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 wish u a vry happie happie bday  sweet kamini RoopamHugHug

As you start another fantastic year of life, we wish that all your dreams come true. 

Hope your birthday is cool, fun, fantastic, wonderful, exiciting, awsome, rocking and suprbBig smileBig smile

we r vry lucky 2 have such a gr8 frnd lyk u,,,,,,we jst hpe humari frndshp forever raheHugHug

hav a dhamakdar bday n party hard roopamDancingParty

luv ur KaminisBig smile

Blessing Comments 

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Heyya Roop, Here's a small video we made for you. At the end of each person's wish, I hav added their IF dp. So jiska nahi hain, woh nalayk ne hume dp send nahi kiya LOLLOL

I hope u lyk it. N kinjal has made a siggie for you, its in the video, i m posting it alag se below d video.

Also, galti se i hav written roop di in my msg(got carried away wid every1 callin u datTongue) but uhm, i dont call u di, toh samaj lena

Lastly, its preferable to watch dis on Youtube, on Full Screen Mode.

Enjoy the music, n hav a wonderful birthday Big smile

So, how did u lyk it?

And here's ur gift from Kinjal, A Siggie.

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hetu29 IF-Sizzlerz

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hetu29 IF-Sizzlerz

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ArSha Experience the Kaminapan of the Kamini's
Happy b'dayyy di... here's a small gift for uHug
We loveee u...Hug
and thanksh a lot annie for helping me in this !!!!
This is specially dedicated to roop di and my kamini's !!
sorry if i streched a bit long !!
Please ignore the typos ! i havent checked !!

Roop di : Urghhh !! These kamini's !! Idiots !! Har jagah apna kamina panti dikhate hai ! They are always late !! Iss group mai mere alwa kisi ke pass dimag hai ya nahi?
Its my b'dae party, these creatures are so late ! Yaha mujhe late hona chaiye ! I am on time.. And they... Urghhh !!

Kamini's *In unison* : Tumne pukara aur hum chale aaye !!

Roop di : Ohh finally!! Idiots are here ! Guys, itna jaldi kyun aaye... Next year ke b'dae ke liye toh abhi bohot time hai ! Huh ! :/

Hetal : Uffo di ! Aapke aandar bhi kya Payal ka bhoot ghus gaya hai? Hamesha chilate rehne wala !

Payal : Oyye ! Kya re... Chup ho jaa.. Warna, i'll beat u upp samjhi kya !!

Hetal : Partnerrr... Sissyyy... Bachao mujhko iss monster se *Running behind my partner(Nisha) and sissy(sejal) *

Nisha : Oyye payu ki baachi...! Tu meri partner ko kuch mat bol samjhi ! *Turning towards me* Tu tension mat le partner mai hu na tere saath !!

Hetal : awww... My partner !! Lubb u *Hugs*

Nisha : Aww.. Partner lubb u tooo !!

KK (Kuhu) : Oyye, partner's, ek dusre ki chamcha giri bandh karo !!

Rupu (Satarupa) : Haa yaar kuhu, ye log har jagah partner-partner ki nautanki chalu kar dete hai !

Annie : aree tumlog jagda kyun kar rahe ho !!

Sapna : Annie tu chup !!

Annie : aree... 

Sejal : hehe... Fight dekhne mai maza aa raha hai...

Nisha + Me : Aee... Tumlog na...

Preetu : SHUT UP GUYS !! Har jagah shuru ho jaate ho ! Nalayako !! Di ka b'dae hai ye !! Atleast wish toh karo !! Wish karne se pehele hi ladai chalu... Bewakoof log !!

Kamini's : *Bit our lips* Opps sorry !! 
Bhul gaye the ! HAPPPYYY B'DAEEE !!!
*all hug together*

Roop di : Ohh finally tumlog ne mujhko notice toh kiya !! Huh !!
Abb tumlog toh aa gaye ! Lekin ye baki teeno bhi tumlog ke jaise ho gaye hai abb !!

Aroma : Kaun log??

Maggie : Ha kaun aa raha hai aur?

Aarushi : ha ha... Aur kaun aa raha hai?

Roop Di : Aree tumlog chup rahoge toh bataungi na... Our one and only late currents !! Late current kaun hai..??

Hetal : Ohh mai batau !! Mai batau !!

Sejal : ha humlog bhi samjah gaye ! Bata de !!

*All together* : ArSha :-P

Payal : And what about tannu and sneha? Aren't they coming?

Roop Di : Only shan is coming with them ! Sneha is out of town for some urgent work !

Nisha : Achaa ok !!

Roop di : Uff !! I wonder these 3 idiot's are gonna come or not !!

ArSha + Shan : Ohh.. Sorry sorry.. We are late !! *Happy B'dae roooppp!!!

Roop di : thank god tumlog aa toh gaye !

Shakti : Aree... Hume toh aana hi tha, tera b'dae jo hai !!

Amar : Yeah !! Yeah !! Shakti is right !!

Shan : Ha, ha !! Tujhko toh shakti hamesha hi right lagti hai !!

All *except ArSha* : Ahem !! Ahem !!

Amar : Guys ! Please ! U know that i am with Charlie... 

Shan : But amar, u and charlie always keep on fighting and aruging !! u guys haven't even talked from last one week !!

Amar : Shan plz... y do u guys always bring this up !! Stop this and start the party !!

Kriti : Ermm.. Yeah lets start the party ! Where's the cake !!

Shakti : Amm.. Wait i'll bring !!

Preetu : ok !

*cutting all the cake cutting ceremony and all*

Shan : *To ArSha* So, u are just friends na...

Amar : Shan please !! I said na... M with charlie !!

Shakti : emmm.. Emm... Guys ! U all enjoy... I'll be back in 10 mins !!

Amar : hey, shaks u alright?

Shakti : hu.. Huh.? Yea.. Yeah.. M al.. Alright.. I'll be back...
*and she went away*

Amar : Why is she behaving weird? I am sure something's wrong !!

Roop di : how do u know that?

Amar : Aree... She's my friend right... I know her more than she knows herself...

Annie : Friend? Come on.. Amar, koi bhi normal friend itna closely nahi jaanta !

Kriti : Yeah !

Amar : Aree, she's just a friend... Actually no ! She's special... But there's nothing other way round !

Shan : Ohh yeah ! Just a special friend !
*Amar gave him a shut-up look* ok ok ! I will keep quite !!

Here, the kamini's + shan are together now !! *ArSha are not with them*
ArSha, they are in their world with each other... Never realising that even other people are around them !!

Kuhu : *Looking at ArSha* *To Kamini's +Shan* : Guys, its clear that they love each other ! But why dont they accept it !

Preetu : Yeah kuhi, life mai first time tune koi correct baat boli hai... Everyone know ki they love each other, but just not ready to accept it !

Shan : I think shakti knows her feelings about Amar but she's just not saying it because amar is with charlie !

Sejal : Ohh, so u mean ki its just Amar who should realise about his feeling's !!

Sapna : Guys, kuch toh karna padega !!

Maggie : Yeah right, lets do something to make Amar realise his feeling towards shakti !!

Payal : But kare kya?!

Nisha : yeah ! Amar ko manana is not that easy !!

Aroma : Agree ! Its not that easy !

Roop di : Guys ! I have a plan !!

Aarushi : Kya?

*She tells her plan to everyone*

Hetal : wha di ! B'dae ke din toh kya dimag chal raha hai aapka ! Issliye bolti hu mere saath raha karo, dekha mere saath rehne se aap kitne intelligent ho gaye ho !!

Roop di : duh ! Ha ha ! Bas khush ! Ab chup ho jaa samjhi !!

Sejal : Haww, meri sissy se aise baat mat kar !!

Roop di : Seju tu...

Shan : Guys ! Guys ! Guys ! Fight baadme ! Now lets execute the plan ok !!

Roop di : Yeah !! So shan are u ready to do it??

Shan : yes ! Anything for them !!

Roop di : Ok, so guys !! Let's do it !!

All together : Yeah !!

Shan : So here i come ARSHA !!!

Scene shift to ArSha !

Amar : So, amm... Mere baare mai tujhko pura knowledge hai ! But i still i dont know who's that guy?

Shakti : Guy? Which guy?

Amar : Aree wahi guy whom you love !

Shakti : Hai koi special, why should i say? *Smirks*

Amar felt a pinch of jealousy somewhere !!

Amar : WHT !! U love someone...

Shakti : Ha toh, tujhe kya problem hai...

Amar : Shakti, tu...

*Before he could complete, Shan interupted them*

Shan : Hey guys, 
*Turns towards Shakti* : Can i have a pleasure to dance with the most beautiful woman*
*Turns to Amar* Do u mind if i take her for sometime ?

Amar : Am..
*Before he could complete Shaks cutted him*

Shakti : Why would he mind shan? I would love to dance with u ! :)

Shan : *He forwards his hand towards her*

Shakti : *She holds his hand*

And he takes her to dance floor leaving someone burning there.. :P
Shan sees Amar's face and looking at him it's Obvious that he's jealous !! Shan chuckles at that !!

Here Amar is alone and fuming at them !!
Roop di came near him and started chatting with him...
After seeing shan and shakti dancing together,
Roop Di : Look Amar *Points towards Shan and Shakti* Dont they look cute together?

Amar *To himself* : Cute? My foot !

Di hears that and chuckels but pretends that she dint hear anything...

Roop Di : Did u say anything?

Amar : Huh? No no !

Roop Di : Ohh ok !! So i was saying... They look sooo cute together na... Awww... Look at them, so adourable !! You know looking at them anyone can say that something's up with them !! Kuch toh hai !! What do think?

Amar *In his mind* : WHT !! Is shan the guy shaks was talking abt? She love him? No.. No... No ways ! I cant let that happen ! She cant love anyone else... Wait, who am do decide that she cant love anyone else... Why am i not able to digest the fact that she loves someone !! What's wrong with me?!!

He was busy in his thoughts but a voice brought him back !!

Roop : AMARR... !!!!!

Amar : huh?

Roop : Kab se thoughts mai duba hua hai.. Kab se be bula rahi hu... Acha chod... Chal na lets do something for them... I mean.. Like.. Un dono to saath lane ke liye ! Look at them man, unki chemistry kitni awesome hai !! You know, D3 ne shan and shakti ko saath cast karte toh unki chemistry kitni hit hoti.. Pure records 
break kar deti !!

Amar : Hey, no ways ! ArSha ki chemistry dekhi nahi hai kya kabhi !!! We both are any time the best !! Our chemistry is unbreakable !! Hamari chemistry ke baare mai kabhi suna nahi hai !! We both are best together !!

Roop : Wohoo ! Amar.. Cool down !! I agree that your chem was good but you are already taken away by charlie na... So dont you want your best friend to fall in love with some she deserves.. A guy like shan !

Amar : Amm.. Amm.. I'll be back !

Roop : Ok !

And he went to drinks counter and sat on a seat there and turned to have a clear view at the dance floor... Shan and shakti were having a good time on the floor...
This was aching his heart ! He was felling that his heart will literally break down into pieces...

Amar : Why the hell am i felling so insecure, jealous !! What the hell is happening to me, why am i'nt able to see shakti with someone else !! Just a thought of shakti being with someone is almost taking my life out of me !! I dont understand what's wrong with me !! 

Here, with shan and shakti !
Shan's back is facing amar and amar is not able able to see shakti as he can only see shan's back !!

Shan turns his face to see amar's fuming face glaring at both of them !
Then a idea stuck in his mind !

Shan : Hey shakti, there's something near your nape !

Shakti : what?

Shan : Wait i'll remove !
*he tilted his head a bit*

Here, looking at shan titling his head, Amar thought shan is kissing shakti !
Looking at this he could not control his tears and he completely broke down !!
Maybe he understood what was wrong with him but maybe he has not accepted it yet !! He was damn angry as he could not see anyone else kissing shakti, he could only imagine he himself kissing her !!

Ok that was it now !! He could not see her with shan now !!
So he went on the dance floor, caught her wrist and literally dragged her up in a room and closed the door !
And she was stuck between him and the wall in the room !!

Shakti : What's wrong with you kunwar !
How rude was that !! And shan, what he must be thinking !!

Amar : You are thinking what shan must be thinking ! And what about me !!

Shakti : What !! What do u mean?

Amar : *He banged both his palms on the wall on the either sides of her face*
How could you do this me !! How could u just do it !! *Tears rolled down his eyes* *He was angry at the same time*
*Shakti was shocked to see this side of amar*

Shakti : Do what?? What are u talking about...

Amar : About the kiss !

Shakti *Confused* : what kiss?? What are u...
Before she could say anything..
She realised that he was kissing her... She was dumbfounded...
His lips met her... He kissed her fiercely.. His kiss showed all his emotions... Showed his anger, showed how hurt he was... Showed his feeling towards her... 
Her eyes were closed... Her heart was jumping high... Her knees went numb.. He slid his left hand on her waist line to support her... He crushed his body over her... He tried to enter her mouth.. But she was too shocked to react.. He nibbled her lower lip... To which she opened her mouth.. His tounge entered in his mouth.. His tounge playing with her... He kissed her like there was no tomorrow... His right hand caressing her waist...
He left her lips and started kissing her nape.. His hand slowed slid inside her shirt caressing her soft skin... His lips shifted from her nape to her throat giving her love bites... While kissing he asked "Why did u kiss shan?"... She was not in her sence... He asked the same question again... Then she realised what he asked and she jerked back and pushed him away... And said "what??? Kissed shan? Are u mad kunwar"

Amar : i saw him kissing u... I saw him titling his head...

Shakti : idiot ! He dint kiss me... There was something on neck, he was just removing that !! How could you amar... How could you just think that, me and shan... No no !! There's nothing between us.. Coz i love...

And she stopped...

Amar : Love? Whom? *He moved closer*

Shakti : *closed her eyes* You !
Amar was dumbfounded... He was not able to believe what he just heard !

Shakti : *Tears started rolling down from her eyes* Yeah ! I have always loved you kunwar... From the day i realised what love is... It was only you... And will always be only you... No one can ever take your place in my heart... I... I... I dint say u anything because.. Because.. I dont want to lose u... I dont want to lose your friendship, which is the only thing left for me to live for... *She opened her eyes*

Amar was shocked... He left the room without saying anything !!

Shakti thought that she lost him forever.. She lost him.. His friendship.. She lost her world... Just at A thought of him being not with her, she started crying badly... She broke down and fell on her knees crying badly...

Here, after coming out of the room.. He thought for a min and then called charlie !

Charlie : Hey darling !

Amar : Charlie.. Amm.. Actu.. Actually i wanted to say you something...

Charlie : Yeah say na !

Amar : I am sor.. Sorr.. Sorry !

Charlie : Sorry? For what?

Amar : Charlie, i.. I.. Dont lo.. Love you.. I dont love you... I realised that.. It was just a attraction towards you... I know its my fault and you are not going to forgive me for this... But please try to understand.. I. I dont love you... I love...

Charlie : Shakti?

Amar : How.. How do you know that?

Charlie : Maybe, i had always known this...

Amar : Charlie.. I am extremly sorry... Please.. Please forgive me... Please...

Charlie : Hey, please dont be sorry... Somewhere i always knew that you loved her... I was selfish... I dint wanted to lose you... I knew some or the other day you will realise it... Just wanted to spend that time with you...

Amar : Thanks a lot... Thanks a lot for understanding me...

Charlie : *Rubbing away tears from her cheeks which were flowing down from her eyes* Ok ! So enough of this emotional torture... So gabru jawan.. Did u say her ki you love her?

Amar : Am.. No not yet !!

Charlie : Ufo.. Then what are waiting for... Go and get your love... Dont let it go away from you... !! My good wishes are with you... And promise me... That we will always remain friends...

Amar : thanks charlie.. Yes... Friends !
Ok bye !

Charlie : Bye !

Now he knew what he has to do...
He went back to room... And saw shakti crying badly... He ran towards her held her and said "shaks.. Shaks.. Please dont cry *with his finger on her chin he made her look at him* dont cry please"

Shakti : please.. Please.. I am sorry.. Please dont leave me.. I dont want to loose you *She caught his shirt and rested her head on his chest still crying*

Amar : *caressing her hairs* : Pehele toh sushh... Bilkul chup... Stop crying.. I am here.. With you... Forever with you... Stop crying and look at me !

She looked at him... He sucked her tears and then kissed her... A small kiss...

Amar : I love you shakti... I was so dumb that i dint realise anything... How can i... !!

Shakti : But charlie...

Amar : Dont worry... I told her everything.. And she's not mad at me for this... *Smiles* and i am waiting...

Shakti : For what?

Amar : you reply.. Those 3 words...!! Be fast... I cant wait more...

Shakti : *Blusing* I... I.. I love u *and then hid her flushed face in his chest, hugging him as tightly as she could and even he reponded to the hug !

Amar : am.. So we should go down... Everyone must be waiting...

Shakti : Ok !

And they went down with their arms around each other... Both blusing to the core.. As they walked down...

Shan : Gosh ! Are u guys together...?

Amar : Yes !! Together forever...

Shan : Wow ! *To gang* Means hamara plan work kar gaya !

Shakti : Plan?

Shan : amm.. Woh... *and he narreted everything*

Amar : Kamino... Tumlog !! Gawd !! Aaj mai bohot khush hu issliye chod raha hu...
*tO roop* Roop !! Your b'dae proved really special to uss... !! Lucky day !! And guys, thank you all for this !

Kamini's +Shan : Anytime !!

*Group hug*

---The End--

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hetu29 IF-Sizzlerz

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Proposal with Tapori Tadka (Kria's Demand)

Rey : Yaar swayam ! I am scrared... Woh maan toh jaaegi na...!! Bol na.. She'll say yes na..?? Please say something na dude !! What will she say? You are her best friend na... So you might know what she'll say... Please dude... Tell me na... Ple...

**All the while our dear swayam was trying to speak, but atlast ! That was it ! He bursted out**

Swayam : SHUT UP DUDE !!!!!! You are such a baatcutter !! Tu usko baatcutter bolta hai... But look at you man ! Tu kaunsa usse kuch kum hai !! Uske saath reh-reh ke even u are behaving like a baatcutter !
And about her accepting thingy ! That's obvious ki she loves you ! But woh thoda, no not thoda, infact bohot zyada nautanki karegi... After all she's kria... One and only KRIA GHAI ! So be ready dude !

Rey : But yaar i am scraed ! I mean you know her right... Agar usne kuch... I mean...

Swayam : Yeah, but dont worry... I will be there around for your safety ! Uska kuch bharosa nahi... Kab kya kar de ! Galti se tera sar na phod de !

Rey : Aee... Tu mujhko encourage kar raha hai ya dara raha hai?

Swayam : Amm.. Mai toh bas tujhko warn kar raha tha... Coz you know she is...

*Both in unison* "THE KRIA GHAI"

and then looked at each other and had a good amount of laugh !

Swayam : All the best dude ! Mera ashirwaad tere saath hai *Typical Sadu Pose mai*

Rey : Thanku Swayam Baba ! Aap ki Jai ho *Touching his feets* :P
Bolo swayam Baba ki Jay !! 

Swayam : Aee chup !! Kyun college mai mere naam ki band baja raha hai... Bhag yaha se !

Rey laughed and went away with his mission THE KRIA GHAI !

Rey *Self Talk* : Chal Rey beta, apni band bajwane ! Ye itni easily toh nahi maane waali... M sure... She's a tough nut to crack..!! Kuch na kuch ulta karwaegi mujhse !! So Get Ready !!


At college terrace, 7:30 PM !!

Rey : Uff, what's this ! I called her at 7, half and hour late... When will she come.. Rey beta, isski aadat daal le.. !

He called her for date this evening... And he decided to propose her.. He was sure that she loves him... They were "Dost se kuch zyada" from last 1 year, and this was the time to take the next step ! Only "Dost se kuch zyada" Kind of relation was not enough... It was obvious that it was love ! It was time to except it !!

He had decorated the terrace beautifully... Red and white heart shape ballons all around... He middle there was a table for two and all her favourite cuisine... Few men playing violen and lady playin piano... He exactly knew what she liked ! But then she was kria, no one understand when and where her mind will change... !!

Just then, he heard footsteps, he knew it was kria only because swayam was there to keep a note that no one else comes there... As she entered and opened the door, rose petels started falling on her like rain of rose petels... Aroma of roses was all around as she loved roses !!

She twirled around lovingly, smile curved on her beautiful face... !! 
Rey was lost in her beauty, she was in black off shoulder dress which ended above her knees... He could not take his eyes off her... ! She stopped twirling as she felt his eyes on her !! She became consious!! 

He moved near her, and held his arms around her... And then moved his hand forward and asked "Dance".. She held his hands and they did few ball room steps (Sorry i cant explain the steps) !!

And let he led her to the dining table, they had their dinner and shared many talkes.. They had a good time with each other, as they loved each others company !!

Kria : hmm... So? Now what?

Rey : Amm.. Kri.. Kria, actually i wanted to say u something !!

Maybe she knew what was going to come and she was not shocked, she was mentally perpared for it !!

He went on knees and said "Kria, i.. I love you... I know you already know that.. But today on this new years eve... As everyone makes a resolution, even i am goona make a resolution to love u for ever and ever and ever, i will love u till the day i'll live, till the last sec... !! I love you kria !!

Kria : Hmm !

Rey : :o What was that? Itna kuch bola and answer mai only hmm?? 

Kria : Rey, u said everything which i already knew !! Yaar, Propose kar raha hai.. Woh bhi itna feeka? Kuch toh masaledaar hona chaiye na !

Rey : Masaledar? o.O
itna ache se pro kiya and what more masala do u want?

Kria : tch.. Tch.. Tch.. Never expected this form the one and only Reyaansh Singhania !

Rey : hey ! Reyaansh singhania kuch bhi kar sakta hai ! Just say, what do u want me to do?

Kria : amm.. What about some tapori tadka?

Rey : WHAT !!! Tapori and me? No ways !

Kria : kyun? Dar gaya Mr. Reyaansh !!

Rey : rey kabhi darta nahi !

Kria : Huh ! Whateva !

She turned to move when he caught her wrist and turned her as her front hit his chest, then she looked up ! Her eyes met his !! And then the famous look look hawa hawa !! Both were lost in each other... Just then Rey moved backward.. Leaving kria confused !

*Please play this song : Apun bola tu meri laila from the movie Josh*

He removed his jacket and threw it somewhere !! Removed his Napkin form his pocket and tied it around his neck ! Folded his sleeves till elbow.. Giving a perfect tapoori look !

Apun Bola Tu Meri Laila

He went near her with a rose in his hand and bent on his knees in front of her.. Held her hand and gave her the rose...

Woh Boli Fekta Hai Saala

She looked at the rose and then at him... And looked at the rose again and threw it away !!

Apun Jabhi Sachi Bolta
Ay Usko Jhoot Kai Ko Lagta Hai

As she went away... He followed her taking the poor rose which she threw away in his hand... But she shuued him away !!

Yeh Uska Style Hoinga
Hoton Pein Naa Dil Mein Haan Hoinga
Yeh Uska Style Hoinga
Hoton Pein Naa Dil Mein Haan Hoinga
Aaj Nahi To Kal Bolegi
Ay Tu Tension Kai Ko Leta Re

The piano lady and the guys started singing !!

Apun Bola Tu Meri Laila
Woh Boli Fekta Hai Saala
Apun Jabhi Sachi Bolta 
Ay Usko Jhoot Kai Ko Lagta Hai

He again followed her, but she ignored him... He sat down on the floor with his plams on his chin pouting !

Ek Kaam Kar Usko Bula,
Hotel Mein Khaana Khila Samundar Kinare Lejake Re,
Bolde Khullam Khula

A guy sang this while giving him idea !

Are Maine Use Bulaya,
Kokam Kadi Khilaya Phir Dekh Ke Mauka, Maara Chauka
Dil Ki Baat Bataya Re...

He took her to the dining table and said something...

Ay Kya Bataya Re?

A guy asked !

Apun Bola Tu Meri Laila..
Woh Boli Fekta Hai Saala
Apun Jabhi Sachi Bolta
Ay Usko Jhoot Kai Ko Lagta Hai

As he took her at dinning table, and said her something ! She smiled sarcastically and took the plate full of noodles and threw it on his head !! :P

Yeh Uska Style Hoinga
Hoton Pein Naa Dil Mein Haan Hoinga
Yeh Uska Style Hoinga Hoton Pein Naa
Dil Mein Haan Hoinga
Aaj Nahi To Kal Bolegi
Ay Tu Tension Kai Ko Leta Re...

Those people sung !

Apun Bola Tu Meri Laila
Woh Boli Fekta Hai Saala
Apun Jabhi Sachi Bolta
Ay Usko Jhoot Kai Ko Lagta Hai

he sung while removing the food from his head pouting !!

Sau Lafde Dekhe Meine,
Tera Lafda Hatke Hai
Sabkuch Clear Hoke Bhi,
Tu Kisme Atke Hai

One of them sung, while pitting his situation !!

Apun Bola Tu Meri Lai...

He sung as she pushed him and he fell down on the floor... And she walked away again !!

Gharse Bhagake Leja,
Samjhegi Teri Baat To !

One of them said !

Are Garse Bhagake Legaya Tha,
Usko Aadhi Raat Ko

he went near the corner where she was sitting on a chair !

Ay Setting Hui Kya?

One of them asked !!

Apun Bola Tu Meri Laila
Woh Boli Fekta Hai Saala
Apun Jabhi Sachi Bolta
Ay Usko Jhoot Kai Ko Lagta Hai

he tried to catch her hand and run away ! But again shued him and went back to her place !!

Yeh Uska Style Hoinga
Hoton Pein Naa Dil Mein Haan Hoinga
Yeh Uska Style Hoinga
Hoton Pein Naa Dil Mein Haan Hoinga
Aaj Nahi To Kal Bolegi
Ay Tu Tension Kai Ko Leta Re...

They sung:...

Apun Bola Tu Meri Laila
Woh Boli Fekta Hai Saala
Apun Jabhi Sachi Bolta
Ay Usko Jhoot Kai Ko Lagta Hai

He sung... Then finally that was it.. He went to her... Held her tightly from waist and pushed her close to him... And signalled all the people i.e. Violen players and piano players to leave and as they left, he held her more close to him... Her heart started thumping fast !! Her breating became uneven !! Rey chuckled at her situation !!

Rey : Aee laila, apun last time bolta hai ki chup chap maan jaa warna apun apna style se manwaega !! Samjhi kya !

She came back to sences and said "acha, jaa nahi maanungi... Bata apna style, dekhti hu tu bhi kya cheez hai !"

Rey : Achaa, toh tu seedhe se nahi maanegi... Abb dekhta hu kaise nahi maanegi...

And the next thing which he did, left her dumbfounded... He started kissing her instantly... She was shocked but at the same time very happy, as this was their first kiss... Which was more than perfect... It was beyond perfection... Their kiss showed how much they loved each other... How much they carved for each other's love... The kiss grew more passionate with each passing second... Their tongues played with each other... 

Then they pulled back...

Her skin went a shade darker because of blushing... He held her pinkish red cheeks and asked "so meri laila... Kaisa laga apne majnu ka ye style... Abhi maanti hai ya fir aur koi style se..."

she hit his shoulder lightly and said "Yesh.. Yesh.. Yesh... I love you too..."

and he was on cloud 9... He was litterally jumping like maniacs... He dint wanted anything else now... He just wanted her... His love... Kria... ?

She smiled looking at him behaving like a small kind who got his favourite candy !

Kria : Amm btw rey... I loved your style ! :P

Rey : Ohh really...??

Kria : *Blushed*

And they kissed again...

And then they pulled back !

Rey : I love you...

Kria : I love you too...
And then their foreheads met...

----The End----

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kuhu_Arsha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 December 2012 at 4:17am | IP Logged
hey bday girlHugHug wishes n party toh ho gya ab kuch yummy yummy food ho jye joh humne tere liye sply banaya haiBig smileBig smile,,,,,,,,,hav fun eating al dis foodROFL
 pehele sweet se strt karte hainBig smileBig smile

kuch jada hi sweets ho gya naROFL

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kuhu_Arsha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 December 2012 at 4:19am | IP Logged
bahut sweet ho gya ab kuch namkin ho jayeBig smileBig smile

(tera favBig smile)

(kaminis ki party ho or biriyani na ho esa kabhi ho sakta hai)ROFL

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nishuu93 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 December 2012 at 4:21am | IP Logged
wish u a many many returns of the day
           happy birthday di
sorry di choco nhn de sakti pehle hi itane choco kha chuki hain k bs ab ziyada nhnLOLLOL
di ap umar 100 saal ki hoLOLLOLhar saal aise hi hum party karein ap b'day pe luv u alot di

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