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Balika Vadhu

Happy B'day Don aka pratz :P

ilove99 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 December 2012 at 9:50pm | IP Logged


A few gals are sitting on a desk with nets on their hands. 
"Mila kya?" 

nahi  shivu replied.


"nahi be"  rash jumped from the desk. "Gadho kab tak yahi karoge" 

"jab tak chuha ( Chuha matlab Rat angrez ki aulado :P) nahi mitla! " Me replied this time.

"But ek vodka ki bottle ke liye itna sab " rash threw her net but she got her reply in the next moment and it was as expected...

shivu n M together - "ek vodka ki kimat tum kya jano rashu babu!! Har bache ka sapna hai ye vodka,har teen ki lat hai ye vodka,har adult ke gam di dava hai ye vodka,har buddhe ke..." 

" budhape ka sahara hai ye vodka...bas bas 4 baar ye dialog maar chuke ho ab mara toh tumhe hi iss net mein daal dungi" saying this rashu yawned. "but ye gaya kahan..."

shivu bit her nails - "agar nahi mila toh pratz paise nahi degi" 

"paise nahi - vodka nahi "

"Nahiii " M cried... loudly n dramatically to which shivu n rashu looked with shock towards her . "Zada  ho gaya?" 

Bahut!!! - both replied. 

Ginu just entered'n stunned to hear the discussion abt vodka- tauba tauba'..yeh main kya sun rahi hoon'..

Vips- I wud love to have vodka'..but I will wait for vedo..where is she'.ohh must be doing some work given by khusi''!

ritz n shobhi- kya horaha hai yahan??

anjy- bache not allowed here...shoo away...right now!!

Meera- need money gals''.!

Khusi- whats up girls''whats the planning'..don is not here n i am sure she wont come here...not even visible these days in AT!! wonder'hah she must be stalking her unedited bday thread'..bahat pachtayegiAngry'..she was poking nose on my work this time..ish baar uski yeh harkat nahin maaf krungi main..jab tak hai jaan..jab tak hai jaan'Cool

Rashu- pagal ladki khusi''

Khusi- chup karAngry 'I am katti with u''

M-haww pratz is stalking bday thread!!! Angry

But before they could proceed a clap came from door..shocking evry1.

"rn't u scared praty?,rat is still not caught."

"I know...n u can't even catch it" she said with a grin looking towards their net.

"why?" everybody asked .

"coz koi chuha hai hi nahi" she laughed throwing 3 bottles of in M's hand ,other in shivu and vips.

"Ye lo bacho,tumhare jokergiri ka inam..." pratz laughed.


shivu-chuhe ke bina? Shocked

M-without rat?  Shocked 

vips- sans rat? Shocked

anjy- zonder rat? Shocked 

khushi n rashu - Was zur Hlle?

Every1 else =- huh????matlab Confused Confused 

khushi n rashu - what the hell,what jokergiri,why vodka,whatz happening,...oh mujhe chakkar aa raha hai Ouch 

Shivu (in mind) = dono ko ek sath chakkar?ye toh M se bhi badi nautanki nikli Geek 

Pratz- yes bandaro!shivu tera woh desk se girna mast tha...n rashu tera woh chuhe ko cushion ke andar dhondhna lol!!

M-how did u saw?????

Pratz -uss camera se jo...chuha iss kamre mein aya tab bhi tha n pest control wala le k gaya tab bhi tha ROFL 

toh humse kyun pakadne bola?

"just for fun" pratz winked and ran...but i doubt they'll b able to cath her...coz

"Don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi namunkin hai" Evil Smile  

                                                  This girl is a criminal Angry LOLLOLLOL

                                              but aaj maf kia LOL 

*...Happy B'day Don aka Pratz  aka Waiting...*


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khusi_* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 December 2012 at 10:42pm | IP Logged

(IN AnSh AT...BV forum)
Entry no 1...

Why did u ppl break the rule...better follow the rules otherwise I will remove the rules n will remain only in AT time onwards I don't want to see its being repeated.

(strict n angry donEvil Smile...whom AT peeps scared of...LOL)

Entry no 2...

Hayee mera bechara shiv...yeh anandi kitni paresan karti hai mere bechare ko..casanovi kahin ki...

(she can give Bv Cvs a serious attack...anandi is a casanoviConfused...poor cvs will faint listening this lineROFL')

Entry no 3...

don ko tapkna mushik hi nahi namumkin hai don ki jaan don ki shaan hai use koi nahi le sakta siway khud don ke... 

(on reply to my angry post...when I said...I will kill uAngry...n her dilaogs chaluLOL!!!)

(next three entries PKYEK forum..thanks to miss bholi rashu)

Entry no 4...

ek chutki sindhoor ki kiamt tum kya jano dishu babu 

Entry no 5...

yeh dongiri hum nahi chodebge todenge hadiya magar khusi and rashu ki jaan nahi chodungi

Entry no 6...

dishu ke sar ka taj hai hum hb wale

(next entries  ...thanks to meera)

Entry no 7...

mai hu boss is still here.. but i come here without fear..


Entry no 8...

her entry on ff threads-

 Oye me first to comment...

dekha rockerz paltan..yahapar pehlei aayi mai...

last hi rahege kya ye sab..

Entry no 9...

Ba mulahija hoshiya, mai apna reservation dabba unreserved karne ja rahi hu, aaste nigah rakho

Entry no 10...

And her very famous entry on shivu's thread-

hey duniya ke logo mujh par reham karo, bar bar abhiya dikhakar behosh kar dete ho , ab mai kya karu kaha javu, muje abhiya ka disorder ho chuka hai

am here with popcorn in ma hand watching abhiya *ahem from balcony


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ilove99 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 05 November 2010
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Posted: 28 December 2012 at 5:48am | IP Logged

my ques LOL
What is the meaning of ur name?( ROFL)

What is the one thing you think you cannot survive with?
ur fav place on IF?

Ever thought of changing ur name ?

last pm  u received from?

Whats your favorite song - evergreen song?

Would you ever smoke?
Scariest movie?
Favorite little kid show?
School Subject?
If you could have personally witnessed one event in history, what would you 
want to have seen? Why?
What's the opposite of opposite?LOL
    If you were an animal then what would you be?

      If you could be the Prime Minister of your country for a day what would you do?
      mere taraf se itne hi LOL

      khusi's ques

      1. Just imagine'shiv n abhay are fighting for one girl (not you Wink)n u have to manage the situation '.how u will make them understand!! (don't shoo the girl away LOL..n don't tell me that they r for anandi n piya..they cant do that..okStern Smile)

      2.Anandi n piya are fighting for SRK n want to snatch him from you'.what u will do '.??ROFL...

      3. Just imagine ShivRaj n Rishab(rk) r "bichde hue bhai" n come to know abt the truth will be their reactions..write an OS''atleast 30 lines'..n madhu n anandi shud be included in the OS..Evil Smile

      4. if abhay n rk are ma de ladle (waise wale) and you need to separate them what will u do? (Bringing jeh in b/w in not allowed) [meera's suggestion]ROFL

      5. If u can change a rule in IF'what will be that?

      6. How do u feel whenever I call u miss cute?? in 5 lines...kya aata hai dimag main'.(other than killing me)Embarrassed

      7. Describe them in 3 words and(not or) one emoticon'.not less..not moreEvil Smile








      8. Last but not the least'.tu mujhe jhelti kese hai??

      Rash's ques 


      1.whats ur name
      2 age
      3 first crush
      4 best frnd LOL
      5  pagal frnd
      6 naughty frnd
      7 write a love letter to khusi
      8 meera ki tarif kar
      9 A to Z likh
      10 ek post bana bv me and waha pe 5 likes leTongue

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khusi_* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 December 2012 at 5:52am | IP Logged


1>>>> First of all , she loves the "Evil Smile" emoticon ...her fav...whenever she doesn't use it...i get jhatka thinking she is fine or notConfused..i know all of u r agree with me.LOL

2>>>> She is crazy for SRK n abhay ... if anyone will ask her to choose one between then she will kill that's an universal truthWink... (she has bhade ke vampire teeth too!ROFL!meera's line)
3>>>> She is the no 1 enemy of the bashers and a strict rule follower and makes ppl to follow rule anyhow.Cool
4>>>> She loves to do hard work...i bet u ppl must have felt tired seeing her doing so much hardwork. And her bad habit she doesn't even listen when she is asked not to do that much hardwork!!D'oh
5>>>> Last but not the least she is a sweetheart pretended to be like "evil". (I know she will be after me to always...)
("Barbie doll don" as per neha and "nariyan don" as per Arya, "machine gun wali" as per gina, "miss cute" as per meROFL)

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-Rashu-villian- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 December 2012 at 6:04am | IP Logged

Happy bday crime partner and yup my best frnd Big smile...Patu...
me punha juna repeat nahi karnar...LOL
i hope apli frndship ashi varshanu varsh asoBig smileand ho lavkarach bhetuyaLOLpan kasa...Ouchwe will decide later...hope u liked ur bday gifts...LOLsagle use karave lagte ...kasa LOLdnt worry i will animate them for uBig smile

Happy Birthday  MISS CUTEParty

And don't ask me to delete the word cuteTongue, I won't del it Embarrassed.Mujhe maarne ka bada maan kar raha hai?? Hai naa?? LOLI don't care. You know main jhooth nehin bolti. I am a very bery achhi bachhi. CoolItni achhi bachhi ki'when rashu was unable to send pms to collect wishes'I put the responsibility to my PP jee Vedo. And she is such a sweetheart did that without complain just like u'see'.how good I amEmbarrassed(ROFLachi nahi lazy bachi)

Wish u a healthy, wealthy life a head with lots n lots of happiness. And keep jhelofying me like thisHug'.dont laugh .Angry

Again happy bday miss vampy (not cute'khush??ROFL)

And here is ur bday gift

tera it??Embarrassed

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-Rashu-villian- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 16 February 2011
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Posted: 28 December 2012 at 6:04am | IP Logged


JB!! Finally... you're day's here!Hug

Happy Birthday JB <3

I had not imagined I won't be there spamming your birthday thread this time.Cry I thought may be a day later I will come but... now that I am INACTIVE on I-F till June 2013, I will miss the fun! I know that you've had an amazing birthday thread made for you... So enjoy with your battalion.LOL

I really don't remember how and when did we meet...but I know it was some HB thread only... whatever friends I have in I-F... closest ones belong to HB... But yes when we made a PACT of ROCKERZZ group... that ocassion I remember vividly!

I am soo lucky to have got a friend like you...! Now I remember once u did scold me... for being rude at Rockerzz CCEmbarrassed But that gesture... was SPECIAL TO ME... Because you scold and get angry at people you love!Tongue

And since I know you're DON ki special Jungli Billi and Meri bhi special Jungli Billi Hug I got something special for my JB <3


Now...I remember you gave me your Ansh na! Your jaan!! You're everything... So I wanna give you My Jaan...My Love... So here goes my Gift #2

Ermm... we met because we lovved Abhiya..! And now that we have completed a year of friendship... We can't expect to loose them too!

Time for Gift #3

And now... *Drums Roll* for your BELOVED...(I know I made you wait a lotWink) That is... *clears throat* ANSH

I can't make up for my absence on YOUR DAY! But I tried... We will hopefully meet very very soon!!

Happy Birthday JB <3

Lots of Love and Wishes

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-Rashu-villian- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 December 2012 at 9:36pm | IP Logged



" Set the world on
fire with your dreams and use the
flame to light a birthday candle.

Heii Praty! ^_^ Apiiee Bday! <33 On this auspicious occasion, Crack more than  required PJs, Spend more than required (u know what to spend :P), play more pranks than usual (to be DIFFERENT! Cool), DON'T drool over SRK for a change and start drooling on Salman! LOL Rest of the things tu khud soch teko kya karni hai! :P LOL
 Jo bhi ho just enjoy ur bday to the fullest bcoz for ur general jnowledge leme remind u that ur bday comes just once in a year! Ouch ROFL Stay Blessed Always and love u! Hug

Here is a card for you. Smile

Enjoy Loads Don! <33 :D


Hug Happy Birth Day Prati Hug
Big smile many many returns of the day Big smile

~ Mona


Happy Birthday and many many happy returns of the daySmile.I hope that for every candle on your cake  you get a wonderful surpriseSmile.Hope your birthday blossoms into lots of dreams come true!Once again Happy B'daySmile

Hi Pratiksha, Wishing you loads of happiness on you birthday and hope this year bring you all that you always wished for.  Hug Anita

May Everything Happy
And Everything Bright
Be Yours On Your Birthday
From Morning Till Night.
And Then Through The Year
May The Same Thing Hold True
So That Each Day Is Filled
With Life's Best Things For YoU!
    Happy Birthday Pratz Have a Dhasoo Birthday!   Thanks for being the person you are...i.e. EVIL!!!Evil Smile And as you are aware, we call you Nariyal Don,LOL But on your birthday I am thinking of another name for you "Honey Bunny" - How is It??? Tongue   Enjoy your day sweetie...God Bless You!   Kisses & Hugs xoxoxo      



Happy Birthday Pratiksha!!




            Wish you many happy returns of the day.Tongue

            May God bless you and fulfill all your heart desires.Big smile

               tum jio hazaron saal ,
                      saal main din ho pachas hazar.Tongue

accept my few gifts.

patu ek cup tujha ek majhaTongueme loves it LOL

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Ayesha066 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 December 2012 at 2:34am | IP Logged
Once a year I get the chance
To wish you birthday cheer.
It pleases me no end to say,
I wish you another great year.

So happy birthday to you Pratz,
From the bottom of my heart.
And may your good times multiply,
Till they're flying off the chart!

Oh Finally Vo Din Aa Gaya Jab Fake DonLOL Ka asli Birthday hai..
Chal Tere liye chote mote se Presents..
Aur Ye Greeting Card..
Happy Birthday Card
But Most Importantly meri Taraf se ek aur present.. 
Yeah I'll Call You Don, yes Asli Don for the next 7 Days..Approve Chal Khush ho ja.. Ab..LOL
Many many Happy Returns of The Day Pratz.. Hug
may you have many more such birthdays..

Btw i think u have realised that You have become a year Older !!LOL

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