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New Beginnings from Ashes -updated Page 6 (Page 5)

MarathiMulgi Senior Member

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Posted: 05 January 2013 at 12:34pm | IP Logged
Shataranj ke do khiladi!!!
RK the protector of Madhu (and by extension her family) against Ballu the predator.

It will be great to see this match between these 2 opponents if CVs orchestrate it right.

If Ballu has the cunning we think he does, he should not launch an open attack but play dirty aur RK per chupe var karega. For a while it should confuse RK, samaz mein hi nahi ana chahiye ki yeh kya ho raha hai. Meri har ek chal per kaun yeh sheh deh raha hai. It should send him in a frenzy trying to set things right with Trishna. This is where we think RK will not be able to succeed easily (as opposed to Padmin-Malik case). Like a cat-n-mouse game. Interesting, nail biting , tense if played out right.

It seems like the original objectives of let's set everything right and then take 7 pheras will soon go out of the window (or at least be kept on a back burner) and the new, immediate and the only objective will be to have game, set and match against Ballu.

Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

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Zorica_Bgd Goldie

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Posted: 05 January 2013 at 12:49pm | IP Logged
I would give you A + Clap
I add my creations to your creation. Big smile
A lot of cubes are still missing!

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Meenah IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 January 2013 at 1:00pm | IP Logged

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dramago Senior Member

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Posted: 05 January 2013 at 3:11pm | IP Logged

Well said...Thumbs Up I keep on thinking of that Prayer where 'R.K' now takes the place of 'Maa'...True,until now Madhu's mother was her strength,her guide and from now on it would be her husband,R.K...what is interesting here is Madhu doesn't do the replacement by herself but,R.K makes her do it...he also keeps on telling and reminding her to keep her faith on him and trust him...This,somehow reminded me of your 'R.K the creator'...Madhu asserted her unconditional love for him and that is enough for Rishabh to set to claim her,love her and own her...He is now resolved to have her all for himself...and  himself to be everything for her...he writes the script...and she follows it...he devises the role for himself and for her too...He would be her sahaara with whom she would gain her strength and defeat her enemies...she would have her faith and trust on him and he is going to protect and solve her problems...Basically,Madhu is just going to enact the role written and given to her by her hubby ...She is his Katputtli not by force but,by her own choice...Now,I come to think that R.K would never force Madhu into films...She,according to R.K's script is going to trust and confide in him with what ever threatening situation that arises because of ballu...R.K then might counter ballu's game plan with his..(keeping with his and Madhu's roles) where in madhu would willingly play her role,do whatever R.K asked her to do...even get into films which she hates...He is her Vidhaata...writes her fate,of course to protect her...and she follows as he is her quaazi and maula...Nothing is going to change it...not even Ballu...R.K would make sure of it...would do whatever is needed but,would never get his script changed and picture ruined...Picture's climax being their  7-phera marriage and Madhu and him going away...but,how would they..?? when his wife herself would become a great actress...Then,will R.K in the end overcome his insecurities and gain courage to accept all the good fortune that his fate is offering him instead of getting perturbed and plan to run away...Interesting story ahead..lets see how it unfolds.

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apolloartemis Goldie

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Posted: 08 January 2013 at 3:56pm | IP Logged
Shri- excellent analysis as always. I don't know if I commented on it, but it deserves a hundred more.
The insight, the way you understand the characters, especially one as complex as RK, is always a joy to read.
The CV's should come to you and ask you to direct the showLOL

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0-SD-0 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 January 2013 at 4:00pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sima14

New article from TOI

Thank you.

So Madhu is addressing Rishabh's Insecurity about him being Unlucky in Love? By asking him not be an ASS ROFL and understand his parent's viewpoint as well. 

Wow!!! good development for my New Beginnings from Ashes exposite LOL So if the child kept his grudge against his parents for abandoning him...the adult is now being forced by his wife to understand his parents viewpoint behind his assumed abandonments. 

That we already discussed long time back. Some children as they grow up, they let go...some like Rishabh Kundra act too possessive. He just needed a mother like Padmini and Madhu to bash his senses when he was young. His problem is Rads was not there to slap him when he acted too demanding...and instead she thought of getting a new Dad for him.

I am going to get a lot of answers with this revelation. Hurray!!!!

But again...questions on RADUNCE are still not answered. Thumbs Down  May be later... in full blown tracks when Bhatias will be there...and then may be we will know why Mohan Kundra committed suicide...and what's with that mystery with Sitara Studio.

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hansa22 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 January 2013 at 11:00pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by 0-SD-0

A review ...week after we began analysing this...

Let's leave all this and go somewhere, where there would be just you and me !!!

That was what Rishbala wanted to do. And what did they promise to each other ?
  1. Lets fix every broken relation, mess we have around here.
  2. Then let's have a 7 phera marriage

So these two are still continuing with 50% success and failure rate.
  1. Radha - RK reconciliation in partially progressed.
  2. Dips - RK indifference is still not being achieved, though RK is able to beat Dips at her own game unlike previous times where she used to overpower him psychologically.
  3. Padmini - Shamsher relationship mess sorted out. They are on their way to get married.
  4. RK is striving hard to get Trishna established as an actress. However, this is where RK is being defeated by fate. Balraj has turned the tables for him. Trishna had recognized who Balraj is and she has refused to do the film for him. That made RK and Bittuji drive Balraj to convince Trishna to act for his film and this has led him inadvertantly to the chawl. And Balraj now has seen his past still alive with Padmini and Madhu& Trishna being alive. The family portrait was presented to him so that he can bring forth destruction.
  5. And amidst all of this, Madhu is happily reminding hubby that it is not far when he needs to complete the remaining 3 phera for their marriage to be complete and the can fly away.

it is very clear that RK is enjoying the love and affection of Malik and Choudhry totally becoming Malik family. He is enjoying even Roma's company.R oma was the best example there. Eccentric character she is...but how bubbly and vivacious she is. A woman filled with love of life. What if she is not brilliant. She is just loveable. She had been responsible for helping out Padmini initially. She is such a good friend and sister and an aunt to the girls. And in today's episode, RK very naturally bonds with her just like her...both equally dramatic figures.

If we take away the Superstar status from Rishabh Kundra and just see Rishabh standing with these people, it is very acceptable to see that Rishabh is actually getting what he wants. Love of people around him. 

This is what he so clearly expressed  when he speaks out in today's episode (162 dated 5th Jan 2013).
"Kahan to pyaar tha hi nahee aur kahaa ye...Uparwaala jab bhi deta hai thappad maarke deta hai"

Rishabh Kundra is comparing his erstwhile barren/drought state of not having love in his life and now this flooded (chappad faadne waala types) state of love.

Earlier he was abandoned by his parents and Dips which left him deeply scarred for life...but yet again he is now flourishing in love...with so many relationships around him now...because of his Madhu and prodded by her even he has built the relationships...hence the use of the word thappad...whatever happened to him good and bad ...all are pretty slapped to him by circumstance.

With Balraj looming large now, the CVs already prepared the viewers how the mother and daughter will be supported against his lashing fury. The chanting through Hauslon se Veer hoon was nicely done yesterday...the three variations of it

Padmini chants for herself
Hauslon se veer hoon
Sankaton mein Dheer hoon
Dushmano ki Bheer hoon
Apne Ishwar ke sahaare, Bas Yoohin Balbeer hoon

RK made Madhu chant
Hauslon se veer hoon
Sankaton mein Dheer hoon
Dushmano ki Bheer hoon
Apne RK ke sahaare, Bas Yoohin Balbeer hoon

RK chanted for himself
Hauslon se veer hoon
Sankaton mein Dheer hoon
Dushmano ka Bheer hoon
Bas Yoohin Balbeer hoon

The way I see it is ...all three set againt Balraj...the Dushman

Padmini by invoking her Ishwar, is going to get Shamsher as her defender.
And RK by making Madhu chant him as her sahara, he became her defender
And he personally has set himself against Balraj.  He is not seeking anyone's support.

So RK will beat Balraj at his own game.

Today's RK was a mellowed man with LOVE around him. He himself was wondering about it. "Kahan to pyaar tha hi nahee aur kahaa ye...Uparwaala jab bhi deta hai thappad maarke deta hai"
So uparwaala will again give him another thappad when Balraj endangers his love, which would unleash RK's fury again...and we will see that junoon back in him to attain his love.

Then will these two tracks be able to run ?
  1. Lets fix every broken relation, mess we have around her.
  2. Then let's have a 7 phera marriage
In order for "Let's leave all this and go somewhere, where there would be just you and me !!!"

I am willing to wait and watch how the drama unfolds around all our questions...LOL

Had'nt seen this ...awesome SDClap

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0-SD-0 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 January 2013 at 4:30pm | IP Logged
In the wake of Telly Tadka question posted on the web site for MEIEJ Changing times Changing-tracks


(remove the space between Telly and Tadka)

I am reviewing my ashes post and see where we stand in terms of executables and deliverables that plots and tracks have to be accomplishing.

So far Test of Love Track have achieved 
  1. RK Insecurities addressed, Dipali and Radhaju hurt addressed for RK;  
  2. RK establishing of "Lets Leave this stardom after getting married in Saat Phera marriage" commitment from Madhu which shall happen ofcourse after RK fixes Madhu's family.
RK Fixing Madhu's family contains
  1. Trishna ko Heroine Banao track
  2. Padmini-Shamsher ka Marriage Track
These two tracks become vehicles into Balraj re-entry track for Trishna and Padmini shooting Balraj at her marriage venue. 

So what got fixed is Balraj Fear problem looming on Padmini, Trishna and Madhu forever.

So question then still remains, what then of Padmini, Shamsher and Trishna.

Let me go on a merry go round of thoughts about questions and possibilities.
  1. Seems Balraj gets killed. Hard to believe, but maan lete hain. From my point of view, Balraj was supposed to be executed or get jailed himself when he tries to kill Madhu or Padmini. (Said it in my Page 1 Post). With only 3 crores left from 300 crs, he was already coming to an end. Sharmsaar to waise hi ho gaya ye hungama karke.
  2. What would be the twist that saves Padmini from getting jailed ?
  3. Will Padmini marry Shamsher ? 
  4. Seems RK will definitely get his Saas and Sasur married, otherwise he will be unable to have a Saat phera marriage with Madhu.  If that doesn't happen, he will not be able to leave. If he cannot leave, Radha will not stop him. If Radha & Bhatia Co. not stop him through some secret revelation, story will not move forward.
  5. And what happens to Trishna ? She can still keep the balance token amount given by Ballu to Trishna.  What will Roma say to her ?
  6. So assuming, some twist saves Padmini and she gets married to Shamsher, then RK can marry Madhu. That will make him go for executing  "Let's leave" plan. Radha ban jaayegi Rukawat and she might drop some bomb before her Rishu and Madhu. Will that bomb be about Mohan Kundra's dreams ? What was in that note paper that Madhu slyly read?
So let's enjoy Ballu drama as he gets killed because this drama hold a meaning to Rishbala.

Till date Rishabh used to think, what was the reason, for the intertwining of fates between Rishabh and Madhu. He did not get an answer until he fell in love with her and found out that she is the one who is rescuing him from his abyss of hurt towards abandonment. Now when he saves Madhu from Balraj, at that time, he might realize, that not only he got to be saved, even he has become indirectly Madhu's saviour as the whole drama of Padmini -Shamsher marriage is a good riddance of Balraj from their lives (Padmini-Madhu-Trishna).
So Purpose behind Rishbala meeting is Mutual Help- this comes to a conclusion through Balraj.

So far all problems solved wherever we knew the story. What we don't know yet is Mohan Kundra story. And who is the Vault of Secrets and Story driver ever since Rishbala got married...Ms Radhaji 
Radhaji and Padmini who had advised Madhu to stick to RK and keep going with marriage have so far achieved what they want. Now they already tacitly promised to each other in Chawl scene that they will not let Rishabh leave Radhaji ever now that son reconciled with mother. The only thing that can hold RK back is if something about Mohan Kundra's dreams is thrown/shown to RK. That's my gut feel.

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