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Arshi SS :Pride and Prejudice *updated* (3/2) (Page 8)

utthra1208 Goldie

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Posted: 23 January 2013 at 9:05am | IP Logged
Originally posted by YaSha0512

Thumbs Up fab update
can't wait to find out about Arshi's shared past n how Arnav will act when he sees Khushi Wink
update soon please
ps can't believe it this is my 1st time being the 1st time to comment on any of the stories i read

thank you dear for your valuable comment... I feel very much obliged...Big smileBig smile

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lilakumariacnw Goldie

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Posted: 23 January 2013 at 9:47am | IP Logged
Wow... That was a great update... Thanks for d update...& PM..
Manvith&manish are really funny... Cool guys...anji sharing things with them was soo sweet...
Akash... Not fair...eavesdropping...
Nw d other twins are also comming... It will be soo much fun...
Anchal saw khushi... Wow... Asking to call mom... Sweet..
Yeah its really true ... In things like these the mind of adults work in same way...loved the update...
Continue soon plzzz... Will be waiting...

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PixieFlame Goldie

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Posted: 23 January 2013 at 11:32am | IP Logged
Really interesting concept! 
Do Pm me, for the next updates! :) 

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jyothirockz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 January 2013 at 11:53am | IP Logged
Sorry I,m late to comment...
Lovely intro. ...
So we r waiting for some emotional family moments n may be arshi face off...or may be not so soon

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Crazy_soul IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 January 2013 at 1:46am | IP Logged
Nice continue soon.

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crizal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 January 2013 at 11:11am | IP Logged
Originally posted by utthra1208

Originally posted by crizal

i just read d whole stry in one go...u hv crafted it beautifully :)) ...i just hv one doubt i.e. does arnav knws khushi is devyani granddaughter??? cont soonish dear...can't wait to read more :))

no...arnav doesn't know that khushi is Devyani's granddaughter... and also Khushi doesn't know that arnav is Aanchal's son... until she meets arnav they will all be addressing him as Arnie and she will fail to understand that arnie and arnav are one and the same...
thank you for your comments...

Thanx a lot dear fr replying Heart

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utthra1208 Goldie

Joined: 05 June 2012
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Posted: 30 January 2013 at 8:39am | IP Logged
guys here is the next chapter...hope i wrote upto your expectations...thank you guys for the comments...


Shashi stood with his wife and children at the door'. Mano placed kalash with rice for Kavitha to
kick it and enter'.she is entering her sasuraal for the first time'.

Aanchal performed the Aarti as soon as Kavitha kicked the rice pot'.tears brimmed her eyes threatening to fall at any moment'.Shashi felt proud'

 "Bhai'bhabhi ke saath andar aiyiye" Aanchal said while putting tika on their foreheads' she also did Aarti for Khushi, Kruti, and kriti and welcomed them in'

Mayank arrived out of nowhere and hugged Shashi'.

"Welcome home Shashi'." He said'.

"ab hi time mila apko aane ka'"pouted Mano at her husband'

"Come in all of you let me introduce all'"he said ignoring his wife's words'

Kavitha bent down to touch Devyani's feet as soon as she entered inside'.

"arre bitiya'khush raho'."she blessed placing her hand on Kavitha's head'

Everyone is seated in the sitting room'The servant served them all orange juice'Mayank stood up'

"This is my long lost younger brother Shashi'" he said addressing the family'

"'.and this is his wife kavitha' this is Khushi'the eldest Daughter of Shashi and also this Gupta Parivaar'. These two here are the twins Kruti and kriti'"

Now' "Children this is Devyani gupta'our Mom and your Dadi'this is Mano my wife and your tai'she is Aanchal bua'.our sweet sister'the two boys over there'"he said addressing Manvith and Manish' "are your brothers manvith and Manish'and that grown one is Akash or aki'son of Aanchal'the little girl is our pari'.Anjali'daughter of Aanchal'. Arnie will be joining us tomorrow'" he finished'

Kriti and kruti whispered to themselves eyeing Anjali'

"Look that girl is wearing Jeans and t-shirt'look at us'"kriti gritted her teeth'

"This paa na'I'm not going to spare him'kruti spoke'"

"Hey manish looks like our sissies are very narrow minded and may be from some village'they are even dressed like that'hope they learn from pari'"giggled manvith'

The girls clearly heard his comment and were fuming' Even Anjali heard'she liked this twins as soon as she saw'they were of the same age'she so wanted to become friends with them'she said "bhai do you know even I'm from a village and so are you but I love traditional dresses bhaiyya'it is me who have to learn from them'haina nani'"she asked Devyani'

Anjali is far more matured than a teen ager'ofcourse she is a teenager and also behaves like that as well but one thing she can't stand is humiliating others'she never allows anyone to humiliate others infront of her'

"arrey meri granddaughters kisi bhi dress me pyare lagte hai'I love them all equally'and I'm sure shashi ne hi yeh pyari ladkiyon ko lecture de kar aisa traditional dress pehen ne ko bola hoga'haina chotey'??" she looked at him with question as well as sure of answer'

Kavitha and khushi were shocked'the twins opened their mouths wide open'they liked this old lady instantly'.

"daadi how can you guess so correctly'"kruti asked and bit her tongue for the slip of her tongue'she thought she is going to receive a good blasting at night from their mother'

"kya karun bitiya'yeh ladka tho mera beta hai aur mai usse nahi jaanti kya'???"
Khushi and kavitha suppressed their giggle' shashi looked at them sheepishly'. "woh kya haina maa'.woh'"he stuttered'

"devarji you shouldn't be too strict with my daughters'" Mano said in mock anger'.

"bhai aap tho badle hi nahi'very conservative haan'?"Aanchal teased him'

"arrey mere bechare bhai ko chod do na'" Mayank said for his part'

"daadi, bua aur tai'you know what papa did with us'"kriti inhaled and kruti continued' "he was the ring master'.and treated as though we were some animals in circus and trained us'."

"don't do this bitiya'"

"Don't laugh loudly'.the roof will fall on your head'"

"Don't wear this'don't wear that' kavi surely these two are going to put me in shame"

The twins enacted their father'. Shashi was embarrassed so was kavitha'khushi was shocked beyond words' "hey devi maiyya'"she muttered' her sisters never behaved like this infront of others'these type of silly things are only for the eyes of khushi , their maa, bauji'..

Everyone laughed their hearts out'leaving kavitha, shashi and khushi too embarrassed to react'

"Hey you people are very jovial'I love you both a lot" Anji ran and hugged them both'startling them' "Can we be friends'?" she asked them'they immediately agreed' "yeah'she screamed out of excitement'.and you both will be staying with me'we three will share the room'ok'?" she asked' they agreed' "'and you can wear my stuffs too'I don't mind at all'if you want we can go shopping tomorrow'" anji planned'

"Whoa pari breathe'."manvith rolled his eyes' "girls'" he muttered'

"shashi let them enjoy' don't be strict'now you go with your bhaiyya and chit chat'we ladies have a lot of work to do" Devyani shooed them away'

"'and you boys will you take the girls for a tour over the house'.and mind no taunting'?"

"nani I'm there na'why do you worry'come khushi di'" anji called her she liked this sweet & always smiling girl'

"bhaiyya come first let us go to our rooms'"

"currently I'm staying in this room'we three will be staying here from today'and mannu and manish bhaiyya's room is the next one' the one on the right to our room is Aki bhaiyya's'" she took them to the room which is next to manvith and manish'.

"this is arnie bhaiyya's room' he never allows anyone into this room' khushi di you can take the room next to his'actually there are 6 rooms which surround the pool designed in a circle and each of our room has a way to enter the pool and the garden adjoining it'." Anji finished'

 Akash spoke with khushi and they bonded immediately'he tried to find out about her'he liked her innocent smile and calm nature'he helped her carry the luggage to her room' the twins were in their room arranging two more beds in the room and decorating the room according to their wish'they were astonished to find they 3 have same kind of interests'.

Manvith and Manish were left alone'Anji purposely did that to make them realize their mistake'she knew they longed for sisters'.let them come on their own she thought'. khushi arranged her room and went to help the 3 teens but the trio seemed busy with their own stuff laughing, and giggling'she didn't want to disturb them'maybe atlast her sisters found someone very friendly of their own age'.Khushi then went in search of kavitha'. As she was
passing by their dadi's room she heard Aanchal talking'

"amma, khushi is so nice she would make a nice bahu' I wish her to get married to my arnie'"she said

"haan bitiya, they both will make a cute pair' will chotey agree'? Khushi is very calm and I instantly liked her'what do you say kavi bitiya"

"I guessed that you will make her your bahu' you asked her to call you mom'na di, I guessed it at that time'but will shashi agree'and what about you kavi..,?" Mano intervened finding her lost in her own world'
"I have already seen happiness in shashi and bhabhi's eyes as soon as I asked khushi to call me mom'hain na bhabhi'.?I think you understood my intention'"

"will khushi agree'.? We both are happy jiji, but it is upto khushi we never forced her on anything'but at the same time I am so happy if she becomes your bahu di'." Kavi replied'

Khushi didn't hear the rest of the conversation'she was too shocked'she walked back to her room with many thoughts'.

She opened the French door and entered the garden'she stood mesmerized by the beauty'.around the pool were various plants all bloomed and gently swaying at the breeze'.

Some tables and chairs were placed at some spots'there was a pathway leading to the pool which glistened in the afternoon sun' she sat at the edge of the pool dangling her legs in it and watching the ripples'her heart cried silently'everyone are planning to get her married' how can she marry someone she didn't even see' "Hey devi maiyya!!! why did you do this to me'why did you make me fall in love with a guy who doesn't love me' why did you fail to make me forget him'it has been 2 years still I feel for him the same way'.what should I do'.???" She thought as a lone tear made its way out and flowed down her cheeks'.

Her thoughts drifted back to the day when she first saw him'.

"I am very nervous lav'."

"Don't worry khuhsi' I've seen your designs'.they are mind blowing'soon you will be the apple in the eyes our professors'and it is after all a 7 month diploma in fashion designing'don't get worried'come on smile'" lav comforted her'they became very close though in thought, behavior and character they are poles apart'being dorm mates brought them close'.

"Look at that guy khushi'looks like a nerd'the rounded spectales he is wearing is reminding me of my harry potter'looks like he gonna take a broom and fly away on the first day itself'"lav continued'

khushi looked at him and laughed'though they crossed that fellow she turned back to look at him once more and have a good laugh'she hit a rock solid chest'she turned her gaze to the man in her front'.she lost her speech looking into the chocolaty brown eyes staring back at her with the same intensity'. She felt herself drowning in them'.

"Are you okay khush'.? Hey can't you see where you are going'?" lav barked at the man'

But both were in a trance that they forgot the rest of the world'

Why do I feel this way khushi thought as lavanya pulled her out of the man's grip'he had caught her waist to prevent her from falling'.she missed his touch as soon as he removed his hands still looking ardently at her'. He stirred some unknown emotions in her'.

Lav practically dragged her out of his embrace and pulled her along to the class'she kept looking back at him'even he seemed dazed and didn't stop staring at her' he had not spoken a word'his friend who was by his side muttered an apology to lav when she barked at them'.
Some more of flash back'.only khushi's pov'. Naughty teens'.


thats it friends...let me know how you find it...
silent readers please comment...

with love

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hashey Senior Member

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Posted: 30 January 2013 at 8:55am | IP Logged
Oh, the marriage topic came up so fast. So parents are willing, lets see what happens when they both meet.

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