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DBI (love happens)#3~pt 26pg78~dt16/06~ (Page 55)

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Dreams Beyond Imagination (love happens) Embarrassed
part 23

So sorry for delay in updates Cry and BIG THANKS TO ALL MY SWEETIES FOR AMAZING WISHES AND GIFTS Embarrassed Its My Bday TREAT Wink

Geet: Kucch nahi'

She replied blushingly with the thought that he would understood her unsaid words... and put the cell on her chest, feeling and imagining him typing new message for her...

The night left with fresh breeze of new morning, new day and new hope...

Everyday was special, so was everynight, they used to live their each day with respective life, but night used to be theirs...

Simply, their togetherness , their talks, maan always messged her at exact one, he did never failed , so was she, no matter how much tired was she, she always woke up at 1 in the night, as if the alarm was fixed in her subconscious mind...

Maan:  Ping...

Geet: Ping, ping...

Her heartbeats raised with his message its always been like that , whenever she missed him, he messaged her, don't know how and why he used to know that she was missing him...

Dara ji was much better by that time, but his silence was still disturbing everyone...

All were trying to understand what was wrong with him, but he was amndent in his way,

Maan: hey kaisi ho??

Geet: Ji me thik, aap kaa din kaisa thaa aaj office me?

She was very much aware of his busy schedule now, thanks to their late night chats, she loved these new responsibilities, it never costs anything, it never felt as a burden..

Responsibilities which we did take with wholeheartedly never become a burden!!

maan: Geet!! Geet!! Are you there??

He was desperate to get the answer checking cell phone after every two or three minutes but she disappeared so sudden..

Geet: Jii me yaha hu :D

Maan: where were u jaaneman Wink  he replied with same fervor..

Geet chuckled, butterfly sat and flew again in her stomach.. crimson hue of her face was saying all that how much she enjoying his each and every name given to her..

Geet: I thought u were outside the window and I was checking whether u were there or not.. LOL

Maan: Ahem so somebody missing me

He was sleeping on his stomach, though he was damn tired, but 1 am in the night was the only time he wait for in whole 24 hours...

Geet: nahi toh who said Embarrassed?? She chuckled under the blanket as she turn from left to right, texting his reply..

Aur waise bhi aap rehne do, even if I missed u , u will not come I know that, she pouted cutely while texting the another line...

Maan: and why u think soShocked??

Geet: cause I know thatTongue??

She took her upper lips between tooth while texting him again...

Maan:  you are judging the right person very wrongly would be Mrs. Khurana Cool.

She blushed on the new name again given by him, Ohh my God he was such a seduce , always knew his way to her heart...

Geet: excuse me Angry, its geet Handa u talking with Mr. Khurana, I never judge people wrongly!!

Maan: okhh than lets make a bet, Ms. Handa..I will be outside your home in next three hour,

Geet: u will loose Mr. Khurana don't bet with me, I will make sure u loose...

Maan: let fate decide it geet...

Geet: Yeah Mr. Khurana Let fate decides itLOL LOL LOL...

She disconnected Net with teasing smiley, making sure, he understood that she don't believe on his words, kind of provoking him, to come to her way...

When person in love, seems each and every song depict their emotions, It seems sun raised with thought of their partner and end with their beautiful memories of togetherness, those moments, when their hearts were beating altogether touching each others pace, when their hands were roaming carelessly over each other, when there eyes refused to see anything but beautiful and handsome face of their partner, when they were hugging each other, squeezing each other with their weight mercilessly, when their smiles depicting their contented heart and when their laughter seems mixing with musical winds and making melodious sounds which were filling their heart with beautiful memories...

She left cell phone on table and sat beside window, cool breezes of full moon night wasn't attracting her yet, but interestingly now moon was only thing which was gaining her attention, being happy moon was in illusion that it was Geet handa adoring it, least Idiot fellow knew It wasn't moon, but the handsome face of her love whom she was imagining in moon...

Somewhere faraway radio was drumming with its own sound, but the song which was playing on radio gained her whole attention and she wrapped herself into stole she was carrying to protect herself from wicked cool breeze.

Aaoge Jab Tum Saajna
Aaoge Jab Tum Saajna
Angana phool khilege

She smiled comprehending song playing with her own situation, Though she teased him saying he will not be able to complete his assure, but more than him she was sure, if he promised he will come, sometimes it took just a flash to realize how person is!!... He was a man of fewer words, but his words did give finality, assurity and trust, that whatever he is saying he is capable to fulfill it.

Barsega saawan, barsega saawan
Jhoom jhoom ke
Do dil aise milenge
Aaoge Jab Tum Saajna
Angana phool khilege

She wanted him to come for her, to come for his love, to come to give some beautiful moments to her, she was assured he will come, he has to come, he promised her, he promised her love, she felt some raindrops on her skin and felt ticklish, those raindrops were reminding her of his touches, his seductive touch with full of love, care and possessiveness. She wanted to laugh aloud, she wanted to jump and shout. She wanted to scream his name on top of her voice, on top of world; she wanted to scream yes, she is insanely in love with her husband, with her partner, with her Maan.

Naina tere kajrare
Naino pe hum dil hare hai
Anjane hi tere naino ne
Waade kiye kaie saare hai

He took out his wallet, where her photo framed secretly, edited picture with him, where she was smiling geniunly over something and he was admiring his bashisht secretly. Her eyes were like a life line for him, smudged with kohl and naughtiness yet great combination of innocence, it was deep, mysterious for other, yet readable open book for him, He was the only reader of those beautiful hazels, he wanted to drown himself in her heart, and her eyes were gate of that beautiful heart which belonged to him. His each and every promised whome she compiled with same fervor, her eyes were seal of his every promise. How could she ignore when she shut down the curtain looking down blushing hard over his mishcevious comments, he could imagine her running as fast she could and hugging him tightly, as if he was only possession of hers. And soon he was going to turn his every imagination in amazing reality, he is Maan singh khurana, he never waited thing to turn in his favor, he know his way out in every difficult situation.

Saanso ke leh madam chale
Toh se kahe barsega saawan
Barsega saawan jhoom jhoom ke
Do dil aise milenge

Aaoge Jab Tum Saajna
Angana phool khilege


She was smiling but her smile faded  when she felt heavy breathing over her soulder and back, does she need any proof to recognize him, he snaked his arms over her waist and and she gasped when his hands move towards up. It was dark on terrace, yet she realized it would be him, the possessive touch of his never need any recognition to her, she could recognize it even in unconscious state.  Mistiness filled in air bit more.

Ka ba ba sa sa re ga ga

She opened her eyes with jerk only to find emptiness around her, Her wild imagination comes to an end with horrifying sound of thunder, she badly wanted to curse the damn nature for disturbing her in her own small wonderland. She was so much hopelessly in love with him that every wrong physical touch that she thought was sin became virtue for her, seems none can give her same pleasure what he can give her, with his smiling eyes, with his sexy smirk, with his possessive eyes which shamelessly roamed over her body.

 Chanda ko taaku raato mein
Yeh zindagi tere haton mein
Palko pe jil mil tare hai
Aana bahri barsato mein

He was staring moon blinklessly, people say Moon reflects the face of one whom you love, does it make any sense, he laughed over moon, one who  live in heart never need to find in physical objects, and this stain full material couldn't comprehend his bahisht , his lady love is most gorgeous girl he had ever met, sometime beauty isn't enough to make  beauty attractive, innocence, care and love acts as a magnet, his bahisht was mixture of all feminine persona including shyness , which is actual gem of a femininity.  

Sapno ka jahan
Hoga khila khila
Barsega saawan, barsega saawan
Jhoom jhoom ke
Do dil aise milenge

he landed behind her, without a sound, yes Aircraft could make sound, helicopter could make sound and disturb others, Yet parachute ... 

yes he came till Chandigarh in his private jet, and than took his paraglide, yes he was master of paragliding and he could even ride it in dark scary night...

he left para basket and with smooth walk he came behind her...


as soon as his words touched her ear curtains her heart drummed in its own pace and she closed her eyes, imagining it to be again a beautiful dream of hers...

snaking his arms around her waist, pulling her in his possessive world, kissing her earlobe he whispered...

I told u naa geet, let fate decide it, and I am your fate, I decided and I completed...

She smiled she knew it , he will come for his love, for her wish..

pa ni sa re ma ma ga ga ga
ga re re re ga re da ni re re ma da ni da da
da ni da pa ma ma ma da da ma re pa ga
ga ma da ni sa sa re pa ma ma ga ga ga re ga sa

Bringing her more closer even If its possible he squeezed her waist, it was sending shiver around her, she was feeling jelly on her knees, with a swift movement he turned her, both were facing each other, their eyes met, her hazel brown eyes, his sexy drunk eyes, his M shaped lips were craving to  touch her soft one, jealousy indulged with intensity when he seen that stupid raindrop playing on her lips, her pink soft lips and that miniature drop of water which was transperant showing her lips in zoom size and provoking him to taste that sweetness again...  

Angana phool khile
pa ni da ni da sa re ma ma ma ma ga
Angana phool khile
ma ma pa ni da re ma pa re re sa da
re pa pa ma ma ga ga

Nothing was more beautiful than that night, if someone would asked her to give her whole life for that single night, she would have happily given it, she would have given her whole life happily to spend one more night with her maan again, he was hers, perfectly hers, in all aspects, in all maaners, living alone is better than living witrh someone who doesn't even care for you.

They snatched their proportion from life once again, they took their share of happiness from life. But seems they underestimated life once again, they were living that night while life was planning another horrible night for them. Night where being apart was destined, where Pain was integral part of fate and where feeling of betrayel was going to grow with each passing second.

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Next: part-24

Please do like and comment, It really means alot Embarrassed

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Res me first yipeee w

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update restless maneet missing each other song awsem

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Woeew sooo sooo sooo romantic update..
The way u described it everything.the way u scripted it...I could actually feel. I could sense as if I am there to witness it all through my eyes...
Geet ke Ek bulava se if maan cum to meet his bashist den how pure n strong is love of theirs
There small saa chat n den night became the more beautiful night ever fit dem...
Soo romantic update I lived it...
I love it love it I LoVe It
Angiee sweetly next update b de Dena Jaldi
Jaldi means soon ok
Lub u for this romantic sa update once again belated happy birthda
Hope Ur bday cums everyday so tat update b roz mile :P

Awesome Jaldi..

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u know what i want to scold u!!! Angry
me pura update kitna pleasantly padrahi ti... 
aweee... that was really soothing to read... but end me ye kya likha??????????????????? Angry
are u planning for their separation even before marriage??? n what was that betrayal thing???? im so confused n so angry on u...
but start se excluding end para sab kitna dreamy ta... Day Dreaming
MAAN ka GEET ke pass aana... wo bi private jet se phir paarchute se... hayeee... hayeee... that was so dreamy..., loved that part... n their chatting... Heart
butend hi muje darlagraha hai!!!!
MAAN ka gussa to pehle se hi itna high rehta hai!!! ab kya hoga????
kuch gadabad to nahi... i seriously dont want MAAN to think anything bad abt GEET... dekhlena me tujse baat nahi karungi baad me!!!

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omg u updated
where r u
missing this like hell
plz give regular updates
superb update
cont soon dear

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