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31/12 Dragon Club:Happy New Year with AarYa

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Credit for this gorgeous  banner goes to Maham (Allbut1)!



New video on IF hv come out for PV .. plss like , view and comment Embarrassed


As per this video , Aarti is singing the song Oh mere sanam for Yash ..awww EmbarrassedEmbarrassed


Today's Episode Take

Awesome mahaepisaode  ClapClapClap.. Just what I had expected Embarrassed... I was not really expecting a full on confrontation between Yash-Aarti tonight but at least the beginning of a confrontation between both over the main issue and then episode ending on a cliffhanger so that the whole week trps come good and we got exactly that .. So I m all happy StarStarStarStar ... Gurmeet and Kratika gave a class performance today ClapClapClapClap

Subtle emotions of Pain and Agony beautifully displayed throughout the episode and the ending was perfect for tomorrow's much awaited confrontation ... EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

I loved the sublte emotions of pain , turmoil and agony shown by both Aarti and Yash  in "oh mere sanam"  song sequence ClapClapClap and then last 5 mins was fab fab fab  ClapClapClap..Loved the way Aarti grabbed Yash's arms and told him that u got to listen to it  today Cool... Yash was on the verge of falling down but Aarti holds him on time and makes him listen to everything which is again symbolic that whenever one will fall in life , the other person is always there to support and thats what makes true soulmates EmbarrassedEmbarrassed.. Even though Yash is slightly drunk but he is not totally lost here and is in his complete sense to listen to the whole truth and then grasp it too without passing out Smile

I hope tomorrow the whole episode continues with Aarti telling everything about her past and also about bone marrow thing and when Yash emotionally tells her that u may go back to your first love if u wish , that time Aarti got to pour her heart out to Yash about how much she loves him followed by Yash's emotional outburst too Approve ... Another thing , even if Yash forgives Aarti tomorrow after the whole truth is out  , but still he got to hold the grudge against Aarti lieing to him all this while about the bone marrow thing too even if he supports her in front of all Smile... The pain of betrayal and fighting against it  is what looks beautiful on screen especially when u hv such awesome class actors like Gurmeet and Kratika and so CVs got to cash on this pain for the whole week with more and more such confrontations of Aarti and Yash till they both passionately come close to each other EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

I m glad the Pregnency complication was solved tonight and even though it might look sudden but it was very much a part of ongoing track where Yash is always made to assume the worst and in this case too he assumes the worst that Prashant did this magic  Smile

Mayb I m in minority , but I m happy that the pregnency complication was ended because honestly speaking the whole complication started to look like a joke since the doctor had given around 2-3 weeks time for surgery and now its more than 1 or 2 months I guess .. so even if CVs decide to bring the complication in the picture , it will look silly now ... So in a way it was logical to show all is well and also declare that its been 3 months of pregnency Smile.. CVs hv done enough mess with bone marrow thing .. they need not make it more complicated with pregnency complication too Smile

Another point here is if CVs had shown the pregnency complication , then by now they would hv been forced to go for a miscarriage track because there is no way the baby could survive after so much of stress Aarti has been going through and it will also limit many things like we would not get much emotional outburst from Yash either or else it will stress out Aarti and we dont like silent Yash  ...right ? Plus miscarriage tracks hardly work for trps whereas the tracks where healthy pregnency is shown  always works wonders for TV .. for eg Behna show trps went drastically down when the baby was killed while yeh rishta trps gone drastically up with birth of Naksh and right now we know CVs r on a Damage control path where they desperately need trps ... So its a right move I feel as happiness and positivity always works for trps ... I wish the whole pregnency complication track was never really introduced in the show Smile

There is another very important reason why I feel the pregnency complication saw a abrupt ending today .. I feel its to further make Yash misunderstand Aarti Ermm

In a way it was part of story telling itself since with pregnency complication magically disappearing,  we see just like viewers  even Yash is a bit surprised and he  assumes that its all because of Aarti's suddenly found happiness in Prashant who is her first love Ouch .. Thats the purpose here I think to make Yash further misunderstand Aarti and he himself feels small as he thinks main credit toh Prashant ka hai since because of Prashant only  , Aarti is all stress free and so her complication magically disappeared OuchOuch

Notice Yash's sarcastic words there when everyone credits Yash because of whom Aarti's pregnency complication has gone but Yash sarcastically tells everyone that  " I dint do anything ..This is Aarti's good luck" WinkOuch... By good luck  Yash means Prashant here because he says in this past 1 year , she found her lost happiness back Ouch,.. Even Aarti realises this and so she does not really feel excited even after getting the good news of no pregnency complication Ouch...

Also when Gayatri asks Yash to tie that bajuband in Aarti's arms as a good luck shagun , Yash deliberately ties it in such a way that it hurts Aarti and he again sarcastically asks her if she now understands the definition of pain Ouch...Here Yash is indirectly trying to indicate that mayb you r relieved from all your pains now but in the process u hv no idea how much pain u hv given me OuchOuch

So overall I feel the sudden disappearence of pregnency complication was part of the script only to make Yash feel that Prashant is the reason for this magic and not him when in reality we know Yash is the one whose extra caring did the trick  but theres a saying in hindi "Vinash kaale viparit buddhi" LOL.. Yash is suffering through the same for which we cant even blame him because now whenever anything positive is happening , he automatically assumes that its the Prashant effect and so even in this magical pregnency good news , he does the same and his frustration in the party goes further up as he feels his contribution as a husband is nil now Ouch

Yash and Aarti .. The two heartbroken people and their emotions
Thumbs Up

Things that really stood out in this episode for me are ..

 First Gurmeet and Kratika's class acting from start till end ClapClapClap..

Whether its Yash's anger when he hurts Aarti deliberately while tieing the bajuband around her arms to make her feel his pain Clap or whether its his extreme agony and turmoil in the party when he keeps drinking with those half moist eyes whenever Aarti comes near him Clap or whether its the sarcastic smile of pain which he gives during the oh mere sanam song sequence to indicate to all that how this new year is bringing me only heartbreaks Clap ... Gurmeet was simply flawless with that deep intensity and pain in his eyes and his voice modulation while telling Aarti that what do u want , neither u allow me to smile , nor u allow me to b angry , nor u allow me to die  thus showing his extreme frustration , aahhh he was simply outstanding StarStarStarStarStar...

Coming to Kratika , whether its her helplessness when she sees Yash all frustrated and angry on her Clap or whether its her extreme patience and concern for Yash when she repeatedly requests him not to drink even though she knows that Yash will not listen to him Clap or whether its her strong determination in her eyes and words to somehow tell him the entire truth today itself when she grabs Yash's arms and tells him that today u got to listen to me Clap.. those subtle nuances and expressions by her were simply flawless and she was in par with Gurmeet today ClapClapClap

Second I loved how in PV-land 2013 arrived , the way it went all dark , then everybody moved on side and started counting but Yash-Aarti stood in middle with Aarti holding onto Yash's arm when 2013 arrived which is a clear indication that this new year both r going to b together standing against all odds and Aarti will never leave her Yash ji's hand EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed... I loved the way how Aarti kept holding Yash's hand in darkness just to indicate that he will always remain her knight in shining armour EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

Third I loved all the care and concern Aarti showed for Yash today by nonstop asking him not to drink even though she knew that Yash will react with anger Smile... I loved how Aarti dint give up easily but kept going behind him eveywhere and in the end makes him hear her out properly Embarrassed... Yash was all heartbroken and falling into pieces but Aarti today handles him all the way and making him listen to her in the end Thumbs Up...

Fourth I m in love with the oh mere sanam song sequence the way both Yash and Aarti showed their inner pain , longing and turmoil throughout the song sequence .. those emotions in Aarti's eyes while singing and that pain in Yash's sarcastic smile while listing to her singing  is still haunting me .. it was simply beautiful ClapClapClapClap... For a moment I just felt like hugging them both  , the way both were longing for each other in that song but still Aarti's bitter past just kept both away from each other CryCry... I just realised pain looks beautiful on screen if u hv such talented actors like Gurmeet and Kratika portraying it Day Dreaming... I also loved the way Yash dragged Aarti in middle and asked her to sing a song .. Its more like Yash's extreme pain and agony wishing to hear out Aarti's emotions through a song and I feel Aarti selected the perfect song to convey her feelings for him and indirectly telling him that he is the one through that beautiful song which is from sangam movie where it was a similar scenario EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

Yash's growing possessiveness for Aarti was wonderfully showed in the episode EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Errr I dunno how to say ,.. but I found the bajuband(armband) scene quiet suggestive Tongue.. The way Yash presses it  in anger while tieing it around her arms and hurts her intentionally and then  sarcastically asks her now u know the definition of pain... hmm it was quite a bold sign of showing a man's possessiveness for his woman Wink and I liked this angle as its the first time we see Yash showing his possessiveness for Aarti in this suggestive way where he wants to make her feel the same pain that he is going through with full authority  Evil Smile ..I  would love to see more on these lines Wink .. I dont mean Yash should hurt Aarti  everytime to show possessiveness or jealousy ..nope never Approve but what i mean is a possessive Yash in action will b interesting to watch since Gurmeet just does it perfect whenever he got to show that intense passion or jealousy in the form of possesiveness Blushing ...

For that matter even in precap , I could see same possessivess in his voice and body language .. Even though his words r misleading when he says I dont mind if u wish to go back to your first love but his voice , eyes and body language shows the opposite there and its clear that he is desperately wanting to hear her saying the opposite WinkWinkTongue... If he genuinely wanted to sacrifice Aarti today , then he would not hv hurt her with that bajuband or he would not hv gone crazy drinking in party and talking sarcastically to her Wink .. So overall I really want to see more of possessivess Yash from here on once he decides to support Aarti in front of all EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Overall I loved the mahaepisode since it was quite engaging from start till end and those last 5 minutes just does the trick ClapClapClap,... I dint mention about the guest performances of Hazel and Sanam since they were pretty average for me and I feel choreography could hv been better but hving said that I liked how the CVs kept main focus on Yash-Aarti's actions and reactions even during those item numbers which I simply loved Thumbs Up

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Aarti Yash Scindia has made many mistakes but her biggest mistake of them all and the reason why there are misunderstandings between her and Yash right now is because she let the Dubeys manipulate her instead of listening to her instincts. 


Aarti's Punar Vivaah with Yash was base on a lie...A lie that the Dubeys told the Scindias regarding her status...The latter were told that Aarti was a widower when in fact she's a divorcee.  


When Aarti found out about the lie during her Sangeet Sandhya, she was horrified, angry and disappointed...All she wanted to do was tell Yash the truth right away but once again the Dubeys stopped from doing such thing. 





Even on her wedding day Aarti was hellbent on telling Yash the truth, She called him several times but when he picked up the phone Dubey was able to prevent Aarti from telling Yash anything by unplugging the phone. Seeing that it won't stop her from telling Yash the truth...Satyendra emotionally blackmailed her into going along with the lie.


Upon seeing that Aarti was taking to long to come to the mandap (alter) and his parents getting frustrated, Yash took it upon himself to go and look for her and as she was about to tell him the truth...Her soon to be MIL came in and interrupted them. 





Eventually they got married but Aarti did it with a heavy heart, she wanted to start off their marriage with no secrets between them but alas she never got a chance to tell Yash the truth. She even tried to tell him in the car but got interrupted by her son Ansh. 



Months went by and each time Aarti tried telling Yash the truth due to circumstances she never got a chance. 

When her past collided with her present Aarti wanted to the truth again but due to her sense of obligation towards the Dubey she postponed it until she fulfilled a promise that she made to Shobha. 



By doing that Aarti took so many wrong decisions and despite her trying her best to keep the lie under-wrap until the right time according to her...She unknowingly told the truth to Yash who was left heartbroken. 


Yash always believed that love happens only once in a lifetime but Aarti showed him that was just a myth. But every since he found out abt Prashant being Aarti's ex-husband, Yash thinks she still loves P. 

Right now Yash's mind doesn't seem to be filtering the information correctly...A few weeks ago he told Prashant that Aarti taught him that love happens more than once so how could he think for a second that she would want to back to Prashant?!  

When the truth is she loves Yash more than life itself. 


Aarti has lied to Yash so many times even after he had given her so many countless chances to come clean but she stayed silent. With her words ringing in his ears, his realization that he loves her, all the times he has seen her with P.  And him learning that his son Ansh has been part of the lie...At this very moment Yash is very angry and shattered and rightfully so. 

Aarti has realized her mistake and is ready the face the consequences...She has badly hurt Yash the very thing she never wanted to do, happened...She broke his heart. 


All this misunderstand could have been avoided if both Aarti and Yash communicated better rather than Yash assuming things and Aarti thinking that she can control every situation.

Yash and Aarti need to confront each other and say what's in their hearts without holding back. And they especially need to tell each other what they want from this Punar Vivaah...But most importantly they need to trust each other like they did on KC, protecting the flame of the lamp together from going out in this case their love and their marriage so no third party ever come between them in future. And even if they do, AarYa will be standing strong together waiting for them.



A fanfreakintastic ME...Now that was an awesome way to say goodbye to the old Year and to welcome the new one Clap Clap 

It begins with a very tensed Aarti coming home, she wonders why everyone is gathered in the living room...Vidhi comes and tells her that if she did come to her and told her about it then she would have gave it to, the former goes on to tell the latter that they all know who is the third party between AarYa...Oh my Vidhi is just a tease the way she was going on, poor Aarti was so worried Ouch LOL LOL 

Vidhi goes on to say that Yash will tell Aarti more about it...Yash comes next to Aarti and stares at her while she lowers her head, Gayatri smiles and tells her that she has doubled Yash and the rest of the family's happiness...Pratik then says that all tension and worries will go away today on the last day of the year and that in the upcoming year that the bond between Aarti and Yash will grow stronger...Seriously Gayatri was smiling like she won the lottery Big smile

Aarti in self thought says that Pratik doesn't know that her past has come between her and Yash and that she's afraid that it will affect their relationship...Everyone is asking Yash to say something but he remains quiet...AarYa are both looking worried, Gayatri laughs and says that nothing will happen when AarYa. G3 tells everyone that the report is in and that Aayu is out of danger...Vidhi tells Aarti that there's no more complications in her pregnancy leaving the latter extremely happy while Yash is still serious...Boa in self thought says that the family is acting as if Aarti is the first woman to give birth to a child...LOL Leave it to boa to always spicy things up when the family is getting to sweet for her taste haha 

Pratik asks Yash to say something to Aarti, he congratulates her saying that the happiness she has been waiting since a year she finally got...Aarti replies telling him that he was the one that brought happiness into her life before she can say anything more Vidhi interrupts her saying that yes Yash took very good care of her in the last 6 weeks that's why all her complications are gone...Yash says that he didn't do anything and that it was all because of Aarti's destiny, she has found her lost happiness leaving boa confused....Vidhi in that precise moment you interrupted Aarti I wanted to smack you Angry LOL...Well its seems that Yash has left his boa speechless with his riddle talk, boy oh boy Yash I will slap you across the head for that comment of yours but then I think about what's must be going on in your mind and all I think about is how confused, hurt and misguided you are feeling cause you don't know the entire truth Ouch Ouch 

SP comes and congratulates Yash and tells him that this year really brought lots of happiness to their family...Gayatri gives Yash a family heirloom (an amulet) to tie around Aarti's upper-hand which will protect their unborn baby, Yash ties is very hard and Aarti is in pain...Yash asks her if now she knows the definition of hurt...Pratik says finally 2012 is over and that 2013 is starting...Awww my Yash you are misunderstanding you wife and I know that more you hurt her the more it is killing you inside Cry Cry Cry  

The New Year function starts, Aarti and Yash welcome the guests...Aarti asks Yash to please say/ask something cause she can't bear to see him so quiet like that to which Yash replies that you question/answer people who are apart of your own, not strangers...Aarti says that she will tell him everything, she is asking him to atleast give her one chance to explain...Yash tells her there's nothing to explain and walks away...OMG my heart was breaking for them both in that scene the look on Aarti's face when Yash called her a stranger but he was hurting as well all I wanted to do was them both a BIG [>:D

Sanam performances on the song "Fevicol Se", Yash is at the bar drinking alcohol while a surprised, in pain and worried Aarti is looking at him from a distance...Yash is keep on drinking so Aarti finally goes to him and asks him to stop drinking and that he has had enough, he gets up and walks away but  Aarti follows him and tries to take the glass away from him...Aww the pain they are both going through, Yash is trying to drink his sorrows away and the more he is in pain the more he drinks resulting in Aarti felling his pain as well and it's breaking her heart in a million pieces Cry Cry Cry Cry

Yash tells her that he is done listening to her, he says that she told him to smile and he did, she told him to go out with the family and he did, he goes on to say that everything happened per her wishes but he isn't listening to her today...Aarti tells him that she is telling it to him for his own good, that it isn't healthy...Pratik comes and asks them is everything is alright to which they say yes, Yash tells him that it's good that he came. He tells Pratik to let him drink today, Pratik obliges saying that Yash will listen to everything she says starting tomorrow and a reluctant Aarti gives her consent...My goodness when Yash was saying all the times he listened to Aarti it just dawn on my how far those two have come and all Aarti did to get him out of his funk...Those two are two of a kind Embarrassed Embarrassed

Hazel performances on the song "Rani Tu Main Raja"...Yash starts drinking again and Aarti doesn't like it, she keeps looking at him but it doesn't seem to have any effect on him, Hazel and Sanam take Aarti & Yash to the dance floor but Aarya don't dance just then the lights  go out and Aarti holds Yash's hands...When the lights comes back on, everyone wishes each other a Happy New Year, Yash takes Aarti's hands off his shoulder...Awww my AarYa heart is ache for my babies Unhappy Ouch Cry
Yash starts to walk away again with Aarti following him, she asks him for once chance...She goes on to say that she wanna tell him everything just then a guest comes and asks Yash to sing a song to which he replies that Aarti has brought them happiness so she will do the honors...Aarti asking him what he is saying, Yash asks her not to say no, takes her hand and leads her in the center where he announces that Aarti will sing a song.

Aarti sings a song entitle "O Mere Sanam", while she is singing. Yash is quietly laughing, he then starts drinking again and joins Aarti in singing the sad song that is reflection their current situation...they finish the song and one the guests tells Aarti that she has a beautiful voice, all the guests say that what is called made for each other...Yash walks away...I tell you this is the first holiday season I've cried like crazy all because of my fictional couple...That song sequence by AarYa was very sad and moving Cry Clap Heart

Aarti follows Yash and they are alone, the latter is about to fall when the former catches him...Yash says to Aarti that she doesn't let him live and she doesn't let him die...She doesn't let him smile and she doesn't let him cry...Why??? Aarti replies that Yash may get all her happiness, he may get her age and may all his sadness come to her and that she always wanna see him happy  Cry Cry Cry Cry

Aarti goes on to ask Yash for one chance to justify herself to which Yash replies no, he doesn't wanna listen to her..Aarti tells him no and that he will have to listen to her and that he can't ignore her like that. She continues on to tell him that everyone gets a chance to rectify their mistakes, they get a chance to explain the situation and why they did the mistake. She tells him that she wanna tell him the truth, she wanna tell him everything or she won't be able to live...Aarti & Yash's emotions in that scene was off the charts...Wow KS and GC were amazing Thumbs Up Heart Heart

Yash starts walking away, Aarti requests him to listen to her...He stops, the latter says that she knows that she has lied to the former not once but many times..She goes on to say that she hid her past from him but today she will tell him everything, she tells hims that she was never a widow but a divorcee and that her first husband is Prashant...Leaving Yash shocked...As always I'm happy when Aarti admits her mistakes and tries to make amends for them, I'm very grateful that she didn't beat around the bushes any longer and straight out told Yash that he will have to listen to her today Clap Clap Clap...I know that Yash is extremely hurt but even when he's mad at her he gives her a chance to explain herself whereas in the past he would have just continued walking...I can't tell you how proud I am of the growth in both these characters Clap Big smile

PRECAP: Yash tells Aarti if she wanna go beck to her first love, Prashant then she can go...I'm sorry Yash but you will not be getting rid of Aarti that easily, you're stuck with her until the end of time and each life to come Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

Take a bow Kratika Sengar and Gurmeet Choudhary, you guys were at you're very best in tonight's episode...the portrayal of the depth of Aarti and Yash's turmoil was brilliantly done...hats off to you both Star Star Star Star

The song sequence O Mere Sanam just brought me to tears Cry Cry Heart...This was an awesome way to end the year, pure perfection by you both Clap Clap Clap

GC & KS look stunningly gorgeous in that black suit and green saree Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming

EDIT: Hmmm I know that they are never on point when it comes to the medical stuff in PVland but after all that stress Aarti has been under since P's return, WTH can she be out of danger??? Dead Confused Shocked...Oh well I'm just happy that Little Angel Aayu is safe as well as Aarti so now AarYa can have a confrontation without holding back plus in another month Aarti's belly gonna started showing cause the baby bump started from the 4 month...So maybe we will get to see Yash touching the belly Embarrassed Tongue Wink 

I know that Aarti gonna tell eveything to Yash but what if someone overhears their convo? cause when it comes to Aarti nothing in private, Pratik did overhear their convo when they were talking about their Uss Raat so who's the overhear them this time? Pankaj, Vidhi, PraDi or a guest???? or maybe P tells Kaki that Yash isn't leaving Aarti go so she decides to tell the family seeing that Yash won't tell them??? or boa overhears a convo between AarYa or Aarti & Shobha???... Dead Darn it there's so many possibilities and I can't wait for the new beginning in AarYa's lives Wink Big smile 

P.S Sorry for any mistakes, I was hoping to get some sleep before written my take but I just couldn't resist...Here's my take and I hope you guys enjoy it.

Happy New Year Lovelies...Wishing you all a New Year filled with Love, Peace and Hope Hug Hug Hug

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Thank you jyo for the last thread for this year...and hats off to every dcians here who gave a mindblowing comments and analysis..

@All:Just 3hrs 44 mins more for 2013TongueTongue

EmbarrassedEmbarrassedYash-Aarthi Love struggle started with Lot of Pain and Deep love Upcoming...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Life is a swing...If we think our life will be like this...Unfortunately life will give us a U-Turn sometimes...TongueTongue...When we fall in love our looks , attitude,and way of our speech everything changes...Its always better to listen what our heart says...Ego , Insecurity , Fear of confession of our love ends in painCryCry..God always gives us the best...When we lost something or longing for something else...we pray...God calculate our fate according to our character , well being and our lovable heart...Certainly our Yash and aarthi fell in love for second time only because of their bonding in punar vivah..But due to their lovable character , their strong support , their understanding , their confidence in giving success to punar vivah, their trust and life long commitment...When first half of our life is pain...definetly our second half will be lovable...Yash who lost his first wife used to live with their memories started living in presence of his lovable aarthiji...Aarthi on other hand with painful heart got disowned by her ex-husband started and always stand straight by giving her heart only to her yashji...

Second thoughts , Second living is always challenging to the world...Reason is sharing our love , sharing our cute moments..But whatever phillosophical words we give...it is afterall our heart...Why cant we rebound our heart to our loved ones again...Yash and aarthi really made a second move in their life with twisted turns in themselves...When aarthi took nearly 100 episodes to realize her heart for yashji...Yash being so lazy boy...LOLLOL..took another 120 episodes to madly fell in love with her aarthiji...

Its always wise to share our heart to our closed ones whom we need to open our heart as soon as possible...Yash really delayed in confessing his heart to his aarthiji...though we could see lovely dovely scenes of how yash falling in love with his aarthiji..Yash a man of few words, never want to share his thoughts , heart and his world...Aarthi really pulled him from his dark world to tell about another world and how beautiful their relationship is...When everything was going fine...a big strom knocked aarthi-yash life..OuchOuch..Yash being so sensitive , possessive and complex character by heart not able to digust his aarthiji's past...

Any husband can never tolerate his lovable wife that too with her ex-husband..A kind of irritating , insecurity feeling of whether she would ditch him because of her first love...These questions only would arise...We are just humans...Making mistake is natural...We learn by our mistake...Breaking one's trust gives pain..But yash who was in angry mood due to his consumation with aarthi..with what belief aarthi was with yash...It is love we have for our loved ones...Its just one day yash has come to know the truth...Adding to fuel aarthi with prashanth and ansh made him more angry...Reason is just deep love...Yash if not able to forget aarthi attitude now...he would have revealed everything to his family the moment he heard the truth...But its not the case...Yash need to be cleared of what aarthi has for prashanth family is just gratitude and what she has for yash is only love...Yash really hyper-possessive on aarthi now...His angry attitude now on aarthi is the love he is exploring and showing to his aarthiji...

EmbarrassedEmbarrassedPerfect Deep Love shown towards aarthiji by yashjiEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Yash is really a changed man for his aarthiji...for their children..But as a humanbeing...angry attitude comes only when we are not able to control ourself..Yash is angry on himself , his fate of why and what made him to fall in deep love with his aarthiji..Why aarthiji has lied to me when i hate it...But life giving so many twisted turns...Yash being just  a humanbeing how will he realize until the truth is jusitified...When yash is broken with aarthi lies...her lie again with prashanth meeting make him go the another side of yash...Wow this guy really make viewers crazy...If he is able to give shower of love to his aarthiji..he is capable of proving his love too by making his angry without showing it and just showing his silence as a great revenge..Will yash able to go throughout his life by just being silence...???A man whom he loved his life and aarthi never knew she was loved this much to the core...Its time for the love to be shown and prove it...Well...Its very challenging to aarthiji to make yash believe everything...being yash a ziddi ladkaEmbarrassedEmbarrassed..But yash need to know her love for him and for him alone..Letc the  ride of love between yash-aarthi from today..At last determined aarthi proved to be Mrs.Yash scindia...


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@All:Epi today starts at 10.20 itself???

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Thanks jyo Embarrassed

HAPPY NEW YEAR DCians! Party Party

who is in for picture con??? Here you go!! LOLMen in black!! HOT HOT HOT!!! Dead DeadEmbarrassed Aarti looks so pretty in green!! Embarrassed 

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Happy New year DCians Party

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