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Arshi SS :Pride and Prejudice *updated* (3/2) (Page 11)

..Gunjan.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 February 2013 at 9:32am | IP Logged
Will wait for the update
Best of Luck for your exam

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radhikasmith28 Newbie

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Posted: 16 February 2013 at 6:37am | IP Logged
nice story, pls update sooon, eagerly waiting...

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lilakumariacnw Goldie

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Posted: 16 February 2013 at 7:01am | IP Logged
Hw was d exams..???
Hope u did well..

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utthra1208 Goldie

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Posted: 17 February 2013 at 3:46am | IP Logged

 hi friends...sorry for the delayed update...thanks for putting up with me for so long...thanks for wishing me for my exams...i did them very well...Big smilei had writen half of the update before and the remaining half now so i want your feed back how it...??? it means a lot to me...i dont know how u all will feel reading this update...i dont really know whether it is upto the mark or not...sorry for the mistakes...Smile                     

                    Chapter 8


Lavanya had dragged her to their supposed classroom' she found a seat for both of them and they sat'khushi was still in a trance'honey brown eyes had melted'she didn't see his face'she remembered his eyes'only his eyes until she saw him again in her class sitting at the adjacent desk'.but she didn't recognize him'.he stared at her'

Khushi got awared of the stranger's gaze on her and adjusted her duppatta hiding her features from his eyes' he was still ogling at her'she could feel his gaze on her'blood rushed to her cheeks making her blush evident on her milky skin'

"lav why is that man looking like that at me'? Anything wrong'? Am I looking like a clown or what'?" she asked lav'

"You dumbo he is the one who you bumped into'.you were staring at his face and now can't even remember him'? I think you have short term memory loss'" lav chuckled at her joke'

Khushi was flabbergasted'was he the same man'she thought and looked at his eyes straight'she could feel herself melt at the sight of his dark chocolaty eyes'. She then confirmed that he is the same man'she began to carefully observe at his features'unruly hair held with gel'but some locks fell on his forehead making him look boyish'deep eyes looking directly into the soul'sharp nose and perfectly chiseled jaw'as soon as she moved her gaze to his lips'she turned crimson'he smirked more making her blush more'

"Good morning class" professor addressed the students gathered'every one acknowledged him by standing'

Khushi was still in her trance and blushed remembering his smirk' "Hey devi maiyya'.what is happening to me'? Why did I stare at him like that and got caught red handed checking him out'"she pouted' "He isn't that bad'looking handsome'wow I never addressed any man other than my sallu'he now got my attention'hmm" she thought'

Her thoughts got interrupted by the professor's words' "Now that I have introduced myself now it is your turn the professor said'let us start with the last desk'" he said'

Khushi was waiting for her turn' lavanya got up "hi sir, hi friends I am Lavanya kashyap from Ahmadabad'I have a passion in fashion designing so I have joined this course'" she spoke with an attitude'

Khushi stood up' "Hello every one' I am Khushi kumari gupta' I love designing' I want to establish my own boutique' I have already completed my degree in fashion designing'. I joined here as it is providing workshop classes'And I am from Delhi'" she finished speaking humbly'

The introduction continued and khushi neither paid any attention to what her fellow students were saying nor did she listen to lavanya's chattering' she was sneaking a glimpse of him and waited for his turn eagerly'

At last he stood' "Hi I am Arnav singh raizada from Delhi'" his voice was deep and affected her senses' she saw his perfect body and a thought crossed her mind'how it would be to be in his arms'. She then realized what she thought and immediately shook her head'. "Hey devi maiyya what has happened to me'? Why all these dirty thoughts entered my mind'that Arnav singh raizada has hypnotized me'please save me from that bewitching man'he and his smirk...his attitude'he didn't even give a proper introduction'wonder where he stays in delhi'.hey devi maiyya why am I not able to stop thinking about him'? From now on I will avoid him and will not look at him and also will not think about him'. He looks a little matured'may be his age is 26 or 25'no not again'" she thought'

"What happened khushi'? Why did you scream no not again'?" lav asked her'the whole class was giving her a weird look'

Then only she realized she had said the last part little louder'she hit her palm on her forehead'she looked at him' he was looking amused'from when was he watching her'? She thought' the professor continued his lecture'.she diverted her attention there'

"So class would you prefer working with partners'?" the professor asked'the class nodded'

"okay first submit your designs on any theme on the third day from today'the students whose marks are same or close by will form a pair'.the pairs will be a boy and a girl'though you are aged above to be called a boy or a girl it is my style to address you like that'for today you can disperse'today is Monday'you have to submit your designs on Wednesday and pairs will be decided on Thursday and the workshop will start from Friday' till then all classes are mainly on basics'see you tomorrow'" saying, the professor walked out'


They had a few more classes on basics of fashion designing after the classes Khushi hurried out' she felt her stomach rumbling'she decided to go to canteen and have some food.

Khushi was sketching the designs what came in her mind lavanya was busy chatting with her BF over phone'.she finished sketching and looked at her design'today she had designed western outfits'she laid on her bed and started thinking about the day's events' "arnav" she called to herself'she remember only his eyes'her heart wished to drown in that chocolate ocean' she remembered the way he introduced himself with attitude'she wondered how he seemed to occupy her mind since the time she had met him'"his eyes speak a lot than him'" she thought'

"Will we be selected as partners for the rest of the course'? I wonder how it would be to work together'" she slept with the thought and a smile on her face'

Since that day she had been dreaming about the chocolaty brown eyes which gave her immense pleasure and sense of safety that time and the cause of her pain now'how can a thing which was a boon now became a curse' "why my heart says I was wrong in judging him'why I always sense a feeling of security when I dream about him even thought it gives me pain'If only I could meet him again'maybe I could get answers to the questions haunting me for the past 2 years'"

"haaa'..maa, jiji, anji hame bachao'.."Screamed the twins waking khushi from her deep trance'

She looked at the direction from where the sounds came'.she laughed at the sight'.

Kriti and kruti were chased by manish and manvith all along the corridor '.seems like they teased the boys'khushi saw some CD's in kriti's hand'.maybe the boys were chasing them for the CD she thought'just then the twins screamed'. "maaa'.!!!, jiji'.,daadi'.. anji'..bachao hame'"

The boys stood rooted to their places'.they felt the mansion tremble'. "shit man now we have to face the angry elders'these tail less monkeys ko tho'.."manish gritted his teeth'

"haan manish khushi di is very calm don't know how she puts up with these two'."manvith added' they stood blankly'.the twins teased them further by putting their tongues out and smirking at them'

Khushi heard what manish and manvith said'.

"Hey boys why did you stop'.catch them at once'." She encouraged the boys'

"what is happening bitiya'.?" Dadi asked'now all of the elders had gathered at the hallway'

"nothing dadi I love watching Tom and jerry very much'these 4 remind me of them so I want to watch it live'you all too come and join'it would be fun watching these kids play'."khushi finished'

"yeeaah'.!!! Khushi  is right'.I want to watch too'."Aki joined as he took a place on the sofa'

"bhaiyya'..come and catch us if u can'." Anji added as she ran to the girls'.snatched the cd's from kriti's hand and gave them to aki and teased the boys'.

The boys too took the matter light and went on chasing the three girls who were squealing'.giggling and showing faces'.they behaved totally like kindergarten students'.the boys were no less they just chased them not bothering to catch them'sometimes they ran fast to scare the girls away'sometimes stood still so that the girls came closer'.it was total fun'all the elders sat in the hall watching them'of course along with khushi'..aki dragged khushi too in the game and they also enjoyed'the laughter and giggling doubled'.the mansion reverberated with their laughter'

Devyani had tears in her eyes'she had longed for this from long'.she loved all her grand children'.

Shashi and kavi had tears too their children had missed all the fun all these years'kavi saw Aanchal looking intendly at khushi' "di, khushi was a very bubbly girl but since two years she had stopped throwing tantrums and became more reserved'today after a long time she is playing like a kid'" kavi said'

"Mom, arnie bhaiyya would have gone mad with this laughter and giggling'glad he is not here or he would have shouted the whole place down'." Anji said huddling together with the twins and of course the boys'

"Yes mom'.it would have been worth watching his ears which turn red'.and face cloud with anger" aki joined'.

Is he such a brood that he can even enjoy children play'khushi thought'

Mohan came with juices for everyone'

Khushi was very happy today even though there was her marriage matter with that arnie which was pricking her heart'she thought of making jalebi'.. she quietly slipped into the kitchen and started preparing the batter for preparing jalebi'.

Devyani was very happy and content after a long time she thought to make jalebi's she had stopped making them long time ago'.she went into the kitchen to find khushi smiling to herself and putting the fried jalebies into the sugary syrup'

"arrey bitiya'u know how to make jalebi'?" she asked khushi with shock'.

"haan daadi I always love to make jalebi when I am very happy'.devi maiyya ki laakh laakh sukar'the children got adjusted easily'. I make jalebi since I am 12'" khushi replied'.

"want to taste them dadi'?" she asked'.

Devyani dragged khushi out to the hall ordering mohan to bring the jalebi'

"sab suno'. My granddaughter has made jalebi's because she is very happy'.she announced proudly'." What is there in it every one thought'

"isme kya hai dadi'" kriti asked'

"woh kya haina amma loves to make jalebi whenever she is happy'khushi has gone after her'" aanchal replied

"Not only that di'.she also takes devi maiyya's name often like amma'" shashi added'

"My granddaughter is like me'." Devyani announced proudly like a little child'.

They all ate the jalebi's'. mayank was astounded'

"shashi, they taste similar'."

"Oh'.every jalebi tastes the same'haina'" the teens said together' shocked that all 5 of them thought and said the same aloud'they burst out laughing'

"Now all 5 of u'don't make fun of us'paanch pandav kahin ke" mano said with mock anger'


Gupta parivar went to bed in a very happy mood that night'they were happy of the reunion'even manish and manvith were glad that they all had come'they liked the twins and their bubbly nature but didn't show their affection openly'.

Khushi retired to her room'took out her diary where she had sketched and imprinted her love in those pages'.she flipped the pages'there stood her arnav in a traditional sherwani'winking at her and smirking'she saw all the different sketches she drew of arnav and her in various outfits and occasions'..she sighed'.

"devi maiyya... why had he kissed that lavanya that day'I thought he loved me as much as I loved him after sharing such sweet moments together, his care and concern at the tour all showed his love she had thought that time'even now she can only think that all those moments were true and very much real'we really were chosen as the best partners at the end of the program'.yes they were paired together by their professor..they surely scored high and their designs were beyond the imagination of others... The last day she thought arnav would propose to her... But fate had other plans'he kissed lavanya that too holding her very intimately'he shrugged her off when she tried to speak to him saying that he has got some important work'and that work was kissing lavanya...khushi's face showed pain'.

Devi maiyya I thought arnav to be my prince charming...he turned out to be a cheat,my mind despises him but my heart still aches for him'please save me..I donot want to meet him ever again' I don't want my true love...I just want to forget him'.and marry that unknown face'arnie and settle...that will make my parents and everyone happy...


How was it guys...hope u liked it'.sorry for the mistakes'.there was some problem while posting the font and the size are not changing...sorry for the inconvenience 

Encourage by hitting like and ur comments are valuable'





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utthra1208 Goldie

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hey friends there has been some problem...please avoid the punctuation mistakes...the error occurred while posting i think so...i have already edited them twice but still it persists... there are apostrophe marks everywhere...

sorry for the inconvenience 

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crizal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 February 2013 at 4:21am | IP Logged
Haaw Arnav cheated on her Angry
Khushi is soo sad tat she left all her bubblinessCry
Just bring them face to face na yr Tongue
N plzzz don't end it their just make it long though dis one is long but wat if u do Ramanchi next tym LOLLOL

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vrinda725 Senior Member

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Eager to
When will arshi meet? :|

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..Gunjan.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Nice update
I am waiting for them to meet

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