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Tumhari Disha MOVIE! (Page 44)

Bombgirl4eva Goldie

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Posted: 11 July 2005 at 1:02pm | IP Logged
After 7 days of break...I am back...soo sorry for making u guys wait for a long time...

Scene 21

A dhol. A lady is playing it. She has spoons in both of her hands…there are other ladies seated behind her…they are singing…"dhola ve dhola hai dhola…..aaja dovein nachiye hai dhola…dukh sukh pholiye hai dhola….dhola ve dhola hai dhola…rut mastani, hai dhola…badi deewani, hai dhola …hai dhola..hai dhola.."

It's a huge living room….the furniture has been moved so there is enough room….All young boys and girls are dancing in the center ..well mostly its young girls!

Dk is with his friends…all flirty boys…sab ek se badkar ekWink….they are standing in a group in a corner…checking out all the girls who are dancingWink…Dk is wearing a black glitery sherwani looking HOT as usualEmbarrassed…with grey duppata to go with it…As mentioned before Dk does not like Vicky, the flirt…Angry

Vicky: ( with his arm resting on Dk 's right shoulder) Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar ….( shaking his head naughtily) kya ek se ek phuljadiya hain….khaas kar woh pink wali …Wink

Dk: Saale, tujhe to saari ladkiya phuljadiya hi lagti hain!Angry

Vicky: Haa woh to hain…..lekin yeh pink wali ko dekh to sahi  ( points at a girl in pink) Oye hoyeeeee…..yaar phuljadi nahi to aur kya hain…Wink

Dk: ( looks at the girl) Yeh Ladki? (looks at her with a "Oh Puhleseee" type of an expressionAngryAngryAngry)

Mohit: (puts his arm on dk's left shoulder) Wow …..she is mind blowing yaar…too good

Rohan: ( who is next to Vicky) Pink wali to hain hi sexy….lekin who blue wali to usse bhi zyaada acchi hain

Vicky: ( Imapatient) Kaun?!kaha?! Kaunsi wali?!LOLLOL

Rohan: Arre wahi jo us moti ke bagal me naach rahi hain…

All of them look at the girl in blue…

Vicky: Oh yaar….kya kudi hain…such agar yeh mujhe mil jaaye to….mein toWink

Mohit: Waise hain to hot….lekin dekha jaaye to ….thodi moti  nahi hain?

Rohan: Kya baat kar raha .....tujhe moti kis angle se lag rahi hain…

Dk: (laughs…puts his right arm around Vicky, left arm around mohit) Waise dekha jaaye to dono me se ek bhi ladki HOT  nahi hain!LOLLOL

Vicky: Tera deemak to kharab nahi ho gaya..itni sexy ladki(when dk cuts him off)

Dk: Yeh ladki hain? Tumhe kis angle se yeh ladki nazarr aa rahi hain!

Mohit: Yaar to pink wali ki baat kar raha hain ya blue wali ki??

Dk: ( facing mohit) Dono ki!

Vicky: Yaar mujhe lagta hain tujhe chasme ki zarurat padne wali hain

Dk: Chasme ki zarurat mujhe nahi …tum sab ko hain! Tum sab isse ladki kehte hoo…na figure ka thikhana hain kuch!LOLLOL

Mohit: Dekha meine kaha tha ke blue wali thodi moti hain…lekin pink wali to perfect hain…

Dk: Arre idiot,  ….Pink wali to blue wali se bhi gayi ghusri hain!

Vicky: Kya baat kar raha .isse sexy figure to meine aaj tak nahi dekha! Dekho to kaise apni kamar hila rahi hain…Wink

Dk: ( disgusted face) Kamar ya Kamra?? Arre isse acchi kamar to mere ghar mein kaam karne wali kaam waali baai ki hain!LOL

Vicky, Mohit, Rohan:  Kya?????????????LOL

Dk: Aur nahi to kya…kam se kam is moti bhess ki kamar se to patli hi hain…! Yaar tum sab bhi na…ladkiyo ke maamle bikul zero hain sab ke sab…..mujhe to tumhe apna doost kehte hue bhi sharam aati hain….arre gaddho….ladki to who hain jisse dekhte hi lage ke…haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai…..uska paap zaroor terrorist hoga!Wink

Vicky: (confused) Terrorist? Lekin uske paap ke terrorist hone se kya lena-dena?

Dk: ( removes his arms from Vicky and mohit)Arre gaddho, agar paap terrorist nahi hoga to beti ATOM BOMB kaise hogi?!LOL

Vicky, mohit, rohan:  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Dk: Ab kcuh baat tumhare palle padi? …...anyway to mein kya keh raha tha….

Mohit: Tum shayad atom bomb ke baare me baat kar rahe the..!

Vicky: Abbe gadhe atom bomb nahi ladkiya!

Dk: Ek hi baat hain ...haan to mein kya keh raha tha…..(puts his right arm around Vicky and left arm around mohit) (excited)haan…to ladki to woh hoti hain jisse dekhte hi ( panic!) dil ki dhadkhan rukjaaye…..koi bhi insaan clean bold ho jaayeWink…. ladki kam…..aur bijli zyadaWink…bus usse dekhte hi aisa lage oyeee hoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee   (shaking his head …with the naughtiest expressions) very sexy maaaan…….just tooo sexy!WinkWink

All of a sudden, Vicky, Mohit, and rohan are frozen…koi chu bhi nahi kar raha….Vicky has his eyes wide open and is staring without blinking once!….…Mohit has his mouth open and is sweatingAngry….while Rohan collapses on the ground…LOLLOL

Dk: ( confused) (looks at the three who are frozen!) (pushes Vicky on the shoulder…but all in vain) Arre kya hua…tum teeno ko saap ne kaat liya kya…(they are still frozen) (laughs) Abhi to meine atom bomb…ke baare baat karna shuru nahi kiya…aur tum teen to aise react kar rahe ho..jaise who khud tmhare saamne khadi hoo.LOLLOL (laughs..shaking his head….when his eyes fall on a girl near the entrance area…)

It's a girl in a dark red sexycholi …a strapless short short blouse which covers only her breastsEmbarrassed…with her entire waist showingWink….…with a  criss cross (X )on her back…that's itWink…. and the long  skirt ofcourse with a cut on the right side….her long, black hair is down….she is wearing long matching earings…and high heels…..and its none other than our disha looking STUNNING and RAVISHING…and very SEXY ofcourseWink….she is standing with a group of girls…

Dk's eyes falll on her….once his eyes fall on her…he is clean bold…dill ki dhakhan to tukh hi gayi samjho…….his mouth is not open…but his eyes wide open…and a faint smile on his lips….a chamak (glow)in his eyesssssEmbarrassed…a taazgi (freshness) in his breathEmbarrassed…He stares and stares at her….with PASSSSSION in his eyessssEmbarrassed

Disha who is busy with her friends…laughs…covering her mouth..while dk ki nazar usse hatti hi nahi…he keeps staring…

Background music: "Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooniyehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

It has been about 5 minute and dk has been staring at her…when he strechessssssssssssssss  his arms wide while smiling with the naughtiest smile….and puts his left shoulder on Mohit's shoulder….stilll staring at disha…but this time with a naughty naughty smileWink…when he realizes that mohit still has his mouth open and si looking at none other than Disha! Dk immediately gets mad and hits him hard on the shoulder…mohit moves a little..but has the same expressions…LOLLOL

Dk: ( who is about to choke him to death)(grabs him by the topfof his sherwaani) (MADAngryAngry) Ssaale mu band kar..!Angry Agar uski tarah dekha bhi to mein teri hatti phasli ek kardoonga! (he goes and stands right in front of  him with his hands still on his collar…he shakes mohit…but mohit is still in the same position) Saale ! mein…Angry(when his eyes fall on Vicky who is satring at disha and sweating,…and biting his lips…rohan has fainted on the ground so dk doesn't notice him!)

DK gets real MAD and grabs both of their necks…with his strong srong arms…almost choking them..whiel mohit and Vicky are having a hard time

Dk: ( who is about to kill them both with his arms chjoking them) Saaaaaaaalo !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Agar apni gandi nazaar bhi meri waali par daali…to mein tum dono ko kaccha chaba jaonga!Angry

Mohit and Vicky complaining in pain…" lekin…" " lekin yaar kyun"

Dk: ( getting more furious…chokes them harder) Bhabhi hain woh tum dono ki! Samjhe kya….(holding their necks tighter..whiel they are whining in pain).Agar uski tarah aank uthha ke bhi dekha to mein tum dono ko nahi chodonga! Kya hain who tumhari??

Mohit, Vicky:( haalat khaaaab) Bha buh…buh..bha…..bhabhi…LOLLOL

Dk: ( lets them go) Haaaaaaaaaaan….ab aaayi na akal theekane!

Dk starts to leave when Vicky butts in " Soch le..mujhe nahi lagta ke who tujhe ghaas tak degi!" Dk stops and turns around " Yeh Dk ka jaado hain….yeh kabhi fail nahi huwa!WinkWink" Confinent Dk goes towards disha's group…where pooja, priya shilpa, and even rohit , the groom …all of then in  a circle..talking...

Dk: ( puts his arm around rohit) kya baat hain…aaj dulhe raja kuch zyada ki khush nazar aa rahe hain?Wink

Rohit: (puts his arm around dk) Bhai mein to khush hoon hi…lekin aap itne gum sum kyu hain ?Wink

Dk: ( eyes widenedLOL…..when he looks at the the girls ) Arre tum sab kab aayi ? ( takes his arm off of rohit and looks at disha) mujhe to pata bhi nahi chalaLOLLOL

Rohit: ( to himself) Aur woh jo inti der se maindak ke aankhon se goor goor ke dekh raha tha…..uska kya?LOLLOL

Disha: (smiles) Bus thodi der pehle hi aaye!

Pooja: (grabs disha's right arm) Chalo na dance karte hain

Rohit: Haa haa lets go..waise bhi saaliyo ke saath dance karne ka mooka pata nahi fir kab milega….

Dk, disha, Rohit, priya , pooja n shilpa all go to the center of the living room..where whole bunch people are dancing…dk is right behind disha he could get a better look of her bare back except for the criss cross (X) of course…..They all scud into the crowd…btw a lot more guys and girls have joined…

What happens at the dance? An antakshri!Wink So STAY TUNED!


ManishaRox IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 July 2005 at 1:03pm | IP Logged

I think it came out of the horses mouth.. AP wants u to join her in greeting DK at Heathrow and abducting him.. ab bolo kiski neeyat mein khot hain LOLLOL

Kya bhaat kar rahi ho! Meine yeh kab kaha! Horse bhol be sagte hein yeh to mujhe pati hi nahi ta tumhari neeyat mei khot hei!

Patti, an mein nurse hoon ke Bomby ko patti pahenaungi...LOL ya bomby puppy hain ke patti laga nekiLOLLOL

Bomby aur kutta kya kya bate kar rahi ho Tumhne Bomby ko Kutta kyu bulaya Madam mujhe batowgi!

rm_apple IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 July 2005 at 1:05pm | IP Logged

arey bomby.. tumne DK ka dost ka naam Mohit rakha ? LOL

Okay start with the antakshari song.. we will give you some nice songs for all types of situations.. right Miss England?LOL

ManishaRox IF-Dazzler

Joined: 22 March 2005
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Posted: 11 July 2005 at 1:05pm | IP Logged
Excellent Bomby kya baat hei! I really like the story plz continue soon! Of course Rm_Apple we will help Bomby!Big smile

Edited by miss.england02 - 11 July 2005 at 1:34pm
rm_apple IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 July 2005 at 1:07pm | IP Logged

miss england ab maska bhi lagana shuroo kiya.. Puppy and horse are just idioms.. LOL pls dont take literary meanings..LOL

dont read in between lines..LOL 

Abhi Antakshari shuru kardo DK ke naam leke..LOL

ManishaRox IF-Dazzler

Joined: 22 March 2005
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Posted: 11 July 2005 at 1:24pm | IP Logged

miss england ab maska bhi lagana shuroo kiya.. Puppy and horse are just idioms.. LOL pls dont take literary meanings..LOL

Acha Acha teek hei its my fault! par meine to shari line pari teeh!

hi Antakshari shuru kardo DK ke naam leke..LOL

Kya Matlab?

Edited by miss.england02 - 11 July 2005 at 1:30pm
Sumayya IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 July 2005 at 1:40pm | IP Logged

Lol good job usual..Need I say more?

nsa4657 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 July 2005 at 4:53pm | IP Logged
good job bomby cant wait till the next part

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