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FF:ARISHA: Kabhi na kabhi..Pg143

vidya.anand IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 December 2012 at 9:41am | IP Logged

FF: ARISHA: Kabhi na kabhi..

hello Arjunians...i am back with a new story...a OS to start with...may become a SS based on the feedback...i know most of u including me dont see any chemistry between Arjun and Aisha...I dont intend to make it either...all i intend is try and explore their relationship a little more may or may not become love...but i hope i make it a feel good relationship...pls pls pls read and comment...and promise, frequent updtes deh kar trouble nahi karungi...

So presenting...

Kabhi na kabhi...

It was almost 2 weeks since Aisha joined ETF''She was brilliant'.a dare devil in her work'..but in the team, she sulked big time''Shree and Chotu weren't helping her one bit because of her own attitude and arrogance'they just couldn't let her into their group! Nor was she trying to get in'..she was a loner and it seemed that she preferred it that way!

Comparisons with Riya wasn't hidden from her as well'that made things more complicated and worse too! For every step forward, she drifted away by 4 steps backward from their group!

It was just Rathod who behaved a little casual but far from being friendly to her owing to the fact that he was the chief and he couldn't ignore his own team member'.but it stopped at just that'..nothing more nothing less!

For Arjun, it wasn't any better'.from the very first face off with her, both were at logger heads in every other case'..he was arrogant, so was she'he was adamant, so was she''he had huge loads of egoistic attitudes and so did she''If you thought that the similarities ended there, you are wrong''he was a loner, so was she''he was a super cop'..she was no less than that'..independent, strong and intelligent''.and as they say like poles always repel''.true to that theory, so did they! They stood at extremely opposite dimensions to any problem

Though verbal war was rare, scornful looks, glares and fumes were in plenty that it always filled the ETF with heat waves that they had to ultimately shift to a bigger better place''


But when it was on a case, solving it came first to the entire team''.all the diverse, extreme and varied efforts united and they stood as a team till they unlocked the mystery and grabbed the culprits''So as a team, ETF was definitely rocking as always!


It was New year eve and a grand party was organized by the department''

The evening was pleasant'.Shree and Chotu were enjoying it to the fullest but yes, they missed Riya more at such times'..the trio used to have a blast at such parties'..But they knew, nothing would bring her back''only her memories could remain forever!

Rathod was at his best and exchanging pleasantries with his peers from other teams'..Though his relation with Arjun was a lot better these days, it hadn't come down to such a level when they could actually chat with each other or give company to each other on such occasions''.

Arjun preferred to be in his own company''and so did Aisha''Both stand at far ends enjoying their solitude''and of course their favorite drinks'..

The only difference being, he was sipping a fruit punch while she was gulping her 3rd vodka on the rocks'.She signaled the waiter "one more!"

That gesture of hers caught his eyes''.he was a bit annoyed by that'.Of course, it was all personal choices but this behavior of hers definitely irritated him''He walked to her''signaling the waiter with the drink to back off from her'."tumhe nahi lagtha ke kuch zyaadha hi ho raha hai!"

She turned around in a startle to face him and looks around at the party "haan I agree'..cops hai, alright but itna boring party, huh? ab aise parties mein bilkul mazaa nahi raha!!"

He was quick to catch her intended meaning'..maybe she had got used to the rocking rave parties she used to attend during her under cover mission and yes, this party was quite dry compared to those! He smirked and replied "main tumaare party preferences ke nahi, iss drink ke baat kar raha hoom!" [he pointed to her drink and sarcasm spilling from every angle of his statement]

Aisha was not so easy to tackle'.she just chuckled seeing her senior's concern and looked away with a bigger smirk!

He added "matth bhoolo ke tum ab dancer Nadia nahi ETF ka issa ho'..utna hi peeo jitna handle karpaavo'.samjhi ya samjhaavum?"

That blew her fuse up'..she shot back a glare and replied furiously "Mr Arjun Rawte, Aisha apne limit jaanthi hai'..and don't you dare teach me that'.aap samjhe ya main samjhaavum? Oh yeah, I forgot, aapko tho khudko kam aur baakiyon ko samjhaane ki aadhat hai na?"

Arjun was fuming now'.he scowled at her and in a loud voice "AISHA!!"

She snapped him acting as if she is frightened "ooops main toh darr gayi...[becoming normal and staring at him] chillaayiye matth'..main bhi chillaa sakthi hoom'.aur jab main chilaathi hoom na...[stops midway and pauses for a moment]'.khair chodiye'.I don't want to get into such a silly fight! Mujhe aur bhi important kaam hai!" [calls back the waiter for the drink and adds to him sarcastically showing off her glass to irritate him] waise yeh saare off limit baatein bhi uss undercover mission ka hi asar hai''[as he glares at her] haaan wahi mission jissko aapne fail kardhi thi!

Arjun: yeh baar baar keh kar kya prove karna chahthi ho?? kahi tum mujhse ek apology toh nahi expect karthi? Agar aisa hai, toh bhool jaao!

Aisha: [sarcastically] naah naah'..aap sorry kyun bolenge?? Galthi toh maine ki hai na? [the alcohol was also showing it impact and she was pouring out more than what was called for] apne pehchaan tak chod kar, life ko chodkar, aatt maheenae ajnabiyon aur criminals ke saath rehne ki galthi ki hai''aap jaanthe bhi ho ek bar dancer bannkar aise drug addon mein rehna kaisa hota hai'..ek ek pal kisi jung se kam nahi tha'..nasha ke haalat mein aise log kya kya kar sakthe hai'..ya kya kya karwaa sakthe hai, shaayad aapko andaaza bhi na ho'.unn sab ke bacchna koyi aasaan kaam nahi tha'..main apne manzil ke bohat kareeb thi...par kya faaydha, ek hi pal sab kuch bighad gaya''.sirf mujhe pathaa hai kaisa feel hui'...'..bade aaye mujhe haddh sikhaane!!!

Arjun: dekho Aisha, main jaantha hoom ke uss mission kitna important tha aur tumne uss mein kitna hardwork kiya tha''hum bhi nahi chahthe teh ke aisa kuch ho'.jo bhi hua anjaane mein hua'.so yeh blame game chodh dho!

Aisha: [smirking] chodh dho!...bhool jaao, my foot!!!...kitna aasaan hai na yeh kehna'[turns away from him]'anyways''.jo hua usse bathal tho nahi sakthe''[keeps the empty glass on the table with a thud and turns to leave] chalthi hoom'..Gud night!! 

Arjun gives a glaring look as she leaves and turns to the opposite direction'


A little later, the party is almost over'.and all are leaving one by one''.

As Arjun drives back, a sixth sense or an intuition makes him take a turn to the left which is a bit of roundabout way to his home''''

 As he continues his drive, he sees a cab stranded at a distance and a vague image of a girl at gun point''4-5 men surrounding her and in heated discussion'..He parks the vehicle a little far away and gets out'...He hides a bit and tip toes silently to the spot'..He fires at the hand holding the gun''.

As it was quite unexpected, the person's hand is hurt and the gun falls down in the impact''..He is quick to reach the spot before the others react'..and over powers them easily pushing the girl to the side''..The girl turns around and also take on a few people'''once they are done with the fight and manage to chase away the people, the come face to face''."TUM??" Arjun yells seeing her!

Aisha is equally stunned'.She smiles pleasantly and says in a gratitude filled tone "thanks'..aapne phir se mere jaan bacchaayi''''.."

Arjun looks at her and before he could respond, she laughs out "shaayad aisa hi kuch expect kar rahe ho na?? but sorry to disappoint you''Aisha kabhi ehsaan nahi lethi'..yeh karz rahaa mujhpar'..

I owe you one'''..Bye! ooops i forgot...HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

[he looked at her leaving and then looked into his watch, it was a minute past 12...a new year had begun...a new beginning...a new hope...a new life...]

 [To be continued]  

My note: I have not PMed anyone on this new story'..will PM from next update to people who read and commented on it! 


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vidya.anand IF-Sizzlerz

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Aaliya_Fizz IF-Sizzlerz

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i love u diHeartthanks for writing itHugthat was amazing di..wo dono sach me waise he haiDay Dreamingarjun dil ka bhaut acha hai,apne st ki officer ki care b karta haiEmbarrassedaisha toh rockstar hai di,she s very strong women,mujhe wahi bt achi lagti hai uskiWinkdare devil+miss attitutedHugnew yr gift hai mere liye ye ssEmbarrassedsabko pasand aayega he,apne jo lekha haiWinkarjun aur aisha ka scenePartymujhe ab b laga mai waha party hu,..aur maza aaraha ta unki nok jhok dekhkarDay Dreamingit means ye SS ka magic or nasha chad gaya mujheLOLab main apko tang karungi next update ke liyeEmbarrassedthank u di,i loved itHeartu made my day and yearHuginteresting hai bhaut,pls update LOLye OS hai

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prava55663 IF-Sizzlerz

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What a beginning yaar...this is just awesome..
truly very nice...

both of them in full on attitude, egoist...with so much different characters how will they fall in love...

Aap SS nahin FF banao...i mean yeh FF hojayega...

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Radhika Shah IF-Sizzlerz
Radhika Shah
Radhika Shah

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Payal_156 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 December 2012 at 9:52am | IP Logged
Awesum blossom start di...
loved it..!
in ur os hope it bcums ss soon ayesha i guess hv a painful past..!!
Loved their samjhe ya samjhau convo..
u potray d character of aisha really well..
nyc di n claps fr d amazing start di..!

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DivineDarkness IF-Stunnerz

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Well written Vidya... bt nt sure i vl continue to read it or not... not yet ready to accept them as a u said i cnt see ny chemistry b/w both... bt whn u update do PM me who knws i read it nd ur story vl help me to change my aversion 2wrds Arisha...

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wildire IF-Rockerz

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Awesome Vidya didi... u r a fantastic writer... n i have always been a fan of ur writing... but this work of ur took my heart yet again,, u portrayed the characters in their place truly nd perfectly n created a wonderful story out of it...
great work... Do continue...Smile

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