Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


NiraliVirika Senior Member

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Posted: 06 January 2013 at 12:01am | IP Logged
Oh God! Why did you stop at this point??
I really wanna know what Maanvi sAw.
So you better continue ASAP!!!!
And the update was outstanding!
Thanks for the PM

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sanjana_cool IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 January 2013 at 4:27am | IP Logged
thanks for the pm
continue soon

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angel4luv Groupbie

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Posted: 06 January 2013 at 10:49pm | IP Logged
Jus read ur story it's awesome can u plz pm me as well :)

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Kays94 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 January 2013 at 7:07pm | IP Logged
okay so I decided to update chapter 5 and 6!!! so please all you 71 people i'm sending pm's to, you better like it & comment!!! Wink

chapter 5

There stood a pizza guy. A pizza guy with a a pizza box open in his hand. A pizza that had written "Marry me Manvi" in different colored m&ms. Manvi didn't even realize there were tears coming down her precious eyes, before Virat came and wiped them away. Virat kneeled down next to Manvi and got out this huge engagement ring. 

virat - "Manvi, in this roller coaster life, I only want you sitting next to me. From all the ups and downs, if I have you by my side I no nothing will happen to me. Will you marry me?'

Manvi could barely talk. She was shaking and just gave Virat a huge nod and extended her hand out. Virat put on the ring and went in to give her a kiss. The two other couples were hugging their respective partners just enjoying this awesome moment. The six of them had gone through so much together, they were like one family. Karan took the pizza box from the delivery guy and shut the door while Virat and Manvi were still hugging. 

karan - "I think we should all leave now, and leave these two alone"

virat - "Agreed"

Everyone gathered their stuff wished the couple and left. 

viren - "wow who could imagine, Virat and Manvi settling down together. They're so different, yet so perfect together"

jeevika - "Agree, they both are just so much more happy when they're together"

viren - "I know, i noticed that in Virat. Like he being the flirt of the three of us and him wanting to settle down. He really must be in love, huh"

jeevika - "I guess he really is. This feels so amazing Viren. Everytime something big happened between the six of us, we were always there for each other. From our wedding, to Zoya and Karan getting engaged, to when Zaaine was born, and now their engagement. I guess we're just lucky that we have them as family"

viren - "I guess so"

By the time the three of them got home it was almost midnight. And there was Zaaine up and happy ready to be awake, while his parents were exhausted. Viren got him out of the car seat as Jeevika brought his bag inside. 

viren - "I love how Zaaine is wide awake right now. Look at him"

jeevika - "I swear, he's so naughty. I wonder if you were like this in your childhood Viren"

viren - "I doubt that"

The three of them went upstairs to their bedroom. As soon as Viren changed, he took Zaaine to his nursery and tried putting him asleep which he didn't want to. Jeevika came in after half an hour wondering if Viren had fallen asleep with Zaaine. 

jeevika - "Wow he's really not sleeping huh?" - she said taking him in her arms

viren - "Nope"

jeevika - "Let's go back to our room. Maybe he'll fall asleep with the tv. He often does that. Or even with music on"

They both went back to their bedroom and started watching tv. Viren and Jeevika loved to watch FRIENDS reruns. It was their favoritest show. Zaaine was sitting in Jeevika's lap and was slowly falling asleep. Viren saw that and lightly tapped Jeevika's shoulder who looked down at her son. She smiled back at Viren and slowly got up to put Zaaine back in his nursery. When she came back she snuggled next to Viren and hugged him tightly. 

viren - "You okay?"

jeevika - "Yeah why?"

viren - "No reason" he said giving her a kiss on her forehead. 

The next morning Viren and Jeevika slept in until 10.

jeevika - "Wow its 10 and Zaaine isn't up yet" she said to herself as Viren was still half asleep.

Jeevika got up from her bed and went to check on Zaaine. He was up, but wasn't crying. She picked him up and felt he was a little warm. She sat down on the chair in the nursery and Zaaine just rested his head on her chest. 

jeevika - "Wonder what's wrong with him"

Viren came in after 5 minutes and saw Zaaine with his eyes open just resting on Jeevika. He extended his arms out to pick him up, but as soon as he did he started crying. Jeevika took him back to herself. 

viren - "Does he feel a little warm or is it me?"

jeevika - "I think he may be getting a fever. Can you make his bottle and I'll take his temperature"

viren - "Yeah"

Jeevika took the thermometer out and checked Zaaine's temperature. It was around 101. Viren came back soon with his bottle. 

viren - "Does he have a fever?"

jeevika - "A little. He's not taking the bottle"

viren - "Maybe he's teething. Look he's putting his thumb in his mouth"

jeevika - "Yeah, I guess he is. I think we should go to the doctor's just so we could get the right medicine"

viren - "Jeevs if you don't mind asking me something, you know you're a doctor right? You would know what to give him and plus we need to get to the hotel today"

jeevika - "Viren I know that. I just don't want to give him something wrong. What if I give him something that would make him worst. I'd be such a horrible mother. And it's okay, I'll message Zoya that we'll meet them a little later today"

viren - "How about I go call Karan and ask him what to give Zaaine, you trust him don't you? Anyways he was there throughout your whole pregnancy"

jeevika - "Okay, call him and ask please. I'll try feeding him again"

viren - "Okay"

Jeevika was getting really worried as this was the first time Zaaine was sick. She was becoming all panicky and just wanted to take him to his pediatrician. Viren came back into the nursery soon.

viren - "Karan's not picking up the phone nor is Zoya. I guess they must be busy with their families"

jeevika - "Yeah, okay here take Zaaine and I'll go call his pediatrician. Maybe she can just tell me what to get for him"

viren - "Okay"

Viren hated seeing Zaaine like this, all quiet and calm. Jeevika went to make a phone call and her pediatrician gave her an appointment. 

jeevika - "We have to take him to the hospital in an hour. The doctor has some emergency call but she said she'll prescribe some medicine"

viren - "Okay, I think his fever is getting worst too"

Jeevika check his forehead an due was feeling warmer than before. 

Jeevika and Viren quickly got ready and left for the hospital. While Viren was driving there he got a call from Virat. He didn't pick up as he just wanted to reach the hospital fast enough. They entered inside, and Jeevika quickly told the nurse to page the pediatrician. She came in very quickly and they all went into the room. 

doctor - "Seems he has a fever at 102 now. I'll give you this prescription for his fever and also this numbing gel. It'll help ease his pain, okay"

viren - "Thank you doctor"

The doctor left and Viren went to the pharmacy in the hospital to get the medicine. Jeevika took Zaaine back to the car and waited for Viren.

chapter 6

As soon as Viren got back into the car, Jeevika took the numbing medicine and put it on Zaaine's gums. He was getting very irritated. She put him back into his car seat and Viren started driving back home. Soon enough Manvi called on Jeevika's phone. 

manvi - "Jeevs, where the hell are you and Viren. Virat was trying to call him too. We were just getting ready and thought we could go together"

jeevika - "Sorry, we woke up this morning and Zaaine had a fever. We were at the hospital with the pediatrician and now we're going home. We're still in our sweats right now and haven't even finished packing"

manvi - "Ohh shoot, how's he feeling now"

jeevika - "He's very cranky. I think it'll be a few more hours till we leave from home"

manvi - "Okay. Here me and Virat will wait for you guys. We can go together to the hotel. Anyways Zoya and Karan are busy with their families right now"

jeevika - "Its okay manvi, you guys go ahead. I'm going to wait a little till Zaaine's fever comes down"

manvi - "Don't worry"

Jeevika cut the phone and they were soon at home. Viren picked up his son who started crying so he just handed him over to Jeevika. He opened the house door and went straight to the room. Jeevika gave Zaaine some medicine and patted him off to sleep on her bed. In the meantime Viren went to make something to eat for himself and Jeevika. They were up running around since morning and hadn't eaten anything. 

viren -  "Is he asleep" he said whispering

jeevika - "Yeah, lets go downstairs"

They both walked downstairs and were eating. Jeevika seemed a little stressed out so Viren got up and gave her a hug from behind. 

viren - "Want some coffee?"

jeevika - "Yes please!"

Viren poured some coffee for her and then they both went upstairs. They saw Zaaine fast asleep and they both covered him up with a blanket. Viren just sat on the bed scrolling his hand through Zaaine's hair. Jeevika got up and started packing her bags. All the stuff she would need for Zoya's weddings. From the outfits, to jewelry, to Zaaine's stuff. She heard the doorbell ring, and went downstairs to open it. There stood Virat and Manvi, happy and holding hands. 

jeevika - "Hmm seems the engagement phase is still on"

manvi - "Its barely been a day" she said smiling

virat - "Hows the little boy doing" he said as they walked in

jeevika - "Had a fever at 102. He's sleeping now. I was just starting to pack"

manvi - "Oh god, come I'll help you"

virat - "Mind if I use the office? Need to find out the directions to the hotel"

jeevika - "Go ahead, we'll be upstairs. I'll send Viren down"

Manvi and Jeevika walked upstairs into the bedroom and saw Viren getting all his stuff out. 

viren - "Hey manvi" he said whispering as he didn't want to wake Zaaine up. 

manvi - "Hey Viren, rough morning?"

viren - "You can say that again. Is Virat downstairs?"

manvi - "Yup"

viren - "Okay well I'm done my packing. I'll take my bag downstairs. Jeevika you need me to pack anything for Zaaine?"

jeevika - "Just his bottles and formula"

viren - "Will do"

Viren left the room and Jeevika and Manvi both started packing her bag. 

manvi - "You forgot your makeup"

jeevika - "Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me"

manvi - "Actually we might not need it. I think Zoya's make up artist is getting us ready for most of the functions. Well just take it in case"

jeevika - "Okay, anything else I'm forgetting?"

manvi - "You got all your jewelry? and your speech?"

jeevika - "Got the jewelry and have the speech saved in my email"

manvi - "I think you're good"

jeevika - "Okay" 

Jeevika went near the bed and saw Zaaine waking up. 

jeevika - "Hi my baby. Are you feeling better?" she said to him while picking him up

Manvi went near Zaaine and started rubbing his tiny little hand. 

manvi - "He looks so uncomfortable right now" 

Before Jeevika could respond Zaaine threw up on her. 

jeevika - "oh god Zaaine. Manvi call Viren please" she said as she took him back into the nursery. 

Manvi called Viren and he came upstairs.

viren - "What happened?"

jeevika - "He just threw up on me. Viren i think he keeps putting his fingers in his mouth and he throws up"

viren - "Man is he being trouble today. Okay I'll go change him, why don't you go shower"

Jeevika went to shower and Manvi helped finished packing Jeevika's bag. She came out soon enough and went downstairs where everyone was waiting for her. 

jeevika - "Viren I think I should pack a few more sets of clothes for Zaaine, incase he gets sick like this again"

viren - "Okay, here's his bag. By the way Karan and Zoya called, there were worried why we hadn't reached. We should get going soon"

virat - "Yeah it's going to take 2 hours maybe to reach there"

jeevika - "Okay I'll be right back"

After packing a bit more, they all were set to leave for their best friends wedding!

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ElmWizard5017 Senior Member

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Posted: 08 January 2013 at 7:09pm | IP Logged
Yayyy !!! I can't tell how happy I am right now !! I seriously can't describe the feeling :D :D
Finally the timings matched n I'm the first one to comment :)
So today nobody can snatch away my victory of commenting first from me :P
Thankyou sooo much KAY !! <3
What a double treat !! Was worth everything !! :)
P.E.R.F.E.C.T !!! As always :)
Awesome n Epic !! :D
Wait !! I'm out of adjectives now !! Y do u always have to do this to me ?? :P
Awww ... Poor baby Zaaine :( hope he gets well soon :)
I really loved the way Virat proposed Maanvi !! I mean girls really dream of it !! :P
Now Jeevika surely has got another chance on teasing viren on that bathroom proposal :P lol
So they r done with the packing n leaving :)
I was waiting for this ... Hmmm ... Dis is becoming way too interesting :)
Loved Virika to the core n ore <3 as always !! Their love , care n affection for each other n their baby simply leaves me in awwwiiieee :)
Jeevika has changed soo much !! I remember her in heartbeat (1) ... N now zaaine is her life <3
How much cuter can viren get as a father !! <3
Want to read more n more ...
Continue soon ... :D
Will be waitin :)
N thankyou sooo much once again <3
Oh n I got the pm too ... Thanks :)

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angel4luv Groupbie

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Posted: 08 January 2013 at 7:57pm | IP Logged
Thanks 4 d pm... Awww dey mak a GOOD parent n d way viral proposed manvi is jus 2 adorable loved d update... Big smile

I wis I had half of d creativity u hav yaar u r awesome I love all of ur stories must say u r damn Gud at it seriously Clap Keep writin such n I will kep readin :)

Edited by angel4luv - 08 January 2013 at 7:58pm

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karanshalaka Groupbie

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Posted: 08 January 2013 at 7:57pm | IP Logged
Awww... Zaaine nt well... Poor jeevs...Viren is soo sweet!
 Update soon n do PM! 

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HayatM Senior Member

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Posted: 08 January 2013 at 8:34pm | IP Logged
Thank you for the double update!:)

Knew that virat was going to propose. So sweet!

Poor Zaaine. Love how u describe Virika handle the situation. Viren is such a helpful husband:)
Cant wait to read about the wedding.

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