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Tumhari Disha MOVIE! (Page 101)

*Guli* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 September 2005 at 3:37pm | IP Logged
yeah we will wait!!!!!!!! But please do hurry!!!!!! Confused

Bombgirl4eva Goldie

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Posted: 02 September 2005 at 5:39pm | IP Logged
Alright guys....after one of the longest breaks...Bomby is back to add some spice into your lives! Wink So put your seat belts on and lets get ready for some REAL garam I take you to one of the most hot and spicy land...BOMBland!...jaha explosions hi explosilons hote hain! Wink

Scene 27

A BEAUTIFUL beach in Goa…the sun is setting…its around 8pm …it looks something like this…

….Just then Dk's BMW parks right on the sand…

Inside the car, Dk turns off the ignition....and puts the hand break on…Disha looks around to notice ……a beach

Dk: ( big smile….both hands on wheel ….facing disha) Humari manzil to aagayi….ab aap neeche utar ne ka kasht karengi please.

Disha:( facing him) Lekin hum to restaura..…

Dk: Restaurant to bade bhudhe jaate hain!....aur Goa mei to bahut si khoobsurat cheeze hai….khoobsurat vaadiyaa…khoobsurat mausam….khoobsurat. Samundar…khoob….(when his eyes fall on Disha's stomach/waist…..and he raises his eyebrows…smiling naughtily..eyes glued onto her see thro parts- stomach/waist ) ….khoobsurat nazaareWinkWink ...aur ahh…( puts his left arm on the back of disha's seat …bringing himself closer to her….directly facing her….naughtiness in his eyesWink) Khoobsurat ladkiyaWink ( winks)

Disha : (smiles EVILY at him….looking into his naughty eyes….to herself) Flirt! Wink

Dk stays in the same position…left arm around her seat…staring and smiling naughity at her… Embarrassed

Dk: ( to himself….looking at her eyes) Goa ke nazaare to chodo…Wink…(looking at her waist/stomach area with stars in his eyes ) agar ek baar koi is nazaare ko dekh le….to samajh lo ke who to…. WinkWink

Disha: ( clears her throat…)A ahem

Dk takes his eyes off her waist…and towards her face

Disha: Ah…Agar tumhara ho gaya ho toooo……chale ?

Dk: Oh sure!( Disha is about to open her door ) Oh allow me! Wink( saying this he gets a liitle closer to her…just a liitle ….so his entire naked chest is right in front of her eyesTongueWink…he has six of his shirt buttons open remember?Wink he takes his right arm …and opens the door for her…with his left arm still around her seat….) Please Embarrassed

Disha: ( Looking at Dk's shirt/chest….to herself) Che button bhi kyu khule chodhe….pora ka pora shirt hi nikaal dete...!Wink Besharam kahi ka! Angry

Disha climbs out of the car and closes the climbs out of his door , when he notices disha running towards the beach…

Dk: ( with his one hand on the door…) Lo! Bhaag bhi gayi….Agar aise hi chalta raha …to mere chummo ka kya hoga?LOLLOL….(shakes his head hopelessly) Lekin jo bhi ho jaaye, aaj to impression jamma na hi hain! ( looks at the sky…) Bhagwaan, aaj to che button bhi khool diye…ab to koi chakkar chala do! ( looks staright ahead at disha, who is near the beach) ( breaths out) Huhhh All the best! Wink

Disha is standing right in front of the beach…where the water waves are not reaching…with her arms folded …jumping up and down as it is very very windy!
Dk comes and stands right next to her…on her left side....Disha is still jumping up and down. …when Dk places his eyes on her….a heavy blow of wind hits them at the very same time ……Because of the wind, a SMALL section of Disha's pallu is blown openWink….just a little…Winkso that one could get a clear view of her bare stomach/waist area from the left side….Now where was Dk standing???Wink

Dk is SCHOCKED Shockedand AMAZEDTongueTongueTongueto see this view! The see-thro saaree was already torturing him…but now the see –thro parts are BARE!Embarrassed...His eyes go WIDE….heartbeats run faster….his eyes glued onto the left side of her bare stomach/waist area..(left side- the best view possibleWink) and on the shiny, glittering and torturing waist chain which is moving up and down…as Disha is still jumping up and down….and he immediately has a BIG gulp in his throatEmbarrassed…..not to mention a small drop of sweat on his forhead…Embarrassed

When….Disha stops jumping and starts fixing her hair…because the wind has messed up her hair…. she is still looking at the beach…while Dk….we all know what he is lookin at…now don't we? Wink

Disha: ( with all her hair on her right shoulder….smiling at the beach) Kitna Khoobsurat haina? LOLLOL

Dk: ( his eyes stuck to her waist chain…which is no longer jumping, yet glittering in the dark….) (unable to believe his view…eyebrows raised…breaths out) Huhhh ( shakes his head sloweeeee) Kuch zyada hi !LOLLOL

Disha: ( busy staring at the beach…thrilled by her view) Meine itna khoobsurat nazaara Goa mei kabhi nahi dekha!

Dk: ( busy staring at her waist/stomach/.waist chain….thrilled by his view….getting more and more LOST and MESMERIZED) Goa mei kya…meine puri duniya mei isse khoobsurat nazaara kabhi nahi dekha! LOL

Disha: (still smiling at the beach) Yes, it IS Amazing!

Dk: (breathing faster……with a shine in his eyes …still smiling at her waist/stomach ) Amazing??? ( breaths out) Huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….( shakes his head…with STARS above his head…) Its MINDBLOWING! LOL

Disha: ( confused) Mind blowing ?( immediately faces Dk whose eyes are glued onto her waist/stomach) Tum kiski baat kar rahe hoo?

Dk: ( immediately takes his eyes off his view…as its no longer a view!) ( nervous) Mein….aah….tum kiski baat kar rahi thi?

Disha: (obvious) Samundar ki…aur kiski!

Dk: Oh !( cracks up)

Disha: ( gives him a confused look) To tum kiski baat kar rahe the?

Dk: ( smiling) Nahi…mujhe laga ke tum …ah…woh…

Disha: Kya.?

Dk: (smiling…and BlushingEmbarrassed) Nahi who…rehne do..…Embarrassed

Disha: Kyun, kya hua?

Dk: Oh its nothing! ( smiling ) Trust me!( winks)

Disha: ( immediately raises her eyebrows….to herself) Trust YOU?

Dk: Ab chale?Wink

Disha: (confused) Kaha?]

Dk: (irritated) Tum ladkiya itne sawaal kyun puchti hoo?! Anyway! Tum chalo to sahi! ( saying this he gets hold of Disha's left palm and pulls her along)

Disha: Arre lekin....

Dk: Koi lekin-wekin nahi! No arguments!

Disha finally shuts up..and is walking along with him...along the beach…hand in hand..Dk holding her left palm TIGHT…taaki galti se bhi Disha bhaag naa sake! Wink

It has only been 6 seconds, when Dk lets go off her hand and puts his left arm around Disha's shoulder, bringing her closer to him. He doesn't like to waste time you see. WinkDisha immediately looks at him surprisingly when

Dk: Tumhe pata hain ek tall, fair, handsome , sexy …aur kunwara ladka hona kitni badi problem hoti hain ? WinkLOL

Disha: ( immediately raises her eyebrows…to herself) Handsome and sexy??Wink
             ( to Dk…smiling) Accha? Who kaise? Wink

Dk: Arre tum jaanti nahi, lekin aaj ke zamaane mein handsome hona hi sabse badi problem hoti hain! Ghar se bahar kya niklo, ke ladkiya to jaise mujh par tut hi padti hain! LOL

Disha: ( to herself) Bundle maarne ki aadat nahi gayi laad sahib ki!LOL

Dk: Tum hi socho…bechara main…akeli jaan…karo bhi to kya karu! Kabhi kabhi to main bahut confused ho jaata hoo…ke bhay itni saari ladkiya…aur main akela…jao bhi to kaha jao?! Ab jab duniya mein itni khoobsurat- khoobsurat ladkiya hain….( saying this he sloweeeeeeeeee slides his lefthand down from her shoulderWink…and places it on the side of her bare waist..exactly on top of the waist chainWinkEmbarrassed)

Disha…feeling his cold palmEmbarrassed….in embarrasementEmbarrassed, raises her nazre (eyelashes) only to notice dk staring with naughtiness in his eyes…and she immediately puts her nazre down …Embarrassed
Dk: ( bringing his face closer to hers…getting nautghier by the secondWink) Kisi ki aankien khoobsurat hain toWink….kisi ke baal acche hain Wink.…( brings his face even closer…embarrassed disha ..still has her eyelashes downEmbarrassed) Kisi ke hooth aache hain too….( disha gets a little uncomfortable…as he brings his face so close that its almost touching her shoulder…) (he slowee slips his three fingers below her waist chain....) to kisiki….( his chin touching her shoulder…disha still has her eyelashes downEmbarrassed) ab you know….( presses her waistWink) kamar …WinkEmbarrassed

Lisenting to this, Disha is 100000000 times more embarrassed!LOL Along with her eyelashes...her face is also down…. …as she is tooooooo embaarsed to face Dk!...she bites her lower lipEmbarrassed…when Dk understands the situation he has created…and tries to change the topic…

Dk: Lekin dekhne waali baat to yeh hain kiWink…ladkiya chahe jitni bhi khoobsurat kyun na hoo...mein to hamesha ladkiyo se soo ( 100) feet door hi rehta hoonLOLLOLLOL

Disha: ( looking into Dk's eyes…to herself) Soo feet? …My foot!...Soo feet to kya….tum to 100 inch bhi door nahi reh sakte LOL( makes a face-.when you move your lips to the left side) Chipku!Angry

Dk: Lekin woh kya haina ( saying this he removes his 3 fingers from below her waist chain…and slides his hand down to her left hip) Main ladkiyo ke picche nahi bhaagta….ladkiya mere picche bhaagti hain Wink

Disha …who is loosing her patience by the second ….as he keeps touching her delicate parts…which he shoudn't be touching.

Disha: (to herself) Kabhi kabar to apne jhoot par raation ( tax) lagaya karo! LOL
(Her patience turning into temper) ( to dk) Hpmh! Accha?Angry!

Dk: Naturally! Mujh jaise hansome hunk ke piche kaun nahi bhaagegi Wink?! ..Lekin dekhne waali baat yeh hain ki… ( saying this he slides his left hand up this timeWink…and takes a trip upwards….and with his left thumb under her waist chain…he rests his palm directly on top of her waist chainWinkEmbarrassed.) mein to ladkiyo ko haath tak nahi lagata! LOLLOL

Disha: (who just lost all her patience…to herself) Haath nahi lagate!?? Aur kabse jo mujhe yaha- waha haath laga rahe hoo uska kya!? LOL

Dk: Tum hi socho…agar main kisi ladki ke kareeb gaya…to who to mujh par tut hi padegi na?! Fir mera kya hoga ? Main to gaya na…( makes a sad sad face…rhono baby face)LOL ( breaths out) Huhhh…ab pata nahi kaunsi ladki likhi hain mere naseeb mein… Wink

Disha: ( to herself…) God! Jo ladki is beshram ke saath shaadi karengi ..uski to pooja karni chahiyeh …Dhanya hain who ladki ..aur Dhanya hain yeh besharam.Angry …Khudki girlfriend hote huwe bhi…doore maarne ki aadat nahi gayi abhi tak! Tumhe to koi asi biwi milne chahiyeh jo tumhe rassi se bhand kar rooz padak padak kar dhooye! LOL

Dk: ( with her arm still around her waist…turns her 90 degrees to the left and stops) Chale?Wink

Disha looks straight ahead and is amazed to see a view!

… A small square table…with a cream table top…roses all over the table…two long, red, lighted candles in the middle of the table…a Champaign bottle in the middle…2 chairs across each other…a cute little roof thing on top … which ahs 4 pole things…ornamented with red silk clothes…

Disha ..with a faint smile on her face…a new feeling in her heart….Embarrassedcontinues staring at the romantic- candlelight table…almost in her own dream world EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Dk: ( slowee takes his arm from her waist…Embarrassedand goes a little closer to her…very gently whispers in her ear…Low, soft tone) Chale? Embarrassed

Disha comes out of her dream world…and looks at dk with a new feeling Embarrassed…something indescribable…Embarrassedsomething very special…Embarrassedshe just looks into his eyes curiously and admiringly…when our Dk holds out his left palm for her… Embarrassed
Disha looks at him for a sec…with curiosity and a hint of LOVE striking from her black eyes…Embarrassedas he shows her his lovely, chocolate brown….passion se bhari….aankien…Embarrassedthey stare at each other for awhile …Embarrassed.Embarrassed.she then takes her eyelashes off of him and looks at his open palm…and disha sloweeeeee places her right palm on his left palm….very sloweeee and carefully EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Background Music: Ru ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu…ru ru ru rur ruuuEmbarrassedEmbarrassed ( naturally…the maine pyar kiya music!)

When Dk wraps his fingers around her hand…firmly and gently….the camera zooms into their combined palms…… Embarrassed

The end!

LOL guys...sorry i coundt get to the part i wanted toCry..maine socha I would warm u guys up...Winkbefore getting into the REAL hot grand finalli...Taaki us gusy arent shocked when I write that scene...there is a reason behind why she is wearing that super sexy saari..and there IS a reason behind why Dk's first 6 buttons are open..everything that i write has a reason u all leads to teh grand finalli

To kya hota hain humare garma garam chemistry couple ke beech Wink ...Setting hoti hain ya nahi? Especially now since Dk has switched gear from Flirt to Romantic...EmbarrassedWill he be able to win her heart?Wink Stay Tuned!

PS: A very special thansk to lalit...its because of him taht Dk's shirt is still onLOL..but lets pray to god that it remains teh same in teh next scene...LOL

Tumhari Bomby! Approve

Edited by Bombgirl4eva - 02 September 2005 at 6:15pm
nsa4657 IF-Dazzler

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Please Cont. Soon!!! Clap Clap Smile
lucky-moon Goldie

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Posted: 02 September 2005 at 7:45pm | IP Logged
it is just spectacular aur hmmmmmmmmm kahne per majboor hoon per kehna parah gah keh yeh dil mange moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Tongue
~Angel~ Goldie

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Posted: 02 September 2005 at 8:22pm | IP Logged
WoW, Clap wonderful, Clap love the part Clap
can't believe she's falling for him. Embarrassed
abb agla part jaldi likna vyoma.
*Guli* IF-Stunnerz

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nsa4657 IF-Dazzler

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Piano1422 IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by guli444


half the wait is over Guli!! still waiting 4 the ending!!

awesome Bomby although waiting 4 the reasons!!Wink do cont the nxt prt soon!!Clap

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