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Originally posted by Cutecj

Hey guys this is my very first attempt at FF so please do tell me how you find it and if you 'like' then do press 'LIKE'.
I tried to continue from where J.K.R. left.
I own no copy rights of this.
All characters are from J.K.R. novel.
Hope you guys enjoy it.

FF: New Beginning.

'Should we go down then or do you want to put the Elder Wand away first?' Hermione asked Harry as the three came out of the headmaster's office and down the spiral stairs.

'Let's go to the common room first and rest for a while there will be too much attention in the hall.' Harry said looking tired.

'Yeah mate, we haven't had a proper rest for ages!' Ron replied with a yawn. 'But we better grab a small bite, I feel very hungry.'

'I was just thinking of tell Kreacher to bring sandwiches to the common room.' Harry said smiling.

The three walked up the stairs and stopped next to the Fat Lady.' Oh no! We don't know the password.' Hermione said.' We haven't been here this year.'

'It's okay my dears, I think I know the house members by now.' The Fat Lady said with a broad smile.' Oh and congratulations on defeating the Dark Lord my dears.'

'Thank you.' The three of them said together.

'Kreacher.' Harry said as he entered the common room and instantly there was a loud crack and Kreacher appeared from nowhere.

'You called for Kreacher master.' Kreacher said as he bowed towards Harry.

'Kreacher we are really hungry could you please bring something for us to eat.' Harry said gently with a smile.

'Certainly master and Kreacher wishes to congratulate his master and his friends on bringing down the Dark Lord.' Kreacher said as he pointed the fireplace that had no fire lit and immediately a warm fire began cracking.

'Thank you Kreacher.' They said.

With another crack, Kreacher disappeared and after five minutes he returned with three plates filled with sandwiches, roast chicken and beans and three goblets full of pumpkin juice.

'Thank you Kreacher.' Hermione said giving him a smile.

'It is my duty miss.' Kreacher replied. 'Master when you are done call for Kreacher and he will bring desert them master and his friends can rest.' He added and with a crack he left the three eating.

'Could someone remind me when was the last time we had a proper meal?' Ron said as he stuffed his mouthful of sandwich and a bit of the roast chicken. Harry and Hermione both began laughing. All would be normal in time. The sun had fully risen by the time they finished and so they went to their dormitories to rest for a while.

When Harry woke it was 10 o'clock he couldn't sleep for long and just afterwards Ron woke and they both rushed down to the common room where they found Hermione with a cup of tea.

'I woke up half-an-hour ago and your tea cups are being brought by Kreacher any time now.' Hermione told the two as she saw them coming down.

'But we had food before sleep.' Harry said

'Yes but you need something to sooth the nerves. I told Kreacher to bring tea then we'll go join the rest and help around.' Hermione said.

Crack!  Kreacher had appeared and gave Harry and Ron each a cup of tea and some biscuits. 'Kreacher haven't you gone back to Grimmauld Place yet?' Harry said sipping tea.

'Kreacher will stay with master to serve him and master can Kreacher  help the other elves in Hogwarts.' Kreacher asked with a scared face.

'Sure Kreacher.' Harry said. Kreacher left with a crack.

Hermione waited for Harry and Ron to finish their tea and together they left the common room for the great hall to meet the rest of the people.

The Weasleys, apart from Mr. Weasley, were gathered on the Gryffindor table with cups of tea too. George looked in grief but was putting on a struggling smile as he saw the three approach them. Mrs. Weasley looked tired and so did Bill, Fleur and Charlie. Neville and Luna were also there with Neville's grandmother. Seamus, Dean, Lee Jordan, Hogwarts students who were spread all around the hall and also other witches and wizards that harry didn't know were all around having tea and moving in out of the hall.

'HARRY!' Ginny squealed immediately as Harry she noticed the three coming. She got up and rushed to hug Harry while Ron and Hermione held hands and went to join the rest on the table. Harry and Ginny separated from the hug, held hands and joined the rest on the Gryffindor table.

'Where were you three, I was getting worried.' Mrs. Weasley said with concern in her voice but her face was sunken from crying.

'We were resting in the common room Mrs. Weasley .' Harry said.

'We needed some sleep and rest mom because we haven't had a proper meal and sleep for long.' Ron said trying to reduce the worrying his mother was feeling.

'It's okay, you three did need some rest and quietness for a while.' She replied with a smile.

'How have you been my dear boy?  I haven't seen you for so long. You do look a bit under the weather. Are fine?' Mrs. Weasley said hugging Harry warmly.

'I am good Mrs. Weasley. How are you?' Harry said trying to comfort her but she didn't say anything but nodded.

'We have had a word with McGonagall, she said that they need all the help they can get but most of the damages have been taken care of, the castle can repair itself. So I think we will be spending the night here.' Mr. Weasley said as he came into the hall and approached them together with him was Mr. Lovegood. 'Harry, how are you?' He added on seeing Harry.

'I'm good Mr. Weasley.' Harry replied.

'We will help dad.' Ron said.

'Yes Mr.Weasley we haven't helped with restoring things since the war ended.' Hermione said.

'Yes Mr.Weasley please let us help.' Harry added, he wanted to help everyone and not just seat in one place and watch.

'Okay you may also help, I'm sure an extra hand will do good but I would have preferred if you rested for a while.' Mr.Weasley said.

'We've already had a rest.' The three said in unison.

'Fine then, McGonagall is out on the grounds you three can go to her and see what can be done.' Mr.Weasley said as he sat down next to Mrs.Weasley and took the cup of tea Mrs.Weasley handed him and Mr.Lovegood as he sat next to Mr.Weasley.

The three of them headed towards the entrance to the hall, 'Wait Harry, we'll come with you.' Harry heard Neville say as he walked towards him with Luna, Dean and Seamus. 'It finally is over. Doesn't it feel great?' Dean told them when they were out of the hall and on the grounds. 'Yes, finally some peace and harmony comes our way.' Luna said. Harry noticed she was holding Neville's hand and he looked at Hermione and Ron who also saw and they all smiled back. The two were meant for each other.

'Wait up guys!' Harry heard Ginny say as she came running towards them.

They all turned round and waited for Ginny and she reached them and walked beside Harry. They saw Professor McGonagall ahead talking to Hagrid near the lake. 'I don't know Hagrid but I guess he could live in the forest a bit near you hut but we'll see about that where have you kept him right now?' They heard her ask Hagrid.

'He is in the forest but 'de trees are really disturbi'n him.' Hagrid replied back.

'Hey there Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Luna, Neville, Dean, Seamus.' Hagrid said nodding as he saw them approaching.

'Hi Hagrid.' they all said together

'Hello there, l am guessing you want to lend a helping hand, do you?' McGonagall said to the rest.

'Yes please.' They all said together.

'We'll do anything professor.' Hermione said

'Well there isn't much but you could go to the fifth and seventh floor in the castle and help Percy and Kingsley so they can rest. They have been at it since the war ended, bless them they do need a time-out.' She said.

Eight of them rushed to the castle.

It's all i have right now please tell me your views.

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Originally posted by Cutecj

Hey guys thanks for your comments.
Here is the next part, i know it's short but please bear with me.
Thanks and don't forget to comment.

As they entered the castle and made their way through the corridors, Harry realized that the corridors looked in proper shape and back to normal because he remembered when coming to the hall after resting it was slightly damaged and covered with dust, sand and traces of blood.

'The castle can repair itself, remember.' Hermione told Harry when she saw the him staring at the corridor walls with a confused look.

'But can it clean itself? Cause this corridor was full of dirt and some blood when we came down.' Harry told her as they continued across the corridor to the staircase.

'Well, maybe Filch cleaned it up.' Ron suggested.

'I saw some House-elves helping him clean and other wizards were helping too a few hours ago.' Neville said.

'Are they also helping, the House-elves?' Luna asked.

'Dad did say they needed all the help they could get to put the castle back to shape.' Ron said.

'And most of them did fight in the war, remember.' Dean said as they made their way to the fifth floor.

'Good thing the stairs didn't move on our way up or we could have crumbling down with it by the look of things.' Ron said. True the stairs were also damaged some steps missing and blood here and there.

As they reached the landing on the fifth floor corridor they were awaited by a chaotic sight. More than half of walls in the corridor were at the state of crumbling in no time, doors to the class rooms were broken and some were even missing. One part of the wall hard a large opening , as if a giagantic hand had blown it out, and it gave a view of a very dusty classrooms with broken desks and windows.

Near the end of the corridor amongst some wizards and witches Harry saw his classmates Parvati with her sister Padma, Cho, Hannah, Susan Bones and Justin.

'Hey!' they called out to them as the eight of them saw them.

'Hey.' They called back.

'Seems like a lot of action took place around here. Huh!' Seamus said looking around.

'Yeah.' Harry said. 'Listen guys, I think we need to split cause the seventh floor also needs help and I don't want to imagine how it looks like according to this.'

'Yeah, we should.' Ginny said almost immediately. ' Harry, Hermione, Ron and I will go to the seventh floor, Seamus, Luna, Neville and Dean, you guys can stay here and help these guys.'

'Okay.' Luna said to everyone's agreement.

'In case there isn't much damage upstairs we'll come and help you after we are done.' Harry said as he, Ron, Hermione and Ginny made their way up the staircase.

'Same here, though I doubt if we'll be done any time soon.' Neville called back to Harry.

'I hope they don't and we get really occupied upstairs.' Ginny whispered so only Hermione could hear and she knew why.

As they came to the seventh floor, Ginny's wish was surely granted to the highest point possible.

If the fifth floor was a chaos, then it was certainly nothing compared to the seventh floor.

'Bloody hell!' Ron automatically said as they approached the seventh floor.


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Originally posted by Cutecj

Thank you so much guys for your comments and support.
Here is the 3rd update.
Hope you like it.

If the fifth floor was a chaos, then it was certainly nothing compared to the seventh floor.

'Bloody hell!' Ron automatically said as they approached the seventh floor.

The seventh floor corridor was barely recognizable. Great lengths of wall was missing, one of the classroom walls had collapsed and the end of the corridor where there should have been a solid wall and a window was nothing but a clear opening that allowed sunlight to flow in and cover the whole corridor with warm light.

'What happened here?' Hermione exclaimed with shock in her voice.

'Looks like hell broke loose.' Ginny said looking around.

'Most of the giants attacked here and great curses were fired at the people. It looks awful doesn't?' Kingsley said from the classroom near them.

'Major chaos!' Percy said coming towards them from the end with no wall.

Harry though that the words awful and chaos did not even level up to the state of the floor.

'We've been at it since the war. This was nothing in when we started.' Harry heard professor Flitwick say as he motioned a large rock to the opening on the corridor end. When the rock was placed on the opening it instantly got attached to the wall and a crack formed then sealed.

'The castle is highly damaged and it needs time to restore itself we can quicken the restoring process by placing large rocks that fell from the walls and make it look like a crack which can easily be taken care of by the castle.' Filtwick said as he yet again motioned another rock next to the previous one.

'Master has come to help.' Harry heard Kreacher's voice and turned to his left where there was another opening through the wall to a classroom that looked much better and almost to its original state. Kreacher was standing there with around twenty elves who were scattered around restoring the room and the walls.

'Yes I have, Kreacher.' Harry replied with a smile.

'You see fellow elves how humble Kreacher's master is, not only did he defeat the Dark Lord but he also comes to help restore the castle.' Kreacher said to the elves.

'Professor McGonagall said that you need rest so why don't you go down and have tea with the rest and we will continue here.' Harry said to Kingsley, Percy and Prof. Flitwick.

'No Harry it is harder than you see. The castle needs a lot of attention right now.' Prof. Flitwick said turning down Harry's offer.

'But Professor, if you don't rest you will be very weak and ill then it will be even harder to restore the castle.' Hermione said.

'Okay then, we will go and rest after lunch. But we must continue for now.' Kingsley said as Professor Flitwick tried to argue.

The surprising thing Harry thought that this looked like the most damaged part of the castle yet only Kingsley, Professor Flitwick, Percy and some house-elves were helping. The fifth floor had many witches and wizards to help.

'Most of them were restoring the Great Hall and that took a lot of people so they were tired. Professor and I discovered the state of this floor so didn't want to tire more. McGonagall knows so she sent Kingsley and the elves.' Percy told Harry silently when he saw Harry look around for other people.

'Yeah she told us to come here.' Ron said when he heard.

The four of them set to work to help the rest.

At 12 o'clock the elves with Kreacher went after finishing restoring most of the classroom walls, doors and generally the classrooms were taken care of.

'We need to prepare lunch master.' Kreacher told Harry as he and the other elves went.

At half past one Kingsley, Professor Flitwick and Percy reluctantly went to lunch because Hermione kept on forcing them.

'Ginny you better go too.' Harry told her.

'What about you guys?' She asked looking at the three of them.

'We had something to eat in the morning. So you better go.' Ron said.

After a lot of persuasion from Harry, Ron and Hermione Ginny agreed to leave for lunch.

'We better continue if we want this work done.' Ron said.

 'Hey Hermione, you wouldn't happen to know any spell or charm or anything else that can fix this, do you?' Ron asked looking desperate.

'Sorry, but no spell I know is strong enough to restore this corridor in a moment and the castle itself is very for any ordinary wizard too magical and powerful. You do know that it took a whole lot of Death-Eaters and Voldermort plus the wizards fighting in the war to bring the castle to this state.' Hermione said slightly discouraged.

Harry knew the reason behind Ron's hurry. He wanted to be with his family and to mourn Fred. The Weasleys are a very humble family they plan to stay and help instead of burying their loved one. Harry wanted to something that would help them quicken the process of restoring the castle so they could get some peace and harmony. The Weasleys deserved it.

Then it clicked.

Hope you like it.HugHug

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Originally posted by Cutecj

Here is the next update guys.

 Harry knew the reason behind Ron's hurry. He wanted to be with his family and to mourn Fred. The Weasleys are a very humble family they plan to stay and help instead of burying their loved one. Harry wanted to something that would help them quicken the process of restoring the castle so they could get some peace and harmony. The Weasleys deserved it.

Then it clicked.

'Hermione did you say that the castle is too powerful for an ordinary wizard to restore in moments?' Harry asked with a smile.

'Yes. Why?' Hermione asked him with a suspicious look.

'Well I was just thinking what if we used a powerful wizard or magic. Would that then restore the castle?' Harry asked again a grin forming on his face.

'I suppose so but where will'' hold on I hope you are not trying to do what I think you are trying to do?' Hermione said with a concerned look.

'Why what's wrong with it?' Harry said.

'No Harry you decided to do with it.' Hermione said approaching Harry.

'What's going on?' Ron said confused at what the two were on about.

'True but I won't hurt to try and Hermione the sooner we are done with this the better. We can go on with our lives normally for once.' Harry said encouraging her.

'That can be done even without using it.' Hermione said. 'What if you get fond of it Harry, it has only done harm Harry.'

'Will anyone tell me what you two are at?' Ron asked getting frustrated.

'Ron Harry wants to use the Elder Want to restore the castle.' She told him expecting Ron to refuse Harry and make it sound like a criminal offence.

'Blimey! Harry, why didn't I think of that?' Ron said surprised.

'RON!' Hermione said making Ron back two steps behind.

'Hermione just once.' Harry insisted.

'Harry you say it as if it means nothing.' Hermione said slightly hurt.

'Hermione please. Look Ron needs to be with his family and also they need to take care of Fred's burial plus it's breaking George to see Fred's body just lying here in the castle when they should all be home. You need to go home and be with your family.' Harry said trying to convince her.

'But Harry'.' She said but could not argue back. He had a point the Weasleys had suffered too much and Hermione did want to see her parents.

'Harry, you do remember what happened with the book?' Hermione said looking worried.

'Hermione, it's totally different. I know what I am doing and it's for a good reason.' Harry pleaded. He no longer wanted to see the people he cared for in misery. They deserved more.

'I know I was a bit reluctant with the book but I promise I won't happen again. Hermione you very well know what I can restrain after what we went through.' Harry told her as he slowly approached her.

'Okay then but only to restore the castle Harry.' She said warningly.

'Only to restore the castle.' He replied. He was sure if Dumbledore would have been here he would have done the same. It was for everyone's good, he thought.

'Right.' Harry said as he put his right hand into his left-side jeans pocket where he had kept the Elder Wand in the morning.

'Ready mate?' Ron said with a grin.

'Yeah.' Harry replied as he grabbed the Elder Wand and took it out. The minute Harry pulled the wand out a strong breeze blew and strange warmth started to spread from the point he held the wand in his right hand to his whole body. It was like the wand knew what was happening and was rejoicing to the fact that its master was to perform magic with it.

'Whoah! Talk of excitement.' Ron said in amazement.

'Are you sure about this?' Hermione asked worriedly.

'I'm sure of it.' Harry said as the atmosphere came back to normal.

'Let's get it over with.' Hermione said nervously.

'REPARO!!' Harry said pointing the Elder Wand to the opening on the wall. Instantly the hole was filled with sand and rocks and within seconds it was a solid wall again.

'Wicked.' Ron said.

Soon with Hermione guiding them the three of them managed to get the seventh floor back to the way it was.

Harry, Hermione and Ron stood at the entrance of the floor looking at the outcome.

'We better move on to the rest of the castle before anyone sees us.' Harry said turning to the stairs.

'Oh no!' Hermione suddenly burst out.

'What? What happened?' Ron asked worried.' Didn't it work are the walls collapsing again?

'What is it?' Harry asked worried.

'How will we explain this to Kingsley, Percy and Prof. Flitwick when they come back expecting a mess that has only slightly improved?' Hermione almost burst out.

'We'll tell them we used the wand.' Ron said as if it was the most obvious thing to do.

'Yeah so that everyone knows that the wand truly exists and comes to kill Harry when they find out he has it!' Hermione almost shouted but restrained cause that would surely inform people.

'It's ONLY Kingsley and Prof. Flitwick. Percy would be too jealous to tell anyone.' Ron said.

'Don't take this lightly Ron. I can get really dangerous if people know.' Hermione said trying to calm herself.

'She's right Ron the fewer the people know the better.' Harry said.

'What now?' Ron asked.

They stood there for around fifteen minutes scratching their brains mad but came up with nothing. Even Hermione was silent.

'Listen, how about we tell them that my wand was powerful enough to bring the rocks together and the castle did the rest. You said the castle was powerful?' Harry said turning to Hermione.

'But your wand is ordinary.' Hermione said.

'It is but it's not.' Harry said as the Hermione and Ron looked at him puzzled.

'Ollivander said that my wand was a brother to Voldermort's wand they have a feather from the same Phoenixe. We could say that since Voldermort was very powerful the wand became equally powerful and since the two wands are like brother they have equal powers.' Harry explained.

'That sounds crazy.' Ron said.

'Yes it does but the magic of wands has been mysterious and deep so I don't think they might bother to ask. It might just work.' Hermione said surprised but convinced.

They all smiled and left for the other parts of Hogwarts with smiles on their faces.

The bridge was totally ruined. There was almost no bridge left. The few planks of wood that was left sticking from the ground looked like it was being pulled out and would fall any minute.

'We better fix this if we want to get across.' Ron said.

Hermione muttered an incantation which Harry repeated. It was the only chaotic damage they found. The rest of the castle was not as badly damaged but Harry had a feeling that it had been worse but the castle had taken care of it.

By the time they were done they had reached the grounds outside the Great Hall. They could hear the sound of people talking away with joy in their voices.

'Seems like they are enjoying it.' Ron said. 'Why don't we go in and join?'

'No Ron. It has barely been three hours, if we go bursting in there then our excuse is surely going to be suspected instantly. As powerful as we've made Harry's wand sound which it could be it can't just restore the whole castle in a few hours.' Hermione said.

'So what do we do now?' Ron said.

'Quidditch ground.' Harry said instantly.

'What?' Hermione and Ron said together.

'Why?' Hermione asked.

'Feels like it and I haven't been there for a whole year. Please.' Harry pleaded the two.

'Okay.' They agreed and started walking across the grounds to the quidditch ground.

'Did you ever think when we first came here that we would be running around the castle restoring it in a few hours with a super powerful wand? Not to mention bringing down a powerful wizard with a strong army and running around the continent or world maybe destroying parts of him and end up here fighting together?' Ron said almost out of breathe but with a wide smile on his face.

'Not in my wildest dreams.' Hermione replied laughing.

'Never.' Harry said joining Hermione in laughing. Soon all three of them were laughing their towards the ground until they reached it.

Enjoy guys Hug.

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Originally posted by Cutecj

Hey guys thanks for the comments.
I promised an early update so here it is though i don't know if it's long enough.
Please enjoy it.

The quidditch ground was the same with the stands that reached high above for audiences and the three loops on each side of the ground.

'Was this part even touched?' Ron asked.

'Maybe not.' Harry said.

'Remember when we used to come here early in the morning during practice.' Ron said.

'Yeah, when harry was on the team we watched him flying with toasts.' Hermione said smiling.

'Wish we had some food here right now.' Ron groaned.

'Wait here, I'll be back.' Harry said as he rushed out towards the castle.

After a few minutes Harry returned carrying food in his hand (to Ron's delight) and his Firebolt over his shoulder.

'Blimey Harry! How did you get that?!' Ron asked pointing at the Firebolt.

'I told Kreacher to bring it for me.' He said as he placed the food (cupcakes, pumpkin juice and strawberry pie) near Hermione on the stands.

Harry mounted the broom he adored so much and instantly felt a rush of excitement through his body as he rose high into the air. He shot forward like the wind as the air rushed across his face. He missed this feeling. He was glad to be back. He would let Ron fly it after he enjoyed it.




'Truly magical'

'It's him, actually them. What can you expect?'

These were amongst the many comments that were given by many people who were in the castle and were now leaving. Everyone was excited and happy some getting back to their lives others while some were to start new.

Harry, Ron and Hermione were standing by the lake watching everyone who had stayed behind after the war to help leave.

'Finally.' Hermione said as she took a deep breath.

'Finally.' Ron and Harry said as they too took in a deep breath.

'Everything is over. We can get back to our lives and live it for once normally.' Hermione said as she took Ron's hand in hers.

'I nearly forgot how normal feels like.' Ron added.

'I don't have the slightest clue how normal feels like. But something tells me that it's the most amazing thing.' Harry said with a smile as he watched the sky above.

'Not yet.' A voice said from behind them. The three almost jumped at this.

'What do you mean not yet?' Harry asked when he turned around to realize it was Ginny.

'Well you still have the wand to get rid of.' Ginny whispered so that only Harry, Hermione and Ron could hear.

'Yeah.' Harry said.' In time that will also be done.'

'In time? Harry that wand can be dangerous and you said it yourself that it is more trouble than it's worth.' Ginny said looking surprised.

'It will be done soon.' Harry said slowly.

'I'm sure.' Ginny whispered back as she slipped her hand gently into his and rested her head on his shoulder.

Harry, Ron and Hermione had told Ginny everything about the Elder Wand because she was the only one who was not convinced that the castle was restored so quickly just by Harry's wand even if it was a brother to Volermort's. She had nagged the three of them ever since the Kingsley told the rest that the castle was back to normal. He didn't explain how but Neville, Luna and Ginny were the only ones who wanted to know the reason. Ginny suspected the three of them right from the start but unlike Neville and Luna she was not convinced by the story they made up. In the end Harry gave up and thought best that the three told her. Ginny took the news just like Hermione at the beginning but then she also gave in that it was the right decision.

'Hey guys.' Neville shouted as he approached them with Luna by his side.

'Hey.' They all called back.

'I got news.' He said brightly.

'What's up?' Ginny asked raising her head from Harry's shoulder.

'McGonagall has asked the rest of us to gather in the Great Hall for an early dinner and also she wants to make an announcement.' Neville said his face full of joy.

'What could the announcement be about?' Hermione asked.

'Why the early dinner?' Ron asked surprised.

'No idea. I guess we have to wait till 6 to know.' Luna replied.

'I thought you liked it when food was served early?' Hermione asked in surprise.

'Yeah, but it's not normal. I thought things were normal.' He said.

They all laughed together. 'We are getting there.' Harry thought.

'We better get going. Don't wanna miss that announcement. It's already half past five' Ginny added looking at her wrist watch as they all began walking towards the castle doors. Ron had his left arm wrapped around Hermione's waist and his right hand held Hermione's left. Harry and Ginny were holding hands and Ginny's head resting on Harry's shoulder and Harry's head resting on Ginny's. Neville held Luna's hand and were walking with their heads together like they were attached. Harry slowly took in this scene as they entered the castle heading for the Great Hall. 'Things will be back to normal.' He told himself.

'Wow!' Ron burst out.

'Amazing.' Harry said.

'Never seen it like this before.' Hermione said surprised.

'Isn't it nice.' Neville said as he saw the expressions on Harry, Ron and Hermione's faces.

'Everyone lent a hand as there was nothing else to do around after the castle was restored.' Luna said excitedly.

'It was hard work but in the end it looks wonderful.' Ginny said.

They were walking into the Great Hall which was fully decorated. It did not look like the way it usually did during Christmas, Halloween or any other feast ( Taking into account that the Great hall Is usually decorated during feasts). This time the Great Hall was breathe taking. There were no House banners or the four long tables. In fact the hall didn't have any long tables but several large round tables that spread all round. The teachers table was also not there it was replaced with the another round table. The cealing as usual took to the sky outside, the walls were drapped with golden and red drapes that gave the feeling of joy this was not all the drapes kept on shinnying an sprinkling golden glitters and pictures of the former headmasters kept reflecting on them. There were funny writings in gold that kept on swimming on the walls. At a closer look Harry noticed what they were. They were names of all those who died in the war at Hogwarts. Harry could clearly make out Remus Lupin and Fred Weasley on the opposite wall from where he was. The wall behind where the teachers' table was had large portrait of Dumbledore. On both the sides of the dumbledore's portrait were the portraits of all the former heads of Hogwarts. The tables were covered with a red table cloth while the chairs were covered with a golden cloth to match the decorations. Harry noticed the Weasleys who were sitting with McGonagall, Flitwick, Mr. Lovegood, Kingsley, Dean, Seamus, Lee and Neville's grandmother Mrs. Longbottom.

'She's so happy and proud of me.' Neville whispered so that only Harry could hear. 'She's been talking of me ever since the war ended. My uncle and aunt have been sending me letters and gifts.'

'She's  keeps on telling me that I have done them all proud and that am the bravest of them all.' Neville said going red with excitement.

'You are Neville. You had the courage to stand up against him when everyone was scared. You approached him fearlessly.' Harry told him.

Neville went even redder at this it looked like he resembled a tomato. He was blushing to the extent that Luna began to giggle when she saw him.

'Come one guys.' Neville said shyly to avoid blushing further.

They all walked to the table where Mrs. Weasley and the rest were.

'Oh dears have a seat. The feast is to begin shortly.' Mrs Weasley said when she saw them approaching.

 Harry and his friends sat next to Dean and Seamus.

'Love the decorations.' Dean said when they all sat down.

'It's grand!' Seamus added.

'Different from what we've seen.' Bill said. 'Even during my time'

Slowly the hall was filling with people mostly Hogwarts students and some of their families.

'Looks like only some students and their families stayed behind.' Harry said.

'Yeah. But they will also leave. I think we will be going tomorrow or maybe tonight not yet asked mom.' Ron said.

'May I have your attention please!' Professor McGonagall said as she stood up.

'As we all know the school and its inhabitants.' She said while looking around.'Have witnessed an epic war and the down fall of the Dark Lord. This feast has been organized for all of you who have stayed back and helped us restore this castle after the war. Some of us wished to leave and enjoy the celebrations with family and friend so I thought why not we all enjoy this as a family.' McGonagall said with a warm smile.

'I thank you all for your support and dedication to the war and the castle. I shall not waste any more time and let you enjoy. Rejoice!' She said as applause burst out all round.

I hope you guys like it.

Thanks again and enjoy.HugHugBig smile

beautiful update

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Originally posted by Cutecj

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Originally posted by Cutecj

Here is the next update guys.
I didn't know the type of food the British ate before in HP times so i googled it.

The tables were filled with many delicacies; a Large turkey (it could be seen on everyone's table), butterbeer, Lobsters, Smoked Salmon, Oysters and a large bowl of toffees. For desert there was Caramel Pudding, Chocolate mud cake, Vanilla sponge Cake and Orange jelly.

They all were happily eating and chatting with each other till the plates were cleared off the food and Professor McGonagall woke up again.

'I expect that now everyone is well fed. As you all know an announcement is to be made and for the same reason this feast took place earlier than usual.'

At this the hall was filled with excited whispers.

'Now, you all know that the castle has been restored to its original state. Thanks to you all. As a result I have two announcements to make. First, this year has been very challenging to us all. The war and the influence of the Dark Lord in the school has brought the academic year to be at its lowest point. Many went into hiding, some resumed with the studies and some set to fight from within the castle.'

As she said this she smiled to Neville, Luna, Seamus, Dean, and Ginny.

'Few of us even went on to fight him in secret.' She looked at Harry, Hermione and Ron.

'All in all none of the students have received the proper knowledge that Hogwarts gives every year. So to this note I announce the opening of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry reopened to the students of last year to start a fresh with their studies starting the beginning of next month.'

'Wow, isn't that great we didn't miss studies after all. I should get started on reading for N.E.W.T.S. as soon as possible. We only have a month to go.' Hermione said in excitement to Harry and Ron.

'What?!!' Ron almost shouted.

It seems that the reaction of the rest of the students was more on Ron's side.

'It is for your best. The sooner we start the sooner we and and we can make room for the new students. My second announcement I however feel will cheer up us all.' McGonagall continued.

There was an instant silence. Everyone was anxious to know what would cheer them all including McGonagall.

'As we all have been here supporting the school after the war none of us have had the pleasant time to celebrate.' At this McGonagall paused to allow the rest to prepare to listen to the next words.

'The teachers and I with help from our fellow wizards and witches.' She nodded to all the elder wizards and witches gathered at the table with her.' Have decided to arrange a small celebration for us all which will take place within a few minutes on the Quidditch ground.'

At this there was a burst of applause all over the hall and people started talking excitedly.

'If everyone is satisfied then shall we all proceed to the ground? Thank you.' McGonagall ended.

Everyone stood up and started to move outside towards the ground.

'Amazing, I never thought Professor McGonagall could do this. I mean McGonagall and celebrations. The only time I saw her agreeing to a celebration is when Gryffindor won the Quidditch Cup.' Ron exclaimed in excitement.

'They must have arranged it really fast, considering we were there a few hours ago.' Hermione whispered to Harry and Ron.

'They did.' Ginny said with a grin.' I also helped a bit but Bill told me was taken care of. He just told me it's turned out great.' Ginny whispered so only the three could hear.

Truly the ground was great in fact it seemed to be more than great. As they all approached the ground they saw glimpses of lights above. As they came near the Quidditch ground they saw that the lights were suspended in thin air high above surrounding the ground lighting the grounds for people to walk to the ground. The ground entrance had glitters that seemed like they were moving in water. As Harry walked through the entrance his body felt familiar warmth that he knew well but it was for a short while.

'Cheering charm was a weak one.' Hermione.

'Maybe Flitwick is scared that the school would burst into unnecessary laughter and sound like a gathering of mental people than a celebration.' Ron said.

'Can't mental people have fun? Gilderoy does.' Harry burst out in laughter. He was soon joined by Hermione, Ron and Ginny.

As they entered the ground it had banners of all the four houses hung in mid air with their respective animals moving, (Gryffindor lion was roaring, Slytherin serpent was slithering in one spot, Ravenclaw eagle soaring in a circular motion and the Huffulpuff badger kept on moving in and out of view). The most attention grabbing was the scoreboard which was like a large board with the words 'NEW BEGINNING' swaying and lighting. Below the words, pictures of Quidditch matches, Triwizard Tornament and surprisingly the War were being shown. The pictures of the war were not depressing but were encouraging as they were those of wizards casting spells and curses at the Death Eaters. Harry noticed another thing, as the images of the war came along with it came a message. 'We defend ourselves and our loved ones. We stand together as one through all.'  When Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny found seats near Neville and Luna they settled down ready to enjoy and join in the celebration.

'Amazing what they have done with the ground. It's hardly recognizeable.' Neville said when they were settled.

'Fireworks anyone?' Luna asked handing the four a large box.' They are placed for lighting but a note said we will be informed when to start.'

'Wow. How more brilliant can this get?' Ron exclaimed in joy as he took the box.

Within a few minutes the stands were filled in spite the fact that only a reasonable number remained behind.

'It seems people from Hogsmead have come too.' Luna said as she indicated to the lady who owned Three Broomsticks who was some seats away.

'WELCOME LAIDIES AND GENTLE MEN!!' Harry heard Kingsley's voice echo through the ground.


With that a series of beautiful fireworks began to light up the night sky. The fireworks were wonderful. Clown was drawn on the sky which started to dance tapping its feet. Then came a large cauldron that was stirring and every time the large spatula made a complete turn an animal came out of the cauldron (First came a panda, Penguin, Kangaroo, Tiger and Lion).

Then came the fireworks with messages like 'Together we stand strong.' ' Good always prevails' Danger is not to be feared but faced' ' Know no evil when you are true' 'Strength comes from close ones' 'Trouble should be done with.'

''Join in everyone!'

'THAT'S THE SIGNAL PEOPLE' Kinsley's voice came.

Soon everyone joined in some had musical fireworks others had images of famous witches and wizards, messages while some were showers of lights of different colours. Harry was having a lot of fun it seemed like everyone was.

'Ron, Hermione come.' Harry said after an hour or so.

I hope you guys enjoy it.WinkHug

lovely update
Its beautiful!

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