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Tumhari Disha MOVIE! (Page 82)

Piano1422 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 July 2005 at 6:10pm | IP Logged
tat was awesome!! plz cont jaldi n make it as long as Scene 23!!

Sumayya IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 July 2005 at 9:49pm | IP Logged
Haha..this place really is a chat place LOL
Bombgirl4eva Goldie

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Posted: 30 July 2005 at 5:13pm | IP Logged

Ok another long scene....all about one topic " chumma"Wink

Scene 24

Disha'a  frightened face! She is standing with her back against the wall….her hands behind her….they are crisscrossed….when Dk attacks from the frontWink…his both palms on the palm to her left..and the other to her right…with him in the front…… …so he is covering her from all sides. ….They are face to face…Embarrassed

Dk: ( Biggest smile…naughtiest expressions…ready to rock n rollWink) Haan to hum picchi baar kaha the?Wink

Disha: (nervous) ab buh .... yahi…goa meinLOL

Dk: Mein uski baat nahi kar raha….( gets closer….bigger smile) Mein to us vaade ki baat kar raha tha…jo tumne mujhse kiya tha !

Disha: ( gulp in her throat ) va vah….vaaada?

Dk: Haan…woh tumne mujhse kiya tha…. ( saying this he gets even closer)..meine apne hisse ka vaada to nibha liya….apne dil ki baat sabke saamne kehdi….aur ab ( gets closer to her…so she can see only his face and nothing else..)ab tumhari baari hain !

Disha: (….to herself…looking down nervoulsy)Confused Oh god…ab kya karu…isse to sab yaad hain…bappa aap hi mujhe is musbat se bacha sakte hain…kya karu..kya karu…karu to kya karu

Disha: Ah woh…..Mujhe koi bola raha hain LOL( saying this she starts to leave..when dk pulls her her right wrist ……and literally THROWS her back against the wall…so disha's back hits the wall….disha's arms against the wall…one on her right, the other on her left….and dk is holding her wrists..with each of his strong fists)

Disha's  nervousness turns into ghussa!Angry….she stares at him evilyAngry…with garmi in her eyes ( temper) …in other words Sherni aankheinWinkWink ….and dk stares back at her with a naughty, EVIL, desire bhari expression…Sharabi aankienWinkWinkWink …both of them are staring into each other's eyes…very cruelly…..theeki theeki nazro seEmbarrassedEmbarrassed…..talking to each other…aankhon aaankon ki baat…for example disha looks at him with "I hate u" type of an expression…dk replies with a " I want u" type of an expression…they are staring at staring and each other….very very cruelly…...theeki aur tez nazro se….EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Background Music : ( zooms in on disha's face)MircheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeWinkWink
eee( zooms in on dk's face) MircheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeWinkWink….( zooms in back
 and back and froth…fatafat) .Mohabat hain mirchi…mohabat hain mirchi.
.mohabat hain mirchi sanam..(zooms in Dk's eyes) Uljhi uljhWinki, ( zooms in disha
's eyes) tirchhi tirchhi…WinkWink…….Mohabbat ki galiyaan sanamWink Finally, Disha gives him a disgusted look and frees her wrists from his fists…and starts to leave in anger..when dk quickly pulls her right wrist and again THROWS her against the wall…Embarrasseddisha' arms against the wall…Dk 's palms on top of hers…finger intervining…holding her hands TIGHT…his face is realy close to hers..they are only about 2 inches apart…Embarrassed

Dk: ( eye to eye…SLOW yet STRONG tone) Aye theekhi mirchiWink  .. …….. (while SLOWLY shaking his head) bahut hogaya tumhara naatak!…. Aur bahut seh liye tumhare nakhre!  ( disha ..ghusse se laal…breaths out air.!) Ab koi bahana nahi chalega!…Mein jo kahonga tumhe who karna hi hoga(with all his love, passion, effort , might, desire, thirst  and order) .Kiss me!!!Embarrassed

Disha…eyes widen…eyebrows up…..Disha ki dil ki dhakhan….samjho ek second ke liye ruk gayi….she is not only shocked by his guts….but also impressed…her ghussa again turns into nervousness since he is standing sooo close…looking at her with  THIRST  and DESIRE!Embarrassed Disha ki to samjho bolti hi band ho gayi…! Garam tava to ek jhatge me thandi ho gayi …

Disha: ( bolti band)Kuh….kuh….kuh…kiss?Embarrassed

Dk: ( aankhon me chamak…chehre pe nikhaarEmbarrassed )Haan! ( with LOVE, PASSION, and DESIRE in his eyes…he.moves closer to herEmbarrassed)( eye contact) sabse pehle ek dozen…( breaths in) hmmmmmmmmmmm…meethi kissesEmbarrassed (smouches in the air) MuaaahWinkEmbarrassed

Disha: ( eyes widen…eyebrows up..mouth open…chehra tension ke maare bilkul laal ho gaya hainOuch)

Dk: ( with a thrist in his eyes….moves closer to her)Phir do dozen ….haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiEmbarrassed…theekhi theekhi chumiyaWink…( again kisses in the air!)MuaaaahWinkEmbarrassed

Disha: ( who is about to collapse….scared to death) ta…tum…

Dk: ( ignoring her ..moves closer…) Phir teen dozen ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaWink…..namkeen …( blows out air…getiing closer)…huhhhhhhhEmbarrassed….chat-pati pupiya…Wink

Disha: ( has a gulp in her throat….she is about to pass out….she gets more and more scared by the second….while dk gets closer and naughtier by the secondEmbarrassedEmbarrassed) tum…tum..

Dk: ( moving closer) Phir chaar dozz…( when disha who is about to faint just by thinking about 4 dozen kissesLOLLOL..cuts him off)

Disha: ( pushes him by the chest a little..since he was standing sooo close) Tum paagal to nahi ho gaye?Angry

Dk: ( upset all of a sudden..remvoes his palms from hers…so she is free to mingle) Excuse me? Kya matlab?Shocked

Disha: ( trying to explain….calm and polite) Ahhh …dekho….tum jo chahte hoo….woh mein tumhe…( looking down..since she cant face him) nahi de sakti…EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Dk: kyun? arre try to karo naWink…( saying this he gets closer..)

Disha: ( Pushes him off by his chest) ( helpless expression) Nahi de sakti na..Embarrassed

Dk: Lekin kyun?

Disha: Bus! Nahi de sakti to nahi de sakti!Angry

Dk: (who has lost his patience….is ghusse se garam nowAngry..chehra to already hi laal ho gaya hain…lipstick ya sandal ki zarurat bhi nahi padi!LOL) What do u mean by nahi de sakti?????? Tumne khud mujhse vaada kiya tha…aur ab jab tumhari baa…AngryAngry

Disha: ( getting mad) Nahi de sakti to nahi de sakti.!.mere saath behes mat karo!Angry

Dk: ( MAD) … O hello madam…behes mein kar raha hoo ya tum?!?!/…Meine thodhe- bahut chumme kya maang liye…tumhare to pank hi nikal aayeAngry

Disha: ( to herself) thode ya bahut?LOL

While…Dk continues his blabbering….and disha with her arms folded..listens to his raam kahani…

Dk: ( garam….really garam!..) ( complaing) Mujhe to samjah mein nahi aata ke tum ladkiyo ka problem kya hain…ek  chummi milne ke chakar me….Arre! .kitne papad belne padte hain !LOLLOL Ek kiss maango to …nahi abhi nahi...shaadi ke baat…LOLMujhe to tumhare us che futye boyfriendAngry par taras aata hain…( disha ..opens her mouth ) itni nutchadi girlfriend mili hain usse.Angry.( hands on hips…garam..really garam) jo usse kiss to kya..I doubt ke tum usse apne aas pass bhiAngry…( when disha cuts him off)

Disha: ( losing her patience) Tum mere boyfriend ko beech mein mat lao!Angry Mein usse kiss karu ya na karu….yeh mere aur mere boyfriend ki beech ki baat hain…tum kaun hote ho hamra beech bolne waale…( hands on hips…taana maarte hue) aur waise bhi agar mere boyfriend ko pata chal gaya ke tumne mujhse zabarsadi kiss karwayi… who tumhe zinda nahi chodega!LOL

Dk: ( to himself) tumhare boyfriend ki to aisi ki taisi..AngryAngryAngry

Dk: ( aankhon me asha ki kiran…ray of hope) Nahi patachalega!Embarrassed ( goes closer …so they are about 2 inches apart…and holds her waist) Usse kuch nahi pata chalega..tum start to karo!Wink

Disha: Lekin mein

Dk: ( almost screaming) Bus! Bahut ho gaya tumhara naatak! Tum chup chap kiss karti hoo yaa…Angry

Disha: ( trying to explain)Lekin mein…

Dk: (mad) Chup! AngryMujhe kuch nahi sunna…tumne mujse vaada kiya tha..aur jab tak mein apen hisse ke chumme nahi le leta..mein yaha se kahi nahi jaaonga…( gets closer..holding her waist tighter…he back is still against the wall) ok start…aur haan…jadli karo…mera paas time nahi hain!LOL

Disha: ( extremely MAD) ( yells) FINE!

Dk: ( all of a sudden his ghussa goes away….pathar se bilkul paani ban gaya) ( happily smiles at disha) haan to …Embarrassed( sharmaate hue) shuro karo naEmbarrassed

Disha all of a sudden realizes what she has done!LOL

Disha: (to herself) Oh shoot! Yeh kya kiya tune…( looks down…bebas , lachar expression) ab kya hogaOuch

Dk: ( kuch zyada hi khush…acting shyEmbarrassed….lekin andar se shetaanWink) ( smiling)Ab shuro karo naEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Disha: ( looks at him with a " ab mera kya hoga" type of an expression) Ah…pehle tum apni aankhien  to band karoEmbarrassed

Dk: (excited)oh sure!Wink  ( closes his eyes..still holding her she doenst run awayLOL)     ( to himself..still smiling ) tumhari kisses ke liye mein aankhien to kya kuch bhi band karne ke liye tayaar hoonWink

Disha: ( to herself..whining and crying like a kid) …ab kya hoga….bappppaaa meri madat karoCryLOLLOL

Dk: ( eyes closed..complaining)Arre jaldi karo na ..kitna waqt lagati hoo tum!….ab tak to pehla dose mil jaana chahiyeh tha! WinkJaldi karo naa!LOLLOL

Disha: (thodi si darri hui…thodi si sharmaye huiEmbarrassed) haan…tum ..tum apni aankhien mat kholna haan…

Dk: ( still with his eyes closed) Arre baba nahi kholonga! Yaar tum time bahut waste karti hoo..jaldi karo naaa!Angry

Disha: (to herself….looking at dk..) ( helpless) Ab kya karu?.....lagta hain mujhe isse kiss karna hi padega….aur koi chaara bhi to nahi ( sadest expressionConfused)

Just then a cute little girl..5 years old….in a pink dress runs out of nowhere.. …she is hoping on the ground…while kicking a read ball…when disha's eyes fall on her..

Dk: ( with his eyes closed…shaking his body impatientlyLOL) huhhhh….I am waitinggggLOLLOL

When the little girl ..while chasing her ball..runs towards dk an disha

Disha: ( turns her face to the left) ( extremely low voice..trying to call the little girl) Aye chih chich

Dk: ( eyes closed) Kuch kaha?Wink

Disha: ( immediately faces him) Nahi tum apni aakkien band rakho na

Dk: ( eyes closed) Picchle janam se meri aakh band hain..lekin mere chummo ko koi ata pata nahiLOLLOLLOL

Disha: ( who was trying to get the liitle girl's attention ) Arre rukko na ek second!AngryAngry

Dk: ( eyes closed) Saare chumme manufacturing ke liye bhej diye kyaLOLLOL…jo inti der lag rahi hain….…jaldi karo naa…ab aur kitni der mein intezaar karuEmbarrassed

When disha finally manages to grab the little girl's attention…she nods her head  indicating " idhar aao"…the little girl ..unable to understand…puts her right index finger in her mouth…standing like a bhoot and looking at disha

Disha: ( upset) arre, idhar aao na!

Dk: ( opens his eyes ..and looks at disha with amazement) Kya…Tongue( a big smile on his face..gets closer) kya kaha tumne?TongueWink

Disha: (eyes widen) Ah who…amm….Embarrassed.kuch nahi tum …aankhien band karo naa!

Dk: To mein kabse kya kar raha hoonAngry! ( closes his eyes again) dekho..agar tum koi bahane dhoond rahi hoo to bhool jao…mein yaha se tab tak nahi hilonga..jab tak mujhe saari kisses nahi mil jaati …aur tumhe bhi kahi nahi jaane doongaWink( holds her waist tighter…to prove his point)

Disha: Haan haan..tum sirf apni aankhien mat kholna ( looks at the girl who is standing right by them now…staring at disha…waiting for her command..)

Dk: ( eyes closed..whining like a kid) Jaldi karo naaaEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Disha: ( frustrated) Tum ek second chup nahi reh sakte! Mujhe concentrate karna patda hain!LOLLOL

Dk shuts up…and disha signals the little girl to come in between them…there is hardly any room…but just enough to fit the liitle girl..the liitle girl runs between their legs..and gets in the middle…disha quietly and quickly picks up the liitle girl by the waist…so she is in the air…her shoes are touching dk's chest…but dk is too busy in his world to even realize this!

Dk: ( eyes closed) arre jadli karo na….bahut time waste kar liya tumne!LOL

Disha: Arre haan haan…I am ready!…Wink

Dk: ( breaths out…to himself) huh…finally!LOLLOL

Disha whispers in the little girl's left ear " Uncle ko kiss karoEmbarrassed"..The cute little girl happily agrees ..and kisses dk on his left cheek ( her right side) ….little girl's kiss matlab she just keeps her lips there..and then takes them off without doing anything…yes very cute indeedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

 Dk: ( eyes closed…upset) Arre yeh kya kanjooso ki tarah kiss rahi hoo…theek se karo naaa!LOLLOL

Disha who can hardly stop laughing ..… again whispers something…in the liitel girl's ears…and the liitle girl happily puts her cute liitle arms around his neck…dk thinks its disha…the little girl startts kissing him really fast…LOLLOLfirst on his right cheek, then left, then right, then left again..frustrated dk is about to complain. " arre yeh" LOLLOL.when he realises that disha is all over him…LOLLOLwhen he puts his arm around her so she doesn't fall…but when he opens his eyes..he realises that a little girl has her arms around him..and is kissing his cheeks fata fat…dk is still holding she doesn't fall…the girl keeps on kissing dk continuously…whiel disha is cracking upLOLLOL

Dk: ( while the girl is all over him…he is holded her in his left arm…irritated) tum…( kiss on thr ight cheek) .tumhare ghar me paap-bhai nahi hain kya hainAngryLOL…( a kiss on the left cheek)..yeh tumhe  kisne sikhaya? ( disha is still crackin up..when the girl stops kissing him)

Girl: ( with the cutest, the most adorable, totli awaz) (pointing at disha…who is still laughing) Meine nay…aaanteee ne kaha ke ….uncle ko kissie doEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Her voice is soooo cute, that it immediately puts a smile on dk and disha's facesEmbarrassed

Dk: ( smiles at the liitle girl) Accha? Aunty na kaha aur tumne ek chatke me maan bhi liya…bhay wah….( to disha) dekha…kuch sikho isse..kitni samajhdaar ladki hain…mere bina kuch kahehi itni saari kisses dedi…wah bhay…I am immpressedWink

Disha: ( looks at dk with a " what everAngry!" type of an expression) ( to the little girl) Beta tumhara naam kya hain

Girl: ( mahaaa cute…showing all her teeth…the middle one is missingEmbarrassed) pinkeeeeeEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Disha: ( already melted) AwwwwwwwwwEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed..she is soo cute! ( immediately kisses her on her right cheek…dk is still holding the girl in his left arm) Bahut hi pyaara naam hain..bilkul tumhari tarah

Dk: (still trying) Bhay cute to hum bhi hain.WinkWinkWink.( disha just raises her eyebrows and ignores him)

Pinky: (puts her palm on her open mouth) Oh O!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Disha: ( smiles) Arre, kya hua?

Pinky: (in the cutest voice….she is sooooo adorable) Lif-tick lag gayi…EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Disha: ( even bigger smile) awwww…I am soo sorry …auntee ki lipstick lag gayi na

Dk: ( looking at the girl) Bhay…this is not fair….tumhe to lipstick bhi lag gayi…aur uncle ko abhi tak nahi lagi Ouch( disha arms folded…raises her eyebrows…with a fake simle) Zara auntee se kaho na ke mujhe ek kissee de!WinkWinkWink

Disha…with her arms folded…. looks at him with a" UUUUUU" type of an expression…AngryAngryAngry.when all of a sudden

Pinky: Aantee aantee….uncle ko bhi kissieee do na…Embarrassed

She said it soooooo cutely…especially the word "kisssie" Embarrassedthat dk and disha stare at each other for a whileEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed……without any expressions….without saying anything….

Disha: ( quickly takes her from dk's left arm and holds her on her left side) Pinky tum uncle ki baatein mat suno…( looking at dk) woh to hain hi besharam!LOL

Dk: Arre pinky, uncle ne sirf ek kiss hi to maangi…iska matlab ke mein besharam hooon?Wink

Pinky: ( shakes her head CUTELY)  Nayee

Dk: Dekha! Dekha kitni samjdhar hain…choti hain fir bhi kitni akal hain isse…aur cute bhi bahut hain ( saying this he kisses the girl on the right cheek…EXACTLY on top of disha's lipstick markEmbarrassed…yes he did it intentionally!Embarrassed)

Pinky: ( laughs cutely) Uncle ko aantee ki lif-tick lag gayiEmbarrassed

Dk looks at disha with a " haha..I win this roundWink " type of an expression…while disha just gets more mad!

Dk: ( to pinky) Aaacha?Wink ( looking at disha…smiling nautily) Kaha?WinkWink

Pinky: ( puts a finger on his lips) Yahaaa

Dk looks at disha " chumma naa sahi…chumme ka nishaan to aagaya..ab bahut jald chumma bhi mil jaayegaWinkWink" ..Disha looks like she is going to kill him..she is sooo mad..soo mad…ke pucho hi mat!

Disha quickly puts pinky down

Disha: Beta tumhari mamma pareshaan ho rahi hogi…chalo jaldi ghar aajao

Pinky:; O ok (picks up her red ball) Bye aantee..bye uncle…( she runs away…

And the two are alone again..what happens? stay tuned!

This one took me a longgg time..islyeh comments mein kanjoosi mat karna!LOLLOL...jk


*Reemz* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 July 2005 at 5:26pm | IP Logged
Hai Hai...Bomby itna tension tha...aur uss larki ne aake sab kuch shaant kardiyaLOL'll never believe it but when in your narration you said 'Disha had her eyes wide open, eyebrows up' ...i had the exact expression....too good yaar!!ClapClap
nsa4657 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 29 June 2005
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Posted: 30 July 2005 at 5:38pm | IP Logged
good job bomby!!!!!!!ClapClap
cant wait for the next part!!!
write sooon!!!Wink

Joined: 28 March 2005
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Posted: 30 July 2005 at 6:07pm | IP Logged

wow bomby kamal khar diya tumneClapClapClap

keep it up

lucky-moon Goldie

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Posted: 30 July 2005 at 6:10pm | IP Logged
itna bara surprise mein nah kayaloon mein bhi nahi socha tha wah kiya baat hain thanks a zilllion pal kash ahseh surprises ros mela kareen Tongue

Edited by lucky-moon - 30 July 2005 at 6:29pm
keshp15 Senior Member

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Posted: 30 July 2005 at 9:41pm | IP Logged

hey BombyWink

that was EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

very unexpected i must say ...WinkLOLLOL......  lovedd this partClapClap

tumhe humaare AASHIRWAAD milte hai..WinkBig smile..............

SUKH SUKH JIYO LOL, so that u write like this all the timeClap

love KPBig smile

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