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Tumhari Disha MOVIE! (Page 7)

Bombgirl4eva Goldie

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Scene 5

The scene starts in the Red Dragon disco. There are two floors. On the ground floor everyone is dancing and on the second floor people are sitting on tables and watching them.

Dk is sitting on a VIP table on the second floor. As usual, he is drinking!LOL He is looking downstairs at all the people dancing on the music. Just then his eyes fall on the beautiful disha in the black dress who is dancing with her friends in a group. She is dancing , ladke jhatke mar  kar  Winkon the song " Hai rama rama hoooooo hai moore raaama ,dil mein macha hai kyun...koi hungamaaWink..aayega koi .bahoo mein leke....choomega mere ..yeh lucky lips(shaking  her booteeWink) aay haaai aha ha Wink..aha ha aaye hai aha ha ..aha ha (more ladke jhatkeWink) . aaye hai ah ha ha  aha ha oye hoi aha ha aha haWink Dk's eyes pop out! He just stares at her ..bina palak jhubkaaye  He SLOWLY gets up from his chair .while continuously staring at her. He goes to the rod , puts his hands on it and continues to stare downstairs at her with passion and a sparkle in his eyessEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Disha who is in her own world "Aye haai oho ho..aha ha Aye hai aha ha aha haWink"....while her hero just stares at herEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Just then a girl who was dancing downstairs notices dk standing upstairs. And within a minute, we see about 20-30 girls running upstairs to get Dk.

Girls: Please humare dance karoo..please dk....please...chalo...please..please..please ..please

After a lot of nakhraWink, Dk decides to go with them.

He comes downstairs, surrounded by the 20-30 girls... Just then all the other girls on the dance floor stop dancing...since the girls stop dancing....all teh guys stop dancing...Disha and her friends also stop dancing because everyone else has stopped dancing...Most of the girls (by most I mean everyone excluding disha and her friends) scream Dk with joy...and crowd around him...All the boys are also excited...(since Dk is soo famous  for going to clubs and discos...that everyone knows him!" and they also  crowd around him...

while this is going on ....

Pooja: (Disha's friend whispers in her ear) Yeh to wohi hain na....jiss par tum giri thi..

Disha: (annoyed) Jaan much kar nahi giri..galdi se giri thi...Ek number ka badmaash hain yeh !(makes a face kinda like this oneAngry)

Shilpa: lekin ...dhikne mein to kaafi hansome hainWink

Disha: handsome? My foot! (liarLOL)

After a while someone quiets the whole crowd...and hands a mike to Dk...he is standing on this little  stage thing....
A girl form the crowd yells " Coomon dk join us!"

Dk: arre nai nai...aaj mood nahi hain..

when a guy from the crowd yells.."to mood banaligiyeh...Dk ..phicli baar ke tarah..aaj bhi koi tadakti-bhadakiti cheez ho jaayeWink"

Everyone laughs...

Random people form the crowd: " ha Dk."..."come on Dk..".."dk please"
when everyone starts screaming with their hands in the air " Dee K Dee K Dee K Dee K..."

Dk:(on the mike) OK OK OK

Crowd starts cheering and whistling! Everyone is cheering...even Disha's friends....but disha does not seem that happy" and just looks at the crowd with a "whatever" type of an expression!

Dk throws the mike somewhere and jumps into the crowd....all the girls  get closerWink and start dancing with him...

Dk: (swings a girl towards him with his left arm..her hair hits his face)  Kahi zulf ka baadal oho.(swings another one on the right ...)kahi rangeen aachal ahaWink(one girl grabs his back and turns his face towards hers ) kahi hoth gulabi oho(one comes from the front ladak matak ke..)kahi chaal sharabi ahaWink(a girl with contact lenses comes from the front right 45 degree angle) kahi aankh mein jaado oho(a girl from the front left 45 degree comes towards him) kahi jism ki khushboo ahaWink(a girl from the back left 45 degree angle comes towards him ) kahi naram nigahe oho(a gril  from teh back-right 45 degree angle puts her arms around his neck!)kahi gori baahe ahaWink (Dk breaks  free from these 6 girls..)....since he is sooo strongEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Dk : Haaaaaa yaha katam katam par....lakho haseen aaye hain €( walks through the middle of the crowd) Hum magar ,yeh dil ka toofa dene usse aaye hain( walks towards disha) who ladki jo sabse alag hain.. who ladki jo sabse alag hain(points at disha )who ladki jo sabse alag hain.. who ladki jo sabse alag hain (Wink s at her)
Disha is mad and embarrassed ...since every1 is staring at her. dk walks towards her pointing his finger at her  "who ladki jo sabse alag hain.. who ladki jo sabse alag hain"He is standing in front of her now... Disha gets really embarassed and puts her head down..when Dk comes closer ....looks at disha .....and pulls the girl next to disha, Shilpa  LOLby her hand...holds her waist and starts dancing with her...Shilpa, who seems really happy..puts her arms around Dk and she too dances with himLOL...Disha looks up and she starts to walk away.....itraakeWink....but before she goes all the girls surround him...Disha is unable to leave the crowd...

Dk: (surrounded by girls) Kitne hi jalwe hain aankhon mein ghunti hain jinse chandini ..Winkkitni hi hoooo baatein hain kaano mein jinse ghunti hain raagini...Wink .(follows a girl)- yeh chale jaise bhalkhake....( follows disha ) .woh chale zara ithlaakeWink(a girll comes from teh left and shyly puts her arms around his neck) yeh mile zara sharma ke(breaks free and grabs disha's wrist) ( She rudely looks at him and escapes) who mile zara itraakeWink.....Spreads his arms apart and looks up)  Haaaa yaha katam katam mar..lakho haseen aaye hain (ALL the  girls hug him..i guess they really don't miss a chanceLOL) (he breaks free ) Hum magar ,yeh dil ka toofa dene usse aaye hain who ladki jo sabse alag hain.. who ladki jo sabse alag hain(again points at disha..she is embarrased) who ladki jo sabse alag hain.. who ladki jo sabse alag hain(again disha tries to  exit the crowd of girls but in vain)

She tries and tries to push thro the girls...but the girls, (crazily  dancing) trying to get closer ...drag her closer towards Dk...Dk who had been noticing all this while dancing around ...smiles and SOMEHOW goes closer towards her....he gets hold of her hand...and swings her towards him..and she lands in his strong armsWink...her hands on his GREAT chest...Winkand his right arm...around  her waist.. Wink... Dk looks at her with passsssionnn EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedshe quickly removes her hand off his chest..but dk puts her other arm around her waist GENTLY...

Dk: Gulshan ki ....hain who kali..(gently and slowly brings her closerr) .jo zarre pholo se bilkool hain judaaaaa(disha stares at him RUDELY) ..kya kahiye hooo dekha hain(gets lost in her beuty) aankhon ne usme aisa roop kyaaaEmbarrassedkya ajeeb si taazgi hain(gets really close..while she tries to leave) .kya haseen si saadgi hainEmbarrassed.kya ajeeb si dilkashi hain kya haseen si dilbari hainWink(disha finally manages to escapes) Haaa yaha katam katam mar..lakho haseen aaye hain €(gets out of the crowd) Hum magar ,yeh dil ka toofa dene usse aaye hain who ladki jo sabse alag hain.. who ladki jo sabse alag hain(follows disha) who ladki jo sabse alag hain...

And Dk looses his senses......forcefully pullls her....and starts dancing with her....soooooooooooooooo fast..that disha  doesn't even know what's  happening to herLOL.....he swings her to the right ....pulls her back..twists her and  turns her around...she spins to the left....comes backs and lands in his arms...She is spinning and turning...and what not.LOL..this goes on for a while  he picks her up by her waistWink.turns and twists her in the air(Its's pretty hard to describe) and she comes out from between his legsWink....pulls her closer..again more twisting., pulling ,pushing etcWink.when finally he picks her up by her legs and ends his little dance

So Disha is in the air now, looking down at Dk, who has big smile on his face and is staring at her€People are whistling and cheering while disha is really embarrassed and mad at the same timeLOL

waht happens next? Does Dk ever put her down? Stay tuned!




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*Guli* IF-Stunnerz

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OH MAN DONT STOP NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
memsaab IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by Bombgirl4eva

Scene 2 Enjoy!Big smile

The scene starts on the highway. Its 8 in the morning. Dk is in his Mercedes, talking to someone on the phone. Taj, his secretary is sitting in the front seat, next to the driver

Dk: (on the phone)Kya? Do baje ki meeting? Cancel karwado…ha…teen baje ki bhi…jo kaha hain woh karo

Taj notices that his boss is very frustrated…he aks Dk if he is ok…

Dk : Ha mujhe kya hoga?

Taj: nahi woh aapne saari meeting cancel karwadi…

Dk : Ha woh mein bahut thaka hua ho..bus..aur kuch nahi

Taj: (nosey) Sir..maine suna hai ke kal aap kisi party mein gaye the. Aur waha pe bahut saari ladkiyah bhi thi

Dk: Ha who to thi..lekin tum yeh kyun puch rahe ho?

Taj: Nahi woh…..woh mein to sirf…

Dk : Kya ..woh…woh mein kar rahe ho! Saaf saaf batao kya baat hain

Taj: Woh actu…(dk cuts him off)

Dk: yeh kya khadi khadi woh who bol rahe ho

Dk: Actaully mein yeh jaanna chahta tha key eh aap kaise karte ho…mera matlab hain ki saari ladikiyah (slows) aapke pichhee….

Dk: (laughs) mere picche kyun bhagti hain? (laughs again) Yeh sawal ka jawab to sirf tumhe who ladkiya hi de sakti hain!LOL

Taj: Aap kitne lucky hain jo aapko itni saari ladkiya pyar karti hain….kai logo ko to ek ladki bhi naseeb nahi hoti (referring to himself…….to kya aaap un saari ladkiyo se pyar karte ho?

Dk: (cracks up) Pyaar ? Dk aur Pyaar? (cracks up again) Dk Seghal aisi beduki baatoon par vishwas nahi karta…tum to kitne saalo se mujhe jaante ho…tumhe itna bhi nahi pata ke pyar aur haar Dk ki dictionary mein nahi hain!

Taj: Lekin sir, aap to itni saari ladkiyoh se milte ho, kitno partiyo mein bhi jaate hoon…koi to aisi ladki hogi jisse aap pasand karte ho..

Dk: (laughs) Nahi, aisi to koi nahi hain

Taj: But sir, koi to aisi ladki hogi, jisko dekh kar aapke hosh udgaye ho?

Dk: Is duniya mein aisi koi ladki paida nahi huyee hain jo Dk ke hosh udda de!(oh reallyWink)


A girl, with long straight hair, is walking towards her window in a RED nighty. Her back is towards the camera, so we can't see her face. She goes and opens the curtains and stretches her arms. Her face is still not shown!

Taj: To kya aapki koi Dreamgirl nahi hain?

Dk: Meri dreamgirl? ? (serious) Thi naaa…meinehamesha se socha tha ek din…..EK DIN woh mere saamne zaroor aayegi..Embarrassed


The girl is still at the window. Suddenly, a blow of wind hits her face. She closes her eyes. The camera focuses on her closed eyes…but you still cant see her entire face..just her closed eyes…

Dk: Lekin woh mere saamne kabhi nahi aayi…..aur isliyeh mein pyaar par vishwas nahi karta

Taj: Lekin sir, aapko aisa kyun lagta hain ke who aapko nahi milegi. Agar woh is duniya mein hain, to woh aapko zaroor milegi!

Dk: Agar woh is duniya mein hain to kaha hain?


The girl is still at the window. Suddenly, another heavy blow of wind hits her face and all of her blows on her face. The camera focuses on her face, but we still can't see her face, as her face is covered with her hair. She puts her hand on her face to move her hair…

Dk: Kaun hain woh ladki?

No flash this time!

Someone from the back calls " Dishaa" The girl in the blue nighty finally turns around with her hair swinging in the air. And we finally get to see her face. Yes guys, its none other than the beautiful, altra cool Chavi Mittal, the heroine of our movie!

In teh next scene they'll meet..its a fimli Stay tuned!



arree lo batau.. yeh red nightie blue kaisi ban gayee??

ManishaRox IF-Dazzler

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rm_apple IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 May 2005 at 10:58am | IP Logged

Bravo ClapThumbs Up

Good in the movie DK is not lame... He is in full form and swing.. I like it like that Embarrassed

Bombgirl4eva Goldie

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Posted: 30 May 2005 at 2:11pm | IP Logged
Thanks guys...

memsaab...sorry yaar..pata nahi likte likte laal nighty kab blue ho gayiLOL

guli...Oh trust I had to stop right there...cuz Disha is going to be slapping Dk...LOL..

keep teh comments/feedback/compalints (like memsab'sWink) coming!

Tumhari Bomby!

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Posted: 30 May 2005 at 4:02pm | IP Logged
very good keep it up, and write the next part soon

plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Clap
rm_apple IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 May 2005 at 5:25pm | IP Logged

naughty naughty bomby WinkLOL

I like the line "likte likte laal nighty kaise blue hogayi" Embarrassed

Pls do continue.. we love your writing style and ideas.. it is much better than the real serial which is very depressing.  Cry

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