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Tumhari Disha MOVIE! (Page 30)

TD.FAN Goldie

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Posted: 01 July 2005 at 2:29pm | IP Logged

Bombgirl4eva Goldie

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Posted: 01 July 2005 at 3:40pm | IP Logged

Scene 18

Dk with his eyes closed and all…..waiting for his kissEmbarrassed…we can't see dk's face….neither can we see disha's face…just her hair…dk is waiting and waiting…while disha gets closer and closer….when Disha pulls herself up…...swinging her hair up high in the air…laughing crazily….she is still sitting on his chest…she is cracking up badly…but dk does not get the joke…he just gives her a confused look…with a "But….but…but…what happened to my kiss??" type of an expression… Disha looks down at dk who is completely dumbfolded..and cracks up again…

Dk: (to himself) Lagta hain sadme se paagal ho gayi hain…

…DK does not understand what's going on…when all of a sudden Disha attacks dk…her one arm to the left of his chest…and the other to the right…with her on top…not touching him at all..…

Disha: (looking at him in the eye and smiling) Tumhe kya laga…ke flirting karna sirf tumhe hi aata hain?

Dk: To tum…tum abhi tak nataak kar rahi thi.??

Disha: (pulls herself up….but still sitting on his chest) Tumhe kya laga … ke mein serious thi (laughs) …(arms folded) yeh sab tumhe meine sabak sikhane ke liyeh kiya tha…Ab tumhe pata chala na…ke flirting ka kya anjaam ho sakta hain...tumhari to hawa hi tight ho gayi thi….

Dk: (Puts his palms under his head) Waise….such kaho to mujhe to bada maza aaya…

Disha: What??

Dk:  (naughty naughty) Haaaaa…ab aise doses roos roos thodi na milte hainWink…( pulls her down again….and holds her by her waist..TIGHT ) ( looks at her in the eye)  aur agar aise shots roos roos mil jaaye  to mein to…(shaking his head ..looks at her with the naughtiest expression)

Disha: (shocked and disgusted) Mein to kya?

Dk: (shaking his head..with the naughtiest expressions) …meri to life ban jaaye..Wink

Disha: (shocked and smiling at the same time) Tum kabhi nahi sudhrogee na?

Dk: Haa perfection ko improve karna itna mushkil jo hain.LOLLOL

Disha: (laughs) Tum jaante ho na ke tum tum bilkul paagal ho..

Dk: (to himself) Tumhare liye pagal hoo…Embarrassed

Dk: (smiling) Accha? Mujhe to nahi pata tha…

Disha: ( smiles) Accha Mr. Perfect….Ab mujhe chodenge?

Dk: Kyun?Wink

Disha: (smiling) What!

Dk: (smiles) just kidding….Wink(saying this he takes his arms off…and she gets off of him…and goes to the dresser….which is in the room)

She starts taking off her bangles (chodiya) ..while dk who is lying on his front/chest …upside down…so his legs are near the pillows…and his head where the legs are supposed to be…he grabs a remote control..and turns on the TV...which is rite in front of the bed…he is pretenting to watch tv….but instead he is watching disha secretly…

Disha: (taking her earing off) Waise hum kal goa kaise pahochenge?

Dk: Oh tum uski jinta mat karo….mein Rohit se subha baat kar loonga ..woh humare liye gaadi bhej dega… don't worry at all..

Disha: (stands up….brushing her hair) To humme pehle hi phone kar dena chahiyeh tha…fir humme  yaha nahi aana padta

Dk: Tum bhi kaamal karti hoo..aaj uski bacherlor's party…bahut jald to bechara shaheed  hone wala hain…..kamse kam aaj to usse enjoy karne doLOLLOL..(flipping channels)

Disha: (laughs) Shaheed? ( goes and sits on the bed)

Dk: Ha wahi to…bhari jawani mein……bechara…(LOLLOLfllipng channels)

Disha: ( goes and sits ..I mean lies in the same position as Dk's……right next to him) Bechara matlab? Shaadi ho rahi hain uski…koi aatma hatya nahi kar raha

Dk: (who still hasn't realized that disha is next to him…..flipping channels)haaaa to ek hi baat hain na….LOLLOL

Disha: (grabs the remote from his hand) Excuse me? What do u mean?!?!

 Dk: (finally faces her) Dekho ab..jab insaan ki shaadi hi jo jaati tab who ek bandhan mein bhand jaata hain..usse apni biwi ke alawa kisi aur ke taraf dekhi ki ijazat  nahi hoti..….(laughs) mujhe to aaj tak samajh nahi aata ke  koi insaan ek ladki ke saath apni poori zindagi kaise bita sakta hain?

Disha: Wow…..kya anhoke vichaar hain tumhare…iska matlab tum to kabhi shaadi hi nahi karoge right?

Dk: (to himself) Isse accha mooka tujhe kab milega….kya pata shayad koi baat ban jaaye(smiling to himself)

 Disha: Kya hua? Kya soch rahe ho tum?

Dk: ( smiles and  scuds to the right a liitleWink…so his shoulder is almost touching disha's shoulder) Woh actually…aisa koi baat nahi…..(sharmaate hue) woh kya hain mujhe abhi tak aisi koi ladki nahi mili …..jise dekhte hi aisa lage ke ( looks at her in the eye) tum hi who ladki ho ..jiska mujhe intezaar thaEmbarrassed

Disha: (confused) Lekin tumhari girlfriend…tum to usse pyaar karte ho na?

Dk: girlfriend?? Oh yes of course…..meri girlfriend….woh to bus yuheee

Disha: Yuheee matlab?

Dk: Time pass!(laughs)LOLLOL

Disha: (disgusted) Tum sab mard…sab mard ek jaise hote hain…( saying this she sits up on the bed) accha utho!

Dk: Uttho matlab?

Disha: Mujhe neend aa rahi hain…..tum jaa kar sofe pe soo jao

Dk: ( laughs…shaking his head) Mein kahi nahi jaane walaa…(saying this he gets on his back.....aur aaram se leta hua hain)

Disha: What do u mean by no…Utho yaha se ( pushes the side of his chest)

Dk: (pus his palms under his head) Mein to nahi hatne wala ..tumhe yaha sona soo jao…mujhe koi problem nahi hain….Wink

Disha: (to herself) Haaa tumhe kya takleef hogi…

Disha: lekin mujhe problem hain…isliyeh tum utho…abhi ke abhi ( she starts pushing his off the bedWink….but all in vain)

Dk: (smiling) Mein nahi jaana wala…Wink

Disha: Kis kisam ke insaan ho tum…itna bhi nahi pata ek lady ko kaise treat karte hain! (with her hands on her hips….kneeling…..looking down at dk) Sharam nahi aati tumhe

Dk: Bhai mein to aisa hi ho …tumhe jo karna hain karlo…lekin (shaking his head) mein yaha se nahi hilne wala…

Disha: Fine! To mein jaa rahi ho…(she quickly grabs a pillow and goes to the sofa…)

Dk: (excited) Wow….iska matlab is poore bed par mein soonga….good …and good night (saying this he turns off the tv...pounces on the bed…he is sleeping on his back….he is still sleeping upside downWink)

Disha: (who looks really mad throws the pillow on the coach…and goes to sleep)LOLLOL

Dk: (looking at the coach) Shit! Lagta hain naaraas ho gayi…

Disha: (cuddles up on the coach)

Dk: (to himself)Arre yeh to sone lagi…kuch karna padega…

Dk: (deep breath…smiling) hum tummmmm….ek kamre mein band hooo…LOLaur cha( disha cuts him off)

Disha: (sleepy..with her eyes closed) Apni besuri awaaaz band karo na…mujhe neend aa rahi hain…

Dk: To mein kya karo…mujhe to neend nahi aa rahi..

Disha: ( almost whining in her sleep) To bahar jaa kar…aunty ke saath flirt karo…LOL

Dk: Aunty?? Yaar tumhe koi aur nahi mili kya…mere itne boore din aagaye hain kya..

Disha: (really sleepy and frustrated) Ab tum soo jao na………itni raat gaye...( hides herself under the pillow)

Dk: Abhi to sirf 11 hi baje hain…tum to kumkaran hi aulaad ho…

Disha: (dream world)hah? Haaaa

Dk: (shakes his head) (to himself) Ho gayi flirting!( saying this he hides himself in his blanket )

15 minutes later

 Disha is fast asleep ..while dk couldn't sleep….he was feeling guilty for not letting her sleep on the bed…

Dk: (lifts up his head ) Accha theek haa......tum bed par soojao…mein waha soo jaonga…LOL

 No response from disha

Dk: ( lifts his head some more) Disha..  (no response) Lagta hai maharani soo gayi..( puts the blanket over him…and goes to sleep again)

 A minute later….frustrated dk gets up from the bed…and goes to the coach where disha is sleeping…

Dk: Tum….(when his eyes fall on the sleeping disha)…(smilesssssssss and SLOWLY and GENTLY picks her up….and puts her on the bed…EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed)

Disha does not wake up..she is fast asleep…Dk  is sitting on the bed…with his one arm to her right..and one to her left…so he is covering her…without touching her…Dk looks at her….for a second gets lost…he just keeps staring at her…EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Dk: ( to himself) Soote hue to bilkul beauty queen lagti hoo…Embarrassedaur jaagi ho to ( shaking his head ) bandit queen!LOLLOLLOL

He smilessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss……EmbarrassedEmbarrassedand takes a deep breath…and continues staring at her….bends  his chest a liitle so he is closer to her….he stares and stares…getting more and more mesmerized….he takes his right finger and very slowly and gently caresses her right cheek…Embarrassedhe is looking at her with a sparkle in his eyes…Embarrassedand a faint smile on his face….the more he caresses her…the more sparkles in his chocolate brown eyessss…EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedhe gets more and more lost in her beauty…he gets his face closer to hers…he keeps staring at her….when all of sudden…somewhere deep down in his heart….he feels like kissing his sleeping beuty…..EmbarrassedEmbarrassedhe gets closer to her face…Embarrassed

A conversation between dk and his ego…going on in his head

Dk's ego: Naai naai…don't even think about it…

Dk: please….just one kiss teenzy weensy one…pleaseeeeEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed( gets closer to her face)

Dks' ego: Naaai naai naaai…udh gayi to…tere saath saath mein bhi maronga

Dk: (all mesmerized) nahi uthegi…(slowing puts his right palm on her right cheek) just one..(getting closer)EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Dk's eye: Dekh agar yeh uth gayi to..bhagwaan ram bhi tujhe nahi bacha paayegaLOLLOL

Dk: Iske haato to mein marne ke liye bhi tayyar hu…(EmbarrassedEmbarrassed puts his other palm on her other cheek..getting more mesmerized and closerEmbarrassed)

 Temptarure is also increasing…Wink

Dk's ego: Saala…marega…marega ke dinOuchLOL

Dk: haaaaaaaaaa….mein to mar hi gayaaa…EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed(staring at her lips…..getting closer)

Dk's ego: doob mar sale…doob mar !…LOL

Dk: ( moves her palms inside her hair/cheek Embarrassed) Just one kissEmbarrassed…….just one…(getting closer)….one last one..Embarrassed( closes his eyes …his face is REALLY close to hers)

He was about to kisss…when disha moves her body to the left side…still sleeping….dk …slowly and gently takes her hands off of her…and almost runs to the coach…before disha could get up!

Dk; ( head on the pillow) (to himself) Shey man….(exhales) …(smilesssss  and cuddles up on the coach)  hmmmmm…sweet dreamsssEmbarrassed




Jaslove IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 July 2005 at 3:53pm | IP Logged

wow bomby's gr8 ClapClap

some funny scenes LOL

TD.FAN Goldie

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Posted: 01 July 2005 at 4:04pm | IP Logged

thank for scene 18

Dk's ego: Saala…marega…marega ke dinOuchLOL

Dk: haaaaaaaaaa….mein to mar hi gayaaa…EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Sumayya IF-Dazzler

Joined: 23 June 2005
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Posted: 01 July 2005 at 4:58pm | IP Logged


Brilliant!! FANTASTIC!!!!!

Really really enjoyed that scene LOL

AWW @ DK feeling guilty and carrying her to the bed..soooooooooooooo romantic!! aaaah

I could picture out the whoooole scene...And DK running to the sofa..hahahahahahahahaa..CUTE!

Write the next scene soon Embarrassed

keshp15 Senior Member

Joined: 05 March 2005
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Posted: 01 July 2005 at 6:50pm | IP Logged


hey bombySmile

this is greatWink

keep going!!!!!LOL

DK will surely have a good night's sleepWink and SWEET DREANS!Wink!!!


Piano1422 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 01 July 2005 at 7:18pm | IP Logged

awesome and thnx 4 continuing!!Clap it waz really amazing!!

goldi2 Goldie

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Posted: 01 July 2005 at 9:06pm | IP Logged

that was good!!!

please right more and really soon!!

\alter Goldi2

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