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Arshi SS :Pride and Prejudice *updated* (3/2) (Page 6)

lilakumariacnw Goldie

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Posted: 21 January 2013 at 8:06am | IP Logged
We are all waiting... Day Dreaming

lovespell Goldie

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Posted: 21 January 2013 at 9:07am | IP Logged
Nice going. I read all parts and was amazed by how well you write. Keep going. Will aanchal relate this khushi to her Arnav's khushi. Continue

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dolly477 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 January 2013 at 9:14am | IP Logged
hey just read the story
its wonderful
update soon
please pm me

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Crazy_soul IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 January 2013 at 9:19am | IP Logged
Just found this ss.its continue soon.

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hashey Senior Member

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Posted: 21 January 2013 at 3:43pm | IP Logged
hmm, so they have a love story in the past then.
Now since aanchal has seen khushi, lets see what happens.

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utthra1208 Goldie

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Posted: 23 January 2013 at 3:45am | IP Logged
Thank you friends for your comments and the response for last chapter'.Smile I was very happy and beaming around the house'Big smileBig smileBig smile I hope that this chapter is up to your expectations'.Ignore any mistakes'and if any please PM me'.Please read the note below'.


Gupta Mansion

Everyone is seated at the dining table eating the desserts after finishing the feast prepared for them'.

When everyone finished eating Devyani cleared her throat and said'

"Aanchal bitiya ham aap sabko kuch bathaana chahte hain'."

"jee maa. Bolona."

"hamara sashi'." Aanchal's face glowed for a second at the mention of her bhai's name and then went pale thinking what happened to him'.she began to panic'. "kal who apne parivaar ke saath  yahan aa raha hai'" finished Devyani'.

Aanchal's happiness knew no bounds'.. "I'm going to meet my bhai after many years'.she squealed with happiness'."

"Wow maa'. Just relax'you should be well and good when you will meet your bhai tomorrow'." Teased Aki, giggled Anjali at her brother's teasing'.

"Oh'.No'screamed Manish and Manvith unanimously'"

Everyone looked at them with surprise'.

"I demand an explanation from you guys'." Mano frowned at them'

"Me too'.", "me too'" cried Aanchal, Anji and Devyani'

"Better I'll say late'haan guys'I too need an explanation for your rather wierd behavior'" chimed in Aki'sniffling his laugh at the sight infront of him'

Manvith and Manish were surrounded by Mano, Aanchal, Devyani and even Anjali'. All were glaring at the two boys who looked petrified at the glares thrown at them'.

"I think their eyes have the power to turn us into ashes'"whispered Manish in Manvith's ear'.they looked sheepishly at the people surrounding them'.they swallowed hard and Manvith spoke'.

"woh kya hai na bua'Maa, dadi 10 din pehle se hi shor macharahe the'.aur hame teek se dhekbaal bhi nahi kiya'.kab dekho shopping'.pooja'aur chaacha ke 3 betiyan hai'ham kya kare'hame tho koi importance hi nahi de raha hai'.aur patha nahi hamare pyare behna kya karne waale hai'who bhi theen theen'."pouted Manvith'.

"aur  ab aap bhi woh list me aagaye na isliye ham samjhe ab aap ko bhi sambhalna padtha hai'." Manish added sheepishly'

"tum logon ko aisa bolna nahi chahiye bhaiyya' hame aap sambhal rahe haina'unlogon ko bhi aapko sambhalna chahiye'.woh bhi appke behen haina"

"Manvith aur Manish aise nahi beta'.apne dadi ke bare me aap kya jaante ho'.??? Sab log yahan aao sofa me baito mai ek purani kahani bataongi''"

Everyone did as they told'. "kya bolne vaali ho bitiya'?" Devyani asked with panic in her eyes'.

"Aaj hame baath karne do amma'.hmm' mai 10 saal ke thi jab meri amma, bauji swarg sidhare ek saath mujhe akele chod kar'ham middle class ke the' mujhe ek anath aashram se appke dadi hi yahan... is ghar ko ley aaye'mai unki saheli ki beti thi'. Mujhe amma, bauji, bhaiyya mile the' jab mai rothi thi tab aapke papa aur shashi chacha mujhe aise baat karte te ki mai thodi hi din me meri dhukh bhulgayi'mujhe apni hi behen jaise hi dekhthe the'.kabhi bhi mujhe yaad nahi aathi thi ki mai ek anath hoon' amma tho mujhe khoob sare pyar de kar pala tha'.bauji bhi mujhe kabi bi ek baat nahi kehthe the'mera shaitani ka daant aapke papa aur shashi bhai apne upar saup kar bauji se maar khaathe the'.jab mera vivah hua mujhe apne ghar ki beti  ki tarah hi sab tayyariyan ki thi'. Yeh baath bhabhi ko bhi patha nahi'.aur sirf Aarav ko patha hai' par voh bhi hame ek rani ki tarah hi treat kiya'"

"ab bolo aisa parivaar me jahan sirf pyar ka ithna importance hai aur jab mera bhai 22 yrs ke baat ghar laut raha hai hame ithna khushi bhi hothi haina'. Tum log iss ghar me mere bhaiyya ki bacche hai aap log aisa apne hi chaacha aur unke betiyan ke bare me aisa bole tho achha nahi hai'. Bhabhi mujhe maaf kijiye aapko itne saalon ke baad aisa jaan na pada' Manvith aur Manish jab tum Anji, Aki,Arnie ko apne bhai'behen samajh sakthe to shashi ki betiyan ko bhi maan sakthe hai behen ki tarah'nahi toh ham vapas jaarahe hain abhi'." Finished Aanchal' Devyani had tears in her eyes'.

"Di, yeh lo thoda juice pee lo'.aur aap aise batein kyun kar rahe ho' aap hamesha apni di hi rahengi'.aur yeh donon ke bare me chinta math kijiye Di'badmash kuch tede karenge to in donon ko ghar se nikal dungi'mujhe apni betiyon se milne se aur meri betiyon ko kuch kahe to khabardar'." Mano spoke terrifically with her eyed bulged out'

"manvith mujhe Maa ko dekhne se kaalika devi ki yaad aa raha hai'ham chup chap reh jathe hain teek hai'"

"Bua sorry aap aise baat math kariye'ham sabko ache hi treat karenge"' "Haan bua'" Manvith and Manish replied with a long face'.

"maa' aap itna emotional ho sakthe the mujhe kabhi nahi patha'" teased Aki'

"teek hai bacchon'abhi apne apne kamrom me jayiye'rest lo..kal bahut kaam hai'" winked Devyani trying to make the atmosphere light'

"Di, mai aapko saare gifts dhikhathi hoon'" with that Mano dragged Aanchal to her room.

"Ham bahut bura kiya aise chidakar'bua bahut dukhi huyi na'" Manvith said.

"mai to sirf majaak kar raha tha'.ek  baat to seekh liya feelings se kabhi nahi khelni chahiye'"'Manish replied.

A knock on the door interrupted them' Manvith opened the door to find Anji standing at the door'

"pari andar aao na'tumhe khoob sari bathe batana hai'"

"bhaiyya' mai bhi aap se bahut share karne vaali hoon' aapko bahut miss kiya'."

"ham bhi'kyun Manish'waise bhi aaj kal Manish bhaiyya toh bahut busy hai'.haina'"

"chup ho jao'" threatened Manish'catching his collar..

"Pari tumhe patha hai Manish ka ek girlfriend hai'. Finished manvith what he has to say'

"Really bhaiyya'.??? Show me her photo na'. surely you will have one'.is she nice'.come on tell us please'" Anji aske din excitement'

"pari he is not even saying her name'.justs speaks with her for hours and then starts dreaming about her'" giggled Manvith'Anji too giggled'

"Shut up you two'." Manish said while blushing and in mock anger'
With an impish smile he said " pari don't think less about Manvith'he is the hero of his class'already received 3 proposals but poor guy didn't said yes to any of them'" it was Manvith's turn to become red'

"What should I do I don't like any one'" he replied genuinely'
Nobody saw Aki listening to their talks through the French window'he was grinning hearing their secrets'good I feel myself like a teen ager'he thought'remembering how he and Arnie used to pull each other's legs regarding girls'ofcourse unknown to their Maa and Paa'they would tease the heel out of them'

"bhaiyya'I want to say something'well'I 'hmm" Anji stuttered'

"bolo na pari'" Manvith and Manish encouraged her'
Aki heard this and came out of his trance' he eagerly listened to what she has to say'.

"bhaiyya'. I have a crush on someone'." She said and closed her face with her palms waiting for them to react'

Aki got the shock of his life'Princess has grown hmm'he thought'

"What'.oh my'. pari'.did you propose him'?"  "What did he say'how does he look???'do you both talk???'is he a good fellow'?" they stacked questions at her'

"I won't say until you say who your girl friend is'?" she said that and ran away'..leaving the brothers gaping at her'



"is everything packed'are all of you ready'?" shashi asked.

"yes papa'" kruti and kriti spoke in unison'

Shashi looked at Khushi for her approval'she nodded'and the SUV zoomed out of shantivan'..

Kruti and kriti enjoyed the ride thoroughly'.humming songs' Kavitha enjoyed looking at her kids' Shashi didn't say anything as Khushi had asked him to leave them to her'.he was sure she will manage'they had a gala time'soon they were asleep when they reached the outskirts of Lucknow'

Shashi's eyes clouded with remembrance'He asked the driver to stop near a lounge to freshen up'.and also to have some snacks'it was nearly 2 hrs since they had eaten and 5 hrs since they had started from home'

The white SUV entered the gates of Gupta Mansion'
At the entrance Shashi found his Amma, Di, Bhabhi and their kids' they got down' Mano and Aanchal rushed to welcome them' Devyani stood rooted seeing her son, her chotey after a long time'tears flowed down her cheeks'.

They hugged Shashi and kavitha'.then turned towards the girls standing there'.her eyes bore into a pair of familiar hazel eyes which she immediately recognized'.

She is Khushi'..Oh my God' arnie's Khushi'.she thought'.a glint of happiness was seen in her eyes'she felt elated'.she seemed to be well mannered she thought glancing at the hesitating girl in front of her'

Khushi gave her a hesitant smile not knowing how to address her'.she was engulfed in a warm hug' "I'm Aanchal bua'.." she said introducing herself'. "I'm khushi'err'.bua" she replied'.sending immense pleasure to Aanchal'. I feel like you are my daughter'.why don't you call me Maa'. Or Mom' she hinted'Mano understood what Aanchal was hinting'.even Shashi& kavitha understood Aanchal's words'.he quietly prayed to God that everything should go fine'. For the fact he was more than elated'..

Sometimes it is a wonder how minds of every elder in the house works and thinks similar'..

Family reunion'. Some of khushi's past with arnav'.
Thank you guys for reading this SS'.
Sorry for the mistakes'. Please comment and hit like'.
I do not know well about the relationships'.so if I had made any mistakes please PM me and notify'.I want to pair up our Arshi through the elders'.It is possible right'.or am I making any mistake'.???
Your feedback keeps me writing'.Big smile
With love
-     Utthra'!!!SmileSmileSmile

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YaSha0512 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 January 2013 at 4:05am | IP Logged
Thumbs Up fab update
can't wait to find out about Arshi's shared past n how Arnav will act when he sees Khushi Wink
update soon please
ps can't believe it this is my 1st time being the 1st time to comment on any of the stories i read

Edited by YaSha0512 - 23 January 2013 at 4:03am

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..Gunjan.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 January 2013 at 4:13am | IP Logged
Awesome update..loved it !
Still when will arshi meet ?
Waiting to know the past continue soon
Thanks for the PM

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