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Posted: 29 December 2012 at 11:11am | IP Logged

2012 Is Ending...This Year..we got to watch some awesome blossom SiNal moments, some new Tracks...and some other Tracks for us to discuss and criticize Wink

So now...Lets Recall those Moments...


ViRa Marriage:

Well i have nothing much to say about ViRa marriage...but we got to watch some cute sinalicious Moments

Sidhi looking at KC.and getting Fb's of SiNal marriage .when the pandit  was Explaining the meanings of the 7 Pheras

Then we saw...Sidhi giving bhashan to KC (sorry if i used a an inappropriate phrase) after ViRa Marriage a..and in dat same epi...we saw the coffee scene n baloon phatne waala scene

Then on 9th&10Jan...we saw Sidhi realizing her love...and later on...SiNal sharing d bed ...

Then we had Raveena committing suicide n all...Seema shattered..

Then the pregnancy fiasco.,...ohh i just loved Kunu's expression n the background music Gadbad ho gayi

Later on we saw Sidhi confronting Richa...well it was a good one.Mona n Sidhi were good in that scene..Richa was at her evil best

Then Later on ...Richa-Vineet Engagement and Kunal stopping the engagement. Richa mixes sleeping pills in KC's drink...and tries to take advantage of the SituationWink..
Sidhi cries seeing KC so closely wid Richa...But Kunal in his drunken state..uttered those 3 magical words- I LOVE YOU...SIDHI...Later KC comes back to his senses...and he realises dat he was being close to Richa...he tells dat he doesnt love her ...and dat he wud be loyal to his wife Sidhi...n would never break her trust.
Saying this he leaves n goes to his house. There he sees Sidhi packiing her belongings...We see a cute fight there.,...and finally the CONSUMMATION


It started off with Kunal feeling guilty abt C-NIght...
We heard our KC's shaayari - Aadhe glass se bhara mera Parichay

Then we saw Richa filing a rape attempt case against KC...KC n Sidhi fighting the case..
n can i forget abt the Valentine Day Episode...aww it was super good...Sidhi making pasta fr Kunal...KC trying to say I AM SORRY and then the dinner ...sidhi's dream later...KC shatters all her dreams..He  thinks dat Sidhi still loves his brother Anand...n that SiNal marriage was just a Compromise


Sidhi is unable to fight KC's case...bcz of her agreement wid Daddy T's firm...
KC instigates her to go to Daddy T and speak out to him...Sidhi goes to Thakral Mansions..Later KC too arrives there...and yes...we got to watch a ossum ThaNal scene there

KC also tells a doha to Thakral

KC then holds Sidhi's hand..Richa comes there..Kunal leaves Sidhi's hand...looks at her n Richa...n then hold Sidhi's hand tightly and leaves from there ..Richa was shocked...yaar uski chehra dekhne laayak thiLOLLOL

We see a cute Sinal knok-jhok..and the auto..yes...Sinal have started feeling for each otherEmbarrassed

Later this month...we got to watch Sinal's first HOLI...haaye haaye...those episodes were tooo goood...n yes...there was the TALLI CONFESSION ALSO...SiNal behaving like 2 cute kids...yesh meri jalebi hain, mujhe bike mein America Jaana hain n all ROFLROFL

Then we saw Raveena giving the CD (the CCTV footage..which can pove KC's innocence in rape case) to Rohit...Later She gets to know abt Rohit's Truth...She gets the CD back...tehn we see JKR going to warn Rohit...and ends up getting kidnapped by Rohit's goons

Chopras get to know that Sidhi is kidnapped,,,,and Kunal realises that sidhi's absence in his affecting him to d core...He realises dat he has fallen in love wid her...Kunal understands dat Thakral might have kidnapped Sidhi...Meanwhile, Richa orders the goons to Kill Sidhi..
KC Decides to give the Cd to the goons/Rohit and rescue Sidhi from the clutches of the goons...


We had a ME on 1st April...where we saw SiNal rescusing from the was a sinalicious episode.
Later We saw..Sidhi getting shocked...Kunal getting upset...n later taking her to the hospital..
In the hospital...we see a nice SiNal eye-lock...


Richa comes to teh hospital...and shows her fake concern...Kunal strangles Richa...Later Seema confronts Richa

Sidhi decides to fight KC's case..inspite of her bad condition..She manages to bring Rohit to d court and Rohit tells everything abt Richa's jhoota rape case n her plannings.

KC gets angry at Sidhi for coming to d court..though he had advised her to take rest..The Chopras decide to make SiNal realise their love

Sidhi thens goes to Ujjain along wid Maliks n Chopras..
SiNal miss each other..
On 17th April...we had a funny ViRa scene

Then KC comes to Ujjain...we get many sinalious epi...n finally the CONFESSION..

Hmm...soon after teh confession...druing lodi Festival...Sidhi gets PREGNANT

We had 2 ME's this month...n in the 2nd ME...we sees Sidhi finding out abt Gaurav's EMA witha teenage girl...(ohh i dont remember her yes..i used to call her Lollipop)LOL


Sidhi tries to dig out all abt gaurav EMA...but she is proven wrong in front of others..This creates a rift b/w SiNal also.

But KC gets to know the truth abt Gaurav's EMA...during Shilpa-Chaitanya marriage ..KC slaps him..and later tells the truth abt the EMA to the Chopras...Seema is shattered...But the family decides to support Seema...instead of their son...who is at fault ClapClap

We had some nice Sinalicious moment during Shilpa's Marriage

Well towards the end of the month...we saw Sidhi's bday celebrations...KC giving her a surprise..Then the rain dance sequence and the Kaada Scene was on May 30th...that our Hero...Mr.Samir Soni...Won the Indian Telly Awards- Best Actor AwardClapClap

Well towards the end of the month...we see the comeback of the Vamp...Richa (Mona Wasu replaced by Sonia Singh)

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Posted: 30 December 2012 at 1:30am | IP Logged

This month too...we had a ME...where we see Rohit causing Rift in VIRA's life..Sidhi going to warn him. Kuanl gets angry...They have a fight and Sidhi leaves Chopra House.Her car dashes wid some object and later evryone comes to know dat she had killed Rohit in that car accident.

Thakral decides to put Sidhi behind the bars for Rohit's murder. Richa too joins hands wid her father. KC decides to prove Sidhi's innocence in court...During the court case,Kunal takes the accusition upon himself and challenges Daddy T to win the case. Later during this month...we see Rihca trying to kill Sidhi...but Kunal saves Sidhi frm Richa...Richa gets a slap frm KC (Actually...Sonia had got a real slap frm Samir...during the shooting of this scene)...
Towards teh end of the month we see ROHIT'S comeback. Well he wasnt dead. it was all teh brother-sister's plan to trap SiNal...Richa's target was Sidhi...but Rohit's target was SiNal. Daddy T traps Kunal in court...and hence KC was put behind the bars.Sidhi decides to save her husband..She goes to the Thakral Mansions and hears a phone convo b/w Rohit-Richa

This month...we had hell lot of sinalicious moments

Some dream sequences and some rain sequences,The detective karamchand scene, the safed baal scene,the kitchen romance and many SiNal hugs,


Ahh...this month was too boring...They dragged the court case and Cvs changed the whoel story of Parichay...This month...all we got to watch were CRAPS
Sidhi suspetc Viku's role in rohit's murder ...n Viks says dat he has a hand in rohit's murder...Thye finally find Rohit alive...but Richa kidnaps Rohit...and just to take revenge on Sidhi...SHE KILLS HER OWN BROTHER...
Then Richa strikes a deal with Sidhi dat she need to sign the diovrce papers and behave reudely to teh Chopras. Sidhi agrees to it...She accuses KC in the court for muder..but Richa proves KC innocent...and Sidhi as the culprit. Sidhi was taken to the jail..Though she loves Kuanl, she behaved rudely to him and also told him dat Kunal hasnt done anything good for her etc etc etc..A heartbroken Kuanl then promises Sihdi dat he will never interfere iin her life anymore.

In the Jail, Sidhi meets an elder Lady Sulekha.  Sulekhs atkes care of twins..
After few months...Sidhi delivers twin babies...But Richa snatches sidhi's 1st kid. She was abt to kill d baby..but kunal enters the scenario..Richa makes him belief dat Sidhi wanted to kill d baby..n dat Richa had saved the kids. Sidhi gets an info dat her 1st baby was taken away by richa...(or killed). Both Kunal n Sidhi had each kid wid them...Sihdi requests Sulekha to Give teh 2nd baby to KC...

Our hero...won the best actor Critics the BoroPlus Gold Award teh month of july (July 15th)


Daddy T brings Richa's proposal fr KC ...Veena agrees to it. Sulekhs brings 2nd kid to the vhopra house.but she gets the news dat Richa is gonna maary KC...Hearing this, she agrees not to give the baby to KC had forgotten Sidhi n has moved on in his life

Kunal disagree to marry Richa..

Where both the kids are named Anand.

Kunal n Chopras bring up Anand Chopra...while Sulekha n her son Abhay..brings up Anand Diwan

Anand Chopra(Bada Anand) is a replica of Sihdi...he's kinda yes...he loves his dad more than anything else in the world. Kunal had lost trust in love n everything..He was back to drinking,gambling,fighting etc etc...Sidhi comes out of the jail..She realizes dsat Sulekha hasnt given the 2nd kid to KC...She then goes to meet she spots Richa wid KC...n assumes dat KC had moved on in his life.

Anand Diwan(Chota Anand) was a spoilt brat. His Dad..Abhay...made him a spoilt brat.  CA dint knwo how to respect him mom. He was gaving only sorrows to Sidhi...

BA decides to make KC an able he tells him to fight a case...On d day of hearing, KC spots Sidhi after 9 long yrs

KC thinks dat it was just his feeling...

Ahh...Later BA gets selected fr a dance competiton and KC had to sell his gold medal for arranging teh money fr the admission fee of the competition.

BA n CA were competing against each other in the competition..During the competion...KC sees a completely different Avtaar of Sidhi..she had goen trhough a complete make-over...yes...KC saw a stylish Sidhi...with some other guy


After the competition...SINAL come face to face..


But KC moves back..thinking dat Sidhi had moved on in her life wid soem rich guy

Kunal gets job in Abahy's firm...while Sulekha too arranges a job fr Sidhi in Abhay's firm

Sidhi becomes the legal head of Abhay's firm...n Kunal had to work under her

In the month of September...we got to watch many close romantic SiNal scenes...teh office scene, teh party scene etc etc

Sidhi..then comes to know dat KC isnt married to Richa...She goes to Kunal .,hugs him n kisses him...etc Kunal tells her dat HE IS MARRIED TO RICHA...Sidhi gets heartbroken the meantime...BA n CA comes face to face,...they realise that they are twins...n so they decide to reunite their parents

Kunal brings Richa to teh office...n fakes romance wid her...Richa thinks it to be a real later she comes to knw dat KC was using her order to make Sidhi jealous. Richa then demands KC to fill her maang wid KC DENIES


Kunal refuses to marry Richa...While Abhay decides to Marry Sidhi.

Abhay had sent Sinal to solve some legal issues..Richa fears dat this trip wud bring SiNal closer. 
In Banglore...KC enters to a tiff wid a politician ..who tries to misbehave wid Sidhi...KC even slap dat guy...But Sinal were chased by the goons sent by the politician...The goons tried to kill Sinal faced all those Obstacles and saved tehir lives..Later tehy take shelter in a hotel.Sidh gest drunk and utters ...I LOVE YOU KUNAL...Chalo...phir se shaadi karte hain...
Then there was a magical SiNal hug

. Abhay n Richa come there...n Abahy takes Sihdi away..AFter reaching Mumbai...during teh Dussera Party...Abahy announces his engagement wid Sidhi...Kuanl gets heartbroken...BA comes to Sihdi n tells her dat KC isnt married to richa n dat KC still loves only her. Sihdi comes to know dat her first kid is Alive.The kids request Sidhi to manaofy KC ...

This month was the best n the worst

Best bcz it had the Karjat scenes were Sinal Clears all Mu's..n decides to start a new life


Then this month...we got to watch the Custody case. Abahy files teh custody of BA n CA...
Daddy T fights his case..while KC fights fr teh custody of his kids

In the court...Sidhi speaks in favour of KC..This Angers Abhay

Sammy...won his next Best Actor Award at ITA (Nov 4th)

Kunal sees Abhay strangling Sidhi...Bt Sidhi tells him not to interfere in her personal matters. 
Later teh court ..proves dat Abhay-Sidhi marriage is Null n Sinal hasnt divorced. For teh sake of teh kids, The court orders Sinal to stay under one roof fr 6 months...n after 6 months the court can decide abt their divorce n abt the custody case

BA n CA tries their best to reunite their parents..
Bt Kunal keeps a distance wid Sidhi. Sihdi tells him dat she married Abhay...bcz Abahy had threatened her dat he wud kill CA. KC asks CA reg this...But CA denies it.Kc gets angry on Sihdi..

But at Chopra house...There were soem sinalicious moments

BA,CA n Sinal goes to a shopping mall

But some robbers attack teh place...and keep Sidhi at gunpoint. Kunal saves CA got shot.Kunal tries to arrange money for CA's Abahy pays the money. He bashes KC and calls him a Looser n a Good fr Nothing Guy.

Well the episode of the Year...showed KC's PLEDGE...dat he wud EARN MONEY and BECOME RICH...and dat ...HE WONT DRINK ANYMOREClapClap

On December 2nd...Kunal Chopra...won the Jaanbaaz Personality Award...Chopra Family won the Lokpriya Family Award at the COLORS GOLDEN PETAL AWARDS

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These songs were used during the sinal scenes this yearEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

1. Phir Mohabbat (Murder 2)

2. Zindagi yeh Safar mein

3. Agneepath Songs- O Saiyyan, Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin

4.Saiyaan Ve (Ta Ra Rum Pum)

5. Saibo (Shor in the City)

6. In Lamhon ki Daaman mein

7. Musaafir hoon yaaron

8.Banjar hain sab Banjar hain

9. Do Pal Ruka

10.Mein toh tere pyaar mein Deewana ho gaya

11. Jaana Jogi de Naal

12. Saans


14. Yeh jo halki halki 

etc etc etc

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Posted: 30 December 2012 at 4:36am | IP Logged
this year...we got good as well as worse tracks too

We got to watch 

Parichay-Sinal Lovestory Ka

Parichay- Richa ki paagalpanti ka

Parichay- Diwan ki psycho nature ka

Parichay- BA&CA story KA

Parichay-Seema ki lectures Ka

Parichay- Veena ki Anand Jaap ka

etc etc etc 

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Posted: 30 December 2012 at 4:40am | IP Logged
Awesome post sonu
iss saal ki Sinalicious, kunalicious yaadein taaza ho gaye
As u said tis yr had both nice n hard moments of parichay. Ignore d hard one
Bt v gotta c awesome scenes of SINAL, SEENAL, kc wit kids
Hoping to get oly such nice mnt in 2013

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Posted: 30 December 2012 at 4:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sinan_sinal

Awesome post sonu
bas..itni choti comment??ConfusedShocked

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Posted: 30 December 2012 at 4:57am | IP Logged
Absolutely wonderful!!!! Thanks for this thread Hug

Recompilation of all the months... Thumbs Up Just the right thing for a lazy Sunday afternoon

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Posted: 30 December 2012 at 5:35am | IP Logged
Fantastic thread & the description for the whole year event was equally wonderful Sonia Hug

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