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New Beginnings from Ashes -updated Page 6 (Page 2)

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superb post 

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awesome analysis 

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Nice post

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Originally posted by 0-SD-0

Going to be a long post. Can read if you have lot of questions or at least one question of where is the present story heading.

It is possible that, I can be wrong, but then logically it seems this is where the story is headed now.

My musings from today's Episode.

Let's leave all this and go somewhere, where there would be just you and me !!!

A small Prologue before I dive into the subject. 
I don't know why, but since the day Rishabh Kundra said it to Madhu, I was so caught by it and was so happy for his idea. Is there this deeply romantic person in me who wants to retreat somewhere. Well that's not a secret to me. I like it always, just that I don't have a partner like Madhu who would just come away with me. But I am gonna promise this to myself, I am not going to fail in this but will make it come true in whichever its gonna happen and whenever it may happen...may be in my old age...or may be in my imagination.

I have studied my natal horoscope so many times. My 12th house ...the house of losses/imprisonment is occupied by Venus and Rahu and that too in the sagitarian zodiac sign ruled by Jupiter. And where is my Jupiter sitting, in my ascendent sign and that too in a debilitated position. I was sad initially at the fatal, predisposed failures predicted for me in that way. But the optimist in me, decided that I need to look beyond that and just make it something good. So what did I do. I just studied more and more about the planets, planetary movements and how we think. May be over a period of two years of self-study and musing over many things, I thought...who cares if the most benefic planets Jupiter and Venus just become useless for me. If  instead of being lucky, they would just stop being productive for me, I needed to stop depending on them. I then looked at the malefic and neutral planets in my horoscope and how they were posited. The sign of Sagitarius tells us of long journeys. Personally I don't like journeys. The Sagitarian sign happens to be my Twelfth house. That would mean my long journey that is supposed to be fortunate for me will actually become my imprisonment, my loss. Then that means almost like an exile. Okay. Who is aiding in my exile. My venus. The expressive energy is being forced to be repressed. So I won't be able to express in real time but will be fail to come forth spontaneously. My Bad!!! how bad that sounds. Who else is in there. Rahu...the Malefic planet.  Venus is always friend of malefic planets. But Rahu has to opposing to the occupying sign energies. So basically Rahu is gonna create a conflict in my predicament. He will keep fighting to obsessive limits. There I found my spirit. I had a laugh on my face. It was going to be my Rahu energy set against Jupiter's debilitating energy and being an industrious planet will work hard with purpose. All that it needs is a direction. Then why don't I turn his friend Venus to assist him. So a journey, an exile made interesting with actually working at something rather than just be repressed. And I can set all my other planets to full use against the negative energies. Of course there won't be any luck, but plain hard work. No problem.

May be that's why flight to somewhere with complete love and devotion and without any conflict fascinates me so much. The obsession to succeed intended failures drives you so much that you do end up conquering the pre-destined fate to create a new destiny for ourselves.

Anyways coming back to Rishabh Kundra and his idea of Let's get out of here, go somewhere where there is just you and me...

Rishabh loves the Cinema world and yet he wants to be exiled from it.
Madhu does not love the Cinema world and so it is hardly felt by Madhu how big the leaving is for Rishabh. Rishabh has just one promise. A promise of eternal love which he is believing in and he has decided to go for it leaving everything else which is love but ephermeral, transient.

While Madhu has just one Love to follow, where she is not having any dilemma or sacrifice to pick one from the available choices, Rishabh is having the tough predicament to pick one love of his two loves...Madhu and Cinema. And he picked Madhu. He explains to her that he picked her because she is going be his forever and never leave him. But the adoration he gets from his fans through Cinema is ephermeral in nature. Seems an intelligent choice there when he is just renunciating Stardom. But Rishabh, have you explained to Madhu, about your love for Art and Expression. Oh yes!!you did explain to her. You told her, your "larger than life drama" you would be never be able to leave behind. And I shall call that as Your Expressive Energy.

So the man seems to be on a wondrous mission and seems to have all thought about it.

However...the current theme of New Beginnings from Ashes...the larger theme started since Dec 10th and 11th episode where Madhu and Rishabh Kundra had to face the ugly heads of their past...that theme seems to be turning a little dodgy there.

Both Rishabh and Madhu promised to be the partners to each other in the eternal journey together. And before they could start, both agreed that they needed to fix things in order for them to go away. And interestingly, Rishabh is taking care of Madhu's weights and Madhu is taking care of her promise given to his mother. She just needs the son to call his mother as "Maa" and her promise would be fulfilled.

But us the viewers are seeing much more which these two samaritans on a mission are not seeing. We see Madhu's dogging past approaching her. It already has reached Rishabh Kundra.  I am talking about Balraj to make it easy for everyone.

I can see that Madhu's past is approaching with a tumultous energy which needs certain forces to be unified. I might have the comfort of Shamsher and Rishabh Kundra unified in protecting their women..Yes Padmini and Madhu against coming Balraj. But I fear when and how Balraj is going to see Padmini and Madhu. I am apprehensive, if Shamsher and Rishabh Kundra will know Balraj as their antagonist before Balraj actually targets anyone in mortal fashion.

I can see Rishabh, though closing in on his hurts and deceits, there is still that psychological edge that makes me apprehensive. When everyone in the party liked RK's seeming indifferent taunt to Dipali ..."Kaala akshar Dipali barabar", I did not like the taunting to RK. For me it was not the true "letting go" for me. It was still holding on to something there. And my fears came true today when I saw that precap scene where Rishabh Kundra is daring Dipali go and tell his mother about all of his behaviour as ephermeral. Now do I really concern myself about what he said ? No. No way. Infact I like it that he is waging his battles with Dipali. Because Madhu makes him deal with "His mother situation", but someone had to deal with Dipali.

So we have the expressed desire to "leave everything" working with resolve to "Fix everything that is Broken" by Rishabh Kundra and Madhubala. And yet...we have thepredisposed energies seeming to work against them. They need to burn their nagging and dogging past. 

  • Will they be able to do so ? The long term track.
  • And while still working in the dark with approaching dark past, will the promised hope of eternal togetherness shown by Madhubala still be available to Rishabh Kundra? The mid term track.
  • Will Rishabh, like in the manner of two spies working together in a mission tell Madhu that he is going to catch Dipali at her own game or he is going to work all alone? Will there be any misunderstanding between the two? The approaching week ahead?

Let me jot it down before it gets anymore confusing. 
  1. Will we have the new beginnings from Ashes if we get answers to these questions ?
  2. Will Rishabh come out his insecurity...that he is Unlucky in Love?
  3. Will Rishabh beat Dipali at her own game ? By twisting her challenge to Rishabh Kundra beyong her comprehension ?
  4. Will Radha Bhatia and Rishabh Kundra be reconciled enough to part in amicable manner? 
  5. Will We see Madhu seeing Radha's failing and confront her? 
  6. Will we see Radha accepting her weak-mindedness and that she should let go her hold on Rishabh Kundra? 
  7. Will Padmini and Madhu get away from Balraj's fury and determination? 
  8. Will Padmini and Shamsher ever get married ?
  9. Will Trishna's career ever take off ?
  10. Will Rishabh Kundra and Shamsher keep Balraj away from Padmini and Madhu? Does he need to get killed or jailed or just be silenced into becoming the antagonist to Rishabh and Madhu ?

Some answers that I can tell right now. Trishna's career is not going to take off as Balraj cannot continue to produce her movie once Balraj targeting Padmini and MAdhu gets known to Rishabh Kundra. 
  1. Does that mean that Rishabh Kundra is not going to know who is after his wife's life?
  2. If yes, then what shall Trishna do ?
  3. What if Madhu is misrepresented of facts and she misunderstands RK's intentions to help Trishna ? What if she doesn't trust him ?

You know all of this just one thing gives me direction. Rishabh and Madhu's "Hum hai Deewane...Tere Deewane" Listen to the song and it shall give all the answers.

Rishabh cannot let his love for Madhu fail. If worse comes his way to take away his love from him, he will have his obsession to fall back on. For he is the man with the mission who is willing sacrifice his love for Cinema to gain full control over his ability to keep his love, his Madhu all for himself. For Rishabh was never obsessed to possess Madhu. Rishabh was always obsessed about not failing in love and about not getting decieved. It was his obsession to get that love which made him a Superstar. And it will be again his obsession to get love which will drive him to attain Madhu as his forever.

Against this backdrop, don't you think it interesting for Madhu to embrace Cinema so that Rishabh need not go away from it. You can ask me how does that work at all. Well Rishabh has a problem with his Superstar status, but not a problem with creativity. Can't he become a Film Maker? and Madhu be part of his production ? 

Now why do you think, that Madhu would even think of doing it? Because if Rishabh can sacrifice his love for cinema for Madhu, so she can sacrifice her dislike for Cinema for Rishabh. Because for Madhu Rishabh is both her love and her obsession.

But then why is even there the need for Madhu and Rishabh to even be attached to world of Cinema when they have decided to fly away. Coz there is Balraj who thinks his daughter's rising fame is going to end his power. So Rishabh and Madhu shall stand together against Balraj to disprove him. What better than turning Madhu to a Superstar?

In all of these Musings then I get only two executables for my underlying theme of Beginnings from Ashes
  1. Rishabh Kundra needs to win over his Insecurity that he is Unlucky in his Love. He need not leave Cinema for that. He can still have Madhu with him in this world. This started on Dec 11th
  2. Madhubala needs to win over her dislike for Cinema world and embrace her fate/destiny of being the rising Star. She need not fear it as she will have Rishabh to support her.

And who shall drive them ?
Rishabh - Dipali, Radha and Madhu
Madhu - Balraj, Padmini,Trishna and Rishabh.

Going by this musing, I am thinking that amidst running of various mini tracks, like going away, fixing our families, other branching tracks in upcoming weeks, that it shall be end of February probably when things change and Rishabh and Madhu stay back and Madhu may set herself to enter Cine World. May be even a month longer time... But we may be getting there...
awesome truly awesome post

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soapbubble IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 December 2012 at 11:59pm | IP Logged
Lovely post! Clap

And like you, I am also entranced by this idea of leaving everything for one single purpose. It will be a wrench for RK, but quite a done deal for Madhu - once she has settled everyone, she has no more ambitions apart from being with RK.

But clearly that is not how it is going to work out - their entwined destinies under the spotlight will not be denied. How will the Ballu factor play out? Why will Madhu enter the world of Cinema? Why will RK want her to?
will they be together as she does so? Or apart - for some cruel twist of circumstances? 

Ballu or not, I feel Trishna will rise to stardom - at least to some degree of success - but that Madhu's rise will be meteoric. Sibling rivalry will raise its head again. Will RK be in the centre of it, or in Madhu's camp?

RK taking to producing, directing movies is a favourite daydream scenario of mine. He is intelligent enough, creative enough, driven enough to take up that role. In which case, our story will be not a faint imitation of Dilip Kumar - Madhubala but Guru Dutt - Waheeda Rehman. The director and his muse. A passionate love story conducted through the movie lens - where the love and the lover are on either side of the camera. 

But whatever happens I just love the way the whole scene has been imbued with the characters' fears, insecurities, desperate hope as well as mistrust of fate.


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Originally posted by soapbubble


RK taking to producing, directing movies is a favourite daydream scenario of mine. He is intelligent enough, creative enough, driven enough to take up that role. In which case, our story will be not a faint imitation of Dilip Kumar - Madhubala but Guru Dutt - Waheeda Rehman. The director and his muse. A passionate love story conducted through the movie lens - where the love and the lover are on either side of the camera. 

Thank you Bubble.

Guru Dutt's story is tragic. Plus Guru Dutt had a more passionate love story with his beautiful, talented singer wife Geeta Dutt. Waheeda Rehman was one of his infidelities and after that he committed suicide. But that Guru Dutt has tried to commit suicide even before is little known fact. Its very sad that Geeta sacrificed her rising career for Guru and then both started having love to hate you relationship. She took to drinking, him to more and more retreat. They were a couple in love, extremely talented individuals and yet mental constitution of the artistic mentality taking a toll on their relationship.

I would think of RK and Madhubala relationship of Director and Muse close to V Shantaram and Sandhya. Shantaram's  was ditched by Sandhya's sister and Sandhya took care of him. He them married her and he was her mentor. Sandhya had no talents when she started, but she worked hard at Shantaram's behest. I don't know of any films that she may have acted for other film makers.

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awesome post
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Originally posted by Ananya05

Superb post Shri. You answered so many questions there.  And it does seem logical that Madhu would enter the cine world in the manner you described. Your analysis is in accordance to the  initial promos when the show was launched(promo no. 3), where we have BG voicing 'yeh nai tha uska sapna, magar koi tha jiska sapna ban gaya uski zindagi ki haqiqat' and then we have RK saying 'ye camera, ye duniya ki aankhein hai. kho jao inme, bhool jao sab kuch. ab yahi tumhari duniya hai'. So yes, we all knew all along that Rishabh would be the reason for her embracing cinema. And, today when he proposes to chose his love for her over his love for cinema, it definitely paves a way for her to chose cinema so that he will not have to renounce everything for her.
As for the Balraj track, I believe its going to be a prolonged one. He is a formidable opponent and its not going to be that easy for Rishabh, Madhu and Shamsher to defeat him. Here again, Madhu's rise to stardom holds the key.

Kudos to you for this wonderful post.Clap Clap


Thank you very much for your feedback.  Smile  Me too, I went by the promos and the oracle for Balraj. Else Balraj's entry becomes meaningless. Madhu needs to rise to become his fall. 

If RK is insecure about being unlucky in love, Balraj is insecure about his power and ruling status. And Madhu is a cry baby in front of cinema flash lights as acknowledged by her and important to both men, it makes so much sense this way.

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