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FF:ARISHA: Kabhi na kabhi..Pg143 (Page 61)

vidya.anand IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 January 2013 at 9:48am | IP Logged

Hello Arjunians...back with a part...hope u like it...I know i started the cat and dog fight but there is a slight diff here...i hope u fish that out and like it too...

pls read and comment...

thanks a ton for the prev comments and likes!

Chapter 8A: Opposites repel too!

Aisha: [speaking up] I know….I over reacted…sorry for that!...[speaks up after a pause]….woh actually, sab ke life mein aise kuch baatein hoti hai jisse hum kisi se share karna ya kisi ko dikhaana nahi chahthe….samajh lijiye aisa hi kuch tha……..isiliye pareshan hogayi thi aur uss haalaat mein kuch zyaadha keh gayi…..I hope you understand…[looking back intently at him]….and I am sure you will understand……..aap se behthar iss baat ko kaun samajh saktha hai, right?

Arjun didn't reply…….Aisha just smiled as if she got her answer and bid bye to him……And then she walked back to the office!


Arjun realized in those few moments that the lady before him had more than what met his eyes…There was pain…there was sorrow…there was agony in those words….and her eyes were determined to hide all of it and she had drawn immense strength from all these to get to where she was now…..She didn't want sympathy or wasn't the type who would whine over her sorrows!

He had to agree that he admired her for that strong personality…..She indeed was a unique blend of a woman! He was indeed amused when he realized that she was right this time…….yes, she was right, he could understood the exact meaning of her words this time and he was able to take it in the right sense! Yes, everybody had a darkest corner in their hearts which they would never want to exhibit to others…just because of the truth that it displays the weakside, the vulnerable side of an otherwise strong person!

They were poles apart, quite different in their views and personalities but all lines merged at this one point….Both had a past, a very tragic painful past!

 He snapped out and walked to his SUV……….


A few days later……

A new case reaches ETF……A rich and famous model starts getting threats from an anonymous guy via phone and mails……a stalker or a competitor….but a very shrewd one who keeps himself under cover and leaves no clue at all…..She being influential, gets ETF to step in and get her out of this problem!

At the conference room……Rathod briefs the case as usual and delegates the work….

"Shree tum Sheela ki phone calls track karo,aur haan unn mails ke baare mein bhi information nikhaalo….. Arjun, Aisha tum dono usske ghar jaao aur usse pooch taach karo…….usske ghar ke baaki logon ko bhi interrogate karlena…….Chotu, tum mere saath chalo usske saare competitors aur kareebi friends ke baare mein information nikhaalna hai….."

Arjun adds his own set onto Shree's to do tasks "Shree, Sheela ke travel records aur financial statements bhi chahiye mujhe……."

Aisha adds "aur haan, ussne ab tak kaun kaunsi ad agencies mein work kiya hai, unke baare mein info nikhaaalo?"

Shree was gaping alternatively at both as they piled work on him….

Rathod snapped Aisha "kyun? ETF ke saat saat modeling karne ka iraadha hai kya?"

Shree and Chotu chuckled at that…..

Aisha replied sternly "no sir, shaayad unn ad agencies mein koyi ho jo Sheela se nafrat kartha ho jo yeh sab karwaa raha ho?"

Chotu adds "ya shaayad pyar…..?"

Arjun speaks up "ho saktha hai….hum kisi bhi possibility ko yun hi ignore nahi kar sakthe Rathod!"

Aisha looks at Arjun in an amused manner thinking to herself "wah kya baat hai….aaj akdu ACP ko meri baat teek lagaa?"

Rathod looked at Arjun shaking his head in disbelief thinking to himself….."aaj pehli baar Rawte ne Aisha ke baat ko sahi kahaa! Not bad!"

Shree is also stunned and whispers to Chotu "aaj sun west se nikhla hai kya? Jungili billi aur sher khan ke ek hi opinion"

Arjun's eyes catch all four of them staring at him and smirks "KYA? ab bhi case solve karna baaki hai right?"

As they are preparing to leave, Shree mutters to Chotu "ab iss sheela ki jawaani ne mere band bajaadhi yaar…..dekho kitna saara kaam karna hai…" [he shows the list to Chotu and both laugh]

Rathod hears him muttering "tumne kuch kahaa Shree?"

Shree: [caught off guard, he starts stammering] no sir…yes sir….i mean no sir!

Rathod: [glaring at them] then Get going Team!

Arjun and Aisha glance at each other before stepping out…..Both thinking about the same thing that they have to stand the other's company for quite some time now….


At Sheela's place…

After questioning all her personal staffs, they come to Sheela finally….She is with her make up assistant and PA…both running around doing her chores and she keeps throwing tantrums at them….

Arjun is already pissed off at her irritating behavior….Aisha couldn't help laughing at her funny mannerisms….

Aisha's mind voice: ab iss sheela ko bhagwaan hi bachaaye Arjun sir se….

Arjun starts the questioning "aap ko kabse yeh threats aa rahe hai?"

Sheela in a stylish accent "actually, bohat hafton se aa rahe hai….but I didn't pay attention, you know….famous hoom toh yeh sab…you know what I mean, right"

Aisha: [sarcastically] yah we know mam….aur kab aap usspe attention dene lage?

Arjun let Aisha do the rest of the questions as he was getting irritated with the model's antics…..she was touching up her make up, drinking her juice and were keeping them waiting for their answers……He sighed in frustration while Aisha noticed it and just took over the proceedings

Sheela: [fanning herself gesturing her PA to increase the AC] I guess ek hafta pehle, you know….jab main apni Pintu ka hair cut keliye gayi thi…..uss famour saloon mein….kya naam tha??? [trying to guess the name and wasting time but Arjun sighs making her continue]….tab mujhe ek letter milaa…aur guess what khoon se likhaa tha….Blood se, you know?

Aisha: [impatiently] aur yeh pintu kaun hai??

Sheela: [shocked as ifAisha didn't know who India's PM was] PINTU….meri doggy hai…. mere harr interview mein usske naam aur photo chaptha hai…. aap nahi jaante???

Aisha opens her mouth for the next but Arjun snaps her….

This was the limit that Arjun could tolerate..he spoke up before Aisha shot the next question "nahi woh nahi jaanthi…hum ETF mein aise interviews nahi padthe…..anyways,thanks for the valuable information……hum nikhalte hai….agar aur koyi baat hui toh humein inform kijiye!" [turning to Aisha, putting on his glares] Lets go!

Aisha glares at Arjun for having snapped her short but without a choice, she replied with a nod

"Yes sir" and then follows him….


While driving back..Aisha keeps scolding him for his rude action under her breath….

Arjun: [fed up of her rantings] mujhse kuch kehna chahthi ho toh saaf saaf kaho…

Aisha: [vents out her bottled up anger] main apne aap se baat kar rahi hoom…kya woh bhi ETF mein manaa hai?? pehle aapke wajeh se uss Sheela se meri baatein poori nahi ho paayi….aur ab yeh……ETF se pehle kitni khush thi mere kaam mein… par iss team mein aakhar ab yes sir, no sir karke aap ke aur Rathod sir ke aage peeche ghoomna padh raha hai!

Arjun glares at her but then controls himself…..he could have blasted her for that….."pehli baat, mujhe uss Sheela se baat karke kuch faydha nahi dikhaa….….isiliye.."

Aisha: [snaps him] aapko lagaa….par mujhe toh nahi lagaa….I wanted to ask her more questions….

Arjun: [with a smirk] jaise?? Pintu ki age??? Ya usska birthday??

Aisha: [blowing her fuse] ab kya sab sawaaal jawaab pe aapke approval lene padenge…..main bhi ek ETF officer hoom….aur mujhe apna kaam acche se aatha hai! bas aap mujhe woh teek taak karne deh!

Arjun: [sighing and controlling his rage] tum jo chaaho woh kar sakthe ho….bas mere kaam mein interfere matth karna….ek aur baat…..koyi bhi kam chota ya badaa nahi hota….sab kaam zaroori hota hai!

Aisha: [sarcastically] ohhh really??? That's news to me…..phir aap kyun humesha sabse badaa kaam karne ki ziddh pe addhe hote hai?? chota mota kaam toh aap bhi kar sakthe hai na?

Arjun: [flaring up] tum apne haddh paar kar rahi ho Aisha….matth bhoolo ke main tumaari senior officer hoom….

Aisha: [bringing her anger under control] YES SIR! [Stressing every word]

[To be continued] 

So how was it?? pls reply with ur comments...thoda comedy add kiya hai...just for the fun of it!

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Mellifluous IF-Rockerz

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hihihi junglee billi & sher khan again back in action ROFL dono ko meuseum me rakhna chahiye LOL

OMG Aisha is so stupid,she did not know about pintu LOL Yeh miss sheela ki jawani ki bekar si case ki wajahse bechara shree to gaya kaam se Wink
update the next di..waiting for world war 3 LOL

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vidya.anand Goldie

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Hey nice oneSmile
Sheela ka naam padhte hi sabse pehle Sheela ki jawaani yaad aayi aur fir Katrina kaifLOL
That Sheela and Pintu..uff..Arjun was so pissed off with her..
Liked Arjun-Aisha's arguments...kya satak satak jawaab deti hai Arjun ko...Arjun to hairan hi reh jata hai..
I lykd the comic touchThumbs Up
Update soon.

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Haruhi_Mo IF-Sizzlerz

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enjoying Arjun and Aisha's clashesLOL
Jungli bili aur sherWink
i knew their truce wont last for long, and here they start again about PintuROFL, his age...
Woh Arjun knows how to jokeLOL
and that Sheela ki jawani was too good by ShreeLOL
Lovely update VidyaSmile

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alee001 Goldie

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wow!!! arjun "ha" for ayesha's idea!!!!

but atlast d lions r back to fight!!

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Aaliya_Fizz IF-Sizzlerz

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di i love u..apne pochte he update diya,soo sweet of you dicupid smiley, heart smiley, animated smiley, animation smiley, cupid smiley
subha subha ek beautiful dream aaya tha apke ff ka,tabse i'm in love with your arishadi i love ds nok jhok and thode thode funny dialgs arisha ke..specially arjun ka pinku ki age wala dialgROFLuff aisha ka gussa..bechari show me b aur yaha b 'yes sir,no sir' karti haiLOLdi i want pari scenes plsEmbarrassedawesome update diClapthank u diHug

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.Brok3nSoul. Goldie

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One word for the Update - ROFLCOPTER!!

In case you don't know what that means TongueWink

Rolling on the floor, can't operate till eyes refocus!! WinkROFL

Poor shree….all the demands are showered on him!

I could very well imagine Sheila's accent, her antics, her tantrums…Hilarious dialogues….specially the Pintu one, that was epic!! ROFL

Sammy…hayye!! Blushing

Sameer's remark cracked me up, Etf ke saath modeling ka bhi iraada hain!

Ayesha…oh gawd…this girl is so damn entertaining…..who needs any other source when she is around…..ab yes sir, no sir karke aap ke aur Rathod sir ke aage peeche ghoomna padh raha hai! ROFLLOL

Awesome Update Di!! Hug

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Luna92 Senior Member

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very nice part..
shree's comment on sheela...LOL
pehle sher khan ne jungli billi se agree kiya..  par phir lad padayROFL
cont soon...

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