their 70's. The Scindia's indulge in an argument with Prashant's aunt, Taiji when she sees the house dark and is not aware of Aarti's re-marriage. His aunt further creates a chaotic environment.

20 December 2012

Taiji creates anomalous situation for the Scindias and Dubeys. Maya urges her to proceed with the ceremony ignoring the quarrel. Shoba tries to prevent Aarti's relationship with Yash to which, her husband opposes her and join hands with prashant's aunt, which Aarti further learns.

21 December 2012

Shobha accidently gives Prashant's and Aarti's photograph to Yash. Prashant manages to rescue Aarti from facing anomalous situation, but Aarti misinterprets Prashant when she sees Prashant at the location and assumes that the preparation was done by Prashant to confess her love and argues with Yash unknowingly consider him as Prashant leaving Yash startled by revealing the truth of her previous marriage to Prashant.

24 December 2012

Aarti's confession misinterprets Yash's views against her. Yash shed in tears, his sorrows and grievances against Aarti. Aarti on the other hand urges the Almighty to secure her relationship.

25 December 2012

Yash forms a grievance against Aarti. Aarti on the other hand weeps in her sorrows. Prashant's aunt provokes him against Aarti. Yash on the other hand regrets his affection towards Aarti.

26 December 2012

Prashant arrives at the Scindia's place. Aarti misinterprets Prashant's gesture but, Pratik clears it as Yash's gesture. Aarti weeps in happiness but Yash confronts the truth to her however she lie the truth to Scindias leaving them in a joyous mood.

27 December 2012

Prashant is at Scindia's house and Yash sees Aarti meeting and speaking to Prashant from the balcony and thinks that Aarti is missing Prashant. In the night while giving Yash tea, Yash accidentaly pulls Aarti's mangal sutra and it falls down much to everyone's shock while Papa Scindia says its normal and there is nothing to worry. Aarti is trying to put back the mangal sutra together and Yash sees Aarti's phone ringing and the caller is Prashant. Aarti then says that she forgot she was supposed to meet Shobha and Aarti leaves with Ansh while Yash decides to follow Aarti to see where is she going.

28 December 2012

Yash sees Aarti meeting Prashant and sees Prashant playing with Ansh wondering why did Aarti lied to him that she was meeting Shobha while Aarti drives Prashant to the hospital for a check up where Shobha and Dubey are waiting for them. In a fit of anger, Yash hits a wall. As Shobha starts talking about whether did Yash confess his love to Aarti after all his preparation, Aarti realize that the person she spoke to in the dark was Yash and Yash now knows all the truth. 

Yash started preparing everything to finally reveal his love for Aarti and decorated the place with photos of Aarti and made plans with Shobha to ensure Aarti arrives at the location. 

As Aarti walks in looking at the decoration and wondering what is this all about, she sees a note and gets happy.

Seeing musicians playing music for her, Aarti was more happier and goes around looking for Yash.

Until she sees Prashant in the CCTV and thinks that all this was planned by Prashant.

In a fit of anger, Aarti goes and reveals to Yash about her past life without realizing that its actually Yash who is standing in the dark.

A truth which have been keep for Yash all this while have been finally revealed none other than Aarti herself and that too when Yash is about to confess his love.

The most romantic moment was definietly Aarti expressing her feelings for Yash in the form of poems, and Yash also replying to her, of course he express his love and also how betrayed he felt.
Last week carries a quite romantic moment as Yash &Aarti dance in there retro avatar at Mr&Mrs Dubey 30th Anniversary. Also was it very romantic of Yash to plan a special evening for Aarti, but however it turns out to be quite an unforgettable evening..

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VishaD. IF-Addictz

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With everything so serious this week, there was no space for anything serious to take place. So there was no Funny Scene of The Week.

Well.. This I would choose from last week's retro party and this title would go to Yash Scindia, Aarti Scindia, Vidhi Scindia, Paridhi Scindia, Dubey ji, Shobha ji.. All of them looked absolutely in the feel of Retro and looking sparkling..!! Thumbs Up

Aww! Moment of this week, actually there was no moment with that much sweetest that made us go awww, that so sweet.

Well, Gurmeet Choundary was great this week. His character as Yash just discovers the biggest truth of his married life his wife is a divorcee, his feelings were amazing expressed. He felt betrayed, he felted sorry, he felt down, he felted cheated, he felted like a loser as he found the courage to say I love you he also got the reason not to say anything.Gurmeet as Yash was so amazing this week in Punar Vivah.

Kritika Senger did an amazing job of course, Aarti is the on ethat can go to an extend to save her marriage, and yeah she is madly in love with Yash.

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VishaD. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 01 January 2013 at 2:24am | IP Logged

Umm.. Well, both Yash and Aarti both had some strong dialogues this week but surely Yash shayari stood out depicting the dilemma and hurt that was coursing through him..
His shayari was a very beautiful one and it was as follows "Mohobbat har insaan ko aazmati hai.. Kisi se rooth jaati hai to kisi par muskurati hai.. Mohobbat cheez hi aisi hai.. Kisi ka kuch nahi jaata to kisi ki jaan chali jaati hai."(Love tests everyone.. It gets upset with some and it smiles at some.. Love is that thing.. It doesn't take anything from some while it takes life from some.)

OMG! Moment was Prashant is aware of the fact that Aarti told Yash everything unknowingly, he aware that Yash knows about Aarti truth, then why is it that he is going at the Scindia's Mansion, can't he just like leave Aarti alone.OMG! He getting in the middle of everything, why can't he just stay out

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VishaD. IF-Addictz

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Shocker of the week certainly has to be where Aarti assumes that the place was decorated by Prashant and it was  joined plan of Prashant and Shobha for Prashant to reveal his love after Aarti sees Prashant through the CCTV camera. Little she didn't know was that Prashant came there to take back the photo which had the marriage potrait of Aarti and Prashant so that Yash doesn't sees it. Without realizing that the person who was standing in the dark was Yash, Aarti started revealing that Prashant was her first love and husband much to Yash getting shocked.

The most irritating person of the week is none other than Taiji. The way she speaks and taunts not only annoyed Aarti but also us and all we wish for is for her to leave soon Confused

It was high drama this week, lets just forget about the bloopers LOL

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VishaD. IF-Addictz

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Siggy by: saher_90


Siggy by:  -Kainat-

Siggy by:  JanakiRaghunath


By: -Rimsha-sizzles

By: Kinma

And here is a gift for you Wink :

And here is your gift Party : 

Ufff Day Dreaming need i say any more...?? This Week Yash Scindia literally stole the show from every other good actor on the set ! Yash Scindia aka GC ka flawless expressions and the pain in HIS eyes..Uff without Further ado Gurmeet aka Yash Scindia is the Hottie Of the Week Once Again Embarrassed koi shaq haan?? Wink

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VishaD. IF-Addictz

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By Sarah Ram
What Happens in Las Vegas? Sometimes doesn't stay in Las VegasWink

Meant To Be

By Zahra 15
Sometimes, you just have to runaway with the person that you love!!!Heart

SS: Stay beside me forever

By LoveVishalini
Will Yash forgive Aarti for her divorce lie? Will he accept her?Broken Heart

FF: Do you remember me?
By Kholita
What happens if  you loose your memory? And... your parents lie to you and your husband?Ouch

aarya fiction: LOST COLORS 
By: Suhaaana
Will Yash be able to bring all the lost colors in his Aartis life? Cry

AarYa OS: A Re Prityam Pyaare!
By: ilovepyaar
The confrontation between Yash and Aarti, after Yash learns about Prashant' truth.Heart

AarYa FF : Wish Upon A Star
What does Aarti's heart simply wish for? A man that can truly love, care, be her life partner for all eternity...for what she is inside and out!!!!Embarrassed

And here is your gift Party:

By: jyoti06
When Silence speaks Volumes:Picture Take

By: Nxt_rockstar
Yash's expression- 26/12/2012(A talk with myself)

By: AbbyluvsMaan
The Man Goes to Spy! ;)

And here is your gift Party:

Prediction for the week is now that Yash knows the truth about Aarti's previous marriage, how would he react to it and what would be his next action since he believes that Aarti is in love with Prashant which he considers as Aarti's first love. And looks like Aarti may approach Yash and together they shall decided what is the next step to be taken together to solve the whole situation.

Finally the much awaited moment of Aarti reveling the truth came out but of all time, the moment she reveled the truth has gone wrong as Yash have finally agreed and accepted that he loves Aarti and Aarti had to reveal the truth just as he is about to confess his love. To make things worse, Taiji had entered the show to poison Prashant's mind to make him go against Aarti and to make her life miserable. So overall, it was a week with problems and all we hope for now is some solution and some happy moments.

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VishaD. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 01 January 2013 at 2:29am | IP Logged
Finally the 16th Edition is up and hope you all enjoy the NL as always and not to forget, Happy New Year everyone Smile

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