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Arshi SS :Pride and Prejudice *updated* (3/2) (Page 4)

utthra1208 Goldie

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Posted: 31 December 2012 at 12:56am | IP Logged
Originally posted by hashey

interesting update. waiting for the story to unfold.

thank you dear for your support and encouragement...

utthra1208 Goldie

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Posted: 31 December 2012 at 12:59am | IP Logged
Originally posted by fan123GUNJ

Intresting but little confusing

thank you dear for ur wonderful comments and support...
hope your confusion gets cleared when the story unfolds...
utthra1208 Goldie

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Posted: 03 January 2013 at 1:15am | IP Logged
                          A very happy new year to all the readers...!!!! here is the update... hope you enjoy this chapter...



Khushi shut her laptop and locked her room after her mom left'.she sat on her bed hugging her teddy tight and recollected what all happened today'.thinking about what her amma said about the twins brought smile on her face'.she really has the task of convincing her sisters with only 2 more days to go before they start for lucknow'she made up her mind to resolve this matter at the earliest and snuggled on her pillow and under the comforter'when there was nothing else to think she felt herself drown in two chocolaty brown eyes'.the eyes which is haunting since 2 years'.she remembered the owner of the eyes and sighed she could never forget the eyes nor the person'. She dreamt of the person as sleep engulfed her..
The next morning'.

"Mano get ready fast'we need to make other arrangements and then go for shopping'."Devyani spoke while Mano was in the kitchen preparing the breakfast for everyone with JP helping her.

"haan saasuma' let me finish preparing the breakfast, then we can go to the temple, make necessary arrangements and then we can go for shopping after our breakfast'.once we start shopping then whole day will not be enough'let us have our lunch in any restaurant" mano planned their agenda for the day.

"teek hai wahi sahi rehega'., JP aap sabko khan eke liye bulakar baros do'.ham mandir jaa rahe hai'" she ordered JP, took her pooja thal and sat in the car waiting for mano to join her'.

Soon they left for the temple'.thinking about the hectic day ahead. Only a day was left'. The day after her chote would arrive with his parivaar'. So manorama and Devyani are busy in making arrangements along with managing to buy gifts for her grandchildren'

 Kavitha came after a busy day at her school as soon as she entered her two darlings started throwing tantrums' they didn't even allow her to freshen up.

"maa' are you going to give into our demands or not" asked kriti.

"mumma, you know that we are not comfortable in wearing traditional outfits, then why are you forcing us" said kruti.

Kavitha looked at her two daughters who were modeling, showing her how awful and weird they look in salwar suits and lehengas. But kavitha was admiring her daughters. Both looked beautiful in traditional dresses. They however didn't consider themselves beautiful'they considered themselves as someone belonging to 17th century in these dresses.

"maa if you are not going to support us then we will behave worse"

"and remember papa said that there is a pool in his mansion, and we are going to roam in bikini if you are not going to allow us wear western outfits" threatened the twins. Kavitha instantly snapped out of her trance of admiring her beauties.

"You don't mean what you say, do you really?" asked kavitha worriedly.

"don't worry amma they never will wear such things for they themselves do not like them"  came the voice of khushi returning from a tiring day at the office...she consoled her mother while placing her laptop on the sofa.

The twins glared at her "you too Brutus'!!!! How dare you share our secret with mumma. We were on the verge of victory'.you ruined our plan" pouted the twins.

"Hey Devi Maiyya, are you two angels or my devil sisters'?" exclaimed Khushi. "You two look as if pari has descended from heaven to our home" she continued buttering her naughty sisters. The twins had a habit of listening to khushi and agreeing to everything she says. She is their dear sister after all.

"you are the eldest pari jiji' we are nothing compared to you" kriti said.

"yes jiji.., any man will fall flat for you" winked kruti.

Khushi's face became pale for a second but immediately she showed mock anger'"Now stop you little devils'..and listen to me' you are my darlings aren't you? You will listen to me'won't u...?" pouted khushi.

"you want any snacks jiji?"

"are you tired jiji?" worried the twins seeing a little dejected expression on their beloved jiji' they surely will go to any extent for  their jiji and won't bear if anyone says any word against her.

"No my dears, I am fine'but' you know papa don't you? You know how much he misses his amma and bhai and his family... Isn't it our duty to see our papa happily united with his family'.that too for a father who does everything for us'.?"

"Ok jiji..., we will listen to you but you have to make us jalebi's to eat now. It has been nearly 2 years since you made them. Will you please'?" the twins waited eagerly for their jiji's reply. They saw a tinge of sadness creep her face but she immediately managed to smile and nodded a yes.

"Anything for my two angels", saying that she took her laptop and moved towards her room. The twins too dispersed for their rooms.
Kavitha was silently watching the conversation between her daughters... she sat there unmoved watching khushi disappearing into her room. She saw how gracefully she walks . Her hazel eyes can charm anyone. She wondered if this is the same khushi who 2 years ago would break down the house along with the twins. She was quite a chatterbox and made jalebi's whenever she was extremely happy'!!! But her chattering and throwing tantrums, reduced 2 years ago when she returned from training and took up the job in their school as a fashion designer and stopped altogether since the time her papa opened a fashion house and made her the director. She became more matured & reserved.
Khushi was immersed in some thoughts. She didn't notice her papa enter the kitchen. She was busy mixing the batter for jalebi.

"titli.., what are you thinking beta". Khushi jerked hearing her papa's voice.

"hey Devi Maiyya.., papa I didn't see you. You wanted something'?"

"Nahi titaliya, your amma told me you convinced your sisters' you don't know how much that means to me. Thank you bitiya". Hearing the emotional words of her papa she smiled and replied "papa don't thank me... you came just now from office. Go and take rest I will send your tea through Mohan."

Moving out of the kitchen shashi remembered his amma, in fact he does whenever khushi calls to Devi Maiyya or prepares jalebis. She has inherited these qualities from her grandma, Devyani. He remembered how his mother calls to Devi Maiyya even for small things, and how she used to make and eat jalebis whenever she is happy.

The entire family of Shashi sat in the living room and was busy chatting away. Only one night is left' and by tomorrow 6pm they would start for Lucknow.

"Papa why don't you share your love story with us, it would be fun" giggled kriti, naughtier of the two.

"Haan papa please say papa" asked kruti cutely while munching jalebis.
Khushi looked at her parents with a far off look.

Shashank started to tell their story

"It was first day of my college at fashion designing college. I was tensed. I was walking alone. I was immersed in thoughts of how to present myself and was damn afraid of ragging. My thoughts were disturbed by a sweet angelic voice. I looked at the owner of the voice. The angelic face and hazel eyes left me baffled. Later I came out of the trance when I felt her staring at me. Then I realized she was waiting for me to reply she had asked me for directions to our class. My heart leaped in joy. The angel and I  walked together to our class. We became good friends. I knew that day itself I had fallen badly for the angel, kavitha, my life"

As shashank gave a break to their story the girls cheered the lovely couple infront. Kavitha blushed a little. Shashank looked at her with love and pride. Khushi looked in awe at her parents. She wished she gets the love of her life. An unexpected sigh escapes her mouth''
"So you became friends papa'. Then who proposed first'?" Asked the twins eagerly

"we used to talk normally, but deep in heart I knew she too has feelings for me. I used to admire her. Then during the second year of college we began to go out together. Aanchal di caught me blushing in my room'.day dreaming about your mom' she knew me well. She came to me and asked who the girl was'I could not hide anymore and told everything about kavitha, she said that I should stop dating your mom. She was abandoned by her family and grew up with us, she is our maasi's daughter. She knew my babuji too well and thus thought of saving the family from breaking. She advised both of us. But neither of us listened to her pleas. Our love was strong. We didn't break up.

I accused Aanchal di as narrow minded, she tried to make me understand that babuji would even go to the extent of killing either one of us for the sake of status. I didn't budge. Aanchal di stopped speaking with me, she was pregnant at that time and my nephew arnie was 2 years old. We graduated and two years later one fine morning, we got married without informing our family as kavi grew up alone at her aunt's place' she too passed away after our graduation leaving no one to look after kavi. But babuji didn't accept us he threw us out of the house. He had a strong feeling that kavi trapped me for my money. We moved out and rented a house and started our living. I already had a job from a fashion house as a designer and thus with hard work and saving we are able to reach this position within 15 years.

Later one day I came to know that Aanchal di has helped us incognito by her husband in getting a foot hold in the society. Even after we achieved a lot we couldn't go back'though we missed their love and care'somewhere my ego had been hurt.

Babuji was a strict man, but amma is loving , she poured out her love for us and brought us up. Mayank bhaiyya is very reserved type and doesn't talk much. Manorama bhabhi is very jovial. She is a child at heart. I miss her pampering me. She and amma share a nice bond. I  always wanted to give your mother a nice sasuraal and wanted my amma to treat kavi as she treats mano bhabhi." Shashank drew a deep breath.

Khushi assured her papa that everything will be alright soon.

The little family dispersed to their rooms as it was past their bedtime'..

Khushi sat on her bed with her back to the head board... she gently looked around the room. She stared at the posters of Hannah Montana and Taylor Swift adoring the lavender colored walls'. Her mind replayed the words of her papa'

How she wished she could get the love of her life' how she wished she could say her love story in a fairy tale way to her children'.but she knew that it is not possible'she opened her wardrobe took out a diary and read few pages which she had written earlier'.
Dark chocolatey brown eyes occupied her thoughts once again as sleep engulfed her'


Much awaited introduction of arnav'.. but it is not arshi meeting'I am afraid they are not going to meet for three more updates'..

thank you readers...silent readers please like and comment...your views are valuable to me... it is your response that encourages me to writ...
hope I wrote upto your expectations...please feel free to comment and criticize

with love
- utthra...!!!!

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..Gunjan.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 January 2013 at 1:49am | IP Logged
Lovely update
Now little of my confusions are over
I hope the chocolate brown eyes person is Arnav
What happened in Khushi's past is a big question
Can't wait for arnav's introduction/ entry
It's sad that I'll have to wait for atleast 3 updates for them wish it could be soon
Thanks for PM

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jyothirockz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 January 2013 at 2:50am | IP Logged
Nice backdrop...
Liked the way ur narrating the story...
Looks like arshi have flashback

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nupsiii Senior Member

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Posted: 03 January 2013 at 4:12am | IP Logged
i loved d update. Suspense growin

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utthra1208 Goldie

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Posted: 05 January 2013 at 11:37pm | IP Logged
Dear friends'here is the chapter 4'please like and comment guys... it would encourage me... i am fed up with the colored updates...i feel sick seeing them...may be even you feel the i am changing it to black...from now onwards all my updates will be in black...
                                     Chapter -4

Raizada Mansion

Aarav was disturbed by the sound of payals and jingles of the bangles'. this sound can belong to no other person in this mansion other than his beloved wife. He turned around to find his beautiful wife smiling at him. He looked at her from top to bottom. She was looking as gorgeous as ever. He whistled'.

"My wife is the beautiful woman on this earth'.!!!" He flirted.

Aanchal blushed and looked at her husband'he too didn't look as aged'. Infact he was looking much handsome than ever she thought and blushed. Aarav caught her staring at him and smirked. She blushed as a newlywed wife and changed the topic

"Aarav, remember I have told you about our trip to Gupta Mansion for the vacation' we are leaving tomorrow"

Aarav looked at her. He said that he would be not able to join them but asked them to join the Guptas for the vacation. He even assured her that Arnav and Akash would accompany them for the vacation.

"Have a gala time there dear with your sons and princess. I will look after the business." He said admiring her face which brightened at once. He knew how much Gupta parivaar meant for her. He also noticed sadness creep on her face.

"Remembering your bhai shashi'aren't you?" he asked.

"haan aarav, I miss that idiot a lot'., don't know when they will patch up. I also want to apologise to kavi. I want to see complete happiness and satisfaction on amma's face".

"Don't worry dear, everything will be right."

"I need to find Arnie and Aki and remind them'and about princess she was jumping and super excited about meeting her naani"

 "ok dear'go ahead'. I will finish the work and come soon" said Aarav immersing into his laptop again.

Aanchal entered Arnie's room'..he was nowhere to be found. She then found the French window open and found him gardening. She looked at the way he carefully and gently trimmed the plants as though they were fragile and delicate.

His mind seemed to be occupied with something'she carefully watched the expressions of his face change according to his thought' it seemed as though he was concealing something from her and is pained by the thought. She determined to find out what was bothering her son. She called him silently from behind.

Arnav was startled'.he came to reality and smiled at his mom. Aanchal came near him, placed her hand on his shoulder and asked him what he was thinking'he without replying her question asked' "Mom, you had some work with me'?"

" Haan Arnie, just came to inform you that we will leave for the Gupta's tomorrow'I have already informed Aki'so get your packing done'you know na how eager naani will be to meet you'"

"I remember maa, but I will join you after 3 days' have some important work'. It is regarding the joint venture with Aman' so do not worry Aki will accompany you" he replied in a composed manner, suppressing the thoughts stirred just by the word naani'..

"You will never change arnie'.." Aanchal pouted. "Ok but come soon dear'. I have lots of other preparations to do'bye dear'" she walked towards the door and then stopped instantly and'

"Were you thinking about any girl arnie'." She tried to read from his face. His face showed just a little shock which he managed instantly'hadn't she been his mother she would not have noticed the change in him.

"What made you think like that maa'" her thoughts were disturbed by his words'..

"nothing dear just your expressions showed you are confused, and I know my Arnie you don't get confused regarding your work or any other thing'so just guessed may be a girl is confusing my Arnie'., but remember you can share anything with me'."saying that she walked out of his room'

Arnav for once thought of sharing his dilemma with his mom, but then decided against it'. He just went stiff and anger clouded his brows'. He can't let her control him and his thoughts'she somehow managed to put him in a confused state'. But she doesn't know one thing'..No one messes with Arnav Singh Raizada'Not even with his thoughts'. With that he laid down on his bed to get some sleep.
"Maa, I can't believe this' no way I will always behave however I want' I can't change myself for some stupid cousins".

"Manish it is not the way you address your cousins'. Moreover they are of the same age as yours'.so become friends with them" dadi ordered strictly.

"Ji dadi".

"Manvith beta they are your chaacha's children' they will call you bhaiyya' so treat them well' is that understood'they are not any random guests'they are our own people'"Finished Devyani.

The boys didn't like the idea of someone visiting them and staying for a month spoiling their privacy and the vacation' they quietly walked back to their rooms waiting for the next day. Aanchal bua, Anjali, Aki and their hero Arnie bhaiyya would come tomorrow'. The thought cheered them up' they are to arrive a day earlier than shashi chaacha's family. They made plans to invite them and tease their sister Anji' they surely loved her a lot
Arnav woke up with confused thoughts'..he has not been this much confused ever in his life' He lazily woke up rubbing his hands and sat with his back to the head board' he looked at the photo in his iPhone' he thought about her'the reason for his confusion'. She surely messed him up'the feelings which he had been hiding since 2 years came up just by the mention of naani'. The woman who poured out love for his mom even though she was not her own child'and loves Arnie more than her own grandsons' he can't compare her with naani he thought' naani is the embodiment of love'but she' she is two faced, selfish girl'.opportunist..He thought with a sad smile'.

They are poles apart'he felt he insulted Naani by comparing her with that girl'.but somehow she managed to mess with ASR'he thought'. That is her tactics'.he despised her even more'. He felt angry on himself for not being able to forget her even after knowing her true colors'.. She might have landed upon a better looking, rich man and probably forgotten about him long ago'. But I loved her'. I love her even though she proved me that I am nothing to her'. I still have her picture with me'why'??? Why am I not able to forget her'? He thought' he then got up angrily'.went to take his shower'and came down fully dressed in his three piece suit.

He had made up his mind not to think about her'.but we know that he can't'even the Arnav in him knew he couldn't forget her totally...he just put her thoughts at the back of his mind'where they are stored for the past 2 years'

"Bhai, how do I look'?" Arnav snapped out of his thoughts instantly. He looked at Anjali, his sister'a very bubbly girl and the princess of the mansion. She looked at him giving her enchanting smile'

"Wow Anji' you look great'waise bhi you always look great. No one in this world can beat you in beauty'" praised arnav making her giggle.

"Let's see till when he will praise your beauty' when he will marry, his wife will be the most beautiful woman in the world for him'haina Arnie'?'' Aanchal teased purposely'stressing the word wife'

"Is it true bhai..?" pouted Anjali'

"Haan beta' see, for me your mumma is the beautiful woman in the world'." Said Aarav entering the dining hall' Aanchal felt proud and also blushed at his comment.

"You too papa'then what about me'" Anjali pouted'

"Someday you will be the most special person for someone that person will consider you above all'.he is your husband..but you'll have to wait dear'you are too young now'.so you are a beautiful girl'after all you are our princess'so mumma comes first," explained Aarav.

Aanchal was watching Arnav all this time who was lost in thoughts'. He didn't take part in the conversation' she now surely believed that some girl has occupied his mind. She purposely said about his wife' but he didn't seem happy'he seemed confused. She made up her mind to solve the dilemma of her son'.

Arnav in office:-

His mom's words were ringing in his mind'.what happened to him from yesterday he thought'she and her thoughts were not allowing him to work or think properly'. He called his secretary Stella and cancelled the meetings for the day. He thought of visiting Aman, his best friend and now they are going to be business partners'.he wanted to discuss important matters regarding their office. He called Aman and fixed a time when it would be possible for them to meet.

He still had an hour time to meet Aman. He just closed his eyes and leaned on his cushioned chair. Her thoughts filled up his mind once again'this time he didn't fight to control he just let them flow'.he knew at the end he would end up hurt even more but he just allowed the thoughts to flow'..

An image of a girl wearing white Punjabi suit and no makeup flashed in his mind'.she was laughing her head off with her friend' then he saw the girl cheerfully distributing jalebis to everyone in the class'.he remembered her pout when he said he doesn't eat sweet as he is diabetic'.the next time she came to him with sugar free diabetic only for him''how can that caring girl betray him he thought'.he was so sure she had feelings for him'. But he immediately dismissed the thought'.he thought about the fateful day when reality gave a hard blow to him, which changed his life forever' he could still feel her mocking smile while she was dancing cozily with that Ashray'.she even called him ashu'. No she can't be the angel he thought'.he didn't even ask her for an explanation...everything was clear to him'he just walked away from the ball and also from her life'.

He snapped out of the thoughts with hurt. He took out the solitaire ruby embedded ring from his pocket, he keeps it along with him since 2 years'he had intended to propose her the next day while they part but he walked away from her before that. He looked at it longingly it's been 2 years since he had seen her. Soon he resolved that he would never think about her anymore. Today was the day when his entire dream shattered'2 years took away the happiness in him but he worked like a monster'.masking his sadness with anger and grumpiness'.


Arrival of Aanchal, in Gupta Mansion

thanks for the likes and comments is not upto my expectation...but i would not give up...
Hope I wrote upto your expectations'..
You all may be confused by this update'.
Your confusions and doubts will be clarified soon'

with love
- utthra...!!!SmileSmileSmile

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hashey Senior Member

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hmm, so they were in love 2 years back and there is a misunderstanding.  Interesting, waiting when they meet as cousins.

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