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Tumhari Disha MOVIE! (Page 92)

~Angel~ Goldie

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Posted: 14 August 2005 at 1:42pm | IP Logged
plz cont soon
ii been waiting for a while now Cry Smile

TD.FAN Goldie

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Posted: 14 August 2005 at 7:20pm | IP Logged
Bombgirl4eva Goldie

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Posted: 14 August 2005 at 11:50pm | IP Logged
Scene 26

Same day…night time…its about 7:45..raat ka waqt u see Wink

Dk has changed from the red shirt to a maroon shirt…again first three buttons are open…but he is still wearing his black pants…. I need to say more?WinkHe is standing with his back against the car…yes, his same old BMW ( jo pichi baar gas na hone ki waje se beech mei ruk gayi thi!LOL)…his arms folded….he is standing right outside the ladkiwala's farmhouse ( BTW mehendi ki rasam is over…so there is no noise coming from inside…)

Dk: (arms folded….searching for someone) ( to himself) Kaha reh gayi??? ( frustrated, looks at his watch on his left wrist) Aadhe ghante se intezaar kar raha hoo…aur yeh madam abhi tak nahi aayi! ( starts walking back and forth….) Yeh ladkiya tayyar hone mei itna waqt kyun lagati hain???!!!LOL

Dk: (stops walking….back against the car) Aaj to jo ho jaaye, kisi bhi tarah se impression to jamma na hi hain! ( looks at his shirt…3 buttons are open) Kammal hain! Ladkiya to mere teen khule button se hi bhigal jaati hainWink…kabhi kabar to kuch dhikane ki bhi zarurat nahi padti…mere chikni surat aur dole-shole ( muscles) dekh kar to ladkiya yuhi behosh ho jaati hainWink…( getting upset) pata nahi is ladki ke peshe mei kaunse moti jude hue hain…..mujhe pupiya –jhappiya dena to door…khadoos mujhe kabhi palat kar bhi nahi dekhtiAngry!

Then all of a sudden his naughty mind comes up with a naughty naughty idea…and he untucks one side of his shirt…and starts unbuttoning his shirt… Wink

Dk: ( smiling…unbuttons his 6th button) Haan….yeh mere jaanlewa biceps aur triceps kam kaam aayenge?….( looks at his naked chest ..haapy and excited) Ab kaha bach kar jaayegi?? Wink( streches and spreads his arms WIDE apart…so one could see his KILLING naked chest…and then rests his strong, wide arms…on hi car…) (looks at the sky) Ay uppar waale, aaj to koi setting kara hi do Bus!! Kuch aisa chakkar chalao ke yeh ladki moom ki tarah bhigal jaaye…aur meri bahoon mei aa gire! Wink( getting upset) Abhi tak to kambaqt ….EK…aadhi si chummi bhi naseeb nahi huye…(looks at the ground…shakes his head with a sad, sad expression) Mere to naseeb hi bhutele hain! ( continues looking down ..and shaking his head…) Beta….tera kuch nahi hone waala! Ouch

Dk is still shaking his head and looking down…when

Background music: Chan…. Chan…. Chan…( the sound of bangles)

DK immediately looks up to notice ……Disha in a black diamond see-thro saree…with a super sexy, short-short….mind u SHORTWink, sleeveless black blouse…black high heels, long black earings, matching bangles and necklace… and a silver waist chain shining on her naked stomach./waist area…her long, black hair is blowing. Looking minblowing!

Background music: Soniyehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….(lo same old background music..that I have used sooooo many times throughout this movieLOLLOL)

His eyes POP OUT…and he literally FREEZES…while she walks towards him…ladak matake… Wink

Background Music: Aaaja Soniyeh, aaja soniyeh…aaja soniyeh……aaaja soniyehhhhhhhhh Wink

Disha is standing right in front of him! Dk's eyes are still popped out…he is constantly staring under the see thro saareeWink…his big eyes focused on her stomach./waist…he is FROZEN

Disha: ( To herself…looking at dk's eyes) Ghur to aisa raha hain…jaise isne pehle kabhi kisi ladki ko dekha hi nahi…(disha's eyes then fall on his shirt…first 6 buttons are open…revealing his KILLINg chestWink) ( to herself) Button to aise khule rakhe hain...jaise shirt ke saath-saath khud bhi exbihtion mei khadha hoo! LOL

Disha: ( a liitle embarrassed) Ah….aise kya dekh rahe ho? Embarrassed

Dk: ( eyes fixed on her shining waist chain….staring with complete WONDER and AMAZEMENT) Tum kuch zarurat se zyada hi sexy jo lag rahi ho!Wink (his big naughty eyes are still glued on …exactky on her stomach/waist areaWink….when disha realises where he is staring)

Disha: ( eyes wide…ghusse se laal..very very mad!..disgusted) Tum…tum…tum dekh kaha rahe ho?!? AngryAngryAngry

Dk: ( who is still satring at her stomach/.waist./ waist chain…still with AMAZAMENT and SHOCKEmbarrassed)Tumhari saadi ke andar ! LOLLOL

Disha; ( who just lost all her patience) What?????????????????????????????? AngryAngry

Dk; ( quickly takes his eyes off her stomach) ( to himself) Oh shit! Shit shit shit! Shit shit shit! LOLLOL

Disha: ( ghusse se laal) HOW DARE YOU LOO…Angry( when Dk cuts her off)

Dk: ( scared to death….trying to explain) main such keh raha hoo, mein waha nahi dekh raha thaLOL....main to sirf..( when disha cuts him off)

Disha: ( very verd MAD) Maine such kaha tha! All men are dogs! AngryAll of…( when dk cuts her off)

Dk: ( Quickly) Tum galat soch rahi ho! ( grabs her right elbow..and opens the car door with his left hand) Maine to kuch dekha hi nahi! Main to kabhi kuch dekhta hi nahi ( saying this he makes her sit in the car seat…while disha keeps blabbering) Main us type ka ladka hu hi nahi! Maine to kuch dekha hi nahi! LOL( saying this he closes the car door…and disha stops her blabbering)

Dk: Phew! ( walks towards the other side of the car … to himself) Paap re !Jaan bachi to lakho paaye…warna yeh madam to mera kachumar hi bana deti! LOL

Dk opens the driver's door ( the right side of the India, driver's seat is on the right side..instead of the left…if I am not wrong) and sits in the driver's seat..without looking at disha…he starts the car…the car zooms off…

Inside the car, Disha is sitting with her arms folded..looking outside her window …as usual ghusse se laal… LOLLOL

Disha: ( to herself…looking out of the window) Kya samajhta kya hai apna aap ko…main kya bewakoof hoo..? Mujhe sab pata hain ke who kaha ghoor ghoor ke dekh raha tha! Saaari galti us pooja ki hain …. usse to main dekh hi loongi! ( It was disha's friends who forced her to wear this super sexy saariWink)

Dk: ( looks at disha 4 a sec……and then concentrates on his driving) ( to himself)Paap re, baat baat mein ghussa! Ab isme meri kya galti hain, maina kaha tha itni sexy saadi pehenkar mere saamne aaye…See-thro saaree hain …to zahir hain andar jhaak kar to sabhi dekhenge!Wink ( looks at disha's waist again...) aur agar itna sexy figure hoo to kaun nahi dekhegaWink…( looks ahead…upset) maine thodha –bahut dekh kya liya…jaise bahut bada gunna kiya hoo (Angry makes a face)

Disha: (to herself…wahi position….wahi ghussa) Sharam naam ki to cheez hi nahi is besharam mein!…Khudki girlfriend hote hue bhi…ladkiyo par doore maarne ki aadat nahi gayi laad sahib ki…Angry( looks at dk) Besharam kahi ka!( looks out of the window again….arms folded)

It has been 2 minutes…but neither of them have said a word to each other….koi "chu " bhi nahi kar raha….Dk keeps on drving…while disha keeps on looking out of the window…cursing him….when Dk presses a button on his car…and all of a sudden the radio sings " Teri kurti sexy lagdi ve..kurti sexy…teri chunari sexy lagdi ve ..chunari sexyLOLLOL"

Dk and disha immediately look at each other…disha…shocked- eyes wideLOL…while dk cracks upLOLLOL…Disha get more mad…and turns off the radio! Dk just laughs to himself and concentrates on his driving

Dk: (with his right index finger on the wheel…and his left hand behind his head…his back resting against the seat….smiling with the naughtiest expressions) Kya KAMAAAL ki saadi hainWink…! Bahar se hi sab kuch nazar aata hain to andar se toWinkWink……( he then stares at her stomach/waist…) Such! Agar mujhe mooka milta to main to… WinkWink

Just then disha's eyes fall on dk…and dk quickly takes his eyes off of her waist and concentrates on her driving with a" Oh shit" type of an expression! LOL

Disha: ( who seems really MAD) Tum…tumhari himmat kasie huye mujhe is tarh ghoorne ki! Angry

Dk: ( facing her…both hands on wheel) Arre kammal hain, maine kya kiya?

Disha: ( taana maarte hue) Haan haan tum to kabhi kuch nahi karte! Mujhe sab pata ke tum kya kar rahe the aur kaha dekh rahe the! ( ghusse se garam ..shows him her badi badi aankhien) Jhoot mat bolo tum! Angry

Dk: Lo karlo baat…bhala main kyun tumhe dekhna laga…Winkpshhhhhhhhh( acting all "cool" ignores her..and looks ahead)

Disha: (shuts up…still very very mad…again looks out of the window ..arms folded)

Dk: ( to himself…looking at disha every now and then while driving) Ab isme meri kya galti hain….itni sexy saadi hain….( looks at her stomach/waist area…) ( breaths out) huhhhhhhhhhh….ab control karu bhi to kaise??Wink ( all of a sudden dk' eyes are glued on to her waist again!..With his right hand on the wheel…and left hand on his lap…looking at her see thro saaree…with mesmerization, thrist and amazement!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed)

He keeps staring and staring at the see thro parts- waist/stomach…when disha's eyes fall on dk…who is staring without blinking once…Disha gets MADDD…. LOL

Disha: ( breaths out…ghusse mei) Hmph! ( extremely mad..shows him her badi badi aankhien) How dare u…..tum kabse meri kam( when dk cuts her off)

Dk: Arre main tumhari kamar ko nahi dekh raha tha!…(takes his left hand- index finger and slips it under her waist chainWink) Main to sirf tumhari chain ko dekh raha tha! Kitni khoobsurat chain hain! Wink

Disha: ( throws his hand off her waist) Who job hi ho…tum meri.Angry.(when dk cuts her off again)

Dk: Arre , main apni girlfriend ko ek aisi hi chain dena chahta hoonWink…( again slips his left hand-index finger under her chain…and examines it a little closely…while he is drivingWink) ( smiling) Kaha se liWink?

Disha: ( again throws his hand off ) Mere boyfriend ne di! (if u guys remember...they have lied to each other that they have a girlfriend/boyfriend...)

Dk; ( bangs his left hand on the wheel….JeaaaaalousssssLOL) ( to himself)Us saale, che futye ko to main aisa dhuongaAngry……aisa dhuongaAngry …ke do- doAngryAngry ke teen AngryAngryAngryreh jaayega! LOLLOL

Disha: ( to herself) Ho gayi na bolti band! Girlfriend! My foot! Mujhe nahi lagta ke iski koi girlfriend bhi hain…waise bhi is besharam ke saath kaun apna time waste karegaLOL ( makes a face- when u move your lips to the left side )

Dk: ( to himself…..while concentrating on his driving) Saala! Kabhi anghuti ( ring) deta hain to kabhi kamar ki chain…jewelary ke bahane meri wali ko apne kabse mei kar raha hain! Lekin main haar mane walo mei se nahi ho…akhir meri kanaka diamonds ki company kab kaam aayegiWink..Bus ek baar who kamina mere saamne aajaye, usse to mein Mumbai ki sadko par nagga ghoomaonga! AngryAngry

After 2 minutes

Disha: ( hesitant) Aa…hum kaha jaa rahe hain?

Dk: Restaurant..aur kaha?

Disha: Yeh to mujhe bhi pata hain!…lekin kaha.?

Dk: ( smiling)Jab jaayenge, tab tumhe khud pata chal jaayega!

Disha just raises her eyebrows…and then her eyes fall on his open, naked chest..and all of a sudden she freezes!Tongue

Dk: (immediately looks at her…smiling nautily) Kya dekh rahi hoo?Wink

Disha; ( quickly takes her nazre off his chest and looks down… herself) Oh shit! LOL

Disha: ( embarresed..puts her hair behind her right ear) aa..kuch nahiEmbarrassed

Dk: ( gigando excited …with a big smile on his face..looks ahead) Oye hoyeee…tera to jawab nahi…kho gayi na mere lajawab biceps aur triceps dekh kar! WinkBhay wah beta,..tera to koi jawab hi nahi! ( looks at disha…with the biggest smile.) Bus ! Aaj to setting ho hi gayi samjho! Oye ! Ab to ash hi ash. hain

And the car zooms off….

What happens at the dinner date..? setting hoti hain ya nahi?WinkSTAY TUNED

Tumhari Bomby!

Edited by Bombgirl4eva - 15 August 2005 at 9:58am
*Guli* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 August 2005 at 12:40am | IP Logged
yay!!! u cont!!!!! when will she confess his likes him???? i am waiting for that!! Confused

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Posted: 15 August 2005 at 4:22am | IP Logged
yes, guli i am also waiting 4 that,
Sumayya IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 August 2005 at 3:53pm | IP Logged
LOL Bomby..u r toooooooo much LOL
Piano1422 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 August 2005 at 5:40pm | IP Logged
i think we all r waiting 4 tat scene gulli!! bomby- ap ka jawab nahin!!!
~Angel~ Goldie

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Posted: 15 August 2005 at 5:40pm | IP Logged
that was great plz cont soon

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