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Credit for this gorgeous  banner goes to Maham (Allbut1)!


My Prediction of what we can expect in 31st December Maha episode EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

In the maha epi promo it shows Yash saying relationships will take some unexpected new turn when past secrets will b out and in the background symbolically Prashant-Aarti marriage photo breaks ,...

So it means Yash is going to end the past shadows of Aarti forever and accept her as his wife despite knowing her past truth Cool

This is where the broken mangalsutra which is with Yash will come in picture Embarrassed... There must b a reason why Aarti leaves the mangalsutra with Yash only and rushes to Dubey house because her past interrupted her present moment again Ouch

So I feel on this maha episode not only Yash will confront Prashant and Dubeys with the truth  .. but he will declare in front of all that Aarti is his wife and noone can change this fact by putting the mangalsutra on Aarti all over again in front of Taiji , Prashant and Dubeys thus killing that last hope of Prashant and Taiji about Aarti returning back Wink...Thats why in promo we see the symbolic fall of Prashant-Aarti photo frame Big smileBig smile...

Now in private Yash might give Aarti a cold shoulder for all the lies and breaking of trust but in public  , he will put that mangalsutra on Aarti and change the whole Ramayan that Taiji was expecting from kalyug ka Ram Tongue

This is my prediction based on my 15 yrs of serial experience ...lets see TongueLOL

My logic behind the prediction is simple ...

Old ties were weak reason why Aarti's mangalsutra breaks because we know the Punarvivah itself was build on web of lies told by Dubeys ...plus for Yash-Aarti too it was all a big compromise reason why the thread of that mangalsutra which is their symbol of marriage too was weak Ouch

Yash is  now going to repair that mangalsutra and tie it in a stronger thread and then put it all over again around Aati's neck in front of all  thus rebuilding their Punarvivah with a stronger bond this time because he is now aware of the truth and this remarriage too is no more a compromise for both  Embarrassed

So this new year will b the foundation of Yash-Aarti's new relationship where there r no lies or no compromise at all but only love and trust Embarrassed


Episode Take

I will not call today's episode a filler one simply because lots of realisation that we always wanted to see in Aarti came in the episode ClapClap .. She not only found out the fact that last night she ended up telling the truth to Yash thinking of him as Prashant but she also realised her mistake of hiding the truth from Yash all this while and best was she accepted that she is at fault and so she only got to rectify it all on her own by confronting Yash Thumbs Up...

Why Aarti picked Prashant in her car .. was it just to show Yash further doubting Aarti ?? ConfusedConfused

I m not sure if I liked the starting of the episode because I still dont find the logic behind Aarti picking up Prashant from the middle of the road and together both going to hospital while Dubeys r already waiting for them in hospital  Confused.. What was the need to show Aarti picking up Prashant from the middle of the road at night ? Why cant Prashant directly go to the hospital with Dubeys and why cant Aarti directly reach the hospital with Ansh ?? Confused... I know that the main purpose was to show Yash's doubt on Aarti getting confirmed since he was stalking Aarti's car and so when he sees Prashant meeting Aarti and also hving good time with Ansh , automatically he assumes that Aarti came to meet Prashant and both might b going on long drive secrelty and so he does not stalk them till hospital anymore because he is sure that Aarti came to meet Prashant and spend some time with her first love Ouch but the logic was totally missing here since it made no sense why Aarti had to pick Prashant in her car OuchOuch.. Anyways I guess it was mainly for drama factor so that Yash can further misunderstand Aarti before the big confrontation on Monday's mahaepisode Ermm...

Yash's inner turmoil and pain is just getting deeper and deeper CryCry

Coming to Yash and his inner turmoil , pain , dilemma and all the misunderstandings , well I really cannot blame him  because he has been taken for a ride all this while by everyone from Aarti to the Dubeys OuchOuch.. Whatever Yash heard last night from Aarti's mouth , even after all that he wants to trust Aarti and he was desperately wishing that Aarti came to meet Shobha there and not Prashant but sighhh the minute he sees Prashant popping up , what is he suppose to believe there when myself as a viewer I m confused that why Aarti had to pick up Prashant midway ? OuchOuch... The way Yash drives the car going almost insane in pain and finally dashes the car in anger , aahh that was class acting by Gurmeet once again showing that raging anger and pain of a heartbroken man in his eyes ClapClapClapClap... Yash's main grudge is Aarti hving a double face here where on one hand she behaves all lovey dovey with him at home thus showing everyone how much she loves him and on other hand she is secretly meeting her ex-hubby outside Ouch... Yash always respects people who r honest irrespective of whether the person is right or wrong and so in this case Yash expects Aarti to b honest as well and just admit that yes she still loves Prashant if thats the case Approve  ... What Yash cannot tolerate is a person keeping a double face where daytime she is romancing her current hubby and nightime she is secretly meeting her ex-hubby Ouch... So in short Aarti is in real trouble here with her actions ... Aarti never did all this with any sort of deliberate intention and we all know she loves Yash more than her own life but sighhh her actions r so misleading that she will hv to do lots of explanation to Yash now to win his trust back again CryCry...

Bravo Aarti .. Finally the old independent Aarti is back in action who knows how to take decisions on her own without being influenced by others ClapClapClap

Now comes the best part of the episode for me .. Aarti's final realisation for which we all have been waiting for Thumbs Up.. Initially when the Shobha-Aarti interaction started in hospital , I felt this is going to b yet another dragging lecture session by Shobha LOL but I was stunned and impressed with the way Aarti shuts her up today once she realises that by mistake she ended up telling the truth to Yash that night Thumbs Up... This is the Aarti I always wanted to see who has a mind of her own and who  takes a decision on her own without getting influenced by Shobha's lectures or advice ClapClapClapClap..

I loved it when Aarti used her presense of mind and defended her Yash ji by telling Shobha that if Yash had to tell everyone about my truth , then he would hv done it  that night itself but he kept quiet which means he still believes in me and so its high time I face him alone and tell him the entire truth without anyone's help ClapClapClap.. I always felt that Shobha tries to influence and force her thoughts and worries onto Aarti and even today she was trying to do the same when she tells Aarti that I m coming with u because how u will face the Scindia family in case Yash told them the truth which means Shobha assumes that Yash will tell it to all which is more like Shobha's lack of trust in Yash Ouch and she tries to influence Aarti with same fears and everytime this happened , reason why whenever Aarti gathered some courage to tell the truth , Shobha's words always influenced and forced her to go on the backfoot and this is how the truth was always hidden from Yash Angry and poor Aarti kept getting trapped in web of lies only because she got influenced with Shobha's fears and wrong advice OuchOuch...

So today I m glad that Aarti finally comes out of Shobha's influence and takes a decision on her own to confront Yash with the truth ClapClapClap.. Aarti knows that she made a mistake and so its her duty to not only accept the mistake in front of Yash but also ask for an apology and she got to do this on her own without taking any support system with her Approve...Aarti knows that this is not the right time to take Shobha with her and present her defence in front of Yash because she is the one who broke his trust and is at fault and this is the kind of realisation I wanted to see in Aarti after all the wait and dragging  ... So thank you CVs StarStarStarStar...

Also for once Aarti today used her intelligence when she smartly connected all the dots and realised that Yash knows all the truth and thats the reason he was talking to her in riddles all this while Thumbs Up ... It was irritating when Shobha and Aarti both were talking in pronouns and so Aarti was assuming that Shobha is talking about Prashant arranging the date that night and supporting him while Shobha was thinking why is Aarti suddenly so negative about Yash LOL but thank god the end result was positive with Aarti smartly connecting all the dots and then deciding to confront Yash with full truth and also an apology before its too late ClapClapClap...

Overall I finally felt that old Aarti is back today when she decides to confront Yash all alone and confess her mistake without taking Shobha's help and this is what made the episode really special for me ClapClapor else I was sort of disappointed with the start of the episode when Aarti picked up Prashant in her car but the positive ending made up for it  Smile

Overall the episode in the end was a very good one because finally I can see the old Aarti back in action and I hope we hv a deadly intense confrontation between just Yash and Aarti on Monday's episode where Aarti speaks her heart out to Yash and even Yash is shown hving his emotional outburst finally ... I m sure GC and KS both r going to rock Monday's episode Big smileBig smile

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Poor Yash. He follows Aarti, sees her ex-husband playing with his son, with Aarti calmly staring. It's night time, then Prashant gets into Aarti's car and they drive away. I don't blame him for feeling this way. He looks hurt and betrayed, I feel so bad for him! Aarti will suffer the consequences of hurting her husband now. We will likely find out exactly what consequences she'll have to suffer on Monday's episode!

I didn't really get the point of the accident scene other than being unable to follow PraArti and Ansh anymore.

I love how Aarti wasn't portrayed as stupid in today's episode and her brain started to click! Great job Aarti! I also loved the response she gave to Shobha! She left the hospital, now where will she find Yash?

My prediction is that she'll somehow reach a bar... now I don't know how, but she'll get there and will see Yash being seduced by Hazel and Sanam, and will start fuming with jealousy! Yash will be drunk, and Yash will be able to tell Aarti how much she means to him, and how much he hurt her. Then Aarti will really face a strong surge of guilt. I'm looking forward to it! Then Aarti will assure him that she's his and only his, and we might get the mangalsutra fixed on New Year's on Tuesday, with him tying it around her neck! 

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Nice take jyo!!
I hope it happens!!

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And no truer words have never been said when it comes to Aarti & Yash Scindia, she doesn't people easily because of her past experience but in love she trusts with every fiber of her being. Whereas Yash is the opposite.  


Aarti fell in love with her college sweetheart, Prashant...She loved and trusted him like no other for an orphan having a family was the greatest thing that could ever happened to her.



But all her dreams were shattered when Prashant left her for another woman and all she had to live for her unborn baby and her in-laws who became her parents after P left. 




Years went by and Aarti finally got a second chance at life when she remarried Yash Suraj Scindia. 


At first if was hard for Aarti to adjust to her new family so she cling on to Ansh and ignored the rest of her relationships. But after much hard work and determination, Aarti finally trusted the Scindias and vice versa.


Along the way Yash started to trust Aarti as well until the day when he trusted her completely because of her selfless nature and big heart which made in fall in love with her. 


But when Prashant came back into Aarti's life all the trust she gain and all her hard work to gain her in-laws' trust slowly started to crumble because of all the lies she has been telling them in order to help her parents out.


Yash loves Aarti with all his might but ever since he found out that she hid her past from him and that P is her ex...The former's trust in the latter has broken. 



Despite the fact that Aarti said that P left her pregnant for another when she mistakenly blurt out the truth to Yash...All he can think about is the fact that she was still holding on to the idea that P would come back to her but when that didn't happened she went along with the Punar Vivaah against her wish. Yash is misunderstanding Aarti's actions when it comes to P.


Aarti told Yash several times that she loves him but he doesn't seem to register cause he assumes that she still loves P and that she is only staying with him out of obligation.    

He heard and knows what she said but he can't ignore what he sees either...It is time for Aarti & Yash to trust each other and stop letting MUs creep up in their marriage.  




Fab tittle Jyo Thumbs Up Heart

A very good episode where Aarti gets to know the truth Wink Big smile

It starts with Aarti reaching Shobha's house and Yash who followed her park at a distance and in self thought pleads for Aarti to prove him wrong and that she has indeed come to meet Shobha...Aarti comes out the car and calls someone on the phone just then P comes out and Ansh goes running to him while Yash watches all the events unfolding...Awww my poor Yash looked so hurt when P walked out and Ansh ran to him Cry Cry Cry

P lifts Ansh up and puts him down on the car and they do the secret handle shake and then P hugs/kisses Ansh while Aarti looks uncomfortable and Yash shattered...they get in the car and drive away and Yash asks why did Aarti lie to him about going to Shobha's...OMG another MU whay the heck did Aarti had to pick up P??? Did he stay back until Kaki fell asleep? And why didn't he call a cab instead??? Well I guess it was all to create more doubts in Yash mind Ouch Ouch Cry

Yash follows Aarti...In Aarti's car she asks P why did the doctor call Ansh so late in the evening to the hospital, the latter replies that they wanna run some urgent tests on the little one.

In Yash's car he is having flashbacks of Aarti mistaking him for P and saying that she didn't wanna do the Punar Vivaah, her reciting the poem to him...Yash angrily drives switches gears he doesn't pay attention and nearly collides with a chart which, he swerves and hits a building hall...Resulting in him hitting his head on the steering wheel, he gets up and has anger in his eyes...Wow the look in Yash's eyes when he got up, I think P should look out cause Yash isn't gonna spare him as well as Aarti...I know he will try to avoid her cause of her pregnancy but if she comes in front of him, he won't hold back...The was revenge in Yash's eyes i may be wrong but it's looks like the deceivers are about to get what's coming to them Tongue Ouch Evil Smile Evil Smile

Shobha and Dubey are already at the hospital, they are sitting in the corridor and are happy to see Ansh coming with Aarti and P just the a nurse comes and takes Ansh to get the tests done...Dubey and P follow while Shobha and Aarti alone, Shobha notices that Aarti's mangalsutra is missing and asks her about it...Aarti just walks into the waiting room in a zombie kind of state while Shobha follows her.

Upon not getting an answer from Aarti and seeing that she is upset, Shobha asks her the reason behind her sorrows...Aarti replies that she doesn't wanna bother Shobha with her problems but it is time for Shobha to know...The former says that what happened that day at the hotel was not good, the latter thinks she's talking about Yash's declaration of love so she tells her that she should be happy as it was something that she always wanted to happen. Leaving Aarti fuming while Shobha proceeds to say that she is happy that happiness has finally entered Aarti's life, the latter reprimands the former sayin that she can't believe that she was involved in all this...haha it was so fun seeing them talk and misunderstanding each other cause they were both talking about something else and the look on Aarti's face when she thought that Shobha helped P. LOL LOL LOL 

Shobha says that it had to happen someday, Aarti tells her that she can't believe she is talking like this when she doesn't love him at all...The former tells her not to talk like that since he may have taking a while to come around but he finally did, a furious Aarti says that she only loves Yash to which Shobha says yes that's whom she was talking about and asks Aarti who she thought she was talking about? Shobha goes on to tell Aarti that Yash gets engulfed in her smile and that he goes to any lengths to make her happy and that she saw the strange restlessness and innocence in him that night when he told her that he was going to tell it all to Aarti leaving the latter shell-shocked...Thank goodness Shobha finally told her about that night, well I always knew that Shobha would be the one to tell Aarti about the date Yash planned Tongue Big smile 

Aarti recalls the that night and all the events after about how Yash walked passed her the next AM, to his poem to him talking about first love to him indirectly telling Aarti that his happiness lies with hers to him telling her that once something is broken it can never be mended again...Aarti finally connects the dots and realize that she mistakenly told Yash the truth...Pfffttt it was about time Aarti now you'll have to fight for your man and your relationship, it won't be easy but like you told Aayu papa loves mam very much and that love just can't die like that especially a love like yours Wink Embarrassed Embarrassed

Aarti tells Shobha everything that happened that night, the former is too upset to know how this happened and the secret that they have been trying to keep under wraps for so long finally unfold in front of Yash...Aarti recollects herself and tells Shobha that Yash had to find out the truth someday but the only problem is the way he came to know about it...She goes on to say that finding out that way must have hurt and pained him so much...Yes Aarti the truth had to come out and like you said it did deeply hurt Yash, to the point where he inflected pain upon himself and his heart broke in a million pieces Ouch Ouch Ouch Ouch

Shobha tries to stop her but Aarti asks her not to...the former says that she too should go with her given that it was under their pressure that she was forced to tell this lie to Yash and his family and if Yash told the family then she shouldn't be alone...Shobha seriously you know Yash, if he had said anything to the family you would be getting a call from Gayatri and SP scolding you all for lying to them like you did Angry Angry Angry

Aarti said that if Yash had to say something, he would have done it already, Aarti said that she has betrayed Yash's trust and only she would talk to him...Aarti leaves while a worried Shobha prays to God that everything goes well...Aarti says that she has to ask for forgiveness for what she did even if she don't know how she will face him...Awww Aarti my love it was be easy for you to get forgiveness from Yash, he is really pissed and all those MUs get got worse today when he saw you & Ansh with that bloodsucking P...You will have to do a lot to regain his trust Cry Ouch Ouch... But whatever is coming your way, you asked for it but i'm still your well wisher so I'm wishing you all best and I hope you guys work things out Hug

PRECAP: Is the same as the promo with Yash saying that time and story will take a new turn in the New Year while the wind blows Aarti and Prashant wedding picture to the ground meanwhile Aarti, Ansh and Palak promote Housewife...I can't wait for Monday's episode, i really hope that the CVs don't disappoint us and drag the confrontation until the end of next week Dead Unhappy Cry

Kratika Sengar was mind-blowing when realization hit Aarti that she spilled the beans to Yash..her emotions were all over the charts and so were Yash's emotions, he was really hurt and angry at the deceit...Gurmeet Choudhary was outstanding...Those two weer the stars of tonight's episode Star Star Star Star

EDIT: Hmmm I got a feeling that after the confrontation between AarYa, Aarti will faint and ends up in the hospital...I can't wait to see how Aarti wins back Yash's trust I know it isn't gonna be an easy task...All I'm asking the CVs is please no separation track but i won't mind Yash playing hard to get but then at night he watches Aarti sleep and talks to Aayu asking him/her forgiveness for putting his/her mom through all that.

P.S: It's late but here it is...Enjoy!!!

Have a Happy and safe New Year's Eve weekend Lovelies!!! Hug Hug Hug

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Love the title Jyo
@ Zet: Fab pre-take as always
Episode Analysis

The episode starts with Yash hoping that Aarti proves him wrong by really going to visit Shobha as deep down he doesn't want to believe that she is deceiving him. His doubts are confirmed when she stops the car, makes a call and Prashant comes out.  His fears are brought out further when he sees Prashant playing with Ansh and even kissing and hugging him, making Yash feel as though he is watching in on a perfect family moment and it pains him making him question Aarti's intentions in his mind as he is wondering why she lied saying she was going to meet Shobha when here it is she is with her first love. IMO this scene was necessary as Yash was confused but now if just strengthens his belief paving the way for a much needed confrontation.


Prashant sits in the car and they drive off, leaving a hurt Yash looking on. There is silence between Prashant and Aarti until she asks the reason why the doctor called them in since the third BMT session is not supposed to happen anytime soon. Prashant tells her that the doctors needed to do some additional tests and so they were asked to come to the hospital. Aarti then wonders how long she will have to hide the truth from Yash.  On the other hand, Yash is driving recklessly on the roads possibly depicting his inner turmoil. While driving he remembers her saying the poem for him, her insistence on him taking her to the jewellers and finally her reaction to the call from Prashant.  Lost in his thoughts he does not realise that he is heading towards a stall and has to swerve causing him to crash but come out of it physically unhurt.


At the hospital, the nurse tells them that they are ready to conduct the tests so Dubeyji goes with Ansh and Prashant leaving Shobha and Aarti outside in the corridor. Shobha notices that Aarti's mangalsutra is missing and asks about it but Aarti just turns and walks off making Shobha follow her until they get to the waiting room. Aarti then tells her that she has to tell her about the night of their anniversary but before she can continue Shobha tells her that she should be happy as she got what she wanted. Both speak in riddles with Aarti assuming that Shobha is referring to Prashant when she is in fact referring to Yash. Shobha praises Yash saying that she saw restlessness and innocence in him that night as he proved how much he really loves her by making all the arrangements himself.  Aarti still thinks she is referring to Prashant and when she cannot take it anymore she asks Shobha to stop saying that she only loves Yash. Shobha then clarifies that she was only referring to Yash and goes on to tell Aarti that she made a mistake and her wedding picture with Prashant was included in the set she gave to Yash so Prashant  had to go remove it before Yash saw it. It is only then that Aarti realises that Yash was the person she revealed everything to. She goes into a flashback remembering how it happened as well as his behaviour towards her after that incident. She then reveals to Shobha that she unintentionally told the truth to Yash and recounts what happened that night. Shobha then asks her how could she do that since they have been hiding the truth for so long. She then wonders if Yash will reveal the truth to his family and wants to go with Aarti to meet him. Aarti stops her saying that if Yash wanted to tell the truth to his family he could have done it before but he didn't. She also tells her that she is leaving as she needs to go seek his forgiveness alone and ends up leaving Shobha in the waiting room. While leaving Aarti says that she doesn't even know how to face Yash but somehow she will as she has to clear things between them and ask for forgiveness.


Looking forward to next week's episodes.

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@Zetter : Loved your take on trust factor ClapClap.. I always felt Aarti has a trust issue because of her traumatic past where her trust was broken badly by Prashant Ouch.. So she always feared of loosing Yash if truth comes out and this is where her trust on Yash was shaken up ... but she got to learn from her mistakes and will eventually realise that Yash is no Prashant Approve

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